The Dread

The Dread

Gail Z. Martin / Jan 18, 2021

The Dread War has come to the Winter Kingdoms The Dread will rise Kings will fall Summoner King Tris Drayke takes what remains of his army north for a war he is ill prepared to fight as reports from spies conf

  • Title: The Dread
  • Author: Gail Z. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780316093613
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • War has come to the Winter Kingdoms The Dread will rise Kings will fall.Summoner King Tris Drayke takes what remains of his army north for a war he is ill prepared to fight, as reports from spies confirm Tris s worst fear A new threat rises across the sea a dark summoner who intends to make the most of the Winter Kingdoms s weakness In Isencroft, Kiara s father is assWar has come to the Winter Kingdoms The Dread will rise Kings will fall.Summoner King Tris Drayke takes what remains of his army north for a war he is ill prepared to fight, as reports from spies confirm Tris s worst fear A new threat rises across the sea a dark summoner who intends to make the most of the Winter Kingdoms s weakness In Isencroft, Kiara s father is assassinated and she will now have no choice except to return and claim the crown But she must leave behind her husband and their infant son to face the dark power that threatens her ruleE DREAD is the epic conclusion to the Fallen Kings Cycle.

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    1. One of the reasons that I really liked this series at the out-set was that while it was a standard-as-all-heck sword & sorcery/epic type story, Martin wrote good characters that I liked and genuinely cared about. And even in this last installment, it's the little personal touches of the story between the characters that I enjoy the best.Unfortunately, they're rather few and far between as the story, overall, focuses on the war being fought on multiple fronts.One of the downfalls of our chara [...]

    2. rantingdragon/review-oThe Dread by Gail Z. Martin, sequel to The Sworn, is the second book in The Fallen Kings Cycle and another example of the recent rise in duologies over trilogies. This cycle tells the continuing story of King Tris Drayke after The Chronicles of the Necromancer series as he struggles to protect his burgeoning kingdom from a threat from across the northern sea.A fantastic transition from young adult to adult fantasyI’ve felt all along, while reading Gail Z. Martin, that she [...]

    3. I really like the world created in this series. This volume is mainly war; multiple fronts of the same war. So it reads pretty fast despite being a large book. This is also apparently the last of this portion of the story - the "Fallen Kings Cycle" - and the next book will be part of the next cycle of the series.There is some frustration with overlapping events occurring but the characters being apart from each other so they can't combine efforts, but it's not enough to fully detract from the st [...]

    4. I loved these. All of the books in both of the related series. Loved them. Quick reads that walked a fine balance between joyful happy endings and sorrowful loss that avoided the candied feeling of a fairy tale without getting lost in the grim over-reality of the 'Game of Thrones' books I just finished.I'll definitely be looking for her new series once it's available.

    5. All in all this book was really well thought out, the storyline had more twists and turns than a coiled snake. Thats exactly what some of the characters in the story were like also(a slippery snake).

    6. When King Donelan of Isencroft is assassinated, his daughter and heir must leave her husband and infant son behind and hurry back home. Being the daughter of one king and the wife of another, Kiara knows all about the sacrifices the Royal family must make for the good of their kingdom. However, that does not make it any easier to leave your loved ones behind in such dangerous times. Her husband, King Martris Drake, has joined his army on the coast of Margolan where they face the dark summoner an [...]

    7. Compared to Gail Martin's first series, the Fallen Kings Cycle just didn't do it for me. The Dread continues when The Sworn finished as war comes to the Winter Kingdoms and the armies of Margolan, Isencroft and Principality are forced to face their enemy from across the seas but, although there are more action sequences in this book, I felt like I was reading the same battle scenes over and over again. There is still too much dialogue and little in the way of plot. The characters that I loved as [...]

    8. This is a very good read. The best in the bunch.But yes, it gets tiring when we see repeated characters and their history is explained again and again throughout all of the books in the series.I liked the introduction of a new story line, and the ending is excellent. But I think some of the characters should have culled a little more. I think it would have made the story a little more interesting.I am curios, while everything is tied up nicely at the end, it would be kind of cool to see where Ms [...]

    9. Having read the other books leading into this one, it helped having that background to finish this series out. Even though the book says #2, it is a continuation of the original Summoner Books, thus should be read in that order. The story itself was written the classic way the others were. I felt there wasn't as much diversity in the battle scenes/monsters involved in the fighting, merely most of the species of things were mentioned, but the only things that had some tangible parts were the "sha [...]

