The Body At The Tower

The Body At The Tower

Y.S. Lee / Oct 25, 2020

The Body At The Tower Now nearly a full fledged member of the Agency the all female detective unit operating out of Miss Scrimshaw s Academy for Girls Mary Quinn is back for another action packed adventure Disguised as a

  • Title: The Body At The Tower
  • Author: Y.S. Lee
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Now nearly a full fledged member of the Agency, the all female detective unit operating out of Miss Scrimshaw s Academy for Girls, Mary Quinn is back for another action packed adventure Disguised as a poor apprentice builder and a boy, she must brave the grimy underbelly of Victorian London as well as childhood fear, hunger, and constant want to unmask the identity ofNow nearly a full fledged member of the Agency, the all female detective unit operating out of Miss Scrimshaw s Academy for Girls, Mary Quinn is back for another action packed adventure Disguised as a poor apprentice builder and a boy, she must brave the grimy underbelly of Victorian London as well as childhood fear, hunger, and constant want to unmask the identity of a murderer Assigned to monitor a building site on the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament, Mary earns the confidence of the work crew, inching ever nearer her suspect But if an irresistible desire to help the city s needy doesn t distract her and jeopardize her cover, unexpectedly meeting up with an old friend or flame just might A suspenseful and evocative window into a fascinating moment in history, The Body at the Tower is the much anticipated second outing with a daring young detective.

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        Y S Lee was born in Singapore, raised in Vancouver and Toronto, and lived for a spell in England As she completed her PhD in Victorian literature and culture, she began to research a story about a girl detective in 1850s London The result was her debut novel, The Agency A Spy in the House This won the Canadian Children s Book Centre s inaugural John Spray Mystery Award in 2011.The Agency quartet continues with The Body at the Tower and The Traitor and the Tunnel, both of which were nominated for awards Ying s most recent novel, Rivals in the City, is the final book in the Agency series All four books are published by Candlewick Press US Canada and Walker Books UK Australia The novels have also been translated into French, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Turkish.On , she rates only books she really liked or loved.


    1. This series is fantastic! I don't read much historical fiction, let alone historical fictions that are mysteries, but I will continue to pick up this series, no doubt about it. I think the thing that makes this novel so awesome is Mary. She has an excellent voice! You want to read her story, you care what happens to her and you want to help her solve the mystery. I felt a lot more empathy towards Mary this time arounde of having to face her past as a child growing up on the street. not to mentio [...]

    2. The first book in this series, A Spy in the House, was a solidly entertaining and well-researched historical mystery, but this second installment, THE BODY AT THE TOWER, throws me into fangirl zone. THE BODY AT THE TOWER, is off-the-charts incredible for its genre, a Victorian London mystery that is sure to please old and new fans.All of Y. S. Lee’s writing strengths return in full force in this worthy sequel: from character development, to exquisitely immersing historical details, to a sizzli [...]

    3. Enjoyed the first book of the series more as it showed real promise and presented a sympathetic YA heroine, but I will now call it quits. Improbable events and inappropriate behavior, not faithful to historical tenets of Victorian era, and just silly. If I had a young adult reader in my house I would need to have a talkunless the author means this to be fantasy vs historical fiction?

    4. 3.5 stars. A time gap of about a year separates the events of the first book, A Spy in the House, and book 2, The Body at the Tower: Mary is now a full-fledged secret agent for The Agency. I would have liked more than passing references to the events in those in-between months that transformed her from street urchin to young lady, but in most other respects book two gave me precisely what I wanted more of from the first installment: Further character development for Mary and James, more details [...]

    5. Why I picked it up: I read the first one and enjoyed it.It's a year after A Spy in the House and Mary has a new assignment from the Agency. Disappointingly, we get basically no detail on what she has done for the past year. Mary has a new assignment, and she has to decide if she wants it: posing as a young boy at a construction site. This puts her back in a similar position to her own childhood and the emotional affects are a bit overwhelming for Mary.I liked it, possibly even more than the firs [...]

