Drummer Girl

Drummer Girl

Karen Bass / Jan 18, 2021

Drummer Girl The Fourth Down needs a drummer and Sidney s easily the best in the school But the all male band has conditions for her to be allowed in such as dressing like a girl Accustomed to invisibility Sid s

  • Title: Drummer Girl
  • Author: Karen Bass
  • ISBN: 9781550504620
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fourth Down needs a drummer, and Sidney s easily the best in the school But the all male band has conditions for her to be allowed in such as dressing like a girl Accustomed to invisibility, Sid soon discovers the consequences to her makeover It s not only that playing kit in a skirt is impractical But as someone once taunted about her sexuality for being a drum pThe Fourth Down needs a drummer, and Sidney s easily the best in the school But the all male band has conditions for her to be allowed in such as dressing like a girl Accustomed to invisibility, Sid soon discovers the consequences to her makeover It s not only that playing kit in a skirt is impractical But as someone once taunted about her sexuality for being a drum playing girl who likes shop class, now Sid is forced to deal with guys who think her new look makes her fair game Sidney begins to realize the price of compromising who you really are.

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        Karen s high school teacher told her she should be a writer, but it took quite a few years for that thought to take root She began writing shortly after she was hired to manage the local library Run Like Jager is her first novel Since then she has published Summer of Fire and Drummer Girl, all with Coteau Books Her newest novel, Graffiti Knight, was released in August 2013 Pajama Press.A fourth generation Albertan, Karen attended the University of Alberta and received a psychology degree from the University of Victoria She currently lives with her family in northwestern Alberta where she just left the library she had managed for 16 years to write full time.


    1. So, it's 3:02 AM right now and I'm up writing a book review. This means two things.1. I must have enjoyed this book quite a bit if I'm up at 3 AM finishing itd2. I make no apologies that this review may be a tad bit rambling and incoherent. I mean, it *is* 3 AM after all.So, Sid is a self-professed tom boy, loner, and general all-around outcast. Generally preferring a masculine attire of baggy jeans and loose-fitting concert tees, Sid gives very little thought to her appearance or gender identit [...]

    2. While I love YA fiction, it occurred to me when I read the first sentence of this book (which, in case you are wondering, is this: “Sid stood rooted to the lawn and considered that this might be the worst idea in the history of Edwards High School.”) that I almost never read YA that isn’t fantasy. In fact, I think this might be the first non-fantasy YA I’ve read since I stopped being, myself, a YA, and became, according to every law in any country, an A. I’m not sure why I haven’t re [...]

    3. Last summer I had the pleasure of reading Karen's book Summer of Fire, which I loved, so I was overjoyed when her latest book popped through the mail slot a week or so ago from the ever charming folk of Coteau Books (have I ever mentioned how they're from my home province of Saskatchewan?). Sid lives life to the beat of her own drum, quite literally as she's a great drummer, until faced with the choice of being a drummer in the band she's always wanted to be a part in or be her own, very unique, [...]

    4. Sid is a teenage drummer lacking all self-awareness. The book never gives a good reason for why she wants to join a band from her high school. She already has connections in the music community, so why is she willing to do anything to get into a band with guys she hates? This book tries to do too many things, and does none of them successfully. Is it a book about sexual harassment and assault? Is it a book about dangerous decisions teenagers make? Is it a book about changing your identity? No. I [...]

    5. The Fourth Down needs a drummer, and Sidney's easily the best in school, but the all-guy band has some conditions for her to be allowed in such as dressing like a girl. Accustomed to invisibility, Sid soon discovers the consequences of her makeover. It's not just that playing her drum kit in a skirt is impractical, but as someone who was once taunted about her sexuality for being a girl drummer who likes shop class, she's now forced to deal with guys who see her as fair game and Sid soon realize [...]

    6. I am not sure I quite found the real message here, but the story was engaging enough that I kept with it, despite a rocky beginning. I didn't quite connect with Sid, but I thought she was a pretty authentic teen and I was okay not connecting with her because of that. For a shorter book, a lot goes on, and I'm not sure it was all completely developed (returning to not sure I got the "message" because surely there's one here to take away). Sid wants to join a band but they don't want her because s [...]

    7. I REALLY enjoyed reading this--Karen Bass is easy to read, an experienced storyteller, and her characters ring true. And the dilemma of the novel: oooh, did it get my adrenalin going! What a situation the main character is forced into--she's damned if she does & damned if she doesn't. A really good depiction of how the infrastructure of our society is warped & skewed against females, and the way in which feminism gets (to use a term from the hippies lexicon) co-opted. Yeah, what ever hap [...]

