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Darkside London has a secret a hidden borough of monsters and mayhem founded by Jack the Ripper and known as Darkside It s a place of evil and danger but also excitement and mystery and it s Jonathan s last

  • Title: Darkside
  • Author: Tom Becker
  • ISBN: 9780439944366
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • London has a secret a hidden borough of monsters and mayhem, founded by Jack the Ripper and known as Darkside It s a place of evil and danger, but also excitement and mystery and it s Jonathan s last hiding place Alone and on the run, he finds his troubles and adventures have only just begun.

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        Tom Becker grew up in a market town in the northwest of England, dreaming of becoming a writer He won the 2007 Waterstones Children s Book Prize with his first novel, Darkside, and has continued to blur the lines between history and fantasy in brooding adventure and horror stories such as The Traitors and While The Others Sleep He has also published an adult novel, The Cold Tap, on Kindle under his real name, Tom Beckerlegge Tom lives in London with his wife, baby son, and a horde of shadowy creatures that he keeps confined within the pages of his notebook He can be found on Twitter at Tbeckerlegge.


    1. Jonathon has always had a life that was on the edge of normalcy. He is 14 years old, and he would be more than happy to have a boring life that is shared by other London teens. You see, his father Alain has a bit of a dark addiction. It is a little mysterious, but it has a habit of making him sick. So much so that Alain ends up in a coma for long periods of time.Now, his father is once again suffering from a coma, and someone is hunting down Londoners. It all starts when Ricky Thomas is kidnappe [...]

    2. So, it wasn't the most artsy and meaningful writing style, but heck! The story caught me from the first pages! All the mystery and all these disappearings and all these creatures man, that was one hell of a good story. Tom Becker did a great job creating Darkside, because with the help of all the description and all these things happening in there he set up the perfect dark atmoshpere. Robbers, suspicious shadows, dangerous people walking around freely (view spoiler)[ AND HECK, I KNEW IT! I IMAG [...]

    3. Jonathan Starling likes being invisible. It allows him to sneak off whenever he wants, usually without getting caught. But when his home is attacked and a strange trio start pursuing hum, Jonathan finds he’s not as invisible as he’d like to be. There are some people—or things—extremely sinister hinting through London for Jonathan, connecting far back into his family’s past with secrets he never knew existed. It all leads back to Darkside, a dangerous place for otherworldy creatures lik [...]

    4. Jonathan Starling has not had an easy life. He’s never known his mother, and his father is frequently ill, suffering from what he calls the Darkening. Jonathan has basically raised himself, with the help of a friendly neighbor. So when his father yet again is placed in a mental hospital in London, Jonathan see an all-familiar pattern restarting. But while he’s visiting his father, the man in the next room is murdered and Jonathan finds a mysterious dagger in the room. All of a sudden people [...]

    5. I thought this book looked interesting, so i decided to read it. And i can say i was actually sucked deep into this book, Because it conveys a dark, deep, and mystical feeling. The book starts when a boy named Jonathan Starling's father is admitted to a hospital. When Jonathan's father is in the hospital, he decides to investigate his fathers study, a place his father had been holed up for years. He rarely talked to Jonathan and kept to himself. He finds a book there about "Darkside". That is wh [...]

    6. Lets just say this book never seems to disappoint me. I have loved this series for so many years but was a lot younger when I first read this series therefore, when re-reading the series now I become quite sceptical as to weather I will enjoy the series as I did the previous time. Throughout the story you are forever finding new parts of the Darkside world and of the character's personality's. These books are so easy to read and can easily be read in one session. Tom Beckers writing is not the m [...]

    7. It was certainly creepy and atmospheric, and generally well-done except for odd clumsy bits, and I might have been more appreciative another time. There's lots more to come, with Vendetta, Marianne and possibly others still around and out to get Jonathan and all the mystery about Jonathan's mother too. I'm not planning on reading it now, but it might happen.

    8. I thought that Darkside was really creative book and had an excellent concept behind there being a entire, evil side of london hidden behind the regular side of london. So overall i thought this book was really really good and i would recommend it to anyone that likes horror, suspense, or creative novels.

    9. TOTALLY creepy! Like Coraline creepy - like I had to put it down creepy - why do we have this cataloged in JF?!?!? But then the action took off which took down the creepiness. But solid YF for scary stuff/urban fantasy. can't wait for the next installment.

    10. This book is a good read for people who like horror and suspense stories.It's pretty much about two kids who get kidnapped and get taken to the other side of London and throughout the book they are trying to save one kids dad and escape.

    11. The book Darkside is one of those books where when you first look at you think it doesn’t look like you want to read it. But it is actually pretty good. It's like Stranger Things with the upside down without all the creatures in the movie. It all starts out with a troubled kid just not a regular family this kid doesn’t like to attend school. He is constantly skipping but one day he goes home and he is up in his room then he hears someone come inside the house he isn’t sure what it is or wh [...]

