Chimera: Book One

Chimera: Book One

Derekica Snake kiix / Jan 20, 2021

Chimera Book One You are my greatest creation and greatest failure Drago A Chimera is a rare and coveted thing When the greed of man and the lingering hatred by Exotics clash can the love of a Chimera be enough to s

  • Title: Chimera: Book One
  • Author: Derekica Snake kiix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 377
  • Format: online fiction
  • You are my greatest creation and greatest failure, Drago A Chimera is a rare and coveted thing When the greed of man and the lingering hatred by Exotics clash, can the love of a Chimera be enough to stand against a war Status Complete Words 143,553

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        Greetings, gentle readers My name is Derekica Snake aka kiix This is the part where I write about myself It is harder than it looks It is so much easier to write about fictional characters hummm Wait I have a light blub moment.On a dark and quiet evening in the month of April, a little girl child came into the world in St Joesph General Hospital Upon seeing the little girl with the little curl in the middle of her forehead, the father was heard to remark why does she have red hair At that moment I ve been known as the milkman s kid, oops, I meant she s been known as the milkman s kid See, this is why I write in first person If it works for you, stick with it.My favorite book was Green eggs and ham Apparently my mother got so annoyed with me reciting it that it accidently on purpose got tossed out the window of a moving car So I guess I started writing my own stories once I was taught to print I ve always loved writing fiction In elementary and secondary school we were required to keep a journal I didn t want to I love to write but not about myself I just wrote little ideas down and handed them in I graduated so I guess it was good.I thought I was in deep fascination with a boy in grade seven who was very into Star Trek I had no clue what he was talking about so I started learning about Star Trek and now it was what was his name Sci fi segued into Fantasy and from there I never looked back I was a big Star Wars geek pre episode 1 and wrote pastiche Han Solo adventures as a teenager.My writing began to lean towards my current selection of offerings I initially was a little distressed I thought I was off way off I was uncomfortable with the content and toned it down or cut it out completely on second draft attempts However, it kept cropping back up and I thought I was going to have to pull my hair out to make it stop but then on May 6, 2006 at 9 15 a.m I discovered Ai No Kusabi on youtube.That was also the same time that I realized that what I had been writing and hiding away for years had a name Yaoi If it had a name others were reading and writing it so I wasn t the lone pervert out in the world I took my hands out of my hair and put my fingers on the keyboard and embraced the world of Yaoi.It only took me six months to figure out how to start posting stories on the Internet on adultfanfiction It wasn t long before I moved from writing AnK fan fiction to posting my own original Yaoi writing under the pseudonym kiix.I started writing daily I found a continuing education course on Professional Creative Writing in a local city and started taking courses There were some tips and facts that were good but the social networking was the key It was after this that I started actively exploring getting my works published That expensive piece of paper honed my confidence enough to start sending out queries and posting my first drafts right to the net.While I had to pony up time and money to self publish once the rejection e mails came in, I didn t mind I think it was the start of something good I think I know it was the start of something good.Welcome to my version of the world of Yaoi I look forward to leaving my touch in your mind.


    1. It's pretty good. Up there with other Snake books. There's a bit too much sex at the end for which I didn't have the patience at all and it is obviously only book one. The chapter is finished but the indication is left that in the next book all hell will break loose. It's a bit frustrating to tell you the truth. And there is no book 2 so far. It's not exactly a cliffhanger because they are happy at the moment but the guy basically said - I'm gonna shit it all up tomorrow. As for the world, it's [...]

    2. I hate it! I just finished and I want more, but there is none :D. I really hope this will be continued. The author proves again that she has an amazing imagination. I love how detail her worlds are, characters unique. It requires a talent to make a book interesting, to write when one of the characters can't talk. Less is more in this case.I just wonder about the 3 day rule. If the mated pair can't separate for more than 3 days, how is one planning to go to war and another (view spoiler)[planning [...]

    3. In a fantasy world a young man needs to get money for his family survival. He agrees to submit to the enchantment of a magician. He is tranformed into a Chimera, a shapeshifing thing between man and sea dragon. The plan is to sell him to the highest bidder. But things go wrong.The story is capivating, heartbraking, sad and very good.Still, I just give it 3 stars, but this is entirely the fact that the transformation this young man agreed to just did not do it for me. I was so sad for him that I [...]

    4. I enjoyed this early story by Derekica Snake writing as kiix but the preponderance of typos brought it down to 3 stars. Warren is a young man who persuades a Mage to turn him into an 'Exotic' in order provide for his family when he is sold. He becomes 'Drago', a Chimera between a man and a sea dragon. He has blue skin, green hair, fangs and talons, is unable to speak and alternates between a land and a water creature.'You, little Chimera are someone who can be trusted. Others put their faith in [...]

    5. I think my favorite part, after the nostalgia of seeing "hidden portals" everywhere, is in the A/N when Snake said "Jareth is not that big of a portal." Now, if this is any indication, then Snake seems to use "portal" for asshole all the time and not just during purpley sex scenes. Somehow, this makes the whole nonsensical thing even more amazing.

    6. What could I sayIt was good. Almost till the end. I wish there was more angst. Some mistakes didn't matter (it is free). I've red many published books that deserve publishing many folds less than this one.If it will be published I will buy it.Thanks.

    7. 4.5 starsThis novel (?) ends on the note that the story will continue on. Now, some three years after being posted, there is not a sequel in sight. Arrgh! I want more!

    8. Found and read this online. Really liked it and wish there was more. Not getting my hopes up since the last update was in 2010 but at least book 1 was finished.

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