Dangerous Kiss

Dangerous Kiss

Jackie Collins / Mar 02, 2021

Dangerous Kiss The seductively beautiful street smart and powerful Lucky Santangelo star of four of Jackie Collins s previous international number one bestsellers Chances Lucky Lady Boss and Vendetta Lucky s Re

  • Title: Dangerous Kiss
  • Author: Jackie Collins
  • ISBN: 9780333765920
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The seductively beautiful, street smart, and powerful Lucky Santangelo star of four of Jackie Collins s previous international number one bestsellers Chances, Lucky, Lady Boss, and Vendetta Lucky s Revenge returns in Dangerous Kiss.In Chances, Lucky grew up in a top crime family in Lucky, she was married three times in Lady Boss, she took on Hollywood and bought PaThe seductively beautiful, street smart, and powerful Lucky Santangelo star of four of Jackie Collins s previous international number one bestsellers Chances, Lucky, Lady Boss, and Vendetta Lucky s Revenge returns in Dangerous Kiss.In Chances, Lucky grew up in a top crime family in Lucky, she was married three times in Lady Boss, she took on Hollywood and bought Panther Studios and in Vendetta, she fought off a lifelong enemy to keep the studio, and her husband.Now, in Dangerous Kiss, when a member of her family is brutally gunned down in a random holdup, her fury knows no bounds While she is tracking the killer, her relationship with her husband, charismatic writer and director Lennie Golden, is put to the test Then, suddenly, into her life comes a man from her past a man with a dangerous kiss.Dangerous Kiss is a story of raw anger, love, lust, murder, and revenge, and at its white hot center is Lucky Santangelo, a strong, exciting woman who dares to take chances and always wins.

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    1. Finally found more Lucky Santangelo books. This one is full of drama and action, just like the rest of the books. I really enjoy this series.

    2. Now this series is starting to drag. I am seeing the discrepancies of the characters, they don't seem to age at the same rate. And it seems like everyone is getting WHINEY!!! The carjacking sucked and poor Steven. The two teens that did the carjacking, their story could have been a bit shorter.And little Leonardo an Claudia. When Lennie was held captive they eluded but never actually said they had sex. Was it right? Who knows with the whole being held captive situation. He really should have jus [...]

    3. This gets 2 stars because it's fluffy trash but on the whole I'm loving this series and plan to read the rest of it soon. Great fun with over the top plot and characters.

    4. This book made me hate LuckyStart to finish she was nothing but a hypocritical bitch. She gave Lennie so much shit and meanwhile her dirt wasn't spilled and she still kept Alex close! Bullshit. Lennie and Bridgette are just cursed. Unbelievably bad luck at every turn.Steven moved on a bit too quick for my taste and with of all people Lina who was just a bore to me, as was the Prince/Irene/Duke shit.Poor Claudia though. She went out a hero kinda, with no Thxs by Lucky.Btw where the fuck did Nona [...]

    5. Jackie Collins' recent death made me realize I had not read one of her Lucky Santangelo's books in quite some time so I decided to reacquaint myself with the character and her family. After starting Dangerous Kiss, it dawned on me I skipped a book and will go back and read Vendetta:Lucky's Revenge. Anyway, I digress.It was great to see Lucky again but the book was too drawn out. The back story on some of the characters was tedious which made the book longer than necessary. Ms Collins fluffed the [...]

    6. Awesome read!!!I loved this book. Several years ago I read her book LUCKY and this book is a continuation of the characters. I am not a fast reader but could not put it down and read it until I couldn't hold my eyes open. Her description of the characters and their lives made me feel as if I was there in person. Jackie Collins is an excellent author!

    7. I would have liked to rated this higher, but Ms. Collins took on too many characters (including weak and naive) along with bad situations to do this 5th Lucky story justice. Just when the ending begins to make this story better, it fizzles instead. 4 of 10 stars

    8. This book was so damn good. I wish it never ended. I don't know how Jackie thought of all this stuff but wow, what an imagination. LOVEEEE iTTTT!!! mUST READ!

    9. One more timeAnd so it continues. Everything is setting up for the end of this series, which unfortunately I have already read. Things are making sense now.

    10. A good novel about the strength of women betrayal and revenge in the world of lucky the justice of Santangelo

    11. The infamous prose of Jackie Collins. Some may say trashy.She has always certainly been one of my favorite guilty pleasures and in my eyes will always reign as queen of Hollywood fiction. Her books are always jam packed with drama, intrigue, romance and devastating consequences and this one is no exception.The Lucky Santangelo series is truly Jackie's greatest masterpieces. The books follow the life of the Santangelo's, Lucky and Gino being the key characters. I truly love Lucky as a character. [...]

    12. Quite possibly one of the worst things I have ever read. Definitely in the bottom 3. This is absolute, amateurish dreck and I hate myself for having read (or frankly, skimmed) so much of this embarrassment. Actually to call it amateurish is an insult to amateurs everywhere, because at least they try and they have the excuse of being new to the game but a seasoned writer should know better by now, right? But no, the whole thing reads like a 12 year wrote it in their journal--a 12 year old without [...]

