Batman: The Dark Knight, Vol. 1: Knight Terrors

Batman: The Dark Knight, Vol. 1: Knight Terrors

David Finch Paul Jenkins Richard Friend / Jan 16, 2021

Batman The Dark Knight Vol Knight Terrors As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New event of September the Dark Knight continues his crusade as defender of Gotham City taking on his greatest foes during a breakout at Arkham Asylu

  • Title: Batman: The Dark Knight, Vol. 1: Knight Terrors
  • Author: David Finch Paul Jenkins Richard Friend
  • ISBN: 9781401235437
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, the Dark Knight continues his crusade as defender of Gotham City, taking on his greatest foes during a breakout at Arkham Asylum But when his enemies gain powers and abilities far beyond their normal capacities, the Caped Crusader s crusade may finally be at an end Collecting Batman The Dark KnigAs a part of the acclaimed DC Comics The New 52 event of September 2011, the Dark Knight continues his crusade as defender of Gotham City, taking on his greatest foes during a breakout at Arkham Asylum But when his enemies gain powers and abilities far beyond their normal capacities, the Caped Crusader s crusade may finally be at an end Collecting Batman The Dark Knight 1 9

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    1. 2.5 starsIt's not good, it's not bad. It's stuck somewhere it the realm of utterly forgettable.Something, something, bad guys on super-venom.One thing this one does give you is a window into Batman's inner thoughts.Unfortunately, his inner thoughts aren't all that interesting.For some reason he's also (sort of) dating yet another bad girl. Maybe.And you wanna know what?I'm going to tell you anyway.Normally, I don't get all femi-nazi over the way comics portray women, but something about that Whi [...]

    2. The most original plot device opens this Batman book: the inmates all escape from Arkham Asylum! Oh wait, that's not original, that's basically every other month. Newly freed, the inmates begin wreaking havoc on Gotham (so many windows smashed!) except some of them as displaying inordinate muscle mass and strength - almost like they're on venom This new toxin has the added bonus of removing fear from the user so they are no longer afraid of the Dark Knight or any of Gotham's other masked vigilan [...]

    3. For some reason this Batman story felt kind of “old school”, but in a good way. Knight Terrors runs a whole gamut of classic Bat villains, but something sinister is afoot: they’re all seriously powerful and amped up on some drug (sound familiar?). Yep, it’s like that –the 80s all over again. This series isn’t a reboot; it refers to events in the previous DC continuity.Knight Terrors is pretty violent and bloody; this isn’t a comic you’ll want lying around for the kids to read. I [...]

    4. Reading all New 52 Bat-titles this year is self-obligatory which was why I knew that I was going to pick this up--granted, later rather than sooner because I was quite aware of the lukewarm response a lot of fans and critics share when it came to Paul Jenkins and David Finch's first nine issues collected in this particular volume misleadingly entitled Knight Terrors. It took me only two nights to finish this entire thing and even while I was midway through, I was already patting myself in the b [...]

    5. I must admit: I'm a Bat-whore. The Batman franchise is one of those few franchises I have loved since childhood (Star Trek being the other), when my mother and I would watch reruns of the old Adam West series on Nick At Nite. I've been with Batman through the Tim Burton films (which blew away all memory of Adam West's rendition of the character), through Paul Dini's masterful animated incarnation, beyond the horror of the Joel Schumacher ruinations (though I have to admit: "Batman Forever" is a [...]

    6. Not a fan. The book opens with Batman doing an extended internal monologue about the nature of fear that is really poorly written. In fact, most of the dialog and internal monologue is bad. The overarching storyline (Rogues escaping Arkham! Modified fear toxin! Bane trying to kill Batman for no real reason!) is so overdone that I'm just bored by it. And then there's the new White Rabbit character, who exists only for stupidly gratuitous fanservice. The art is a nightmare of 90s vein-and-bulding- [...]

    7. I seem to be reading a good number of comics lately that are just ok. Add another one to the list. Beyond asking wtf is going on with White Rabbit's lack of a costume, I'll just point you over to Anne and Sam's reviews. They gave it the same 'meh' 3 stars that I did, but they actually felt up to typing out why.

