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Cupcake If it weren t for bad luck Darcy Miller wouldn t have any at all After being shot as a result of her uncomfortable underwear left by her boyfriend when he chose to become a priest and thoroughly em

  • Title: Cupcake
  • Author: Mariah Jones
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  • Page: 404
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • If it weren t for bad luck, Darcy Miller wouldn t have any at all After being shot as a result of her uncomfortable underwear, left by her boyfriend when he chose to become a priest, and thoroughly embarrassing herself at a health club, what s a woman on a mission to lose weight to do Run a bakery As Cupcake thrives Darcy meets the sexy new neighbor who has opened an artIf it weren t for bad luck, Darcy Miller wouldn t have any at all After being shot as a result of her uncomfortable underwear, left by her boyfriend when he chose to become a priest, and thoroughly embarrassing herself at a health club, what s a woman on a mission to lose weight to do Run a bakery As Cupcake thrives Darcy meets the sexy new neighbor who has opened an art gallery next door Could he possibly be interested in her Join Darcy on her adventure of self discovery.

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    1. This wasokay. If I hadn't identified with the main character so much, I doubt I would have given this one 3 stars. But I've felt EXACTLY how she feels too many times to count. She's got over 100lbs on me, but it doesn't really change a lot. I totally thought when that guy from the Waistline Watchers place hit on her, that it was going to turn out that he was a chubby chaser who went to pick up women. But his character was way more one-dimensional than that. Then I thought that there was gonna be [...]

    2. I loved the light humor in the book. There was a jovial, happy nature to the entire story that made me smile a lot. Darcy Miller, the overweight female lead, is definitely a unique character with depth. She has moments of unbreakable defiance and moments of spazzy panicking. Her wit comes through very clearly since the story is through her eyes and thoughts. The reason I kept was definitely because I wanted to see what happened to Darcy at the end.The thing that was disappointing about the story [...]

    3. Read for FunChallenges: Read for Fun, Why Buy the CowOverall Rating: 4.00Character Rating: 4.00Story Rating: 4.00First thought when finished: Cute read! I have had those insecurities before :)What I Loved: I loved Jenny, Katie, and Darcy! Their moments of banter, wit, and conversations were a joy to read. Darcy was a character and her blunt self-descriptions rang true in my head. Though some people will find her a little neurotic, I found her to be adorably insecure. None of us are perfect but i [...]

    4. I loved this book. It caught me in it's hold and wouldn't let go until I was done. I laughed through the whole thing. I needed a good laugh. This book has several. Darcy, the character, is fat. She is very open and honest about this. She makes no qualms, she knows what she is. I love her matter-of-fact personality because I have one too. Meaning that Darcy calls it how she sees it. Which means that she might not always she herself in light of truth.Most women are like that, no matter what their [...]

    5. I really wanted to like this book. I liked the premise. I liked the idea of the plus-sized protagonist. And I laughed at some of the clever writing at the beginning of the book. But the more the book dragged on, the more Darcy annoyed me. And Thorne made me want to gag, because he was so perfect. Also, the plot was predictable, and it seemed like Jones got sick of writing the book and wrapped everything up in a tidy bow (too tidy) at the end. The typos and grammatical errors were also a major di [...]

    6. The book was light hearted and easy to read. If i'm honest when i first started the book i was entirerly sure i was going to enjoy it but it just got better and funnier as it went along. There should be more books out there like this one. Would defiently get my friends and family to read this one.

    7. I thought it was a good, easy read. The name "Thorne" kind of makes me think of a Nordic porn star I liked the book, it was funny.

    8. The beginning should have been cut. The ending seemed abrupt. I really enjoyed the characters in the middle. This should have had more editing, though.

    9. Darcy Miller is struggling with life for a number of reasons, but mainly due to being overweight okay so she's just plain fat, and that's not me being mean because she says so herself. At 327 pounds, she tips the scale and wonders what life has to offer a woman like her, especially in her love life.As happy as I am that she stayed true to herself and didn't have to lose the weight to be happy by the end of the book, I am annoyed that she did all of these things to try to lose weight and failed. [...]

    10. I have a tendency to put off reading certain books when I view the cover I did it with RL Mathewson's Perfection and Playing for Keeps and I should have learned by now "not to judge a book by it's cover".This story is told through the heroine Darcy's eyes, she begins with her inability to lose weight and the struggles she's been through her entire life as a plus size woman, the insecurities, the taunting from her peers, and her own belief that she doesn't deserve anything better.When Darcy initi [...]

    11. Sorry, I just didn't like it. In this case I was judging a book by it's coverI loved the cover. (Maybe I was craving a cupcake, or the pink icing spoke to me) I liked the premise of the story. I just got tired of it really fast. On my summer escapist read trip to the freebie download candy store I finally found a piece of fluff that looked pretty, but was simply cloying and flavorless. Thorne, the male lead was an air-brushed cardboard cutout. (Ughhh, even his names seems fake.) Darcy, the femal [...]

    12. I'm not going to summarize as others have done a particularly good job. I am going to say that this novel had an interesting premise in the beginning and then completely lost momentum somewhere around a third of the way through. By the end, you could tell the author wanted to wrap things up just as much as I wanted it to end. I wouldn't have rated it as harshly as I did but for the MANY glaringly obvious grammatical mistakes which I tend to overlook if it's just one or two - but as many as I fou [...]

