The Boys and the Bees

The Boys and the Bees

Mari Donne / Oct 21, 2020

The Boys and the Bees The only interesting thing about Why Yell Iowa is its name so when Mark Johansen left for college he didn t plan to return But his family has other ideas his father manipulates him into a job he h

  • Title: The Boys and the Bees
  • Author: Mari Donne
  • ISBN: 9781623801472
  • Page: 131
  • Format: ebook
  • The only interesting thing about Why Yell, Iowa, is its name, so when Mark Johansen left for college, he didn t plan to return But his family has other ideas his father manipulates him into a job he hates and his mother uses him as a patch for coping with his siblings problems When Mark runs into Jamie Novotny after a particularly bad day at work, he s surprised to finThe only interesting thing about Why Yell, Iowa, is its name, so when Mark Johansen left for college, he didn t plan to return But his family has other ideas his father manipulates him into a job he hates and his mother uses him as a patch for coping with his siblings problems When Mark runs into Jamie Novotny after a particularly bad day at work, he s surprised to find the quirky kid he knew in high school has grown into a driven ecowarrior But the shock of finding Jamie working in the local co op pales compared to his astonishment when Jamie confesses he s had a crush on Mark for years.Their first night together leaves Mark happy but disoriented, but their second leaves him bereft He s unable to find Jamie because he refuses to use cell phones, fearing their environmental impact Mark s usual stoicism splinters, and he can t stop himself from tracking Jamie down When their lives collide, Mark makes room in his heart and his house for Jamie but what Jamie really wants is for Mark to man up.

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        Mari Donne was born and raised in New Jersey, but after than 20 years in the Midwest has finally learned to relax and enjoy the slower pace of life Although the appeal of tractor pulls still escapes her, she loves many other things about her adopted state of Iowa, not least that it is the first in flyover country to legalize same sex marriage.Fascinated by books and stories from an early age, Mari always wanted to be a novelist, but fell victim to the dreaded demon of Practicality She worried that years of producing mundane, reality based prose in an office environment would make it impossible to go back to fiction writing But when she finally tried, she found it immensely liberating to be allowed to just make stuff up Even thrilling was the discovery that fantasizing about hot men was actually part of the job description instead of just a way to survive boring meetings.Mari and her husband have two grown children and are empty nesting happily together.


    1. This was an interesting and very likable story. I decided to give it a go as I had no other choice at the time, it was unexpectedly good. The pace is unhurried and it's a genuinely nice romance, there is a wonderful gradual, loving feel about it and the journey was well worth following. The thing I loved the most was that Mark finds some excitement and meaning to his life after meeting Jamie who is a fantastic influence, yay for weird and adorable Jamie an environmentalist who does his bit anywa [...]

    2. Hmmm…*scratches head*…what am I missing?This book is lauded and beloved by my GR community…and these are some tough people to please. So imagine my surprise when I turn the final page and realize…I’m bored…!!!I liked "The Boys and Bees" just fine. The MC’s (Mark & Jamie), for the most part, are likable. The storyline of closeted big lug reuniting with the town gay and falling in love was sweet. And it’s a sold 3-star read.Sure…It could stand to cut out 50 pages.It could sta [...]

    3. This? Omg. Freaking wonderful. I LOVED it!Unfortunately I now have to try to get some sleep since I leave for work in about 5 hours. I couldn't put it down it. I'll write a review later but so highly recommended. Everyone go read this book. **Longest day ever!**The first thing I need to say about this book is how gorgeous the cover is, I love the composition of it and the title when it comes up in the story is completely dorky and adorable. So why did I hesitate to get it? The blurb really threw [...]

    4. Seriously loved this book. It was a random purchase and it sounded simple and Id never heard of the author and noone else was reading it but I thought why not guess what Im so glad I took the time. This book's charm is honest to goodness the fact that it is aknost mundane in its near reality. I feel like a friend was telling me about a piece of time in his life over drinks one night. Mark is such a damn good guy. He cares so much that he kinda fell into the role of door mat which his family was [...]

    5. I'll give you 3 clues to identify a Spanish movie instantly:1. The actors' tone of voice is too dimwit to be actually Spanish.2. There is a seedy sex scene.3. There is a seedy bath scene.4. (Well, 4 clues) Sometimes point 2 and 3 coincide at the same time.I think they are trying to say Spanish movies are a real shit.I'll give you 3 clues to identify a bad M/M book instantly:1. Dull characters.2. Dull sex.3. Dull bath scenes?I think I thinkI don't think.I just can't find anything of substance her [...]