    8. There's a good and a bad to this.The good is that at least Batman was punching people in this one. There was a good amount of action, which some of the other new Batman titles are lacking sorely. The bad is that the overall story was pretty, well, business as usual. Bane tried to kill Batman. Someone made a weird Scarecrow formula. The best parts in this book were the Alfred bits. I'm serious. There were a couple sections where Alfred was actually funny instead of acting like Batman's mom and su [...]

    9. I very much enjoyed 'The Dark Knight' series as it was launched as part of the 52 initiative. This Batman is drawn very well, a ripped, ass-kicker, who's still quite the detective, but just manages to seem a wee bit more intimidating. Story lines have him crossing paths with Two-Face, Scarecrow, Mad Hatter, Clayface, Ivy, Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Not too shabby at all, and I really enjoy his interactions with Flash and Superman especially. In this volume, Alfred has a bit more sense of [...]

    10. 2,5*After the terrible mess that was Golden Dawn this one's better. Which still doesn't make it so good.Hulked out inmates escape from Arkham, under the influence of a toxin that make them know no fear. This part is rather quickly done with, the point being to find the creator of the toxin.The plot isn't too subtle and drags on a bit too long, one false lead after another until the revelation of the culprit. This time Finch didn't disperse himself with too many subplots- good idea- but still goe [...]

    11. The Dark Knight is one of four (count ‘em) Batman series that were released as part of DC’s New 52 reboot in 2011. Knight Terrors is probably my second favorite of the four debut volumes (i.e the first story arc in each of the four series), a bit better than Batman and Robin and Detective Comics, but far behind the outstanding Batman.The gist of the plot is that, believe it or not, the top-notch security at Arkham Asylum has been breached once again and a breakout has occurred. This latest p [...]

    12. What did I think, ?!I'm a really big Batman fan. Batman Beyond was what got me into DC comics as a young teenager and ever since I've grown with DC, Flash and Green Lantern became my favourites, but Batman will always have a special place in my heart.This obviously makes me a fan of pretty much EVERY Batman book.Having said this, this series SUCKS. I have never read such a dreadful Batman series. The only good thing about this was a cheeky Alfred, who isn't the sober character he usually plays. [...]

    13. Focusing on the more macabre elements in the life of Gotham's guardian, the Dark Knight is a bloody journey through themes of fear, pain, and control. It's also filled with dozens of Bat-villains, with appearances from Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, (and a whole host of others), ranging to some lesser known crims like Tweedledee and Tweedledum and the Ventriloquist (who are ridiculous, but unsettling).Overall it's well weighted and beautifully drawn, with negative points only being awarded to the [...]

    14. This was one of the better of the New 52 Batman titles. I always liked Dave Finch's art, and you can see his love of the Batman character here. There's also some really sexy art as well (White Rabbit, Rawr. Nice costume there.) The storyline is also pretty cool as several heroes and villains put in appearances. You have Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bane, Two Face, Scarecrow, Clay Face, Deathstroke and others at least putting in a cameo. Some people may think the story was a lit [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this one. It is a typical Batman comic, it has some nice artwork, it lightly waxes philosophic on some dark themes, there's lots of action. I loved the cameos from certain Justice League members and bat-family members. Plus, there is a panoply of my favourite villains in this volume it even introduces a new villain (though I did't really like her). However, Alfred is really well written in this story, and he steals the spotlight, for me.I guess my major complaint about this volu [...]

    16. Jeez, is it the '90s again already?! This smacked of that decade's desperate attempts to be "totally extreme": What's more extreme than Venom? CARNAGE! What's more extreme than Carnage? An invasion of an army of symbiotes! Seriously, the villains all jacked up on (extreme) venom were absolutely ludicrous. The portrayal of female/s was insulting, like, right-off-a-porn-DVD-sleeve, insulting. The "flirty" back and forth between Bruce and Jaina Hudson is as subtle and delicately rendered as a Penth [...]

