Dex in Blue

Dex in Blue

Amy Lane / Apr 21, 2021

Dex in Blue Ten years ago David Worral had plans to go to college and the potential for a beautiful future in front of him One tragic accident later he fled to California and reinvented himself as Dex top porn

  • Title: Dex in Blue
  • Author: Amy Lane
  • ISBN: 9781623800116
  • Page: 140
  • Format: ebook
  • Ten years ago David Worral had plans to go to college and the potential for a beautiful future in front of him One tragic accident later, he fled to California and reinvented himself as Dex, top porn model of Johnnies.Dex s life is a tangled mess now, but the guys he works with only see the man who makes them believe even porn stars can lead normal lives When Kane, one oTen years ago David Worral had plans to go to college and the potential for a beautiful future in front of him One tragic accident later, he fled to California and reinvented himself as Dex, top porn model of Johnnies.Dex s life is a tangled mess now, but the guys he works with only see the man who makes them believe even porn stars can lead normal lives When Kane, one of Dex s coworkers, gets kicked out of his house, the least Dex can do is give him a place to stay Kane may be a hyperactive muscle bound psycho, but he s also a really nice guy What could be the harm Except nothing is simple not sex, not love, and not the goofy kid with the big dick and bigger heart who moves his life into Dex s guest room When they start negotiating fractured pasts and broken friends, Dex wonders if Kane s honest nature can untangle the sadness that stalled his once promising future With Kane by his side, Dex just might be able to reclaim the boy he once was and if he can do that, he can give Kane the home and the family he deserves.

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    1. ♥♥♥ 4.5 STARS ♥♥♥●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●"I'm not smart. But I know special. It's special. Anything I gotta do to sleep next to you. That's what I'm gonna do.""Anything?""Yeah."●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●  ●What a wonderful story! I really loved the first book in this series, and this one was just [...]

    2. In this review it shall be revealed that MLE is in fact not a particularly nice person.I have to say that I really did enjoy this story. For me, Dex makes the story. He is one of my favorite characters from this series hands down. I really love the way that he cares for the people he works with, and about the company. I like how hard he tries to make it a good, and a safe place for the people who work there. It warms my heart, especially since I’ve worked in the cooperate world, and been treat [...]

    3. I wasn't sure I was ready to have my heart ripped out again the way Chase in Shadow did, but this is not that book. Intense with moments that caught at my throat- yes. But Dex and Kane are neither as isolated nor as devoid of hope as Chase was, and they cushion each other through the worst of the blows. This is a strong, sweet story about finding someone who makes you okay, someone who doesn't love you despite who you are but because of who you are. It's about what it takes to recognize that lov [...]

    4. This book was interesting for various reasons:1. It was not nearly as angsty as I expected it to be, especially as a follow up for Chase in Shadow which was such a hard book.2. The way that these characters unfolded REALLY surprised me. 3. Amy Lane once again got the Latino man/culture/family things to a T. I don't know where she is getting her info, but it's really working.Dex and Kane we knew from CiSDex was a leader among the models at Johnnies the gay-for-pay studio him and Kane work for, he [...]

    5. "I was asleep for almost ten years. And then this big goober with all these fucking weird animals moved into my house, and I was suddenly awake.”I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful this book was. God, I thought Amy Lane did amazing with Chase in Shadow but this I couldn't pick one I like more than the other.This review is spoiler free (unless it's in a spoiler tag) because I want you to read it.The first chapter confused me a little because of the whole Dex/David name thing, but that [...]

    6. I am a huge fan of this series!! I have read this book and book 1(Chase in the Shadows) multiple times, but I have never taken the time to write a proper review. The fact that this is one of my favorite mm books, and it being on my "deserves 6 stars" list, I figured I should fix this.Now, these books can be read as stand alone's. The reason I know this is because I have read this one, before I found the balls to read book 1which was way more angsty :PThis book starts off in the past, showing u [...]

    7. Definitely my favorite book of the Johnnies series.Dex and Kain (aka David & Carlos) were just perfect together. The give and take in their relationship (yes, in *that* way, too) was extremely refreshing and felt like a real relationship to me right from the start.I really liked how both MC's were there for one another, almost instinctively, before the other even knew they were about to fall apart. Suring up the damn before the cracks got too bad.I also enjoyed how once David and Carlos had [...]

