The Science of Superheroes

The Science of Superheroes

Lois H. Gresh Robert E. Weinberg / Oct 22, 2020

The Science of Superheroes The truth about superpowers science fact or science fiction An entertaining and informative guide to comic book wonders bound to come Julius Schwartz Editor Emeritus DC ComicsSuperman Batman The X

  • Title: The Science of Superheroes
  • Author: Lois H. Gresh Robert E. Weinberg
  • ISBN: 9780471024606
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The truth about superpowers science fact or science fiction An entertaining and informative guide to comic book wonders bound to come Julius Schwartz, Editor Emeritus, DC ComicsSuperman, Batman, The X Men, Flash, Spider Man they protect us from evildoers, defend truth and justice, and, occasionally, save our planet from certain doom Yet, how much do we undeThe truth about superpowers science fact or science fiction An entertaining and informative guide to comic book wonders bound to come Julius Schwartz, Editor Emeritus, DC ComicsSuperman, Batman, The X Men, Flash, Spider Man they protect us from evildoers, defend truth and justice, and, occasionally, save our planet from certain doom Yet, how much do we understand about their powers In this engaging yet serious work, Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg attempt to answer that question once and for all From X ray vision to psychokinesis, invisibility to lightspeed locomotion, they take a hard, scientific look at the powers possessed by all of our most revered superheroes, and a few of the lesser ones, in an attempt to sort fact from fantasy In the process, they unearth some shocking truths that will unsettle, alarm, and even terrify all but the most fiendish of supervillains.Lois Gresh Rochester, NY has written eight novels and nonfiction books as well as dozens of short stories and has been nominated for national fiction awards six times.Robert Weinberg Oak Forest, IL is a multiple award winning author of novels, nonfiction books, short stories and comics.

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        LOIS H GRESH is the New York Times Bestselling Author 6 times and USA Today Bestselling Author thrillers of 30 books and than 65 short stories Look for SHERLOCK HOLMES VS CTHULHU 1 THE ADVENTURE OF THE DEADLY DIMENSIONS Titan Books, April 2017 , the first in a new trilogy of Sherlock Holmes thrillers from England s premier publisher of all things Holmes, with Random House distribution in the USA Lois books have been published in 22 languages For five years, Lois was a staff book reviewer at scifi now SYFY, the Science Fiction Cable Channel , and her work has been on national international award ballots eight times She is a frequent Guest of Honor Author at large fan conventions and has appeared on television series such as The History Channel s Ancient Aliens and Batman Tech.


    1. By all rights, I should have loved this book. I mean look at it! It combines two of my favorite things, as you loyal readers should know: science and superheroes.I've been a big fan of science since I was a kid. I used to flip through Carl Sagan's Cosmos when I was young, just barely understanding the enormous ideas he was presenting in it. My father had the Time/Life Science Series (which I still have somewhere in a box back in my mother's house) and I spent days going through those, learning a [...]

    2. This book is AMAZING. If you love science and super heroes it's for you. If you love comics and their history, and are interested in the scientific possibilities of superheros this is for you. If you need a book that will introduce you to probably about half of all modern scientific concepts of any value, and want a really interesting leeway into it (superheros) this is for you. I basically can't say enough good things about this book and how damned awesome it is.What happens throughout most of [...]

    3. It’s been ten years since The Science of Superheroes by Lois Gresh and Robert Weinberg was published. Over that time, and especially in the five years or so that the book has been on my shelf, there is absolutely no doubt that comics and superheroes have gone mainstream.2002 was also the year that the first Spiderman film was released, a huge film that can be credited with the explosion of comic-based blockbusters as well as kick-starting Marvel’s revival (they went from being nearly bankrup [...]

    4. Until the recent blockbuster comic book movies convinced sports fans that men in tights who were not pro wrestlers could be cool, we comics geeks hid our books like family secrets. But the days of proudly admitting readership might be at an end, because The Science of Superheroes deals a blow to comic book credibility that not even $100 million in opening weekend box office receipts can heal: while superheroes may be cool, many of their powers are scientifically unsound.Authors Lois Gresh and Ro [...]

    5. Quite an entertaining book, but aside from a few interesting science facts and comic book history information, it doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know. The main premise of the book is to explain exactly why most superheroes are impossible. As readers, however, we already know they are impossible. We read comic books for the same reason we read novels: to be entertained. If we are looking for accurate science info, then we go elsewhere.The thing that really bothered me is the debate th [...]

    6. #2013-1So as reading this book some of well-known superheroes are proved either impossible or probable, scientifically of course. Some hardcore geeks might defend their heroes. But Mia tends to go for weirdos the likes of Batman, seriously guy who hides behind mask and lives two different lives definitely has some issues, then Hawkeye, more because of the archery -Robin Hood was her first book along with Jane Eyre- and the fact that it's Jeremy Renner who portrays him.Oh she's still falling head [...]