    17. It's readable, but it's not exactly engaging. The story just randomly flips from villain to villain seemingly just because. There is no proper motivation to their actions apart from the fact that they hate batman and they are crazy. I liked Superman and Flash appearances but in the end them being there doesn't add anything to the story.I hoped the White rabbit is gonna be interesting but so far she has zero character development and her only purpose of existence is to run around in skimpy bunny [...]

    18. MehI've been reading comics for 40 years and I've never understood the attraction to either Batman or Superman. (my opinion) Batman is just really not that interesting of a character - kind of a one trick pony.But I try every 5 years or so to read something in the hopes that I will discover what I've been missing (everyone else seems to love him) and this just didn't do it for me.Oddly the story I was most looking forward to was when Judd Winick was the writer and that was also the low point of [...]

    19. Nothing new, villains escape Arkham, Batman fights them, blablabla. My main observation during the read was "why the villains are so ugly and big?" followed by "why the villain-woman is so poorly dressed and useless?". Yes, I'd plenty of time for these existential thoughts because there was nothing really interesting or entertaining in the stories. An average bat-comics, action driven, lacking a good plot and with a not really pleasant art.

    20. Nothing really special about this book. A bunch of Batman's villains get roided up, and another one of Gotham's ladies decides to run around the city in lingerie taunting Batman. Business as usual in Gotham City.

    21. A very enjoyable story with Batman. There were also appearances from the Justice League, Birds of Prey, and members of the Bat Family. I wonder if Batman will find out about Jai. Does Jai have magic?

    22. Pretty interesting - lots of classic Batman villains in this, which I appreciated. But I think my favorite part was the snippet at the end - about the Owls. Not entirely sure what was going on there, but I found it to be quite awesome.

    23. Batman je moje životní láska. A myslím, že budu žrát každý komiks, který o něm vyjde, včetně tohoto!

    24. Batman: The Dark Knight is one of the new Batman titles released under DC's “New 52” rebooted comics line. The thing to remember to help the reader navigate the story lines here is that, unlike with some of the other titles, most of the events that happened in-universe before the reboot are still in continuity, only in broader strokes, in order to have them all fit into a much shorter time-line. Basically, instead of being late-thirties, Batman is now right around thirty, so he is almost a d [...]

    25. Uhhhhhhhhh 2.5 stars? I don't know, I might be being generous. I think I'm being generous. Perhaps a little bit too much so.First off let me start by saying that I hated Batman's "inner thought" dialogue. I'm not trying to act like I have superior knowledge and stuff, but it just didn't sound like him. Again, not pretending to be an expert, but I'd like to think I've gained some insight into his tone and inner workings, and this (whatever it was) was not it. So yeah, not a fan of his voice here. [...]

    26. This might be the worst of the Batman titles in the New 52. Single issues in Detective Comics stand out as being considerably worse than anything here, but this is worse as a collected volume. It's also the most forgettable. In my attempt to review all the first volumes in the New 52, I've read this volume twice before the reread to write this review. Each time I completely forgot about it.The story is utterly generic. Pretty much everything that happens is out of the book of standard Batman plo [...]

    27. A solid Batman tale that keeps you guessing till the end. It was fascinating to see Batman's world-class detective skills be pushed to the limit as he unravels the mystery of how his most dangerous adversaries came to be infected with a toxin that strips away their fears. Like the best Batman stories, fear is one of the overarching themes and is explored in great detail.The art is great and the writing is sharp. They really got Bruce and Alfred's witty banter down perfectly. There's also an inte [...]

    28. If you are a big fan of David Finch, then this is the comic for you. The story gives Finch a chance to draw all the stuff he really excels at. Exaggerated women, bulging veins and muscles, and crazy action.The story on its own is a bit tired. Batman rushes from villain to villain assuming each is the mastermind. Boiling down to go here and fight, go there and fight. It did have some nice insights into Gordon and Batman's lives, but nothing really earth shattering.There is a backup story about th [...]

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