    8. And we went back to Johnnie's and it was good. I feel my praise of Amy Lane is probably ad nauseum but I feel she so greatly deserves all the praise I and others shower her withd this story is further proof of that. I've NEVER been disappointed by one of her books. This one is one that I feel is going to stick with me. The original Dex is only in the first few pages of the book but damn if I didn't cry for him (really Amy? Making me cry before the close of the first chapter?! My poor heart). I b [...]

    9. David had plans. He was going to love Dexter for the rest of his life. They had always been together and out of that closeness grew love. It was real and innocent and could have been all that either of them ever knew except for the accident. So when David wakes up and the love of his life is gone, he transitions away from that innocence into something else. He’s hides himself in plain sight and remains there, protected, his charm a shield that no one even notices. There’s no point in pushing [...]

    10. THANK GOD MS. LANE CAN WRITE LIGHT!This made me a very happy boy!I'm going to do this quick because I wanna read Ethan in Gold, like right now!So I've read 2 Amy Lane books already. And I noticed that these two were character oriented. She will build up these characters, make you like them, then she unleash a lot of shit on their lives and it will make you root and love them. On Chase in Shadow, she'd done a phenomenal job. And this one was a great effort as well.I liked Dex in CIS. Even though [...]

    11. Most of this book I enjoyed.The porn industry is idealised into a big caring family. Although I do wonder at how a ‘gay-for-pay’ business can be so non-exploitive, because to me that concept is questionable even before you look at the characters.The main characters are cute, I love them getting to know each other and all the pets. Kane is a simplistic naïve character and Dex protective, though I did feel Dex lost this, as the book progresses he seems less capable and more reliant on Kane. ( [...]

    12. *4,5 stars*Absolutely loved it.Amy Lane describes Dex and Kane's journey from liking each other, to friends, to friends with benefits, to lovers and committed partners perfectly. I loved how these two guys support each other when the going gets tough (and it does, mainly due to some goddamn-awful family on both sides) and how neither ever doubts that 'this is it' once they've figured out their feelings.Thomas, the snuggling snake, made me chuckle and the appearance of Chase and Tommy from book 1 [...]

    13. **4.5 stars** "Dex in Blue" was an awesome and totally engrossing read. When I began the book I actually wasn't sure I was going to like it. I wasn't too keen on the idea of two jaded porn actors getting together. It seemed not very romantic. However, as the story progressed, I completely changed my tune. I'm not sure when I began to love the book but at some point I became enamored with the characters. I think the emotional content really tipped it over the edge for me. Sure the book was a very [...]

    14. Thanks to this book I created my Bad Spanish shelf. And there weren't that many Spanish words, believe me.I have to write the review soon *sighs* .In a nutshell, it was ok, but not as good as Chase in Shadow.

    15. As with Chase In Shadow, this book just sucked me in and made me love the boys of Johnnies all over again. I really liked that Amy Lane gave us another glimpse of Chase but did not have him overpower the story, even though Chase always make my heart hurt for him. I started a new shelf called "party of five vibe". Remember that show with the 5 kids that lost there parents? The show was so sad that even when they were happy, it had sad undertones. I felt like that in this book because these boys h [...]

    16. Dex's story "What could be the harm?Except nothing is simple"Is there hope? "I was asleep for almost ten years. And then this big goober with all these fucking weird animals moved into my house, and I was suddenly awake."Well (view spoiler)[ I nearly died just few pages in when the original Dex dies honestly it was a shock.(hide spoiler)] it was another amazing book."Maybe before you got someone who would fight to have you, you had to be ready to kill or die for them first." I just loved Kane [...]

    17. The family drama is strong in this one! While I preferred the angst and tension more in Chase in Shadow, I enjoyed Dex in Blue quite a lot. Dex is one of my favorite types of characters - a nurturer. Dex cares and it really shows in everything he does, from making sure the Johnnies models and employees have what they need and stay mentally and physically healthy to making schedules and generally organizing everything at Johnnies. But who takes care of Dex?Kane was a perfectly nice guy who would [...]

    18. 4.5 Stars! This was another great installment in the Johnnies series.Once again, Sean Crisden narrated the hell out of the story!For the majority of the first half of the book(and from book 1), I had the impression of Kane as an airhead hunk and Dex as someone who somehow always found himself with people who were not good enough for him(male/female). But as the story progressed, I realized that neither of these impressions were true. Kane might not have been the sharpest person , but he had a he [...]

