Dark Spaces

Dark Spaces

Dionne Lister / Apr 21, 2021

Dark Spaces A book of suspenseful short stories and flash fiction that takes you deep into the dark spaces of fear and sadness Approximately words that will have you gripping your e reader Come along for t

  • Title: Dark Spaces
  • Author: Dionne Lister
  • ISBN: 9780987307835
  • Page: 455
  • Format: ebook
  • A book of suspenseful short stories and flash fiction that takes you deep into the dark spaces of fear and sadness Approximately 10,000 words that will have you gripping your e reader Come along for the ride.

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        I m a fantasy and suspense author with an associate degree of creative writing, and I m a member of SFWA My other day job is editing fiction and non fiction while my cat sits on my lap.I love writing and sharing my stories, but I wish they wouldn t keep me awake at night.I also write women s fiction under the pen name Eloise March.


    1. I have to admit even though I host Club Fantasci with the author Dionne Lister, I wasn't real familiar with her work as sometimes things move so fast you don't get to review everything an author has done.I was greatly surprised by this book from Dionne. It was amazing to me how someone can say so much with so little time and so few words. An excellent and engaging read from short to short with new twists and a real sense of fear, dread and pulse pounding excitement. Best book of shorts and flash [...]

    2. Edge of your seat reading!Dark Spaces, Dionne Lister's second publication, just proves she's an exceptionally versatile writer. Dark Spaces is exquisitely suspenseful, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat throughout the entire book. Lister humanizes her characters so completely that she causes the reader to feel exactly what the characters are feeling: fear, horror, depression, anguish. This is a collection every suspense genre fan should buy and read.

    3. Breathe in AutumnAn AwakeningAn Outback LamentSarah’s StoryThe Presentation Timmy’s EscapeAmy Heart of an AngelClimbing EverestReading the list if the eight selected stories for Ms. Lister's flash fiction anthology had me pondering at what maid between. The cover alluding to just one of the dark spaces which lie there and perhaps within our own subconscious, nightmares and; for some, memories we've chosen to leave in the dark. Dionne caught me unaware from start to finish. The strong themati [...]

    4. Having read Dionne Lister's novel, Shadows of the Realm, I already knew that the author is a fantastic storyteller. This collection of short stories has confirmed the fact that she has a gift for telling a story. I was hooked from the start, and read the collection in one sitting. It's a short book, and the stories are not very long, but the author shows us how a skilled writer can make a short piece of fiction as engrossing and fulfilling as a longer work. Somehow she manages to reveal so much [...]

    5. I couldn’t wait to start this book once I bought it. I was in need of something fast, yet worth reading, and I wasn’t disappointed.Dark Spaces is a collection full of very descriptive writing. Many times I was left admiring Lister’s ability to paint a beautiful picture comprised of such dark and disturbing aspects of the human experience. It was this that drew me in to many of these stories.There were a few tales that didn’t full work for me, yet they were worth reading nonetheless. Ther [...]

    6. The term that comes to mind in describing Dionne Lister’s Dark Spaces – A collection of suspenseful short stories is powerful. Tables are turned on characters, who seem to be one thing and turn out to be another. Lives hang on threads that are bound to decisions. Deep emotions are explored, dragged into the light through remarkable writing and excellent description. These nine tales linger in a reader’s mind long after they’re finished. Although they’re brief, they pack an intense, emo [...]

    7. Dionne Lister proves herself once more an epic storyteller. Ten tales take the reader through an emotional and frightful journey. My favorites from this collection are An Awakening, The Presentation, Timmy's Escape and Heart of an Angel. An Awakening brought tears to my eyes as it spoke of doubts a spouse has over a relationship with her dying husband. It was raw, powerful and honest to a degree I have not seen. The Presentation was brilliant as well. I would go as far to say every woman on eart [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! When I read Dark Spaces, I was very busy and had only short bursts of time to read. This collection suited me perfectly. The stories gave me a lot to think about considering their short lengths, and I was more than happy to sit and reflect on each one before I moved on to the next.I definitely had a few faves, such as Breathe in Autumn, An Awakening, Sarah's Story, Heart of an Angel, and Climbing Everest. Still, my hat goes off to Dionne Lister for creating so man [...]

    9. This is an entertaining collection of stories, some more suspenseful and unexpected than others. One of the standouts for me was 'An Awakening', with a woman contemplating whether she truly cares if her husband lives or dies. The indifference about a relationship that long ago settled into something between comfortable and dull is fascinating commentary on the state of many marriages.Another standout was 'Amy'. This story explores the world of an abused teenage girl, offering a thought-provoking [...]

    10. I get all sorts of offers for a free novel/short story in exchange for a fair review, but I seldom accept. I’m glad I did with this one. Dionne Lister’s Dark Spaces is a collection of thriller/horror short stories and flash fiction that drew me in. The prose is skillfully done, stories woven with an eye to building tension. Description is evocative and I felt myself fall into even the shortest of the selections.I adore short fiction that I can read with my morning coffee, or at night after t [...]