    7. 85 - 2014Baca ebooknya tidak tamat-tamat, eh baru belakangan tahu tahun kemarin sudah terbit terjemahannya, mana yang nerjemahin Mas Ronny lagi.Jadi memang harus kuakui, kalau aku membaca komik, terutama komik superhero, biasanya akal sehat dan logikaku kusingkirkan dulu jauh-jauh. Kalau tidak, bisa-bisa aku tidak menikmati jalan ceritanya. Pokoknya, segala keabsurdan sains dan teknologi yang disajikan penulis komik, aku terima saja bulat-bulat bahwa anything can happen in comic world. Jangankan [...]

    8. Good idea, bad execution. I’m honestly kind of impressed by how The Science of Superheroes manages to insult its readers. It’s bizarre to read a book where the authors talk down to the primary audience.Divided into chapters about specific superheroes (and then focusing on parts of their story), the book takes some weird tangents. For example: out of everything interesting about DNA as it relates to mutations (superheroes involved: X-Men), the authors decided on a diatribe about the creationi [...]

    9. عبر قراءتي في هذا الكتاب فإني لم أتوقف عن الاندهاش والاستمتاع. كنت مستمعاً لأني أحب هذا النوع من القصص والكتاب أعطاني خلفية ممتازة عن تطورها التاريخي كشخصيات وكصناعة ترفيهية أيضاً، وربطها لي بتطور كتابة الخيال العلمي في الغرب. ذاك كان الشق الممتع. أما الفائدة ففي القيمة الع [...]

    10. Pur non essendo appassionata di fumetti questo libro mi è piaciuto molto: parla in modo approfondito dei vari eroi spiegandone non solo le caratteristiche "scientifiche", ma anche il contesto sociale in cui sono nati, il carattere e le peculiarità più prettamente narrative. E allo stesso tempo spiega il fenomeno "fumetto", che mi ha aiutato ad entrare meglio nel contesto e a capire anche alcune scelte degli autori. Autori dei quali è riportata una interessantissima intervista alla fine del l [...]

    11. preso in bibliotecaA metà tra un excursus sulla storia del fumetto supereroistico e un testo di divulgazione scientifica a tutto tondo, gli autori presentano una carrellata di personaggi DC e Marvel (con qualche incursione nella "minori") e ne analizzano la genesi e le caratteristiche, spiegando perchè e come la loro storia sia o meno plausibile e "realistica" scientificamente.Probabilmente quello che mi ha fatto abbandonare la lettura è stato il tono troppo serio e le lunghe spiegazioni astr [...]

    12. This book had an interesting way of presenting where the science behind superheroes was incorrect, but noting ideas that could theoretically happen. For example, the book identified that the infamous gamma rays could not make an average person into a 300 pound angry green monster, the "GFP Hulk" could actually exist! The book also explains why Bizarro could not have come from a square planet. Again, if you enjoy a fun and interesting look at science applied to the superhero world, check out this [...]

    13. It was an interesting book all around. Taking each of the big super heroes, like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man etc. and discussing how real or fantastical their powers/abilities are or could be. It was a very male superhero oriented book, but, the authors also explain even that.Truthfully though, my favorite part of the book had nothing to do with comic books, or super heroes, or any of that, but it was the small section where they totally and utterly took apart Creationism. Put a smile on my fac [...]

    14. Ok, l'idea di partenza era già particolare: confrontare i fumetti con la realtà del mondo fisico e dimostrare quanto di vero o falso possa esserci.Il problema degli autori è che forse avrebbero dovuto ricordarsi che i fumetti nascono soprattutto per svagare chi li legge, quindi non è necessario arrivare ad "annientarli" per scrivere un buon libro di divulgazione.L'idea di base però era molto carina.

    15. If Sheldon Cooper would have wrote a book, this would be it. Despite not being a science expert, I found the book easy to understand and fun to follow. It picks various superheroes and explains what would need to occur from each to be real and how each would and could adapt to our world. If you are a superhero dork , give it a shot.

    16. Well, obviously I loved this. The best part was that I never bought it, I just read a little at a time every time i visited borders over more than a year. It was so engaging and fed my adoration of comic books.

    17. AMAZING! Ever wanted to know how Superman flies,,,what the story behind Antman wasis is the book for you! Centric more on the comics than the movies, so beware!

    18. An interesting take on the fantastic powers displayed by superheroes and the possibility of their abilities functioning in our world.

    19. A fun and insightful book which lost a star because of a long tangent about why creationists are wrong (the argument did not really help the thesis of the section).

    20. Want to know what makes the Hulk or Superman really work. Interesting book on the real science applications of the powers of superheroes. Recommended

    21. Wonderfully entertaining and informative, this book is a must ready for comic and science nerds alike. Very interesting and enjoyable read. Highly recommend.

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