Fairy Quest: Outlaws

Fairy Quest: Outlaws

Paul Jenkins Humberto Ramos Leonardo Olea / Jan 15, 2021

Fairy Quest Outlaws Fairy Quest is set in the world in Fablewood where all of the stories that have ever been told live side by side But it is a sinister place indeed Under the watchful eye of the dreaded Mister Grimm a

  • Title: Fairy Quest: Outlaws
  • Author: Paul Jenkins Humberto Ramos Leonardo Olea
  • ISBN: 9780983555513
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fairy Quest is set in the world in Fablewood, where all of the stories that have ever been told live side by side But it is a sinister place indeed Under the watchful eye of the dreaded Mister Grimm and his Think Police, the characters must keep their story straight or risk having their minds wiped inside the Mind Eraser.Despite this, Red Riding Hood and her Wolf Red anFairy Quest is set in the world in Fablewood, where all of the stories that have ever been told live side by side But it is a sinister place indeed Under the watchful eye of the dreaded Mister Grimm and his Think Police, the characters must keep their story straight or risk having their minds wiped inside the Mind Eraser.Despite this, Red Riding Hood and her Wolf Red and Mister Woof have become friends And they are about to risk everything to try and escape from the clutches of their oppressors and find sanctuary in a mysterious place called the Real World Red and Woof will undertake a difficult and perilous journey through all of Fablewood, hoping against all odds that they can remain as friends forever.

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      262 Paul Jenkins Humberto Ramos Leonardo Olea
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    1. The idea is nice and the art is not bad, but something is missing. With this kind of story i expected something a bit better.

    2. I borrowed this graphic novel from my best friend as she had recently picked it up, read it and loved it, and I have to say I was not disappointed at all. This is a retelling or reimagining of various different fairy tales with some stunning artwork to go alongside. As the reader we follow a story being told by a mother to her son and initially it feels very true to the classic story of Red Riding Hood, but that soon changesI loved the artwork so much within this book. Not only is it truly capti [...]

    3. *-* GENIAL!! Simplemente genial. Caperucita Roja, Peter Pan, Cenicienta y muchos más.La línea argumental me encanta.

    4. In a world where Mr. Grimm controls the story characters' outcomes. Little Red and her pal, Woof, choose to break the rules. In this story the villains are not always the bad guys, just ask Woof (AKA the Big Bad Wolf). Red and Woof travel the lands of Fablewood to find a way to the place that breaks the rules known as the Real World. They travel through Pan's Neverland and Cinderella's realm. All leading them to the unknown parts of the Dark Forest. Can't wait to see more on these characters and [...]

    5. I was incredibly surprised by how good this book was. Other than Fables, most alternate Fairy Tale books take easy shortcuts to make the stories "shocking" and "modern." This book is different because it is filled with love and respect for the characters. Humberto Ramos's art is perfect for this kind of story, the characters are well developed, and the plot is trnse. It makes me happy to see a book like this one. It is a family title, so feel free to read it to your kids. I know I'll want to rea [...]

    6. I love anything to do with fairytales, so was very excited to start reading this and it definitely did not disappoint. I loved the story where Mr Grimm controls all of the fairy tale characters enforcing their stories. The storyline actually reminded me a bit of the book Letters To Zell by Camille Griep as that had the same idea of obeying the story-lines but not necessarily wanting to. I also absolutely loved the artists drawing style. I look forward to reading the next volume.

    7. Well played and tastefully drawn, with vibrant colorings and intriguing snippets of favored fairy tales. Would not have minded a slower pace to soak up more from each charater. Next book perhaps.

    8. Great, interesting and thought-provoking combination of familiar fairytales!!! I loved that alternative aspect of Little Red Riding Hood!!! Can't wait for the second part!!!!

    9. LOVED the artwork. I liked the overall premise and that these characters are not only not-who-you-think-they-are but they are also forced to carry out their stories - kinda like enslaved actors. Red is courageous and fun, but not much development happens with her. Maybe the next book? The Wolf is simply delightful. It was fun seeing each character and discovering what they are actually like. The pacing was a bit manic, but the artwork was a saving grace for the manic-ness of it all.

    10. Fairy Quest is such a unique take on the classic fairytales. Basically, the characters are all actors in a world called FableWood that is controlled by Grimm. They have to play their parts or risk getting their memories erased. I really adore the relationship between Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. The artwork is beyond amazing and I can't get enough of it. Can't wait to see what's in store for these characters in the future.

    11. Just read Fables already - it's a lot better, you don't get Peter Pan, and they actually know not to reveal who the big bad is within a couple of panels It's little wonder this only survived two volumes.

    12. Grimm isn't the teller of fairy tales, he's the keeper, as in he heads the Thought Police that keeps all the "traditional" fairytale characters in their place, telling the same story over and over without deviating from the storyline, having original thoughts, or stepping outside their assigned roles. If characters attempt rebellion, the Mind Eraser does pretty much what it says, leaving them slightly broken and docilely fulfilling their roles. Red Riding Hood and Woof have formed a secret frien [...]

    13. Fairytales converge in the brilliantly conceived world of Fairy Quest. In the alternate world of Fablewood, fables play out their stories in a never-ending procession. Unchanging, and true to their original tales. Ruled by the ruthless Mister Grimm, each character is expected to act according to the script, with the slightest change meaning punishment. In truth, not one of these characters is anything like the ones we know. Red Riding Hood is friends with the mistreated wolf, and like many other [...]

    14. When I first ordered this book, I didn't know much about it other than it has good ratings, it's a twist on classic fairy tales, and the art looks nice. When I received it, the size surprised me. I thought I was getting a regular-sized comic book paperback. These pages are maybe twice as big. Because of the larger pages, the total page count is lower. That said, you're certainly getting your money's worth for the content.Fairy Quest is a light, fun story about fairy tale characters rebelling aga [...]

