A Place To Go

A Place To Go

Ireland Taylor / Jan 24, 2021

A Place To Go In this short story Dex faces the age old dilemma of Where do I belong After a night of drinking with his friends Dex must face the ultimate consequence Given a tour of the possibilities of his after

  • Title: A Place To Go
  • Author: Ireland Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780988978300
  • Page: 334
  • Format: ebook
  • In this short story Dex faces the age old dilemma of Where do I belong After a night of drinking with his friends, Dex must face the ultimate consequence Given a tour of the possibilities of his afterlife and a second chance, he has some important decisions to make Follow Dex on his journey as he searches to discover where he is meant to be This a YA PRN young adultIn this short story Dex faces the age old dilemma of Where do I belong After a night of drinking with his friends, Dex must face the ultimate consequence Given a tour of the possibilities of his afterlife and a second chance, he has some important decisions to make Follow Dex on his journey as he searches to discover where he is meant to be This a YA PRN young adult paranormal short story.

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        Bestselling author, Ireland Taylor, was born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she met her husband After living within the cone of uncertainty year after year during each hurricane season, it was an easy decision for them to move their family to the magnificent state of Colorado in 2008 Ireland is the mother of five beautiful children, four boys, and one girl, which was the inspiration for her becoming a children s author She is also mom to her two fur babies, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Aspen, who believes he s a lapdog even though he s the size of a small bear, and a bird watchin , mouse catchin cat named Lucifer When she s not writing, she and her family love to explore and play in the Rocky Mountains Ireland Taylor made her author debut in February 2013, with her teen young adult paranormal short story, A Place To Go Upon its debut, it hit 1 on s Best Sellers list.IrelandTaylorBooksCLPPublishingLLCYou can contact her at Facebook Follow Me facebook Ireland.Taylor.Author Friend Me facebook authoreland.taylorTwitter twitter Ireland_TaylorInstagram instagram author_c_l_Pinterest pinterest clpardington LinkedIn linkedin in c l pardi


    1. I so recommend this book. It's so different and truthful. It speaks to all the teens out there who have this similar problem. Plus, there was some hilarious scenes :DD. I liked how Dex was asking his questions around (teheeeeee) and meeting the Big Guy Chuckles, I enjoyed your writing, Ireland. It was very adventurous book. And the ending was AMAZING! Haha, wow! Unexpected and will he listen the warning Hmmmm, and the appointment with the Big Guy next Tuesday Can't wait to know!

    2. Interesting concept and nice execution of vivid descriptors and imagery. I felt like I was there with Dexw I want to know if he gets a second chance or what his fate might be.It was and entertaining read and I recommend for any YA reader that enjoys a different twist on the paranormal.

    3. A very interesting short story. It has a boy with a moral dilemma and a lesson to be learned. Friends sometimes are not what they seem. It all comes down to choices. I will definitely get my son to read this book.

    4. This is a short YA story with a powerful message for anyone of age. The main character Dex is faced with with making difficult decisions and then trying to figure out where he belongs, and having three teenagers myself I could relate to his emotions as I watch my kids go through some of the same things on a daily basis. I will definitely be getting this one for my kids and recommending it to everyone I know who has teenagers and even ones who don't. =)

    5. A great debut story, and very well written. One that every young adult should read, although any age can appreciate the message the author was trying to get across to the reader, and this was done with ease. This certainly makes you think. I have given 4 stars because it left me hangingI want to know what the Big Guy has in store for Tuesday. Hope there's a book 2, I am looking forward to reading more from this author.

    6. As is true of most teens or young adults, there comes a time when they must decide between peer pressure and making the right choice. Dex faces the age old dilemma of “Where do I belong?” In this refreshingly imaginative twist on the concept of right and wrong, Dex finds himself floundering as to the direction he must take and where he is inevitably meant to be. This story is a must read for all teens, as it is short enough to retain their interest, but written with an expertise and knowledg [...]

    7. This is a "GoodRead" for any teenager or a parent of one. This short story follows a young man, Dex. As many other reviewers have commented on, Dex struggles to find out where he belongs; But the message I got after reading Is the message about making hard choices, about what can happen when you "follow the pack", and the impact those choices have on where you end up in the aftermath, regardless of where you might belong. I would recommend this book not only for enjoyment purposes, but also as a [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed this debut YA short story by author, Ireland Taylor, AKA C.L. Pardington! It grabs you the moment you start reading and holds your interest through to the very end. Not only is it an enjoyable read, but it is a terrific story for young adults to read when they are pressured to act in a certain way just to feel popular. I look forward to reading many more works by this author.