    13. This 550 plus page book can be easily finished in a day or two. The book is not very descriptive and is mostly based on dialogues making it easy to flip through pages. The language is also simple and I must say you don’t need brains to understand this book. I like books that pick your brain and characters that leave an impression. I found nothing special about the characters in this book and they surely didn’t leave any impression. I also felt like the book ended abruptly with a happy ending [...]

    14. This book was just "okay" for me. Probably because I'm sick of the Hollywood actors. I enjoyed "Lucky" and the books seemed to go downhill from there. It seems that Collins needs to make up some kind of excuse for Lucky and Lennie to be fighting. As I've said before, the plot with Lennie and Claudia was ridiculous. And her having his kid just added to this. I know everyone is supposed to be rooting for Lucky, but she pissed me off with the way she treated Lennie after she found out about Claudia [...]

    15. Not the best of the series, but I have more to read. In my experience when I get to this number in a series signs of fatigue begin to show. With the Santangelos, I think one thing that hurts is the gradual fadeout of compelling characters like Gino, Sr. in favor of new entries. Lucky remains a force in the story, and obviously a favorite of the author as she doesn't suffer as much as everybody else in this book. Many of the new supporters in this saga appear cut from previous cloths. Carlo and D [...]

    16. .I had second thoughts in reading this book, coz sentiment and family fictions are not my cup of tea, and that too this book contained 500 plus pages, but once started, I took this book where ever I went, from dining table to toilet. All characters heroine Lucky,to Stephen, Price washington, Mila, Ted, Carol are memorable. The narration and the language are so simple, as if all the characters are talking to the reader in a husky voice. My fav characters in this book is undoubtedly Lucky and Mila [...]

    17. Really enjoyed this book as I do most of Jackie's novels. Exactly what I wanted. Glitzy, sexy, crazy sauce plots. One thing I've always liked about Lucky is that yes she's this ballsy, strong woman but she's also likeable and she's NOT perfect. She's not always right and as we see her mature we see her more willing to admit this. Her marriage to Lenny while seemingly perfect, isn't because these are well written characters with real weaknesses and emotions but the power of their love is strong e [...]

    18. I have been a fan of this series since I was a teenSo sometimes I will reread these books because after so many years it is all new to me againIt wasn't so much about Lucky as it was about mainly about Brigette, her godchild who once again gets into troubleShe is no Lucky that is for sure!! Also there is the murder of Steven's wife Mary Lou. This doesn't make the book any less entertaining thoughI just wished there would have been some Lucky justice on a few people though lol//All in all a great [...]

    19. As always, Collins is speaking about the Hollywood life from every character's point of you. This way gives you a very good understanding to how everyone feels in the story. Lucky and Lennie had a problem in their marriage which at the end they get through it. Bridget, had a miscarriage from a cont from Italy who is as all her lovers a stupid man who don't deserve love. It is a very nice book. I loved it and I love all Jackie Collins books indeed.

    20. another fab book inthe lucky Santangelo series. I loved it, its now the 2nd of Jackie Collins novels I've read with lucky Santangelo as the main character, i now want to read the early ones, have managed to get hold of 'Lucky' (2nd in series), but 'Chances' (1st one) appears to be out of print as its going for much more than normal cover price.If you enjoy Jackie Collins books, you'll love 'Dangerous Kiss'!!

    21. When I was given this book by my Nana I did not know what I was getting into. But the more I read the more I got into the life of Lucky. And this book, good grief this book. From what happened to her young cousin disappearing getting married to a con artist who got her strung out man and then her husband having a love child. Pfft. Loved every minute even though I knew while I read I was missing some key elements. Now I am tracking books 1-4. Loved this.

    22. It's hard to top Chances and Lucky, they're two of the best Jackie Collins books ever written and launched her best character. Dangerous Kiss is enjoyable. It's not the best of the series and not the worst (that honor would have to go to Drop Dead Beautiful). If you're reading through the Lucky series you'll enjoy yourself. It's a fun story that updates the reader on the family and introduces an interesting murder/ plot twist.

    23. Love me some Jackie Collins. especially Lucky Santangelo. In Dangerous Kiss,a family member is killed and Lucky is on the warpath.This path puts pressure on her marriage to Lennie Golden and also leads to to reunite with an old flame.Lust, Revenge, Drama,you name and Dangerous Kiss has itdidn't expect anything less from Jackie Collins or Lucky SantangeloLoved it!!!!

    24. Lucky's sister-in-law is brutally murdered and Lucky will stop at nothing to find the person or persons responsible. Meanwhile, Lennie is wallowing in guilt and Lucky's stepdaughter Birgette gets herself into another mess. Surprise, surprise!If you want an easy vacation read, the Lucky Santangelo series can't be beat. Trashy, scandalous, and fast paced.

    25. I believe that most of the women (or maybe all of them) have learnt more about how to handle their men for Jackie Collins book. Thanks you so much Jackie Collins.I thought Lucky & Lennie would get divorce when Claudia came to their life. But thank God it never happened.Wow! The novel is fantastic – fame, lust, violence & passionate obsession.

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