    11. I've been a writing colleague of Dionne's for almost a year now, and I love her passion for the writing life. She continues to write and write and write and I am a constant fan. If you love reading short sharp fiction, as I do, you'll enjoy these ten very short tales. The standout is actually the shortest tale - a piece of micro fiction called An Outback Lament. It has a stunning dreadful atmosphere captured in short form.

    12. Dark Spaces by Dionne Lister is a collection of short stories and flash fiction. In the author's own words, they are 'stories of survival, fear, suspicion and emotion'. I am a particular fan of short stories of the darker kind, so I was looking forward to trying these out.Breathe in Autumn is a strong start to proceedings, the clever title only becoming apparent in retrospect. Autumn is out for a run, and is concerned at recent reports of a stalker. When her fears become reality, the perspective [...]

    13. “Dark Spaces” is suspenseful, psychological and scary. This collection of short stories is unsettling because it holds a mirror up to human nature and reflects how dark and deeply damaged a person can be. The stories (with each one being better than the last) are sometimes told from alternating point of views, and while it can be somewhat disconcerting it allows the reader deeper insight into the characters' motivations. The author deconstructs the characters down to the bone and it makes re [...]

    14. Dark Spaces ReviewDionne ListerThe author introduces this book of stories by saying they are “stories of survival, fear, suspense and emotion”.And I would add: darned entertaining. Oh, I have my favorites. “Breathe in Autumn” has a main character with a running internal dialogue that bounces you around emotionally until the final twist.“An Awakening” is cleverly written, and shows us the turmoil of a difficult decision that many of us could see being justified.“The Presentation” [...]

    15. I think the author of this one wanted to make sure that she could get some kind of emotional reaction from any kind of reader. If you managed to get through it without experiencing some form of shock, relief, tension or excitement then you might be a robot.The first story doesn't so much ease you into the mind of the writer as it does ease you into the shock factor you will find throughout the rest of the book. its a tale told well, it is creepy, tense and scary for the dose of how real it seems [...]

    16. "Dark Spaces" is an intriguing collection of short stories designed to make the reader uncomfortable. Some of the stories work particularly well, such as the flash piece "Timmy's Escape" which is deeply unsettling and manages to supplant chills under the skin in under 350 words. I expected more from a few of the stories, including the fairly predictable "Sarah's Story" about a woman contemplating her love for her child while watching a news report about a missing baby. However, I especially enjo [...]

    17. In the introduction to this collection the author says, "I dare you not to feel anything when reading these stories." This sounded like quite a bold claim, but as soon as I started reading, I had to agree.The stories deal with real people you can really identify with, put into situations of danger or suspense.The tales are all incredibly atmospheric and full of tension. The stories are quite short but, as the prose is as tight as poetry, the length really works. This also helps keep the tension [...]

    18. This book has nine short stories and flash fiction that keeps you on the edge of your seat through out each story. The characters personality shines through. This is the perfect book for those who enjoy a little scare after dark. Personally I think it’s the best time to read this book. A little thriller of a book. In some stories decisions have to be made of life and death. To find out if the right ones were made download this well written little gem to find out, I dare you! Mawh!! Thank you f [...]

    19. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book. A clever and insightful collection of stories that deals with the darker side of the human condition. I thoroughly enjoyed every story, all of which were well-written, most sending a shiver up my spine in the reading.I don't give spoilers, but will say that the author deals with themes such as insanity and fear, while bringing alive the characters in such a way that we can only feel their pain, sadness anddness. Recommended.

    20. I like looking into the darker side of humanity and this collection looks deeply into that side of our souls many deny exists. Dionne Lister managed to tap into the things that I had not even realised may make my skin crawl. Its very rare that I flinch at the thought of something I have read in fiction and I flinched more then a couple of times as I read this.Can we have more please? :)

    21. Dark Spaces is an interesting collection of short stories, and my heart was racing from the very first page. Some made my spine tingle, others made my skin crawl, and all of them took me to a dark place. This was a fast read that left me a little breathless and speechless at the end.

    22. I certainly found this suspenseful! With unexpected turns I found this a really enjoyable (although at times nail biting) read! Enjoyed - thank you Dionne.

    23. A collection of horror shorts:Breathe in AutumnAn AwakeningAn Outback LamentSarah's StoryThe PresentationTimmy's EscapeAmyHeart of an AngelClimbing EverestMy favorite was Timmy's escape. It gave me chills. This was a quick read but I don't recommend that you read them before bed time or before going anywhere alone. I will definitely be making sure that my car doorsare locked the next time I go out. I don't think I'll ever get in my car without looking in the backseat first, again.I won this book [...]

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