My Pet Serial Killer

My Pet Serial Killer

Michael J. Seidlinger / Oct 21, 2020

My Pet Serial Killer Be mine Be mine she said I didn t know anything until she came along She told me I had full of fight tattooed on my insides and then she made me believe it The first time I took someone for her I kne

  • Title: My Pet Serial Killer
  • Author: Michael J. Seidlinger
  • ISBN: 9781926617206
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Be mine Be mine, she said I didn t know anything until she came along She told me I had full of fight tattooed on my insides and then she made me believe it The first time I took someone for her I knew it was true I was a taker She told me she only loved the takers of this world Of course, we all eventually get taken in the end You know what I remember from th Be mine Be mine, she said I didn t know anything until she came along She told me I had full of fight tattooed on my insides and then she made me believe it The first time I took someone for her I knew it was true I was a taker She told me she only loved the takers of this world Of course, we all eventually get taken in the end You know what I remember from that first time though The sounds It almost like the sound a baby makes when it s sighing That s how quiet it is I just kept needing that sound over and over again So I took and I took and I took and I took and I took some Of course, I couldn t go deep enough for her in the end She poured salt on me and I melted into nothing You know that old saying She was the type of person who tells you that dragons don t exist, and then she leads you to their caves I never even really called her by her name even I never really called her Claire I just thought of her as god I asked her what it was like studying forensics and she told me that once you know about the invisible world then the visible world didn t matter any She told me the visible world is what we re all trying to get away from I just wanted to become invisible with her Scott M aka Scott the Slaughter, serving back to back life sentences at Montgomery State Prison This book defies categorization A new kind of serial killer story that pushes and prods in all the unexpected directions You ve never read anything quite like this Carlton Mellick III, author of Kill Ball Michael Seidlinger s swift moving novel is an interesting addition to the genre, with all kinds of offbeat touches there for the connoisseur He reminds me, in style, of some of the Swedish crime writers we ve seen The narrative moves quickly towards a satisfying payoff Todd Grimson, author of Stainless And now they re talking about media icons and murder Michael J Seidlinger s strange tale of Claire Wilkinson, forensics major, and her Gentleman Killer is a wonderful romp through American wound culture, exploring the connection between art, media, serial killing, romance and anonymity It reshapes the college romance plot as a wing of JG Ballard s The Atrocity Exhibition Johannes G ransson, author of Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate A rowdy menagerie of the unexpected, this book will delight and disturb even the bravest of readers all preconceptions of what to trust and what to fear are masterfully upended within these pages Alissa Nutting, author of Unclean Jobs for Women and Girls Michael J Seidlinger takes the slasher horror movie, snuff film, found footage and webcam porn, and the serial killer docudrama, cuts them all to pieces, pulls out their internal organs, reorganizes them in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement, and shows us a story that is at once hilarious, pathetically sad, and a brilliant social critique This is one where you ll want to eat the offal Jamie Iredell, author of The Book of Freaks Part serial killer novel, part unhinged sociological treatise, Seidlinger s latest is dripping with unique and wonderful darkness It scares me J David Osborne, author of Low Down Death Right Easy I wouldn t let my make believe daughter out of the house after reading this Gregory Sherl, author of The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail Michael J Seidlinger may be the most subversive author I know In My Pet Serial Killer he s redefining homicidal tendencies by way of the pickup arts that s definitely a trap Pela Via, editor in chief of Manarchy Magazine

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    1. I read this book in a single sitting at work. I thoroughly enjoy this book and I can honestly say I have never read anything like it. I love Claire and felt a very deep connection and I love the symbolism of the pet and the master. This book is fucked up and more people should read it because it is fucked but also beautiful and incredibly well-written. so go read it now shitheads 5 motherfucking stars. Now I need to go read everything else that Michael J. Seidlinger has written.

    2. Video Review added:htmlgiant/author-spotlightI reviewed this for HTMLGiant:htmlgiant/reviews/my-pet-sA brief segment from the review:I’ve read a lot of serial killer books in the past two years, most trying to differentiate themselves by latching onto a more unusual gimmick. My Pet Serial Killer distinguishes itself with a unique foray into the world of mass murderers that’s best encapsulated by Claire’s proposition to the Gentlemen Killer: “I support you financially. I give you a place [...]

    3. This is the 2nd book I have read from the author, and a monster of a story. Dark, and innovative, it is not your ordinary serial killer story. Initially, the reader wonders who is the most twisted, master or pet? Master will accept nothing but a flawless killer, one that will be legend. She is very thorough, leaving no detail unaddressed. I was enthralled while wondering how long the current state of things could be maintained and anticipating how things might unravel. Would the pet lose his "fi [...]

    4. Я, желая понять, откуда у книги достаточно высокий рейтинг на (3,92, хотя проголосовало всего 89 человек, так что это можно не брать в расчет, учитывая, что книга 2013-го года, т.е. практически никто ее не читал), прочитала несколько рецензий тех, кому эта книга понравилась. Большин [...]

