Sea Cutter

Sea Cutter

TimDavis / Jan 18, 2021

Sea Cutter t s and I ve just gotten a secret message from Father who all of New Bedford says went down with his ship in when I was eleven I know I promised my old friend Wayland not to put to sea with

  • Title: Sea Cutter
  • Author: TimDavis
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  • Page: 478
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  • t s 1771 and I ve just gotten a secret message from Father who all of New Bedford says went down with his ship in 1769, when I was eleven I know I promised my old friend Wayland not to put to sea without Mother s permission, but what s important keeping a promise or finding Father If you want to come with me, help me find a ship bound for the South Atlantic, and we t s 1771 and I ve just gotten a secret message from Father who all of New Bedford says went down with his ship in 1769, when I was eleven I know I promised my old friend Wayland not to put to sea without Mother s permission, but what s important keeping a promise or finding Father If you want to come with me, help me find a ship bound for the South Atlantic, and we ll search together for a legendary island, and Father.But watch out for a smelly, slim, oily looking sailor with a tattoo of a viper coiled around his arm We re going to leave him far behind

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        Tim Davis got into trouble at age 12 for reading Treasure Island under his blankets by flashlight when he was supposed to be sleeping When he grew up, he pursued his love of children s literature by earning a PhD in English and teaching Children s Literature at university He left academia in order to move to the San Francisco Bay Area and teach elementary school under an emergency program that let college graduates teach if they worked in the inner city Tim Davis still lives in the Bay Area with his family, and recently began writing a series of children s books that he hopes will get some other kids in trouble for reading under the blankets with a flashlight.


    1. Timothy C. Davis managed to transport me right to the era and moment of his exciting seafaring tale. I am an avid reader of children's literature. I don't have much time to read lately however it was the cause of a couple of late nights. I just had to know happened next! Davis does a tremendous job building characters readers will love and love to loathe. Fast paced and full of action it will certainly keep its readers interest. Notable and memorable it teaches a lesson on the importance of trut [...]

    2. Two years after Nathaniel’s father died in a shipwreck, a package arrived from him. There was a mysterious treasure inside and a note from Nat’s father which made Nat believe, even more, that his father did not die! The letter and the treasure were clues about where to find his father, but how could a fourteen year-old boy navigate the seas alone, especially when no one in the village believes his father survived. Nat tricks a family friend (Wayland) into sailing his ship, the Sea Cutter, in [...]

    3. Timeless adventure at its bestIn Sea Cutter, author Timothy Davis takes readers back to a time when men are honorable, where their word is their bond, where good and evil are more greatly defined, and where a boy through his everyday experiences can mature and realize his full measure.While short, there is so much good going on in this YA novella that it's difficult to pick out just a few highlights. The protagonist, Nathaniel Childe, is forced to be the man of the family when his father, a ship [...]

    4. “He’s not dead!”“Please Nathaniel. It’s been two years. He’s not coming back,” my mother begged.“How can you give up on him?” I yelled.Nat’s heart tells him his father survived the shipwreck. But where is he? Why has he left Nat and his mother to a pauper’s existence in New Bedford? Then Nat receives a package from his father, one that had been stolen and delivered years late. One containing treasure. The accompanying letter indicates that his father may be alive on an isla [...]

    5. I must admit although this is a young adult or pre-teen book, I was captivated. It must be the kid in me. Excellent book for anyone who likes plots containing adventures at sea. The adventure isn't the only subject matter that grabs you, it's the internal conflict of the main character that does. As you read on, you can relate to the moral of the story. That's what I liked about it. There are so many books for younger readers that do not express life's simple lessons; I was glad to find that the [...]

    6. Sea Cutter is a fast moving tale about a young man swept from drudgery and loss into high adventure and a wonderful quest. Set in the early 1700s, the action moves from the sea port of New Bedford, to the high seas, to an exotic island and ultimately, home. To an adult reader the characters are strong and clearly delineated archetypes in the tradition of Kidnapped, Mobey Dick and The Odyssey. To a young reader, the action and the people will be memorable. The author underpins his terrific sea st [...]