    19. Bought it at 1pm and parked up at daughter's school at 2pm. She got into the car at 3.10 to find me in floods of tears and unwilling to put down my iPad to drive to pick up daughter no.2. I reluctantly put the book down and finished school run then right back to it. I even absentmindedly gave up dinner so I could keep reading. Finished it at 5 and instantly wanted to read it again. Kane is my absolute fav. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Chase and Tommy, but Kane and Dex were just - I can't e [...]

    20. If Chase in Shadow is an all out, rip your heart out and stitch it back in with fishing line and a darning needle in the kitchen type of storyis is more subtle. It's a razor of pain sliding under your skin and peeling it off layer by layer until just that one last sensitive layer protects your raw nerve endings from the world at large. Then, Amy Lane cleans your wounds with alcohol, sprays on neosporin and slaps a HEA band aid on it. Like you fell and skinned your knee or something instead of be [...]

    21. Very Enjoyable :)What a wonderful story. I liked how not everything was perfect. Giving the reader hope that things might get better. Dex and Kane are just so sweet and funny together. In fact, they are one another’s keeper :) On to the next!

    22. Opening Line: “It was okay right?”I absolutely adored Chase in Shadow, so how happy was I that Amy Lanes latest book brought us back into that same world. Yup, we re-enter “Johnnies” gay-for-pay porn with David ”Dex” Worral, who makes this book a true companion piece by going through parts of Chase’s heartbreaking story all over again from his own POV. Thankfully Dex’s story isn’t as emotionally exhausting or angst filled as Chase’s, I mean it has its moments (this is Amy Lan [...]

    23. 3.5 StarsLoved the first half, getting to know Dex and Kane: their pasts, the problems in their current lives, but mostly just how they came together and how their lives blended together so seamlessly. Then midway through the book there appeared to be a realisation that there wasn't the usual amount of drama and we ended up with unending accumulation of it (view spoiler)[(enforcing the usual "us against the world" theme, as well as to ensure there'll be absolutely no doubt about how much of a je [...]

    24. I have had this sitting on my Kindle for so long, I am a little ashamed that it took me so long to read it. I admit that one of my all time favourite books is Chase in Shadow and when I decided to read this, I actually went and re-read Chase again first.Although Dex in Blue didn't move me as much as Chase did, (and I am a sucker for emotional reads) I was pleased with this book.Kane was not an obvious choice for a leading man. He is not well educated, and he knows that he is not all that smart. [...]

    25. There is just nobody who does it like Amy Lane. I absolutely was shattered reading Chase in Shadow and this book, while lacking much of that internal angst of Chase, had a story every bit engaging and entrancing. The Kane/Dex combo was magnificent - I loved Kane's voice as it rang strong and true and it was just so gut wrenchingly honest you cannot help but to give in to it. In many ways Kane/Carlos is a simple man - but Dex brings a new confidence to him internally and a push to do something mo [...]

    26. Whatever story is going on in the background, the heart and soul of this lovely book will always be Dex and Kane. When they are together its magic and emotive and pure. If two people were meant to be together it's these two beautiful men - and I don't just mean beautiful in looks! The whole story is pitched just right, enough conflict to satisfy the 'angst' lovers amongst us, gentle snark and humour ( Kane's naivety and Dexs' on going relationship with Tomas the snake, make for some funny moment [...]

    27. I didn't think I would find another book that I loved as much as Special Delivery but I found it here in Dex in Blue. Chase in Shadows was good, but this was fantastic. Not as much emotional angst and turmoil as found in Chase in Shadows but still plenty of realistic concerns and drama. I adore Dex and Kane. I was laughing, crying and anxiously hoping it would never end the whole time I was reading it. There were several moments in the book where it reached a climactic point and you sort of thou [...]

    28. This is wonderfully narrated by Sean Crisden! I enjoyed the character voices, the pacing, the intimate scenes, as well as most of the story. Which is great, because I was really looking forward to David/Dex's story, and getting to see him fall in love with Carlos/Kane was a treat.David "Dex" Worral has been working for Johnnies for nine years and has become the right hand man who keeps everything afloat. It's Dex who schedules and handles most of the business. While his professional life is righ [...]

    29. This was my first encounter with Johnnies and i loved it.Dex is one my favorite characters ever, he is so good! Dex's real name is David, he took the name of his first love after a horrible accident took him away. David ran away as fast as could from the memories and he ended in Johnnies and he became a different person, Dex. Kane is the cutest thing on this planet.Carlos only wanted love but never took care of his heart, he just gave his body away, so one day he decided to put a price on his bo [...]

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