1Q84 #1-2

1Q84 #1-2

Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin / Nov 27, 2020

Q The year is and the city is Tokyo A young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her She has entered she

  • Title: 1Q84 #1-2
  • Author: Haruki Murakami Jay Rubin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The year is 1984 and the city is Tokyo.A young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her She has entered, she realizes, a parallel existence, which she calls 1Q84 Q is for question mark A world that bears a question Meanwhile, an aspiring writer named Tengo takes on a suspectThe year is 1984 and the city is Tokyo.A young woman named Aomame follows a taxi driver s enigmatic suggestion and begins to notice puzzling discrepancies in the world around her She has entered, she realizes, a parallel existence, which she calls 1Q84 Q is for question mark A world that bears a question Meanwhile, an aspiring writer named Tengo takes on a suspect ghostwriting project He becomes so wrapped up with the work and its unusual author that, soon, his previously placid life begins to come unraveled A love story, a mystery, a fantasy, a novel of self discovery, a dystopia to rival George Orwell s 1Q84 is Haruki Murakami s most ambitious undertaking yet an instant best seller in his native Japan, and a tremendous feat of imagination from one of our most revered contemporary writers

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        Murakami Haruki Japanese is a popular contemporary Japanese writer and translator His work has been described as easily accessible, yet profoundly complex He can be located on Facebook at facebook harukimurakaSince childhood, Murakami has been heavily influenced by Western culture, particularly Western music and literature He grew up reading a range of works by American writers, such as Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Brautigan, and he is often distinguished from other Japanese writers by his Western influences.Murakami studied drama at Waseda University in Tokyo, where he met his wife, Yoko His first job was at a record store, which is where one of his main characters, Toru Watanabe in Norwegian Wood, works Shortly before finishing his studies, Murakami opened the coffeehouse Peter Cat which was a jazz bar in the evening in Kokubunji, Tokyo with his wife.Many of his novels have themes and titles that invoke classical music, such as the three books making up The Wind Up Bird Chronicle The Thieving Magpie after Rossini s opera , Bird as Prophet after a piano piece by Robert Schumann usually known in English as The Prophet Bird , and The Bird Catcher a character in Mozart s opera The Magic Flute Some of his novels take their titles from songs Dance, Dance, Dance after The Dells song, although it is widely thought it was titled after the Beach Boys tune , Norwegian Wood after The Beatles song and South of the Border, West of the Sun the first part being the title of a song by Nat King Cole.


    1. Attenzione: non c’è niente di evocativo in questa recensione.Ebbè, cosa volete che vi dica: L’unica ragione per cui spero che Murakami scriva sempre meno, è che non so più cosa inventarmi nelle recensioni per farvi capire quanto è bravo.Mi resta soltanto elencare i motivi per cui non lo posso tollerare.Ad esempio: non lo tollero, perché ha uno stile Elementare. Mette tutti i pensierini in fila, e li trascrive secondo una logica che più sequenziale di così si muore. E riesce comunque [...]

    2. I finished reading 1Q84 (surely the blockbuster novel of 2011) almost a week ago, but I wanted to collect my thoughts before I put fingers to keyboard. This is a novel (sounds trite, perhaps epic would be a better word) that remains with you for a long, long time after reading it. I’ve kept thinking about the story and how each event fits in the overall structure of the book, how clever and intricate the world created is and how I can picture in my head a world that doesn’t exist…or does i [...]

    3. 1Q84 is not a good book. At all.I cannot understand the hype surrounding this book. The storyline wasn't bad in itself but…1Q84 reads like the fantasy of a sad, balding (you'll understand) ageing man. Leaving to one side Murakami's breast obsession-and, in fact, I don't think there's a single female character who's breasts I couldn't give you a detailed account of-it was the author's handling of female characters that truly bothered me. Aomame, the female protagonist, an assassin who in her fr [...]

    4. „Entweder mit der Welt stimmt etwas nicht, oder mit mir, dachte sie. Eins von beidem.“In zwei Erzählsträngen entwickelt Murakami die sich stets weiter beschleunigende Handlung. Schicksalhaft treiben die Protagonisten in einem Strudel aufeinander zu- einer Lösungen entgegen oder einer Katastrophe. Buch 3 wird es klären.