    6. Nice story about selfless gentle giant Mark who falls in love with eco-warrior Jamie. These guys are both such sweethearts. I was worried at first about the whole coming out to the psycho-religious family storyline but the author handles it very naturally and avoids all the usual m/m romance pitfalls. Definitely re-read material.

    7. Everything about The Boys and the Bees is understated, very much like the main character, Mark. On its surface, the story is a simple romance about an Iowa farm boy who finds romance with another man who has little in common with him. Dig a little deeper and you find a story about self-discovery and inner strength.Mark is a solid, dependable family-oriented man who has never really experienced true passion. He managed to bury his own personality, wants, and needs in order to be the son/brother h [...]

    8. 4.5*If you are looking for excitement, angst, near death experiences and people who see the error of their ways and quit being bigots, you will need to read a different book.This is none of those things, this is a wonderful journey, one Mark takes to finally, finally be allowed to live his life instead of just existing and sustaining.Mark would come across as a martyr if he weren't so totally clueless as to what a wonderful, giving and generous man he is, he gives his time, his love, his money a [...]

    9. DNFOuch!Next time Sims - pay better attention to the blurb."Driven ecowarrior"Yep, Jamie is a preachy pain in the ass in full eco-saint regalia including the halo!Where were my alarm bells this is a full blown RL pet peeve.Ugh thanks, I can`t stand these people, I don`t like Jamie, I can`t read this book

    10. Much like its protagonist, Mark, this book is full of of quiet strength and understated awesomeness.There won't be acrobatic sex. Except for the first couple scenes, the man lovin' in this one are short but erotic, straightforward but sweet. Smut slut that I am, I appreciated that since Mark has other things going on in his life besides the awesome sex and I wanted to hear about those, too. Besides, there's only so much exhaustive descriptions of a guy's penis a woman can handle and it's nice to [...]

    11. You know how sometimes you just love things for reasons that are completely unknown to you? That was me and this book. I loved it so so much that it made my teeth ache. It's not the type of thing I usually like, as it was a pretty straightforward romance with lots of family drama, and those things tend to bore me. But holy hell did I love Mark and Jamie. I can't explain why; maybe it's because Mari Donne is such a talented author, maybe I just needed something sweet and heartfelt in my life righ [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars - Loved Mark's down-to-earth, believable voice and his very real feeling story. Wonderful reviews already, take a look and enjoy the book.

    13. The cover is very apt because reading this book was as about as exciting as watching honey pour from a spoon. There were so many unnecessary scenes, particularly involving Mark's family, and so many side characters that by the time I got to the epilogue I thought, who the hell are these people and why should I care about them? It's not really a long book, but it felt long. The MCs didn't grab me either. Mark was a huge pushover who needed to grow a pair, and Jamie was sort of obnoxious with his [...]

    14. A very enjoyable story about love, life and families. Watching Jamie and Mark’s relationship grow was heart-warming. Jamie’s relationship to his father was wonderful to see, but my main focus was on Mark and his so called Family. I was so mad at them, even before they turned on Mark. I hate they way they used Mark. My only regret was not seeing their reaction when they finally realised just how much Mark did for them. I’m used to hating a Mother, Father, Sister or Brother, but I think this [...]

    15. Not at all what I was expecting. The book kept popping up on a lot of my "recommended to read" lists with very high ratings, but after reading the blurb I was picturing a book that would make me feel guilty about all the things I need to be doing to help our planet, our kids, myself,,, see tired head just from writing thatwho wants to pay and read that book. I guess me becasue I broke down and bought the book. BEST DECISION EVER. (well that day). I loved the book. It is funny and romantic and cu [...]

    16. I really love this book! I love Mark so much, he is such a great guy. I loved how the story developed and you can see the love between Mark and Jamie. The author did a great job developing the secondary characters I felt attached to some of them like Jamie's father, Luke etc. Mark's parents and siblings reactions to his coming-out were sad especially after everything he has done for them. I highly recommend this book.

    17. That was one of the sweetest love stories I've ever read. Nothing exciting happens in this book, just two guys falling in love, dealing with normal stuff like sick or idiotic family members, jobs and some communication issues but the way the author portrayed all that made it an absolutely compelling read.

