The Wizard of Seattle

The Wizard of Seattle

Kay Hooper / Oct 21, 2020

The Wizard of Seattle HE TAUGHT HER A FORBIDDEN ARTShe looked like a ragged storm drenched urchin but from the moment Serena Smyth appeared on his Seattle doorstep Richard Patrick Merlin recognized the spark behind her

  • Title: The Wizard of Seattle
  • Author: Kay Hooper
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • HE TAUGHT HER A FORBIDDEN ARTShe looked like a ragged, storm drenched urchin, but from the moment Serena Smyth appeared on his Seattle doorstep, Richard Patrick Merlin recognized the spark behind her green eyes, the wild talent barely held in check And he knew he would help her learn to control her gift, despite a taboo so ancient that the reasons for its existence had beHE TAUGHT HER A FORBIDDEN ARTShe looked like a ragged, storm drenched urchin, but from the moment Serena Smyth appeared on his Seattle doorstep, Richard Patrick Merlin recognized the spark behind her green eyes, the wild talent barely held in check And he knew he would help her learn to control her gift, despite a taboo so ancient that the reasons for its existence had been forgotten But he never suspected that in his rebellion he would risk all he had and all he was to feel a love none of his kind had ever knownE TAUGHT HIM A FORBIDDEN LOVESerena had crossed a country to find him, guided by an instinct born of her determination to become a master wizard She knew he could be her teacher but she d never expected the charismatic, seductive power that was Merlin s Nor had she dreamed of the fire he ignited in her body and soul, a flame that burned even hotter than the talent she possessed but did not yet understand Their love forbidden by an ancient law, Serena and Richard will take a desperate gamble and travel to a long lost world to change the history that threatens to separate them But they risk being torn apart forever, destroyed by a cursed land and their own fierce passions.

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        Kay Hooper was born in California, in an air force base hospital since her father was stationed there at the time The family moved back to North Carolina shortly afterward, so she was raised and went to school there The oldest of three children, Kay has a brother two years younger and a sister seven years younger Her father and brother are builders who own a highly respected construction company, and her mother worked for many years in personnel management before becoming Kay s personal assistant, a position she held until her untimely death in March 2002 Kay s sister Linda works as her Business Manager, Events Coordinator, and is playing a major role in the creation and operation of The Kay Hooper Foundation.Kay graduated from East Rutherford High School and attended Isothermal Community College where she quickly discovered that business classes did not in any way enthrall her Switching to involving courses such as history and literature, she also began to concentrate on writing, which had been a longtime interest Very quickly hooked, she asked for a Christmas typewriter and began seriously working on her first novel That book, a Regency romance titled Lady Thief, sold to Dell Publishing in 1980 She has since published than 60 novels and four novellas Kay is single and lives in a very small town in North Carolina, not far from her father and siblings Deigning to live with her are a flock of cats Bonnie, Ginger, Oscar, Tuffy, Felix, Renny, and Isabel of various personalities who all like sleeping on manuscripts and whatever research happens to be spread across Kay s desk And living amongst the many felines are two cheerfully tolerant dogs, a shelter rescue, Bandit, who looks rather like a small sheepdog, and a Sheltie named Lizzie.Kay Robbins is a pseudonym used by her.


    1. Most of Kay Hooper's novels, the ones that made her successful, are thrillers that follow a strict formula: a serial killer, sometimes with psychic powers, being pursued by a government agent(s) with psychic powers. Usually this takes place in some podunk town where there is also a local with psychic powers to be guided by the agent. They fall in love, or so the text wants the reader to believe. After three or so I gave up reading Hooper's books because I couldn't tell them or the characters apa [...]

    2. The prologue depicts 2 events that set the stage for the story. In one a young female wizard is brutally attacked by 3 men when she is unable to use her powers to defend herself. In the other a young 16 year old young untrained female wizard shows up at the door of a Master Wizard in a storm and begs to be trained by him and he takes her in. Nine years later Serena is flexing her 'muscle' and questioning her life with Richard Merlin. She is falling in love with him but there is a barrier around [...]