    5. “If you can't understand it without an explanation, you can't understand it with an explanation.”An oft repeated phrase throughout the first two books of what has been described as Haruki Murakami's magnum opus by an overly enthusiastic reviewer desperate to get a quote on the cover of the book, and one that obviously works as a message to the reader confused by the lack of explanation for events throughout the novel.Being only two thirds through the novel at this stage I cannot provide a fu [...]

    6. Murakami zu lesen, ist wie den besten Wein zu trinken. Zuerst musst du ihn atmen lassen (666). Es ist wie der Luftzug, der entsteht, wenn du schwunghaft den Buchdeckel öffnest.Fühle den Geschmack. Auf deiner Zunge, mit der du Laute bildet und dann zu einem Wort zusammenfasst.Danach trinkst du. So, wie der Wein dir langsam durch die Kehle rinnt, so werden dir seine Sätze durch jede kleinste Windung deines Gehirns fließen.Am Ende wirst du völlig berauscht sein. Oder um es auf den Punkt zu bri [...]

    7. I'm sad to report that I didn't so much love this book. I didn't hate it but felt gypped a bit, and I guess that comes from all the hoop-la. I am however proud that I can now boast that I can read a 900 page book. This also means I don't have an excuse not to finish up Ulysses. Nuts. Anywhoooo, I'm going to be direct and list what I didn't love:1. TOO LONG. This might be a given, but after finishing all 900 pages I can safely say that he could have cut it by half. Did anything even happen in the [...]

    8. I can't really give this book a proper review seeing as I've only completed 2/3s of it so far - but I FEEL like I've climbed a mountain these past 3 weeks! Murakami's prose is spot on as usual, and the story itself is completely bizarre and intriguing - probably the most heavy magical realism I've read from him so far. I really enjoy the dual perspective, but I still have so many questions. I doubt (from what I've heard) that they'll be cleared up in the third volume but I'm still intrigued to r [...]

    9. I've been on the Murakami bandwagon since a friend introduced me to the Wind-Up Bird, but I am now officially getting off.The core idea has so much potential, but it drowns - screaming - in a sea of inept, boring, repetitive language. I was literally scratching my head wondering how this book escaped a ruthless editing. There is no justification - other than author laziness and/or vanity - for this book to be so damn long. I was so surprised at the mediocrity of the prose that I kept wondering w [...]

    10. Finito ieri, mi è piaciuto molto e ora resto in attesa della terza parte.Due cose ho trovato interessanti.1°: il fatto di ritrovare alcuni meccanismi o atmosfere simili a quelle di La fine del mondo e il paese delle meraviglie.Quel romanzo per ora è ancora il mio preferito (1Q84 comunque non è ancora terminato). Mia sorella, che è psicologa, l'ha ampiamente utilizzato nella sua tesi di laurea, studiando l'archetipo dell'ombra dal punto di vista junghiano nell'opera di Murakami.Beh, ho trova [...]

    11. Das war mein erstes Buch von Murakami, dass ich gelesen bzw. als Hörbuch gehört habe und wow es ist definitiv mal etwas anderes als ich normalerweise lese. Ich kann den Hype um den Autor zwar noch nicht ganz verstehen, aber ich möchte auf jeden Fall wissen wie es weiter geht!

    12. "1Q84" es el título del último libro de Murakami; un juego de palabras con la pronunciación en japonés del número 9 (que, al parecer, se escribe y pronuncia igual a "Q"). El libro cuenta la historia, en capitulos alternos, de Aomame y Tengo. Aomame es una chica con un pasado problemático (hija rebelde de los miembros de una comunidad religiosa), que se dedica actuar como asesina al servicio de cierta gente, eliminando sólo a hombres abusivos que piensa que merecen morir. Tengo es un ex ni [...]