    9. Right from the start this story pulled me inHaving my best friend in HS, as well as my Aunt &Uncle all being killed in drunk driving cases, I am very sensitive when reading anything about this topic Very well written and 4 characters I hope we will know more about in the futureI love a book that makes you feel compelled to be there, and not waiting another chapter to do so. Highly recommend!!

    10. It is a very good read, one that I think every young adult and teenager should read. It definately gets your attention from the beginning and has an ending that you don't see coming. This book is a good reason on why you should be a leader and not a follower. I loved every word of it and highly recommend it to everyone.

    11. What an interesting story! I also like the fact that there is a clear message behind it. Your actions have consequences. You always have choices in life. If you walk the line, the outcome will be positive. Way to go, Ireland Taylor aka CL Pardington, on your debut as an author! I am in awe of you and here's wishing you continued success as well as many more stories to come!

    12. Fun & quick read. Good for many ages. I'm going to have my 13 year old read it next. Love the subject. The theme of second chances is one nearest & dearest to my heart! And great way to show that each person has to learn that their second chance is their own responsibility. Great story-definitely recommend!!

    13. I really Enjoyed the lesson there is in this book!!! Dex knows what the right thing to do is he is just a follower at the beginning of the book! As the book continues he starts to bring on the role of a leader! I'm Hoping there will be a book 2 cause the ending was a little off UNLESS THERE'S A BOOK 2 then the ending WAS PERFECT!!

    14. I really enjoyed this short story. I liked the way Ireland took the time with vivid descriptions and situations, i thought i was there. YA's will definitely relate to this story. I loved the ending I want to know more I

    15. This short story is not only well written but it has an important message. Dex is able to see what happens to himself when he and his friends drink and drive. Being in purgatory is not where Dex had planned to be on the day he went out to have fun with his friends. Not knowing whether he belonged in heaven or hell was not too pleasant for Dex. Discover a world of ups, downs, and second chances in this captivating story. Ireland Taylor is an amazing writer whose descriptive details gives you imag [...]

    16. I would have liked to give the story 4.5 stars but there's no option for that. This was a real fun story to read but it had an important message I think. I'm a great one for teaching my children about consequences and that's exactly what Dex gets a large dose of here. His friend, a can of beer, nudges him down some dark paths he knows he really shouldn't take but fortunately he's got enough about him to deserve another change. I wonder if he'll take it

    17. I really enjoyed reading Dex's story. After a night of bad choices with his friends he is give tours of what is to come should be continue down this road. It gives a very real look at the consequences of our actions. We were left in a bit of "Limbo" but that is a great thing since that means we get more of this story in the future. I will be passing this story on to my daughter who is 12, this is a great story and lesson for herenjoy!

    18. I loved this story, and smiled the whole way through! It's not only a brilliantly clever way to get a very strong message across with it's delightful splashes of witty humor throughout, but A Place To Go, also leaves you with the realization of exactly what one little slip in judgement could lead up to. Ireland Taylor/C.L.Pardington has made a huge splash with this debut, and I can't wait to see more from her!

    19. This was a short YA story about a teenage boy dealing with his potential inner turmoil and consequences of drinking. I found this to be a story that makes you think, whether you are currently a teen or remembering back to your teenage formative years. As someone who had four friends killed in a drunk driving accident when I was 16, this is something I can relate to. It delves into a side of life not many tend to think about; that their actions can have a reaction whether good or bad.

    20. I know about salvation and this just seemed a bit fetched.I don't believe i a waiting place called Purgatory. I think that is a catholic belief. Which I am not. I believe you will either go to Heaven or Hell.

    21. What a wonderful short story!!! I'd like to see more from this author, as well as a possible continuation of Dex's tale. What choice does he make? What choice would YOU make in the same situation?? Definitely a great readIt has made it to my "holy-crap-that-was-good" shelf

    22. I really liked this short story, and my only complaint is that it wasn't longer. The story is one with a message, which is one that is definitely needed in this age. I am really hoping that a sequel or longer version is in the works so I can see what decision Dex makes. :)

    23. We've all heard about the place in between but have you ever dreamed about it? CL vividly allures you inside Dex's dream as he describes what he experienced and wonders where he belongs. I think this short story could be the start of a great series.

    24. A place to go was an amazing short story !I absolutely loved Dex and his journey to find out where he belonged . I hope we get to read more of Dex and his friend brew . Excellent story CL !

    25. A bit short, but still interesting and original. I LOVE original. I feel this is a great story for teens and adults that enjoy YA. There's a lesson to be learned within these pages. One we'd all like our children to know ofGood start & I look forward to seeing where it will go from here.3.5 rating rounded to a solid 4.

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