    3. This book was an impulse buy for me in the check out line of the grocery store a few years back. I like magic, I like Seattle--this seemed perfect! Honestly, I didn't even turn the book over to read the back before I bought it. If I had, I would have seen the steamy harlequin romance picture there and probably would have put this right back on the shelf. This is definitely a romance novel and not a fantasy novel. Yes, the main characters are nominally wizards and yes, they do inexplicable things [...]

    4. This would have been a lot better story if the author didn't come across as a total man-hater. All the men were portrayed as power hungry, sex addicts or emotionless morons.

    5. The first Kay Hooper book I ever read - one of my all-time favorites. Paranormal before paranormal became hot!

    6. For my #9 challenge (Title With Place in it), I read The Wizard of Seattle by Kay Hooper. When Richard Merlin first sets eyes on Serena Smyth - the bedraggled sixteen-year-old runaway who shows up on his doorstep one stormy night - he can sense the barely restrained power within her. Guided by pure instinct, Serena has come over three hundred miles in order to find a Master Wizard to teach her a forbidden art. For Serena's sake, Richard will teach her his art, despite a taboo so ancient that the [...]

    7. This book put a whole new spin on the phrase "making magic" . . . Wow. I'm giving this four stars because I read it as part of my trashy romance novel collection, and as far a that goes this one is a winner. The antagonist ignored by the couple because they were too busy having sex: check. A troubled character who's past makes it hard for them to trust and let love in: check. bad sex descriptions: check. As a piece of good literature please do not read this book. For a good laugh and light read [...]

    8. It is not the usual style for Kay Hooper, but I really likes it. The idea of the story was fresh.When I saw the picture on the back of the book, I thought going to be really sleazy. It was a pleasant surprise, and I finished it quickly. To soon in fact. I would own this one and re-read it on a rainy day. A cozy book.a good read, especially for an older book. A little romance, mixed with time travel and magicwhat is not to like? Plus the leading man was darkly handsome and brooding, and of course [...]

    9. I would love to see Ms. Hooper write a sequel to this book. With a movie adaptation scheduled for 2014, I am looking forward to seeing what the silver screen can do with the story.The Wizard of Seattle offers an interesting look at the dynamics of the male/female relationship and a wonderfully original theory as to what really happened to the lost island of Atlantis.

    10. I read this expecting a cheesy romance novel (which are my guilty pleasures, like every other woman on earth). I was actually sad to finish this one. I LOVED IT!! This is probably one of my favorite books in this category. It's refreshing to have a little originality to the romance genre. I would definitely recommend it :)

    11. One of the few romances I've ever read and liked, heh. There's enough actual plot and supernatural stuff in it to make it well-balanced.

    12. I think this book gets a bad rap. It's a fun read, an original premise and a great love story.Plus, it's about WIZARDS. how cool are they?!?!

    13. I think it's a great book. I love the frustrated connection between the main characters. This is on my "read again when I haven't any new books" list.

    14. When the heroine arrived starving and homeless at the heroes doorstep, her only passion, her own goal in life was to become a master wizard. The hero, an extremely powerful man, took her in and made her his apprentice. Their relationship these past 9 years has been one of easy companionship. It's only natural for such a young girl to imagine herself in love her such a man as the hero. Hansom, mysterious and seemingly godlike in his power and command over himself- of course she came to worship hi [...]

    15. I first read this book years ago and really enjoyed the plot. I must admit that Atlantis and the myth surround it are not a topic I search for while looking for reading material (in fact, I would say that I actively avoid the whole subject). However, due to my enjoyment of Kay Hooper and her writing, I read the book and was pleasantly surprised.Now I've re-read the book and like it just as much (if not more) as the first time through.An excellent story and a sensible, while intriguing, tale abou [...]

    16. When I got this book I thought I had read it years ago, but had little memory of it. However, once I started reading I realized it was completely unfamiliar. It begins in the far past, in Atlantis, where relations between men and women have degraded to lack any respect and men are particularly brutal in their dealings with women. Then we visit "modern" Seattle where a young woman of power throws herself on the mercy of a wizard. I am not a particular fan of the mentor/guardian to lover trope, bu [...]