    5. An emasculated serial killer; strange fetishes; a Mystery. Michael J Seidlinger has an obsession with the concept of filmic image, overlapping and becoming reality--where people are never people, but embodiments of an idea, of currents in society, produced by art. In this case, he focuses on the ambiguity of a filmed surface: a man's face, impassive; the silhouette of a Gentleman Killer, the perfect idea of violence. Dropping one star because I'm not interested in serial killers to begin with, s [...]

    6. Quick fact: this is/was my first Michael J. Seidlinger book.And a couple things: MY PET SERIAL KILLER is a lot LOT like a movie. And I was pleasantly surprised by how dark the book was. Truth be told though, I had some troubles (at first) really 'getting into' MY PET SERIAL KILLER. But then once it got my attention, I was hooked. I dunno, maybe I was just distracted by stuff in real life or maybe I was dreading starting a new book (which is very likely) but once I 'got into it,' it became someth [...]

    7. I generally don't like serial killer fiction for various reasons, but this is quite good for all the ways it isn't what you expect it to be.Damn close to being five stars, but just one aspect held it back for me. Full review at Word Riot.

    8. Many people like getting scared by horror, because it’s easy and unreal. We can read those books and move on with our lives, knowing no monsters stalk outside. Books like this though, haunt us well after we finish the last page.Claire is a forensics student with a morbid obsession about serial killers. She takes an emerging killer under her wing as her “pet.” Readers listen in equally morbid fascination as she calmly explains the process of training her killer, with the occasional interrup [...]

    9. maybe even 4.5. VERY interesting and unique book. a take on serial killers i've never seen. not too graphic either, only a couple of parts that might make some people cringe, the real chilling part is how much more disturbing the narrator is than the actual serial killer himself. i would have given it a 5 but i found myself rushing through some of the italicized chapters and not enjoying those quite as much as the rest of the story. (i know that it said you could skip those, but really who's goi [...]

    10. This book is really dark, but it is also really good. I've never been a huge one for serial killer books, but for some strange reason I don't think of this as one. Sure, that's the subject matter and all, but there's more to it than that. I can definitely say that Seidlinger's work appears to be getting more subtle. You see all the killing, but there's more there below the surface about interactions, lives, and all sorts of other things I may not even have picked up on. It is quite graphic in pa [...]

    11. 'My Pet Serial Killer' A perfect cross of indulgent madness and buffet of gritty mystery. Michael J Seidlinger brings the reader in with literary torture-devices that have you turning the page with anticipation and a skipped heart beat. Step behind the behind the scenes and into the world of rainy paranoia where the killer might just be your own lack of comprehension. imagine the films 'The Cell', 'Waking Life', and 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' after Michael has melted them down and injected th [...]

    12. Claire lets us into her world, but only the bits she wants us to see. Just as she possess her Pet, she possesses the reader, and how the reader uncovers the mystery. As the book progresses we begin to see how Claire is telling us this story by her terms but like any narrative there is more to see than what is readily apparent. Her "project" begins to take a life of its own (the Pet, the Mystery, the Narrative, the Fiction) and she can no longer control every aspect of "her" world just as she can [...]

    13. "No matter how much or how little torture is shown in a movie, for the victim, it has to be never-ending. Real time freezes and torture time is the new reality. Places in Michael J. Seidlinger’s novel My Pet Serial Killer froze in time--but not for the victim--for the killer. The novel opens with college student Claire attending parties and going to clubs to find the perfect person. She emphasizes she’s an “observer,” lest we forget, which makes her seem extra creepy; she’s looking for [...]

    14. The idea of a sociopath controlling a serial killer yet essentially enabling the killer to proceed with his killings is an interesting concept. I love Michael J. seidlinger's writing (the laughter of strangers, the fun we've had, etc) and the abstract film directions in between chapters were neat but it kind of reminded me of a Christopher Pike or R.L Stine novel for teen girls. While the prose is great, it doesn't necessRily gel well. Though I'd definitely read this hard to find novel again for [...]

    15. My Pet Serial Killer is one of the most effective transgressive novels I have ever read. Rather than relying upon the same tired gimmicks that authors before him have used to present a transgression of societal norms, Seidlinger works against those gimmicks to present a transgression of transgressive fiction itself. He strips away our established notions and expectations of the serial killer concept, showing us the painstaking vulnerability, passivity, and (especially) mystery that underlies all [...]

    16. The mystery is all voice and no craft. The mystery is a high concept and a city full of promises broken by the voice of a story that doesn't want to be a story. The mystery is a Chuck Palahniuk novel postmortem. The mystery tries to say something by pointing to its omissions. The mystery's only trick, only game, only viable night club pick-up line is what it doesn't say.

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