Cloud of Sparrows

Cloud of Sparrows

Takashi Matsuoka / Apr 22, 2021

Cloud of Sparrows It is the dawn of the New Year After two centuries of isolation Japan has been forced to open its doors to the West igniting a clash of cultures and generations And as foreign ships threaten t

  • Title: Cloud of Sparrows
  • Author: Takashi Matsuoka
  • ISBN: 9780385336406
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is the dawn of the New Year, 1861 After two centuries of isolation, Japan has been forced to open its doors to the West, igniting a clash of cultures and generations And as foreign ships threaten to rain destruction on the Shogun s castle in Edo, a small group of American missionaries has chosen this time to spread the word of their God Among them, Emily Gibson, a woIt is the dawn of the New Year, 1861 After two centuries of isolation, Japan has been forced to open its doors to the West, igniting a clash of cultures and generations And as foreign ships threaten to rain destruction on the Shogun s castle in Edo, a small group of American missionaries has chosen this time to spread the word of their God Among them, Emily Gibson, a woman seeking redemption from a tormented past, and Matthew Stark, a cold eyed killer with one death on his mind Neither realizes that their future in Japan has already been foreseen For a young nobleman, Lord Genji, has dreamt that his life will be saved by an outsider in the New Year Widely reviled as a dilettante, Lord Genji has one weapon with which to inspire awe In his family, one in every generation is said to have the gift of prophecy And what Lord Genji sees has struck fear in many around him As the Shogun s secret police chief plots Genji s death and the utter destruction of his entire clan the young and untried lord must prove that he is than the handsome womanizer of legend, famed lover of Edo s most celebrated geisha, Lady Heiko, and that his prophetic powers are no mere fairy tale Forced to escape from Edo and flee to his ancestral stronghold, the spectacular Cloud of Sparrows Castle, Genji joins his fate with Emily and Stark, unaware of the dark forces that drive them Together with Genji s uncle, Lord Shigeru, a legendary swordsman knee deep in the blood of his own kin, and the enigmatic Lady Heiko, the unlikely band embarks on a harrowing journey through a landscape bristling with danger to prepare for a final battle.Here, on a snowscape stained with blood, horror will mix with wonder, secrets will unravel, and love will duel with vengeance as East and West, flesh and spirit, past and future, collide in ways no one least of all Genji could have imagined.

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      • Takashi Matsuoka

        Takashi Matsuoka is a first generation Japanese American writer living in Honolulu, Hawaii, United States Before commiting full time to the writing profession, he used to work at a Zen Buddhist temple His books, historical novels depicting American missionaries visits to Japan, are often compared to Sh gun and the rest James Clavell s series In addition to writing novels, Matsuoka also worked on the script for the 1990 film Pale Blood.


    1. When a psychologically disturbed senior samurai shows up who masters the art of fighting with two katanas , you know you're in Shogun territory. It's worth taking a slow ride. Matsuoka can pass an important plot point or beautiful vignette by you in the flash of a geisha's eye.The perceptive & receptive prince Genji is borderline implausible, but any story set in pre-Restauration Japan needs a foreigner-friendly perspective to sell. It remains the ideal period setting to reflect upon the str [...]

    2. A streamlined version of Shogun, sacrificing some of the depth of characterization and subtlety of political power games in favor of extra servings of ninja duels, geisha seductions and personal vendettas. The conflict between the Eastern and Western cultures is moved from 1600 to 1861, and the strongarming of the Tokugawa Shogunate by American and European warships into opening the country for trade (or legalized robbery as it turned out). Japan is on the brink of major shift in policy, not yet [...]

    3. Che SPETTACOLO!Trovato in una libreria dell’usato, pagato una sciocchezza, aspettavo di leggere questo libro da anni. Oggi è praticamente introvabile, sono stata fortunata!Ambientato nel Giappone dell’800, con una possibile invasione straniera alle porte, il giovane Genji, capo del clan Okumichi dovrà affrontare un possibile tradimento.Scritto in maniera corposa ed impeccabile, questo libro fa emergere le divergenze di due opposte civiltà che però sono in egual misura dilaniate da violen [...]

    4. Dibaca ulang, dalam rangka nggak ada bacaan hehe dan ceritanya juga udah agak lupa.Buku ini menceritakan kisah hidup Daimyo (bangsawan agung) Akaoka yang bernama Okumichi Genji. Genji digambarkan sebagai laki2 muda yang tampan namun sering diremehkan karena penampilannya tidak seperti samurai sejati. Dikatai terlalu lunak, pesolek, dll. Belum lagi pemikirannya yang sering 'berbeda'. Yang paling membuat gerah adalah sikapnya terhadap orang2 asing yang datang ke Jepang. Genji menerima para misiona [...]