    12. Becker, Tom Darkside, 288 Pgs. Orchard Books. Language-G; Sexual Content- G; Violence- PG;This is a story about Jonathan Starling, a 14-year-old boy stuck in a broken world where is father is almost always in the hospital sick and when he's not he's stuck up in his home office. Jonathan's Biggest form of excitement is usually running from the police. But when three strangers start coming after him, his world is turned into a horrible horror story. When he crosses over to another world he makes w [...]

    13. The book was amazing it keep u always wanting to read more. There were so many question going on like what was dirk side and who was Jonathan mom. The author did a good job answering the questions.The book is about Jonathan try to find more about his family and his mom who died when he was 3. How to run away form the bad guy solve the mystery. People 12 and older who love mystery would love this book. This book a lot like How to Catch a killer if you have read you will love this book. There abou [...]

    14. Kleine süße Geschichte, die mich überraschenderweise gepackt hat. Idee und Umsetzung sind gut und knackig formuliert. Zudem sind die Charaktere sehr sympathisch. Es fehlte etwas an Tiefe, was wohl der geringen Seitenzahl zuzuschreiben ist. Ansonsten gut gemacht und perfekt für Zwischendurch.

    15. I really liked it! The prose wasn't exceptional and so wasn't the character development, but the premise was cool, and RAQUELLA TAKES THE GAME.

    16. We read this at school kept me hooked for a while. Quite long to get into. I won't carry on with the rest of the series.

    17. Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadTooPicture a windy dark night. The rain is hammering against the house. The lights are flickering from the wind pounding the power lines. The rest of the house is asleep. The clock slowly inches towards 2:00am. Does that catch your attention? Well, I had to set the mood for how I found myself last night with the horrible weather and DARKSIDE in my hands. I had spent the better part of the day in bed with a migraine. So, finally feeling better, the rest of the fami [...]

    18. Darum geht es:Am helllichten Tag wird der 14-jährige Ricky Thomas während eines Schulausflugs mitten in London entführt. Es gibt keine Zeugen und die einzige Spur ist ein orangefarbenes Haar, das am Tatort gefunden wird. Die Polizei ist ratlos.Gleichzeitig befindet sich ein weiterer 14-jähriger in Gefahr. Jonathan Starling ist bei seinem Vater aufgewachsen, einem zurückgezogen lebenden Mann, der sich wenig um seinen Sohn kümmert und sich stattdessen lieber in seinem Arbeitszimmer einschlie [...]

    19. --Full, non-spoiler review courtesy at Book & Movie Dimension a Blog--Jonathan Starling often feels his father, Alain Starling, is keeping secrets from him especially concerning his mother's disappearance. What he doesn't yet know is that his suspicions are right. Alain in the past was involved with a place under the wrong side of the streets of London. A place rightfully named Darkside. Mostly given the reason that its inhabitants are all of London's worst type of people who include murdere [...]

    20. I really thought I didn't like this book--until I got to the end. Not that the ending was that great. However, it provided a definite ending, yet piqued my interest by not giving enough of the all-encompassing story away. I can't figure out why I wouldn't read the other books in the series when it was such an easy read, but it may be a while before I come back around to it.Anyway, here's what happens:This kid is kidnapped from Trafalgar Square. Then we switch to Jonathan, who is a bit of a hoodl [...]

    21. “The darkening son, I can feel the darkening…”Jonathan Starling is used to being on his own, going unnoticed by almost everyone around him. His mother disappeared before he was old enough to remember her and his father, Alain, spends the majority of his time locked away in his study, suffering periodic episodes, claiming he can feel “the darkening” that is coming. With only his neighbor Mrs. Elwood to keep an eye on him, London is Jonathan’s playground.One night, while alone in his h [...]

    22. Becker, Tom. 2008. Darkside.This one was a nice book for the R.I.P. 3 Challenge. It was an adventuresome story of two boys who happen to be half-and-half though they don't know it. Half darksider. Half lightsider. What is the Darkside? In this case, it is an underworld of London. Old Queen Victoria cleaned up the ton alright, but she sentenced all the lowlifes to Darksided placed them under the leadership of Jack the Ripper. Now all this time later (the book is set in modern times), the descenda [...]

    23. I thought that this book, was very entertaining and interesting, because it is not only book for pleasure, but it also showed what life would be like if there was another town or civilization in the middle of london. I really liked this book because it takes part in both the real world, and an alternate world, and i like that type of book. I also thought that the end was very surprising and interesting, because the book shows the lives and points of view of two different characters, and when the [...]

    24. Jonathan being a normal kid and his dad being a little dark. This was a pretty magical book. This is a dangerous world having vampires and werewolves walking the streets. When Jonathan's dad's house gets attacked it only gets worse from there. There is something called the Darkside that only the father really knows about it. While his dad is in the hospital Jonathan is watched over by a man named Carnegie. This really got me thinking. That name just sounds so devious, I really enjoyed the chills [...]

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