    17. Serena runs away from home at the age of 16. She shows up (in Seattle) on Richard's doorstep. He is a wizard - and so is Serena, but she doesn't know how to control her powers. Richard takes her in as his "niece" and starts teaching her what she needs to know. As she grows up, she develops a huge crush on him, but he does not seem to be interested even though it is 9 years later and she is now old enough that there wouldn't be any legal issues. There is one big issue as far as wizards go, howeve [...]

    18. I'm actually not a big fan of Kay Hooper. I'v read some other books of hers and they just didn't engage me. Its no fault of hers, she's a good writer, the other books just weren't to my taste. That being said I really really liked this book. The plot was original and the characters likeable. I can't say to much about the plot or this review will turn into a major spoiler but I can say that it is very well written and fast paced so you won't get bored. Kay has a unique take on old legends and wiz [...]

    19. I've read this book before, years and years and years ago, before Kay Hooper started writing thrillers, and I remember I liked it but I didn't remember what it was about. I stumbled across this book again, and because I remembered I liked it but didn't remember what it was about, I decided to read it again. I like the whole premise of it. It's definitely slightly outdated, but still interesting. I don't like the character building as much because now I have a better understanding of human nature [...]

    20. This is another one of my favorite books it was published first in the 90's but is a paranormal romance so would fit right into the current genre.  Kay Hooper is more widely know for her Bishop / SCU series but this is still my favorite of all her books.  This review was originally posted on Books In Brogan

    21. I am very wary about romantic suspense genre. I didn't have much luck with them, I suppose. That fine balance between romance and the thrill of unknown is so hard to achive. But I still hope to find a good one someday.I love the synopsis of the book. It sold me instantly. The talented, orphaned girl and the wizard master their forbidden love? Sound cheap but tempting. The story was good but a bit draggy, for the lack of better words. I couldn't help but skipped to the end when I got stuck in aro [...]

    22. I found this book at 1/2 price books while looking for other auto buy authors. I have a Kay Hooper book on my 2-b-Read shelf, a suggestion from a co-worker.The title caught my eye, Wizards and Seattle, two of my favorite things. The idea of Magic users in modern times is not new, but I found ti fascinating the way Hooper made it challenging for those with the extraordinary ability. Certainly NOT Harry Potter, but the chemistry between the characters is both believable and engaging. I look forwar [...]

    23. Unbelievably didactic and expositionary, the writing was distractingly bad. It's been more than a decade (maybe two?) since I read Kay Hooper but I don't recall her style and characters being so laborious. It's all tell, tell, tell, and now show. Sexist and boring. Even the preview for her thriller (blood sins?) at the end of this book moves faster and has better action through dialogue than any page in this book. Very disappointing

    24. Time travel romances are hot . . . now romance superstar Kay Hooper pens her own fabulous, magical story of timeless love and mesmerizing fantasy. Set in modern-day Seattle and ancient Atlantis, Hooper spins a tale of a young woman with a wild talent and the handsome wizard who would risk everything to teach her a forbidden art--and taste a forbidden love.

    25. Well, I checked this book out on my nook from the library, thinking it was more of a fantasy book. I realize that it's a romance/fantasy book and I actually enjoyed it. The aspects of time travel intrigued me as well. All in all, I anxiously read to the finish, and I would consider other books by this author.

    26. I have worn out and replaced this book 4 times. I cannot count the number of times I have read it. I now have two copies and a copy on my Kindle. I never go on a long trip without it. I love Kay Hooper books.

    27. This book was loaned to me months ago, but I only recently gave it a second glance. It took me completely by surprise! I expected a mindless supernatural romance and found a well thought-out plot with some depth to it. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    28. One of my all time favorites. Grab this one if you find it. It is a great story. It is all about putting aside everything you have been told and forming your own opinions. Even if they do not follow the popular opinions of the day.

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