All Different Kinds of Free

All Different Kinds of Free

Jessica McCann / Mar 02, 2021

All Different Kinds of Free A free woman of color in the s Margaret Morgan lived a life full of promise One frigid night in Pennsylvania that changed forever They tore her family apart They put her in chains They never exp

  • Title: All Different Kinds of Free
  • Author: Jessica McCann
  • ISBN: 9781611940053
  • Page: 405
  • Format: Paperback
  • A free woman of color in the 1830s, Margaret Morgan lived a life full of promise One frigid night in Pennsylvania, that changed forever They tore her family apart They put her in chains They never expected her to fight back In 1837, Margaret Morgan was kidnapped from her home in Pennsylvania and sold into slavery The state of Pennsylvania charged her kidnapper with tA free woman of color in the 1830s, Margaret Morgan lived a life full of promise One frigid night in Pennsylvania, that changed forever They tore her family apart They put her in chains They never expected her to fight back In 1837, Margaret Morgan was kidnapped from her home in Pennsylvania and sold into slavery The state of Pennsylvania charged her kidnapper with the crime, but the conviction was later overturned by the U.S Supreme Court It was the first time a major branch of the federal government had made a pro slavery stand, and the ruling in Prigg v Pennsylvania sewed the bitter seeds of the states rights battle that eventually would lead to the Civil War Yet, the heart of this story is not a historic Supreme Court ruling It is the remarkable, unforgettable Margaret Morgan Her life would never be the same Her family had been torn apart Uncaring forces abused her body and her heart But she refused to give up, refused to stop fighting, refused to allow her soul to be enslaved.

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    1. Few books make me want to reach into history and grab events by the neck and throttle them. Few books make me cry so much my dog gets frantic to comfort me as I read. All Different Kinds of Free did both. Jessica McCann builds an emotionally engaging, heartbreaking story out of a fundamentally unfair situation in American history. A free Black woman, Margaret Morgan, and her three children are kidnapped in 1837 from their home in Pennsylvania and sold into slavery. The bits of information about [...]

    2. This is a sad story. Books like this make me deeply ashamed of my country's history. The way people were treated Margaret Morgan is a free African American woman living in the mid 1800s. She has a husband, also free, and three children. An old lady under the influence of some cruel people claims that she still "owns" Margaret and her children. Margaret and the wee ones are abducted and forced back into a life a slavery.Margaret is a very likable character and I admired her when she chose to take [...]

    3. I often hesitate when reading a book about slavery, especially slavery within the United States. This can be a very emotional subject for many of African-American descent. I wish I could say that All Different Kinds of Free by Jessica McCann wasn't an emotionally-charged read, but it was . . . in a very good way. Ms. McCann provides a poignant bordering on tragic fictionalization of the life of Margaret Morgan and family. Margaret was born to freed slaves of Mr. Ashmore and grew up free in Maryl [...]

    4. As someone who has focused somewhat on the craft of writing historical nonfiction, I can only imagine how challenging it must be to write historical fiction. You must be true to history in order to lend your book authenticity, yet at the same time you must introduce a believable yet fictional story. And you must create full scenes complete with fabricated dialogue and action that must ring true.Jessica McCann pulls this off in this novel set during a time in our history where slavery was illegal [...]

    5. Riveting Historical Drama The 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War approaches. Sound the trumpet for a novel where justice, personal liberty and self-reliance are celebrated by a writer who has the savvy to make her voice ring.An obscure 1842 Supreme Court Case is the backdrop for this compelling book. All Different Kinds of Free, a historical fiction novel based on true events, is really the story of Margaret Morgan, a free woman of color from Pennsylvania who is abducted and sol [...]

    6. I love history. I am always amazed when an author can bring something new to the table to make me say, “wait a minute, I didn’t know anything about this piece of history”. It is this type of work that sends me to my computer to research the actual historical event. So it is with this book. I was unaware of the court case that was one of the biggest things to lead up to the Civil War. The author took a court case from 1842 and built her story around it. This is the story of Margaret Morgan [...]

    7. This was an amazing trip into the days of pre civil-war slavery. Jessica McCann clearly illustrates what a priviledge freedom is and that we should never take it for granted. I was told by friends who read this that the shortly after startng the book, they were mad. I could completely relate. I was also told that they couldn't put the book down. I too, felt that way as the story took some unbelievable turns. I wanted to know more information on what happened to some of the other characters in th [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this novel by historical fiction newcomer Jessica McCann. The story of Margaret Morgan, a free black woman forced back into the shackles of slavery – along with her free children – is both harrowing and uplifting. At its heart and soul is a message highlighting the supreme power of family love. The story, inspired by true events in the 1830s, also reminds us of the privilege of freedom, its beauty, and just how much is lost when freedom is rescinded.McCann’s writing sing [...]

    9. Absolutely incredible. Compared to Sue Monk Kidd's The Invention of Wings, which was also a great story of historical facts, this also took me on a ride. Loved it.

    10. This is a book that will really make you think. It shows the fight that a free black woman goes through to regain her freedom after being stolen from her home in Pennsylvania by a man to be taken into slavery, despite never having been a slave. I enjoy the interlaced rebellion, comedy and the views from many other sides in this fight that made people more aware of what was going on within the country. A very worthwhile read that will keep you interested. Based of the real story of a woman who re [...]

    11. 3.5 stars"All rise. Harford County trial docket number fifty-three, the case of Negro Margaret vs. Margaret Ashmore, petition for freedom. The Honorable William T. Archer presiding on this day, Wednesday, August 28, 1837.”All Different Kinds of Free is based on the story of Margaret Morgan and the case of Prigg v Pennsylvania. Margaret was a free woman, living in Pennsylvania with her husband and three children, until she and her children were kidnapped by bounty hunters and taken to Maryland [...]