    13. La via più breve (e immotivatamente bimbominkiosa?!):Belliccimo!!!!!!1111oneone <3Leggetelo.Mi rakkomando.LEGGETELO.xoxo (Gossip Girl?)La via più lunga:Considerando il fatto che ho penato tutte le dodici fatiche ercoliane in una sola volta per procurarmi questo libro gratuitamente, direi che l'attraversare mari e monti (letteralmente) è stato adeguatamente ripagato.Più che adeguatamente.Ottimamente. male che l'ho letto.Io me l'immagino l'ignaro lettore in libreria che guarda la copertina [...]

    14. Il mio primo Murakami. Per iniziare ho scelto il suo romanzo più ambizioso. È un bel libro. Forse un po' ridondante, ma comunque molto incisivo.Murakami ha la capacità di immergerci con delicatezza in quest'atmosfera rarefatta, ovattata e malinconica, di intorpidire progressivamente i sensi sotto una coltre vellutata, mentre seguiamo le sorti di personaggi legati da un filo sottilissimo e indissolubile. Gli elementi magici non sono mai invasivi, ma risultano appena accennati.Tengo e Aomame so [...]

    15. I finished 1Q84 - book 1 & 2 on Monday. Afterwards, I went running in the woods. I ran faster than I have in a while, and my thoughts went back and forth through my head, thinking of everything, anything and nothing at all. It then came to me, I was stuck in that world, Murakami's world. I was scared. I ran through the woods in the middle of the day, and felt scared. Figured the people I met could be anything. Like in Murakami's universe. And I thought that if I'd met a bear, I wouldn't have [...]

    16. Recensione di una pregnanza culturale e simbolica tale da lasciare attoniti qui: ilsociopatico.wordpress/20Murakami ha un talento unico. Per prendere storie affascinanti con universi paralleli, lune sdoppiate e creature soprannaturali e trasformarle in un una zuppa di noia, pedanteria e turbe sessuali. 1Q84 è un libro scritto male e tradotto peggio, ripetitivo, di una lentezza esasperante, riempito all'inverosimile di scene superflue e di continue digressioni che annacquano una storia che, se e [...]

    17. Murakami, the master weaver of worlds, at his epic best! This is a stunning and complex story expertly woven by alternating the two main characters, Tengo and Aomame. This book defies categorisation. at once drama, thriller, epic and love story it is a literary masterpiece that enthralls the reader from beginning to end. Absolutely the best Murakami, in fact best book I have read for a long long time. Clearly the first two of three books, the end leaves everything hanging and demands you immedia [...]

    18. Ribadiamo l'ovvio, Murakami è nato per raccontare. La sua straordinaria abilità narrativa e descrittiva si trasforma fin dalle prime pagine in capacità di prendere il lettore, sollevarlo di peso e portarlo all'interno della scena. Murakami, insomma, è nato per dare a noi miseri lettori la possibilità di essere in due luoghi diversi.Da questo punto di vista penso sinceramente che 1Q84 sia un romanzo incriticabile. Perfetto no, non è un termine che mi piace usare, ma sicuramente il risultato [...]

    19. Ich befürchte, dass ich von diesem ersten Band vor allem sehr viele japanische erigierte Penisse in Erinnerung behalten werde. Keine Ahnung, wie ich die je aus meinem Kopf bekommen soll.Aber mal ehrlich. Bin ich die einzige, die das stört?Mini-Spoiler:Und dann diese absurde Schlussszene, bei der Tengo der Unterschied erklärt wird zwischen insane und lunatic, während im seine Freundin im Schritt spielt. Warum!!!!! Wozu dieser ganze Sex im Roman. Das brauche ich nicht und für die Geschichte w [...]

    20. Pitkäksi venytetyn 1Q84:n kaksi ensimmäistä osaa osoittivat jälleen, miten vaihtelevasti Murakamin teoksista pidän. Vaikka tarina oli kiinnostava ja koukuttava, niin kirjan lukeminen alkoi loppua kohden jo ärsyttää!Eniten ärsyttivät nämä jutut:1. Toisto - voi olla paikoitellen tarpeen näin pitkässä kirjassa, mutta ilman turhaa toistoa kirjasta olisi saanut karsittua paljon pois. Lukijan muistiin voisi luottaa vähän enemmän.2. Puhki selittäminen. Lukijan älyyn voisi luottaa v [...]