    5. This was such a good book, but maybe not for the reasons most people will talk about. Yes, it is similar to Shogun and The Last Samurai in scope, detail, and entertainment. And the writing is so evocative; so many details about Japanese culture during the pre-Meiji era that I get off on. For me though this wasn’t just a drama of that time period in Japan; it was more than that. I felt in some ways this was a very spiritual story. Author Takashi Matsuoka incorporates a lot of Zen Buddhist philo [...]

    6. Αν θέλετε να ταξιδέψετε στην Ιαπωνία του 1861, αν θέλετε να πολεμήσετε μαζί με σαμουράι και νίντζα, αν θέλετε να γνωρίσετε τα ήθη και τις παραδόσεις της χώρας, αν θέλετε να συναναστραφείτε με άρχοντες, με σογκούν, με γκέισες, τότε διαβάστε αυτό το βιβλίο. Είναι υπέροχο. Προδοσί [...]

    7. Reading Cloud of Sparrows the 1st time, you can't help but be reminded of Clavell's Shogun (subsequently, one of my favorite books), which in my opinion, is a very good thing. Taking place in 1861, right when the west began to "invade" the east, the story centers around 5 main charactersLord Genji, who has "seen" that his life will be saved by an outsider. He has been the one "chosen once in a generation" to have the gift of prophesy. Emily Gibson- a chick that has come to spread Christianityeve [...]

    8. Beautiful story about two Americans and an amazing cast of Japanese warriors whose lives are intertwined in 19th century Japan. Lots of political intrigue, cultural references, gorgeous settings and descriptions. And Lord Genji is on my list of favorite heroes ever. A truly amazing book.

    9. Samurai! Ninjas! Geisha! Zen Buddhist monks! Western gunslingers! Christian missionaries! I knew I would like this book - and I was right.

    10. Siamo nell'anno 1861, quando Genji Okumichi, daimyo di Akaoka, riceve nel suo territorio lo sbarco di alcuni missionari cristiani, tra cui si trova Emily, che gli appare immediatamente brutta: i suoi colori sono sbagliati, le sue forme sono sbagliate, le sue vesti sono sbagliate. In poche parole, è una bianca occidentale. Nulla a che vedere con le raffinate dame di compagnia di cui Genji si circonda, prima tra tutte la bellissima Heiko, che in realtà non è solo una cortigiana, ma un'abile ass [...]

    11. Още в началото съм изненадана от критичния тон на автора по отношение на порядките и традициите в Япония през 19-ти век. Очаквах възхвала на самураите и техния кодекс, може би повлияна от други книги („Шогун” на първо място, „Кодексът на самурая Будо Шошиншу” – Дайдоджи Юд [...]

    12. Обичам книги, които ме водят в древна Япония. Действително книгата ме върна във времето, когато в ръцете ми попадна "Шогун" на любимия ми Клавел. Тази книга е написана от японец, но пак е заложен конфликтът при сблъсъка на два свята. Толкова са ми интересни японците като мисле [...]

    13. In spite of the bloody, brutal and gory scenes, I found myself liking this book. It wasn't just about fighting and getting revenge by clans of samurais, but also about how Edo responded and reacted to the forced opening of the country to the world. It was interesting to read the clash of cultures between Japan and the rest of the world, such as how one would perceive beauty and express its appreciation. At the same time, this difference is also balanced by how compromises can be reached, even th [...]

    14. "Pengetahuan bisa menghambat. Ketidaktahuan justru membebaskan. Tahu kapan untuk tahu dan kapan untuk tak tahu, sama pentingnya dengan pedang yang tajam."

    15. Книга за феодална Япония и началото на контактите и с Европа и Америка, но написана от японец с перфектен стил и познание на епохата. Увлекателното действие е по-добро от много класически романи. Тънка психология и неочаквани откровения допълват мащабната картина на цяла Я [...]

    16. Много красиво написана история, едновременно щастлива и тъжна, мъдра и динамична имах чувството, че се докосвам до онази толкова различна култура, и въпреки това че приликите между нас и тях са повече, отколкото разликите

    17. 3.5 puntosLo positivo: Historia que viaja entre visiones del futuro y el "presente", el Japón feudal en medio de una guerra civil y la presencia amenazante de los extranjeros. Personajes inolvidables y el contraste entre oriente y occidente; batallas de samurais; un pistolero en busca de venganza; conspiración, complot y cierto toque de romance. El personaje de Emily me pareció adorable dentro de sus temores. Lo negativo: Me hubiese gustado entender un poco más el contexto histórico de ese [...]