    12. Margaret Morgan is married and lives happily with her husband and her three children. Margaret is a free woman of color in the 1830's, until a bounty hunter comes to collect her and her children to return her to her former owner in Maryland. Margaret tries to hold her family together and fights every step along the way. This is a book, based on a true story, about a remarkable woman who didn't give up.Personal opinion:I was drawn into this book after only a few chapters and it was almost impossi [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book. It was as real as if I was there in all the terrifying situations this young mother had to experience. I did not want to put it down until I had finished. The picture the author painted for us of the characters were vivid. I look forward to other works by this creative author. I appreciate the research Jessica McCann did to make her story so historically significant. It was refreshing to see her insight and caring in dealing with multi-faceted relationships. This auth [...]

    14. Wonderful book with a unique point of view. I loved Margaret and couldn't stop reading! All Different Kinds of Free is beautifully written and is based on a true story! "I often marveled at how there can be ask different kinds of free. And yetI suppose now I've learned there are all different kinds of bondage, too."

    15. Though heartbreaking to read, this story is an important one and kudos to Ms. McCann for unburying it. She did a wonderful job of putting the reader inside Margaret's head, and every horror, insult, and outrage to the woman rang true. A must read for all fans of American historical fiction, as well as for our children.

    16. Margaret, the main narrator of this book, has a rich, funny, warm voice that is almost spellbinding. I also enjoyed the scenes from Jerry's pov and those with Jim and Mrs. Ashmore. I wish the attorneys had been stronger characters. I have to admit I skimmed most of the trial scenes.

    17. I loved this book. The author's descriptive writing style flowed well and was thoroughly enjoyable. This book was exciting. The plot was full of twists but was reasonable. It aroused my interest and I just loved this book!

    18. I loved this book it just ended too soon. I wanted the story to continue. I guess that is a sign of a great book.

    19. Great storyI really enjoyed this story and characters. Seems to be a true life event. Many stories are similar, but this was very true to life.

    20. (Audiobook) What a powerful and moving story. I really liked this writer writing style. Even though this book is fiction, it closely relates to non-fiction events. What a terrible period in Amercia's history. What a very sad story for Margaret. It really doesn't have much of a happy ending :(

    21. Good story with cited pieces of true history intertwined.Not my usual type of book but it held my interest. Historical fiction takes both research and creativity. This book has both. Good reading here.

    22. Margaret Morgan is late returning from town, where she was purchasing supplies for her seamstressing business. When she reaches home, she hears two unexpected voices. One is the town constable. The other is the man who had been her neighbor in Maryland. It’s not a social call, for bounty hunger Ed Prigg accuses Margaret of being a runaway.She and her three children are threatened with being sold into slavery—even though each of them is free. So opens Jessica McCann’s compelling and grippin [...]

    23. This historical fiction novel set in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and South Carolina in pre-Civil War 1800′s is Jessica’s first novel, It was the winner of the 2009 Freedom In Fiction contest and it was very apparent to me after reading it as to why she won.Margaret Morgan is a free black woman, living a quiet life in Pennsylvania with her family when her life changes in one horrifying moment. Along with her children, she is kidnapped and sold into slavery, enduring the harshest of conditions whi [...]

    24. All Different Kinds of Free by Jessica McCannBell Bridge Books – March 28, 2011jessicamccannFacebook: no Rating: Loved it and hated itRecommendation: Personally I think everyone in the world should read this book to get a better idea of slavery and to have a real appreciation of freedom Margaret Morgan was a black woman who lived in the 1830’s. Though her parents were slaves who were freed by their master, Margaret was born a free black. She enjoyed her freedom with her husband and three kid [...]

    25. I give five stars to “all different kinds of free”, written by Jessica McCann was a winner of the Freedom in Fiction Prize. One of my favorite authors, Sandra Dallas, said of this book: “…gripping…this book tears at your heart.” I totally agree with her comment. This book tore a little piece of my heart each time I read about the degradation, hopelessness and total disregard for humanity that Margaret Morgan and her family experienced at the hands of “owners” and other persons wh [...]

    26. This is a compelling story, asking to be told, but I felt it was a bit let down by the quality of the writing. It reads as if written for young adults (it includes rape and oral sex, mind, but they are not graphically described), with limited vocabulary and short, choppy sentences. In places, situations are engineered purely to convey historical information -- an egregious example is the dinner party early on, at which the participants lecture each other about the economic and political situatio [...]

    27. I have only ever cried while reading these 3 books:1. The Host (Don't laugh. I only cried because one of the characters was a lovable elderly man dying of cancer who completely lost his mind during his last year of life. As a cancer survivor myself, anything that deals with dying cancer patients really gets me emotional.)2. The Fault in Our Stars (Does this one need an explanation?)3. This BookAll Different Kinds of Free is the story of a free black woman named Margret. One night she, and her ch [...]

    28. I downloaded 'All Different Kinds of Free' several months ago. The book was a free download I found it listed among many others on a freebie site. I finally got a chance to start the book on Thursady of this week and I just had to finish it straight through. The book was based around state's rights vs. federal rights in the 1800's. The book is telling the story of Margaret Morgan and what she along with her family experience because of slavery and the laws that upheld them. The story offers a lo [...]

    29. Excellent story. The book is fiction based on a few true events. A court case, Prigg vs. State of Pennsylvania, really happened, and the name of the main character, Margaret Morgan, was the real woman whose life was greatly affected by the actions of Prigg and the ensuing court decisions.My advice is to not read the summary/review that accompanies the book picture here at . It gives away too much. I hate it when the entire plot and any surprise therein is revealed in reviews. So I am not going t [...]

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