    21. Es increíble la cantidad de historia y de cultura general que maneja el escritor en este libro. Hubiera sido una muy buena novela sin la fantasía, pero con esta es mas que excelente. Con lo único que tuve problemas fue con visualizarlos a todos como japoneses.

    22. Ich habe es jetzt nach 3/4 abgebrochen. Der Murakami-Funke ist bisher nicht übergesprungen und ich ertrage diese Geschichte nicht mehr. Ich werde mein Glück nochmal mit einem anderen Werk versuchen.

    23. 1Q84 weighs a couple of pounds and has 944 pages in the hardback edition, but the length and poundage are as nothing compared to its looney gravitational pull. Murakami draws us into a world with two moons, a world that may contain respect but is without overt expressions of love. I suspect that Murakami exerts such a strong pull in the original through his strange prose and use of physical details. Even in English, the style is simple and pictorial, like that of a graphic novel where each actio [...]

    24. RILETTURAHoo-hooIMA LETTURA, 13.06.2013Meraviglioso. È un aggettivo che uso spesso, lo ammetto, ma quezto libro è veramente meraviglioso. Ci sono quei libri che effettivamente poi mi fanno pensare "ma è meraviglioso!", ma poi mi rendo conto che è meraviglioso ma non così incisivo. Questo invece mi ha totalmente sopraffatta. So che molti hanno criticato la terza parte, ma io sono pronta ad andare avanti, ad accettare anche la caduta, perché questo merita tutto quello che può meritarsi. Orm [...]

    25. Come sempre Murakami ha l'abilità di portarci in una realtà parallela misteriosa e magica. Il passaggio è graduale e anche gli avvenimenti più surreali diventano credibili. Ci sono molte domande che rimangono senza risposta ma questo non è importante; la cosa importante è lasciarsi trasportare dalla narrazione come se fosse un fiume che scorre calmo e nel frattempo assistere a ciò che ci succede intorno.La storia di Tengo e Aomame dovrebbe aiutare, secondo Curarsi con i libri: Rimedi lett [...]

    26. Siempre tengo esa sensación de leer a un genio con Murakami: leer por el placer de leer, aunque la historia aparentemente no me diga nada. Encontrar esto es oro.Seguimos la vida paralela de un matemático con ansia de escritor y una fisio con economía sumergida gracias a quitar vidas pareciendo que ha sido un infarto. Nos narra un mundo onírico, donde sucede cosas que no deben ser reales pero ellos creen y nosotros también, es una sutiliza fantástica la mano de Haruki. En las historias pasa [...]

    27. Hier könnte wieder einmal das Murakami-Bingo anstelle einer Rezension eingefügt werden - und wieder würde man die meisten Felder abhaken können. Denn der japanische Kultautor vermag es auch in seinem längsten Werk "1Q84" viele seiner Markenzeichen geschickt neu zu platzieren. Liebhaber seiner Romane finden somit auch hier verkappte Beziehungen zwischen alten Freunden, merkwürdige Sexszenen, alte Jazz-Platten, die Muse für genaue Essensbeschreibungen und einem Schluck Alkohol nach langen [...]

    28. El libro me ha gustado, pero no ha llegado a entusiasmarme como anteriores obras de Murakami. Aunque se trate de una historia compleja y que engancha desde el primer momento, echo en falta a un Murakami más oscuro y menos sentimental. En realidad creo que se trata de una buena novela pero mediocre dentro de su bibliografía. Y que hayan cambiado de traductor tampoco ayuda, ya que la prosa que lograba Lourdes Porta era excepcional, más envolvente e hipnótica que la del actual traductor.Los pro [...]

    29. En este libro seguimos las historias de dos personajes que van intercalando capítulos. Por un lado tenemos a Aomame, una instructora de gimnasio que puede transformarse en una asesina profesional cuando la situación lo requiere. El otro personaje es Tengo, un profesor de matemática de una academia con una insipiente carrera como escritor de novelas. Ambos personajes comienzan su periplo por separado y muy lentamente vamos descubriendo los hilos que los unen, de forma similar a como ocurre en [...]

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