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Braden A level three Shareem created solely to give sexual pleasure through dominance Braden is also on a mission A mission to help get all Shareem off Bor Narga The highborn women who rule the desert plan

  • Title: Braden
  • Author: Allyson James
  • ISBN: 9781419933349
  • Page: 317
  • Format: ebook
  • A level three Shareem, created solely to give sexual pleasure through dominance, Braden is also on a mission A mission to help get all Shareem off Bor Narga The highborn women who rule the desert planet enforce cruel restrictions on the Shareem, deeming them less than human Creatures incapable of feeling.But Braden feels especially for Elisa, the librarian who aided himA level three Shareem, created solely to give sexual pleasure through dominance, Braden is also on a mission A mission to help get all Shareem off Bor Narga The highborn women who rule the desert planet enforce cruel restrictions on the Shareem, deeming them less than human Creatures incapable of feeling.But Braden feels especially for Elisa, the librarian who aided him while researching his mission

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    1. Loved this installment! Elisa is my favorite of all the girls. She reminded me of Belle from beauty and the beast. She's also smart as a whip!

    2. originally posted at whippedcream2/201Elisa, a librarian on the planet Bor Narga and a virgin who has taken a vow of celibacy, is about to embark on an exciting adventure of self discovery. A discovery of unbelievable sexual ecstasy, of personal growth, of the meaning of devotion and of love. She will meet a Shareem who will change her and her life forever. That Shareem is Braden. The Shareem were created to be the ultimate sex toys for the ruling women of Bor Narga. On this planet, the women ar [...]

    3. Braden, Braden, Braden the Shareem who always seemed to be nothing but the fill-in, the third wheel the one to call to add a little thee some fun in the bedroom, and the ine easily kicked out when the fun was over it was a position he never seemed to mind but being a third wheel can get lonely, and deep down you knew Braden wanted more. Elisa a librarian who takes the vows of celibacy to escape the a dad pathetic idea of marriage becomes just the woman Braden could never hooe ti have let aline h [...]

    4. Wasn't a favorite, not much of a story-line to this one. I don't mind sex in a book as long as there is a good story to it. I won't be looking for any of he rest of these Shareem books.

    5. "Braden" by Allyson James. Book 5 in the Tales of the Shareem series.Best book of the series so far! A sci-fi erotica romance telling the tale of Braden, a level three Shareem, and Elisa, a highborn woman who is a follower of the Way of the Sky and a respected celibate. I really enjoyed this book because there is more than more story happening with all the Shareem that actually has nothing to do with erotica. The story lines are just furthering along what the Shareem are trying to do on the worl [...]

    6. Series is Really Coming TogetherBRADEN it's the fifth book in the Tales of the Shareem series. Braden is a level three Shareem who is more playful than others of his type. The overarching story of the series is beginning to take shape. The Shareem are making plans to escape their home planet where the are treated as second class citizens. Braden goes to the library to do some research and encounters Elisa the librarian. As is true of the other books in this series, this book is erotic romance wh [...]

    7. Braden is on a mission. A mission that could get all Shareem killed if discovered. He goes to the library to look up transports information and encounters a pretty librarian who is unfortunately a registered celibate, off-limits especially for Shareem. But he needs her help to get into the restricted databases but wont tell her why. Elisa motives for taking the robes of celibacy were less then pure, and Braden tempts her to put aside her robes for a while and find out what exactly she is sacrifi [...]

    8. Love that cover!I started this series here. It's fine on it's own though clearly there are references to prior characters, plots, etc. Futuristic, sci-fi story with social inequities between the genders--girls on top. Anyway, the story itself sort of floundered a bit, stuck in a holding pattern, but I assume the previous books were chock full of goodies from the wrap up in this one. Thus the story is character driven around Elisa, a librarian and Braden, a level 3 Shareem--that's a dominating ma [...]

    9. 3 1/2 round up to 4. Back to the world of the bio engineered Shareem . We've met Braden in previous stories where he has made an appearance as a stunt dick in some menage scenes. Yea for Braden ! He now gets his own HEA. Enjoying the series. I'm not giving g the series a solid 4 because I would really like some more world building with my hot a smutty SciFi reads. The potential for a full fledged novel with some great SciFi story arcs is here but the emphasis is really on the hot Shareem lovin'. [...]