    18. "Воробьиная Туча", изданная у нас как "Стрелы на Ветру", формально считается первой книгой дилогии, и повествует об истории Гэндзи Окумити - последнего князя клана, его ближайших родственников, вассалов, а также нескольких американцев, чьи судьбы окажутся неразрывно перепле [...]

    19. Cloud of Sparrows reads like a cross between an action film, a western, and a cheesy melodrama. That may sound bad, but this pretty much describes most good samurai stories. The senseless violence and insufferable arrogance of the samurai is often juxtaposed with his intense passion, loyalty, depth of feeling, and often ridiculous sentimentality. Set at end of the Edo period, the last years of the samurai, the book opens 6 years after Japan opened its borders to foreigners for the first time in [...]

    20. Cloud of Sparrows was a satisfying read, but it was not the best book that I've ever read. The plot and writing style were gripping and easy to read, and I learned a lot about feudal Japanese culture. I was, however, disappointed by the remaining loose ends at the conclusion of the book. The multiple plots did not all finish at the same time, and the last one seemed like a hasty ending.It was fascinating to read the differences of culture between the American missionaries and the feudal Japanese [...]

    21. ‘Those who succeed and those fail are both destined to die.’This novel, a work of historical fiction with elements of fantasy, opens in Edo in 1861 as two centuries of Japanese isolation is forcibly ended by outsiders from the West. As foreign ships threaten to destroy the Shogun’s castle in Edo, a small group of American missionaries arrives. The missionaries are the Reverend Zephaniah Cromwell, his fiancée Emily Gibson, and Matthew Stark. Unsurprisingly, each has secrets and each has a [...]

    22. I confess that I am not very fond of novels about Medieval Japan written by westerns. Yes, it is an academic prejudice I developed during my years at college studying History. But I try to read as much as possible, good ones and apparently bad ones, so I can have my own and decent opinion. It was with this kind of feeling that I borrowed from my friend abluesindrag this book by Takashi Matsuoka. And what was my surprise when I discovered a well-written, well-researched and well-conducted story c [...]

    23. An exquisite book! I immensely enjoyed every page of it. I loved the story, the complexity of the characters, the style, the imagery, and every little detail of the narrative. I was thrilled at last to encounter a read which, in my view, truthfully portrays the inner workings of Japanese feudal society, the rigid codes that used to rule the behaviour of each member of that nation. Even a daimyo - a Great Lord, who is answerable only to the Shogun and the Emperor - cannot really do what he please [...]

    24. Einerseits fand ich das Buch toll- es scheint gut recherchiert zu sein, verfügt über interessante, abwechslungsreiche Charaktere und eine Welt, in die ich gut eintauchen konnte. Andererseits wurde ich mit keinen der Figuren so richtig warm- sie wurden trotz ihrer Hintergrundgeschichten irgendwie nur oberflächlich gezeigt. Auch die Brutalität und das Crossover zwischen (durch Rückblenden eingeführter) amerikanischer und japanischer Welt störte mich. Es war auf jeden Fall ein interessantes [...]

    25. Hilariously melodramatic. Everyone is the Most or Worst or Least of whatever they are. Clunky prose, and a wandering point of view.But oh, what a page-turner it was. And the research seemed very solid, though I'm no scholar of the place or time being described. So I read it all the way through, and cannot recommend it very well at all.

    26. Okay, does not have the English cover. I started reading this and realized I probably read it already. I checked my book list and found I had read in 2003. I like books set in this time period of Japanese history; 1800's. There are a few X words to pass over in the beginning only.

    27. The method of story telling I thought was quite different. The author took you back and forth in time flawlessly. I think if you had a prior understanding of Japanese culture it would make the story much more interesting as some actions in the story do not fit western culture.

    28. Ketika lelaki itu berpaling menatapnya, Heiko berharap dia akan melihat :Rambutnya : sekelam malam tanpa bintang tergerai di alas sutra biru.Wajahnya : sepucat salju pada musim semi, bersinar dengan cahaya yang dicuri dari bulan (hal.24)Itulah serangkaian kalimat pembuka novel epik berjudul asli Cloud of Sparrows : An Epic Novel of Japan karya Takashi Matsuoka atau diterjemahkan oleh penerbit Qanita Mizan menjadi Samurai Kastel Awan Burung Gereja. Kalimat tadi telah memikat saya untuk terus memb [...]

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