    6. Hach, es war ein wunderschöner Re-read. Ich habe Mary und James vermisst :) Wenn ich ein Buch nochmals lese, dann mache ich eine kleine Zeitreise zurück und verbinde es mit Gefühlen und Momente von früher. Meine fünf Sterne Bewertung beruht deshalb sicher zu einem kleinen Teil auf einem sentimentalen Aspekt meinerseits. Aber es ist es wirklich eine tolle historische Jugendbuchreihe!!Mary ist eine starke und fortschrittliche Frau im englischen 19. Jahrhundert. Sie ist Spionin für eine Agent [...]

    7. Originally reviewed on my blog WOCreadswocreads.wordpress/2017/0The Agency: The Body at the Tower by Y.S. Lee is the second book in the Agency series around young Mary Quinn, a biracial detective in Victorian London. Now part of the Agency and with more detective training, Mary’s second case requires her to don the disguise of a young boy and solve a murder at a building site.I really enjoyed the first book, the series is great for all of us who enjoy Victorian age mysteries but without the ca [...]

    8. Y.S. Lee's The Agency 2: The Body at the Tower is the second book in a series of mystery novels following Mary Quinn, a Victorian girl who was sentenced to death at the age of twelve and was fortunate enough to be rescued by a couple of women who run an exclusive school (as well as a secret investigative agency). In the first book, Agency: A Spy in the House, Mary was sent undercover on her first field-training exercise. The second book begins about a year after the first book ended, when Mary a [...]

    9. Originally posted at dazzlingreadsI have said many time how much I love The Agency series. This month, on February 28th to be exact, the third book is coming out! I had the privilege to receive an arc of The Traitor in the Tunnel (The Agency #3) So, just to encourage you to read these outstanding YA mysteries, you can read my review on A Spy in the House (The Agency #1) HERE! and now I will tell you all the things I love about the second book in the series, The Body at the Tower, which you can a [...]

    10. At eighteen, Mary Quinn is almost a full fledged member of The Agency, an all female spy organization. When a man is murdered at the building site for the clock town at the House of the Parliament, The Agency is hired to gather intelligence. Mary agrees to take the case, despite the fact that it will require her to masquerade as a working class adolescent boy, a role which forces her to remember her time living on the streets in poverty. The case becomes more complicated when Mary runs into Jame [...]

    11. I was really looking forward to reading the second installment in The Agency trilogy. In this book, Mary has to investigate the death of a worker on a construction site & she goes undercover, disguised as Mark. While it was a really enjoyable read, I wasn't as pleased with it as I'd been with A Spy in the House (reviewed here). First of all, I didn't find the plot as engaging as for the first book. In the first book, I'd grown quite fond of reading about the secondary characters and their de [...]

    12. After zipping through this novel's predecessor, A Spy in the House, it's no surprise I read this one just as quickly. While I loved A Spy in the House, The Body at the Tower was actually even better. The story was much more intriguing for me, the character development was absolutely wonderful, and the relationship between James and Mary had me bitting my nails the whole way through. (view spoiler)[I even had to read the synopsis immediately after finishing this one just to see if James would be [...]

    13. Empiezo aclarando que las cuatro estrellas son una forma de destacar esta novela entre el maremagnum de las que quedan con las tres del punto medio, más que nada porque me ha gustado mucho el concepto y el planteamiento de la historia y de la serie en su conjunto.De hecho, empiezo aclarando que ésta es la segunda entrega de una serie, aunque admite la lectura independiente sin mayor problema más allá de la natural curiosidad del lector por conocer el cómo la protagonista llegó a ser quién [...]

    14. The things that bugged me about the first book - details of Victorian London life being so off they were really irritating - were here again. Lots of little things, use of language that didn't sound right, reactions that seemed totally unlikely or were just there seemingly to explain to other "outsiders" in a way that made it too obvious that the narrator was thinking as an outsider - like a "teetotalling, cliché-spouting, church-going" overseer asking Mary if there was "no Christian charity" t [...]

    15. I'm giving this one a five even though I did love it a bit less than the first in this series. It is still far better than much of what is out there in the YA genre.Mary is such a wonderful heroine, feisty, vulnerable and yes, even scared. The fact that she is scared and yet continues on without waiting for some guy to rescue her makes her one of my favorite characters. Her past and parentage make her a very sympathetic character. She makes choices that don't always make her happy and as a reade [...]