    8. I really enjoyed a lot about this novel. Sid is the kind of teenager I can really relate to because (other than getting to the swan phase, something I aspired to but never reached ;)) I was a lot like her in high school. Her struggles with image and identity were realistic and poignant. There were touches all throughout the narrative that drew me in - one scene where Sid is sitting in the school cafeteria all alone and how Bass describes the moment was just so right. As a girl who played some dr [...]

    9. I picked up this book from the library for two reasons: it's about a female drummer, and it seems like a short read. I thought I would be able to like it because I might've been able to relate to it.I wasn't bored by the book. I wanted to know what happened next, and I liked the details in it because it made me want to be a musician like Sid. However, I did not like the ending. Throughout the book, Sid was losing against society. When given a chance to win, she didn't take it and ended up losing [...]

    10. i stumbled across this book when i was doing research for a paper on gender & literacy. the review was intriguing enough that i ordered a used copy after i couldn't find it in westchester or even nypl. when it arrived, i discovered it was written by a canadian librarian released by a small canadian press thus it being hard to track down. i wish i could say after all this trouble, it was worth it but it was just kind of eh. not bad, but not something i want to shout about from the rooftops. i [...]

    11. I liked this one a lot. It centres around Sid, a high school girl who lives for her drumming and doesn't care much about her appearance until it becomes an issue for making the band. Deciding to change her look results in some unexpected consequences as she strives to discover just what is right for her.I will admit that a few years back I wouldn't have believed that some of the events in the book would happen the way they did. But as the parent of a non-traditional girl, I've had my eyes opened [...]

    12. This book was adorable. I loved how it showed that you have to find your own normal and your own style instead of being like everyone else. I kept waiting for her to mix the girly and rocker. This book is misleading in the beginning. I thought it would be lighter. I was surprised in a good way that it dealt with so many hard to deal with issues for high school kids. Drummer Girl had great spirit and was a fun read.

    13. This is honestly one of my favourite books. I don't even know totally why. Maybe because I can relate to it. Like it's not impossible for these things to happen. Usually I'm attracted Sci-Fi and Fantasy but I really love this book. 5/5 for me! :)My favourite scene:(view spoiler)[When she realizes she really cares about her bestfriend and she'd do anything for him. Especially when she's holding his hand after the motorbike crash. (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

    14. Overall, a pretty good YA gender identity story. Nothing terribly new and groundbreaking, but it wins points for psychological truth and would serve as a really good text for exploring adolescent constructions of gender identity, problematic peer and socially imposed restrictions on expressions of gender, and adolescent egocentrism. It should come as no surprise, then, that the author is a psychologist.

    15. I like Sid. We've got girl drummer in identity crisis, who wants something so bad that she loses herself in the process of getting it. The story just got more complicated and interesting as it went. My complaint is that the secondary characters never feel quite real, especially the ones who really need. For that reasons I'd call this more 3.5 stars than 4, but I'm feeling generous enough to round up today.

    16. Sid loves to play drums. Until she finds out that her peers thought she was a lesbian, she never considered her image or sexuality. When she auditions for a band, they tell her that they would take her in the band if she was a "dyke" or better looking. She asks her cousin to help make her over, and the change in her appearance stuns everyone around her. She wonders if this new image is truly her. This book excellently conveys themes of identity and bullying.

    17. What the? I was pretty baffled that the main character would punch someone for calling her a name but did nothing when multiple people kissed her against her will. That seemed to happen every few pages. Everyone made horrible decisions, and pretty much everyone was a horrible person. So, that gives me no incentive to like anything about the book. It left me confused and annoyed.

    18. I was going to stick with 3 stars, but I think Bass dropped the ball here. The potential for strong feminist content was never reached. Also, there was just too much going on. The band plot line dragged on, long after any reader would find Sid's interest convincing. And, I had big issues with the resolution.

    19. An intriguing book that captures the passion of drumming and the precarious course girls travel when they transition from tom boy to peer pleasing. A good starting point for discussions on what is acceptable behaviour from male teens as to how they treat girls. This story covers a lot of ground.

    20. I very much enjoyed two other books by Karen Bass's other books Run like Jaeger and Summer of Fire and this one didn't disappoint either. She touched on a lot of teen issues - sexual identity, dressing, cyber-bullying, father/daughter relationships. The beginning was a bit disjointed, but after that it was very much a page-turner.

    21. I bought this book at the launch at Audrey's last night--and finished reading it at 11:20pm. I really felt for Sid the tomboy character who just wants to drum. I don't read much mainstream/non-genre, but this one was excellent. Make sure to have kleenex on hand though

    22. Bluh. I'm getting to old for this stuff. The beginning was okay enough, but the ending was just really disappointing and reads kind of like a pamphlet against sexual harassment. Ugh. And then Brad, was she serious? Well let's just say not my kind of book.

    23. Over all the novel is a pat on a back. The writing is decent along with the flow of story. Though, i think there are just a lot of characters in it. Hmmm i dunno it was okey to me

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