    18. ~THESE BOYS ARE AWESOME!~Ever read a book you wish you could go back and unread so you can experience it for the first time again? That is how I feel about The Boys and the Bees; I loved every word of it and would not change a thing. I found it perfect and the message resonated strongly with me.Mark Johansen lives in a small town called Why Yell, Iowa which is like pretty much a description of Mark's character. He's a gentle giant whom goes through life making the motions and living to help othe [...]

    19. 4.2 StarsYou know, I'd gladly slog through 10 mediocre books (or 5 really shitty ones) to accidentally stumble on one this good. A new-to-me author, too.I don't even know how to review this other than it's low angst, very light on the smut (it's there, just judiciously used IMHO) and was an enjoyable story of a very ordinary, stuck-in-a-rut closeted (but lovable) guy and a social justice/environmental warrior (that won't use a cell phone because he's not sure they're not related to Colony Collap [...]

    20. Very well written, the story just went on and on and did not feel stretch or prolonged beyond necessary. The MC, Mark, had always been the stoic, peacekeeper and loyal helper to his f*cked-up family which consisted of the older brother (view spoiler)[who fathered 4 kids with three different women since junior highschool (hide spoiler)], a sister (view spoiler)[who was knocked-up in highschool and keep picking losers from women basher to trailer park dweller, oh and must not forget to mention tha [...]

    21. I wanted to love this book, I really really did. I went into it expecting to love it, actually. Maybe that was my mistake, because I ended up feeling disappointed. But how could I not expect to love it when it had all the ingredients I usually love? when almost all my GR friends who have read it rated it 4 and stars? Even friends who are hard to please, who do not usually like fluffy/mushy books, fell in love with it. So of course I thought it was the perfect book for me because I do like those [...]

    22. At almost the half mark, I gave up. Mark needed a backbone and Jamie needed a life. I was getting irritated with the characters and the pounding for eco values, diet and the humane treatment of animals, including urban chicken and bees, and the usual check mark against prejudiced and small-minded Christians, pastors, church and religion, any conservative values, life in bigoted small towns, Fox news, and on and onI did like the relationship between the characters -and if there had been more of t [...]

    23. 4.5 StarsThis was such a nice romantic story. I loved it. When I am in the mood, I really enjoy having a story that has a slow build up without major things thrown in to create drama and this story definitely fits that. If you are looking for a sweet love story, which a little self discovery and family issues thrown in, then this would be a perfect book.

    24. I absolutely loved this book. It escaped my attention during my daily look at DreamspinnerPress's releases, but fortunately I discovered it through my friends here on . The story is slow and sweet, there is some angst mostly due to Mark's family but there is also a lot of humour thanks to Mark's voice, which I loved. The story is told in his first person point of view and it worked perfectly.Mark is a super nice guy, a perfect son, brother, friend, partner. He always does everything he can to ma [...]

    25. I just reread this today and was very sad (again) that this author doesn't write more. She has this effortless style in her writing and a wry sense of humour that click very well with me. I love her style of writing a lot. A whole lot. But I also get that some might not appreciate it, it's not too descriptive and at times unemotional. But I love it.The romance and characters are also unique and a genuine breath of fresh air. There's no alpha ultra toned muscles or relentless repetitions of gaspi [...]

    26. Wow. The best book of the year, bar none. And I am very very stingy with my 5 stars. Or maybe just that it felt really good to read a realsitic story after the non stop deluge of weres/vampires/insta love. The story had no plot holes which is a major peeve of mine. Though the only minor issue I have , as with all such books, is that it had only one MCs POV. And surprisingly this is one book that I really liked but I am not clamoring for a sequel. The story feels complete.

    27. I was really looking forward to this book when I read about it and I really liked it. Usually I'm not in favor of first person perspective but Iliked it just fine. I do feel a little like Jamie myself at times to my familys dismay but really you should think about what you eat and where it is produced!

    28. This was surprisingly really good. It's one of those that creeps up on you and before you know it, you don't want to put it down. I have read some mediocre stories recently but this one will be a definite re-read for me.

    29. In ways, this book is a good deal sadder than I was expecting, plus more established (developing?) relationship than I like, and all of that makes it not really my cup of tea, but it was warm and lovely and well-written. I look forward to seeing more from the author in the future!

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