    10. This was another solid read for me. As always Martin delivers not only on the battlefield, but in her descriptions of the magic used throughout the story. I loved reading about the Dread and Tris's journey to the Nether. I also found new characters to fall in love with in this installment. I'e always had a soft spot for Kiara and Tris's relationship, but I think that Aidane and Kolin's story is really sweet as well. But not sickly, just really 'aww' worthy (even if she's kind of an emotional dun [...]

    11. A nice blend of magic and THE DEAAAADDDDD! Pretty good stuff.Kiara’s role as a new queen is very interesting. She’s such a strong and dependable woman now, who really shines in this story! Tris’s role has gotten a lot more interesting too, and some of the choices he made made me doubt whether it was a good idea, and hoped everything would turn out for the best. Page 551 was certainly a real shock, when (view spoiler)[Tris told Soterius to stab him in the heart That whole scene was INTENSE! [...]

    12. Overall, the story was okay. That's it. Not great. Not terrible. There were a *lot* of battle scenes, many of which seemed repetitive. The romance was incredibly sappy. However, I'm not a big fan of schmoop in my books - it's rare that I will read anything schmoopy unless the plot and/or character development that surrounds all that sap is well-done - so take that comment with a grain of salt. Much was predictable. Much was unexplained. And the battle between Tris and Scaith was anticlimactic.

    13. This book is the last of the "Chronicles of the Necromancer" series. It ends the Fallen Kings Cycle storyline. It ties up some loose ends, and opens up the possibility of future books dealing with the children of the main characters. I particularly enjoyed the Aidane and Kolin storyline. Would recommend these series to anyone that enjoys character driven epic fantasy. It also has a lot to offer to Vampire lovers.

    14. Meh. The book was ok. It seemed to drag on a bit and the end was a bit anticlimactic. I think better character development would have been more interesting rather than sheer volume of characters; so many in fact that in the back of the book there is a glossary of characters to help the reader keep track. Overall, didn't seem to be well thought out.

    15. Another excellent entry to the series. really enjoyed the continued story of the regular characters, and the addition of the new characters. However, that said, I really feel like the bad guys in htis story were not very well fleshed out. They were basically boogey men, only known by name, until the final battle.

    16. I enjoyed this series, although I think it was a little rushed. There was a lot going on, with a lot of characters in different places; which I think woul dhave benefitted from a longer series - perhaps 3 books instead of two.It seems that the ending was left open for another series as well, and I'm sure I'll read it when it's published.

    17. I have enjoyed the books in this world and plan the read future works from the author. The characters are good and enjoyable but there are times when the books seem to wind down very quickly at the end of the story.

    18. This has become one of my favorite fantasy series. I love all of the characters, and I love that the focus stays on them rather than spending too time on what the villains are thinking. I hope there will be more books set in this world.

    19. As much as I enjoyed the other books in this series this one did fall alittle flat. I love the characters but it seems as though too much was going on and then climaxed very quickly!Not my favourite from the set but worth a read to finish off and tie up some ends.

    20. I thought the book was great. I enjoyed how the story can continue with the children of the characters. While I understand why they had smaller parts, or were entirely missing, I did miss some of the characters. Overall a good read

    21. Addictive. I think she is a fantastic author and the characters are well written. I especially love Aidane and her relationship with Kolin. Now I have to go get the rest of the books in the Fallen Kings series so I know how everything started!

    22. A good wrap up of the story of the current generation of protagonists. Left it wide open to start a new series about their kids. The typical "here comes the bad guy, we better find some new skills/artifacts to deal with it," but still well written and enjoyable.

    23. Well done Gail Martin. While the book ended a little to fast for me, I still loved it. I gave it 5 stars because I couldn't put it down. No spoilers here, but it could easily have been made into a trilogy.

    24. As with all the other books in the series, this is part of a duology within a longer series and I think concludes Martin's Chronicles of the Necromancer books. I really enjoyed this series and I like how things turned out. I am also looking foward to Martin's next book series.

    25. I could not put this down and so bummed when it ended because there isn't another. This story collection with Tris and his friends has become one of my favorites and will definitely reread them again. Wish there was more to come.

    26. Gail Z. Martin concludes the story that she started with the Sworn in a spectacular finale in the Dread. If you're a fan of Gail's work, you wont be disappointed. If you love fantasy, you will not be disappointed.

    27. I just haven't been able to make myself finish this. I want to because I've invested time in this series, but I'm getting the feeling this is a toxic relationship. Somehow even with a war it feels as if nothing is happening. It was already formulaic to the extreme, and now it's gotten boring.

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