    10. I have read and enjoyed several of the Shareem books, and this one fits right in. Braden has been involved in the other stories, but now it's his turn to fall in love - with his little librarian, Elisa. Oh yes, Elisa is a registered celibate, too, lol. (If you've read any Shareem books, you'll know that the nature of the Shareem makes this aspect amusing.) Along with the love story, a subplot thickens: Shareem are searching for a way off the planet, so that they can live free lives. There is som [...]

    11. Well, my electronic Public Library service "suggested" this to me, and thank you very much! Never heard of this series, but was this short read ever hot!In this futuristic series, the Shareem of a group of men specifically created to please women, who are superior in the culture. They are "enhanced" in many ways (ok to giggle here), and at all sorts of levels of pleasure Braden is in the category of total barbarian, so I suppose that means the total debauchery package.Anyway, it's just one big o [...]

    12. I love Braden's smart ass nature. He's level 3 Dom with a level 2 perchance for fun and games. Elisa comes across as a bit naive, but she's way more astute than Braden is prepared for. I liked how Braden kept trying to protect Elisa, she was always his priority. I loved that Elisa saw through his bull crap and called him on it. It was great seeing her take control and tell Braden how it was going to be and watch him willingly follow. Adult read

    13. I think the Shareem are my guilty pleasure. I love these stories. The first one caused a bit of eye rolling, but once I got into the story I couldn't help but love these guys. James never ceases to amaze me, taking us somewhere her Shareem haven't yet been, which I didn't think was possible. So this one was fabulous in where it is taking us, it is also the first in the series to really foreshadow the possibilities in the next book (Justin?)

    14. Yet another good book in this series although I didn't enjoy it as much as Calder. I love the way the Shareem are progressing and trying to make the best of what they have whilst trying to get themselves out of the situation they are in. I couldn't see how Elisa and Braden were going to make it which made for a more interesting read as well.

    15. I was really enjoying this book until Justin stepped in for a threesome that seemed to have been added in for the sake of a threesome. That particular scene ruined the vibe of the novel, especially because a few pages later, Braden says that he damn well should be the only Shareem Elisa's ever been with. I enjoyed the other books in the series but this one didn't do it for me.

    16. Braden would be the Shareem to fall for a celibate librarian, lol. He gets turned on by the way she speaks and phrases her sentences. Of course it doesn't stop him from wanting to love her any way he can think of. He doesn't think he's good enough for her and it's up to her to show him different. This is the best friend you could have. Enjoy I did. This is a re-read for me.

    17. Hate to say it but this series is beginning to bore me. Every book has the same two characters falling in love. Boring. To bad I already bought the next book guess I will have to finish that one to. Sigh least the sex is hot even if it is a bit repetitive.

    18. Let me say I love Elisa she seemed so shy and meek. Then BAM Braden the Shareem comes along and she shows her true colors. This is a great addition to the series and I like how Elisa grows and becomes a confident strong woman that can stay by hew Shareem.

    19. Another great Shareem book. I love this series because not only are they hot, but they always make me smile. Shareem inner and direct dialogue just cracks me up. This one gets extra points because the heroine was a librarian. Keep 'em coming!

    20. Non ci vorrebbe un genio a capire che se li inoculano ogni 6 mesi con anticoncezionali, significa che sterili non sono Comuqnue almeno stavolta non abbiamo avuto il solito percorso, e Justin si presenta come personaggio interessante.

    21. I'm hooked on the very sexy Shareem. I've read them all and look forward to the next one about Justin, but it doesn't have a release date yet.

    22. Just couldn't get into it. I loved other stories by this author and have other things to read so stopped about 1/2 way in.

    23. Things are heating up with the Shareem. This book made me laugh out loud, gave me a few surprises and made me wish the next book in the series was out! Braden and Elisa are a great couple.

    24. This was my first book in this series and I had to read more- have not read in order but it does not take away from the steamy scenes!

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