    7. I enjoyed Sea Cutter. It has storms at sea, mutinies, pirates, secret islands--what's not to like? The story is easy to read and fast-moving and is well-suited for younger readers (it reminded me in some ways of Magic Tree House books). This is a swashbuckling story whose main character learns some important lessons amidst all the excitement he encounters.The only thing I would change is I wish the author had delved a bit deeper into the emotions of the main character and the descriptions of bot [...]

    8. The plot of this story of a young boy at sea never slows; Timothy Davis has re-crafted a tale that is sure to please pre-teens and those slightly older. Intrigue, deceit, threats, treasure, and an isolated paradise are all combined in a manner reminiscent of both Nordhoff and Hall's and Isabel Allende's coming-of-age stories. The characters are unique, even the villains, and the ending of the story is indeed a cliffhanger - literally.

    9. I loved Sea Cutter. I was hooked by the first paragraph. Through out the fast moving story I could taste the salt in the sea air. I felt Nate's heart beat fast during his adventure to learn about his father's death. I didn't see the twists coming. I would recomend this for a girl or boy tween.

    10. Great family read!Fun read aloud book with kids of all ages! Perfect for grade school kids to read by themselves. Simple words and fun story!

    11. Sea Cutter: Book 1 in The Chronicles of Nathaniel Childe by Timothy Davis takes place in Massachusetts in 1771. Ever since his father went missing two years ago, Nathanial and his mother have been working hard to make ends meet. Because his father was lost at sea, Nat had to promise his mother he would never go out on a boat. This might be an easy promise for a boy to make, but not one who lives in New Bedford, where whaling and fishing boats are constantly going out to sea. When Nat receives a [...]

    12. I'm a complete sucker for nautical adventures. Give me sea captains, a capable but motley crew, swashbucklers, pirates and set me at sea on a mighty sailing ship back a couple of hundred years ago and I'm happy.That's where SEA CUTTER landed me and it did not disappoint. This is a book for middle grade readers; yet author Tim Davis did not dumb it down. Sure, the morals of honor and honesty come through loud and clear; however, the story tosses one on waves and crests, complete with villainous t [...]

    13. This is a young adult book, but I found it exciting to read. Nathaniel can't believe that his father died when his ship the Christopher went down at sea. His fathers best friend Wayland wasn't so sure himself. Nathaniel's mother doesn't want Nathaniel to have anything to do with the sea. Jennifer has to leave town and makes Nathaniel promise he will stay away from the ships and sea. A chest shows up while his mother is gone and it's his fathers personal chest. Wayland made him promise not to ope [...]

    14. My rating is actually 3.5 stars.I received this for review from the author. Here is a portion of my review. My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: This is a book that I imagine young boys absolutely adoring. It's meant for a younger audience, late elementary-early middle school maybe.The novel was actually pretty short, but it was entertaining and interesting. I really enjoyed reading it.The main character Nat was one that I could easily relate to and one that I enjoyed reading about. And I also reall [...]

    15. Timothy Davis weaves a beautiful coming of age story into the backdrop of the raging Atlantic. Sea Cutter is a delightful adventure for readers of all ages. Set in the 1770’s, it is the tale of a thirteen- year-old-boy named Nat on a quest to Perlas Grandes (a supposedly mythical island filled with huge pearls) to find his father, who is shipwrecked and presumed dead. When Nat’s aunt becomes ill, he insists his mother leave town to care for her sister. Living alone and grieving the loss of h [...]

    16. This was a quick read and would be good for an early chapter book reader. There were several unexpected twists at the beginning and middle but the end resolved too quickly and predictably for my liking. SPOILER: The punishment of Wayland was executed too quickly leaving me knowing he had to reappear. I think if the punishment had been drawn out more, it would not have left me feeling as if he would reappear. It would have been great if I really thought Wayland had died. Then, to have him come ba [...]

    17. I love a good middle grade book. It's my contention that a really good middle grade book is as good a read as you'll find. Sea Cutter is just such a book. It is a wonderful book. It is action packed, entertaining, great imagery, great characters, the list goes on. Author Timothy C. Davis has delivered a hit!

    18. Excellent read aloud with my kids - though, we have it under the title In Search of Perlas Grandes. My teachers read it to me when I was in elementary school and now I have been reading with my elementary children. What fun!

    19. A nice little sea faring tale, easily read if slightly predictable. A good book to read to young children or by read by pre teens.

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