    15. Erase una vez el Bosque de las Fábulas, un lugar mágico donde vivían los personajes de los cuentos que todos hemos disfrutado en nuestra infancia.Y los cuentos son para ser contados, y así han de ser representados, todos los días, siempre igual, una y otra vez, y controlar que eso se cumple es la misión del estricto Sr. Grimm.Pero, un buen día, Caperucita Roja y el Lobo Feroz deciden romper las reglas y ser dueños de su propia historia.¿Podrán llegar a ser libres y escapar del Sr. Grim [...]

    16. I think this is a good summary of my feelings about this book: I'm glad my public library has a copy of the second book for me to read, because I'd not have paid money to continue.I got this book from a Humble Bundle of Kickstarted comics. I think my biggest criticism is how much this reminds me of the "Fable" comics. All fable characters live together in one large world divided into little sub-lands for each fable, and all are under threat of a totalitarian conqueror? Yep. But the motivations a [...]

    17. The art in Fairy Quest is what first drew me to it, and I was not disappointed there; it's consistently gorgeous throughout, and I especially enjoyed the flexibility of the characters' expressions. It's a very enthusiastically illustrated comic. The setup of the world is interesting, too--a world inhabited by well-known fantasy characters who are being forced to adhere to their traditional storylines, often against their will. While the comic is entertaining as a whole, its pacing causes it to f [...]

    18. Fairy tales all live together in Fablewood, ruled over by a man named Grimm. They must retell their stories again and again every day without deviating from the script, else they have their minds erased. They mustn't dream of more, nor can they change their stories, else they will have their minds erased.This is where Little Red Riding Hood and "Woof" (the big bad wolf) live and "work." Even though they are friends (which is totally against the rules), they must continue to tell their story of h [...]

    19. Ce premier tome pèche un peu trop par un manque d'explications qui rendent l'histoire peu crédible. Pourquoi les personnages de contes doivent-ils absolument suivre leur scénario ? L'explication, qui est bien là dans le fond, ne suffit pas pour bien apprécier ce premier tome. D'autres points manquent d'éclaircissements, des points qui auraient mérités d'être expliqués. J'ai eu bien du mal à apprécier l'histoire, sans pour autant l'avoir détesté, mais le fait d'évoluer dans l'unive [...]

    20. We get to listen in as a mom reads a very different fairy tale to her son. In this version, the characters in the tales we all know repeat their stories day after day-whether they want to or not. This dictate is enforced by the fairy tale police, led by a very dictatorial Mr. Grimm. The main character in this tale is Little Red Riding Hood, who has defied the rules and befriended the Big Bad Wolf. She soon finds herself in danger and on the run, searching for the fabled "real world" where she an [...]

    21. Le point de départ est original, le dessin est superbe, mais cette BD me laisse un peu sur ma faimLe dessin est un peu à cheval sur plusieurs mondes : yeux immenses, un peu manga, personnage de la mère et attitudes de Clochette en vol très comic (les auteurs en ont fait, semble-t-il), format et style général européenCela dit, le dessinateur a une personnalité propre assez forte, avec un style agréable et dynamique, aux couleurs riches (informatisées) mais pas trop stéréotypées / ase [...]

    22. The strong point of this comic is the artwork, which some people hate but I adore. Otherwise, I thought the dialog and elements of the story were fairly trite and predictable, although the introduction of Peter Pan inspired mixed feelings in me of frustration at what I considered an easy choice by the writers and interest in seeing whether they could do it well. Never got to find out, though, because the series doesn't extend--yet--beyond these two chapters, and I haven't been able to track down [...]

    23. What an awesome concept! I love retellings of fairytales and this is a pretty exceptional one. This volume contains two "chapters" and some extra art pieces at the end. The story is great. It moves very fast (maybe a little too fast) in these first two chapters, but you never feel like you're missing anything. It's written very well and the art is amazing. I can't wait for volume 2! Side Note: The book itself is amazing. I knew it was going to be hardcover but the richness of the color surprised [...]

    24. Una forma totalmente diferente de conocer el día a día de los personajes de cuento de nuestra más tierna infancia. Cenicienta, Caperucita Roja ¿Quien se cree lo de "fueron felices para siempre"? Porque yo, después de leer este cómic, desde luego que no.Ha sido una maravilla, desde sus páginas a todo color, hasta la historia en la que nos metemos desde el principio y cuando nos damos cuenta, nos hemos quedado sin hojas. ¡Necesito los tres tomos restantes ya!Muy recomendado a todo aquel am [...]

    25. I read this in preparation for the Fiction Squad series that's starting in October, which I'm actually interested in because it reminded me very much of the concept behind Jasper Fforde's books, specifically the Thursday Next series. If you haven't read them, and you enjoyed this, you should definitely pick them up.Anyway, beautiful artwork, and I'm a sucker for fractured fairy tales so I'm always on board for that. Lovely, interesting story.

    26. First, it's adorable how this is framed as a bedtime story. I think that's an interesting way to do it (maybe not too original but I like how they worked the two fonts to make it obvious).The story itself was intriguing. It almost felt too short for all that we were learning but mostly it just made me intrigued to read more (and to re-read vol 2, since I picked them up out of order).If you like fairytales, then this will be an interesting read for you.

    27. Red is tired of her story, it's time to get some freedom. But Grimm and his soldiers are here to keep every tale smooth and acurate. Red will have to run for her life, across the fairy tales world, discovering that everything is not as perfect as it seems.Well done for the story and I totally liked the drawings and the texts. The strip boxes are used in a modern way, maybe a little too modern for me as it disturbed a bit my reading. I'll read the next book with pleasure.

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