    13. SUMMARY: Cupcake is an unconventional love story told from the point of view of modern woman with a bigger-than-average waistline. As Darcy Miller struggles with her weight and self acceptance, her life takes a dramatic change after an "underwear-related-disaster." Follow her as she meets Mr. Wrong, Mr. Right, and learns that size is not everythingVIEW: This story had a good premise but just missed the boat somewhere along the line. It felt like the author could have done a bit more editing and [...]

    14. Darcy is just your average American girl. She has a sister that is athletic, of course she is not. Her sister is thin, and Darcy haas tried every diet to try to lose weight all her life. So it's only natural that an overweight girl would own a cupcake store. Being I have dealt with weight issues all my live, I really appreicated the humor in this book. The author wrote about issues that overweight people experieince with frankness and humor. The story changes when Thorne, don't you just love tha [...]

    15. There were a few things that the author did quite well. She had a nice premise. I really loved that the heroine was not your typical, romantic lead. She was overweight and slightly neurotic and paranoid about that. She had a highly attractive hero that was unquestioningly attracted to the heroine. It was quite refreshing.But this book would have benefited a lot from a few extra beta readers and another pass through on the editing and proofing. There were numerous grammatical errors and even a ch [...]

    16. This is a solid 3-stars kind of book. It's funny and sweet in many ways and I enjoyed it, but it just was lacking in the depth that would have pushed it to a 4 stars. The main character has a very strong voice and I found myself laughing alongside her many times, but the others felt rather one-dimensional and flat. I liked the hero, but only because he was so sweet to the heroine, and the romance really took a back seat to the heroine talking about weight loss (which did get a little old). There [...]

    17. This is simply a quick, quirky, sweet read about a heavy-set bakery owner who works through her insecurities with the assitance of an attractive male who is genuinely enamored by her beauty, as is.The main character, the bakery owner, is also the narrator and has a lot of personality that shines through in the writing. She's snarky, sarcastic, real and unsure of herself and her image. It was the perfect quick read to break up a string of more serious and heavy topics I'd been reading and for tha [...]

    18. I liked this book. There are a few obvious editing mistakes ( I am far from being an expert on grammar and punctuation so they had to be obvious for me to spot them) but ignoring those this book is good. It actually made me laugh out loud several times. Being shot because of ill fitting underwear was one of the parts that made me laugh. The characters are believable and likeable. The ending did seen a bit rushed, I think that the story could have been longer. All in all a very lighthearted fun r [...]

    19. This book was a quick and easy read – good for the beach – but a little bit saccharine in places with everything working out far too conveniently. The use of an overweight main female lead was a nice one as it is something that you do not see frequently in rom-com type books. The days just mulled over quite nicely with the most drama occurring being what to wear on a daily basis. A nice pleasant read with limited amounts of actions and drama.

    20. A rather silly romance story, however, it did have some depth. The story revolves around an overweight woman who opens her own bakery. She definitely has very low self esteem as she has been fat all of her life. She has been exposed to a number of embarrassing and rude comments regarding her weight throughout her life. She meets an above average, good looking man and can't believe it when he asks her for a date. Romance and love from him finally win her heart.

    21. Not your common love story, but it was a nice one. Darcy is the owner of a bakery and has been struggling with overweight for years. Her love life had been hard too, until she meets Thorne, he is her store neighbor. The instant they met, Thorne couldn't stop thinking about her and she couldn't believe it. A great read, with romance and fun moments.

    22. Another free Kindle ebook. Poorly edited - at one point the narration changes from first person to third. The story is mildly interesting with stock characters from the typical 1980s angst movie (fat girl feels unattractive, but hunky boy next door rescues her), only instead of being about high school, it's about adults.

    23. This was a nice, happy, easy read. I loved that Darcy was not your typical main character and still had a happy ending. I have never been her size but I have felt all the insecurities that she described throughout the book. The one thing I learned from this book, make sure to wear the right sized underwear!!

    24. a really cute read. darcy is overweight and struggling to lose some. a handsome guy moves in next door. she cant believe he would look twice at her. i think this is what every full sized women thinks/fears. but it just goes to show you everyone can find love

    25. This was an odd little book. It was quite well written with an engaging and likeable heroine. I would have liked to see the writer delve deeper into the heroine and hero's psyche to make this a more emotionally satisfying read. Enjoyable way to spend an hour.

    26. $0.0 now $.99This is just a fun lighthearted romantic comedy and a quick read. I liked the author's voice call and while Darcy has many doubts about herself, I am sure every woman of any age can relate to her thoughts and trials at one time or another.

    27. This was a cute book! Definitely what I needed after reading a really intense book. Very quick read, and very funny in parts! However, I would have liked the author to describe the characters a little better, I had a hard time visualizing them.

    28. Awful!! This was such very disappointing book. Not at all what I had hoped! I really cant believe I paid even .99 cents for it. I had to stop reading it was so bad. Eventually I made myself finish it. But I feel its just awful and so condescending towards big people. I really don't like this book.

    29. This book was a bit swings and roundabouts for mee main character's life was spinning around and I couldn't quite keep my bearings. I would probably have given it a 3* but the last few chapters were very odd and rushed.

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