    16. This is the second installment of The Agency series about a young lady in Victorian England who is doing undercover work for a secret agency consisting of only women. I love these books and everytime I read them I taken back to my Nancy Drew obsession daysFor full review and pictures, please click the link below:wwwbookbabe/2010/

    17. Entertaining read with the plot centered around a detective agency in Victorian times owned and staffed by women. Works quite well, good characterization and a main character that is, in some ways, vaguely reminiscent of Mary Russell in the Laurie King "Sherlock" mysteries.

    18. I enjoyed this interesting historical spy-caper. It had the feel of some of the historical suspenses I grew up reading. An exciting, fun story! I'm adding this series to my girl series library.

    19. If Mr James Easton doesn't come back in "The Traitor In The Tunnel" so help me, I will riot.That ending oh my gosh. I am not coherent right now, that is how upset I am. Don't get me wrong! This book was fabulous! And the story amazing- the historical events unfolding so nicely, storyline and subplot coming together- but UGH. I am so very much unhappy with how things ending with James. So, so, so very, very, very, VERY unhappy with how that ended. This whole book, all that romantic tension, my he [...]

    20. Even more fun than the first book, I feel like the side characters were better fleshed out. Other than that, please see my review of the first book in the series.

    21. Ok, let me just say that I love the idea of a girl dressing up as a boy in order to exist in a society where her gender would normally hinder her. That is, I don’t like that girls had to do such a thing, but I find the idea compelling because I think every girl has wondered at some point in her life, if she’s socially aware, what it would be like if she was a boy. Life would be profoundly different. No cat-calls or wage gap. Jerk men would always listen to you, unless of course they were jus [...]

    22. Ladies dressing up as boys to get stuff done is one of my favorite archetypes so this book is exactly the sort of story I like. However, it didn't seem to me that Mary did much investigating, more waiting around to see if info would fall into her lap. And she seemed to take careless risks with her disguise. The plot of this installment seems a bit limp in comparison with the others. I stilled enjoyed it, but would have preferred a little more sleuthing and adventure.

    23. With the second book in her historical mystery series, Y.S. Lee continues the fascinating adventures of Mary Quinn, the half-Chinese, half-Irish former thief turned secret agent. Almost a year after her first assignment, Mary has become more confident in her abilities as a member of the Agency and enjoys the adventure involved in her missions. Her latest job requires her to take on the guise of a twelve year old boy in order to investigate a mysterious death on the building site of St. Stephen's [...]

    24. You know how much I raved about the first book? A Spy in the House? Yeah, well, the fun returns in this one!I love how we get a lot more character development for Mary. In the previous book it was lightly alluded to that she was half-Asian, specifically, Chinese and this is further delved into and brought more to life. We get to find out about the mysteries behind her father and how she’s seeking to understand the circumstances around her birth but at the same time there is this complicated in [...]

    25. Set in Victorian England – twelve year old Mary Quinn escaped death by hanging when she was rescued by two women, Anne and Felicity, and taken to a private girl’s school for a second chance at life. On her graduations she is let in on the secret that the school is also a front for an all-female detective agency and asked if she wants to join. Her first case is covered in ‘A Spy in the House’ now a year after the finish of that investigation Mary has almost finished her training and is of [...]

    26. Review #2 - Jun 29, 2017I really do love Mary. I love her complexities and her depths. She's tough but vulnerable in ways that she doesn't like to let show. At a scene when she's crying: And [crying] mostly, for herself. For Mary Lang, the mixed-race child, daughter of a Chinese sailor and an Irish seamstress. For the sweetness of her childhood, while her parents lived, and then for its horror, after they died.I loved how Mary has to play a 12-year-old boy in this one and when she randomly runs [...]

    27. Second in the series, The Body in the Tower continues the intriguing story of Mary Quinn (Lang), an orphaned girl rescued from a death sentence for house breaking by a spy agency run from a Girls' Boarding House entirely run by women in the Victorian age.Mary is now a full fledged employee of the Agency and is being sent on her first major casedressed as a boy at a building site where a suspicious death is a clue to a complicated web of graft and bribery.I almost gave this book four stars instea [...]

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