What Neither Star Nor Sun Shall Waken

What Neither Star Nor Sun Shall Waken

Ryan Notch / Apr 21, 2021

What Neither Star Nor Sun Shall Waken Captain Gibson s ship is falling Plunging from space at ten times the speed of sound into an alien ocean of darkness A place where no light has shown since the days of creation a place beyond any hop

  • Title: What Neither Star Nor Sun Shall Waken
  • Author: Ryan Notch
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 271
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Captain Gibson s ship is falling.Plunging from space at ten times the speed of sound into an alien ocean of darkness.A place where no light has shown since the days of creation, a place beyond any hope of rescue.A place with almost no chance of any other life existing Where he will almost certainly be alone in the dark.Almost.

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    1. Combining the certainties of astronavigation with the subjectivity of human perception, Notch builds fear of the unknown without straying into the unknowable.The U.S.S Cairo is hit by a meteor, sending it spinning towards Europa. Too damaged to avoid the collision and lacking the time to make repairs, Conrad Gibson and his navigator, Jack Edwards, brace for impact. They are the first men on Europa, but they might not be alone.The opening paragraphs successfully combine plausible science and engi [...]

    2. A solid effort!The concept of something lurking in the oceans of Europa isn't groundbreaking, but it's always enjoyable to see different takes on it. There were some memorable moments, too, such as the nightmare sequence, and I appreciate the thought that went into the spacecraft itself. It was obvious Notch took great care in researching Europa and the fundamentals of space travel.There are some errors that prevented this from living up to its potential. Among them were a handful of typos, run [...]

    3. Captain Gibson's spaceship falls into the depths of the frozen over Europa, moon of Jupiter. There is practically zero chance of rescue if he somehow manages to survive. Nevertheless he is still the first man on Europa and he won't fail to do his duty, at least until it's physically impossible to continue to do so. What will he find, if anything, in the Europan ocean and will he stay sane enough to get the job done?Even though this story is quite short it jumps right into the very claustrophobic [...]

    4. This is a quick read but wow was it a masterclass in creepy. You have to marvel at the talent it takes to create such a foreboding atmosphere and minute details captured in such a limited word count. This gripped me and wouldn't let go until the bitter, oh so bitter, end. This is a sci-fi horror worth picking up. The only thing I found confusing was the ship on the cover which appears as the regular boat variety however the impression I got from the story was a traditional rocket or spaceship. T [...]

    5. This is a very good short story. A small spaceship crashes on Europa while undertaking a scientific mission. That's just the beginning of things turning horrible.Things have to move fast due to the shortness of the story but this serves to heighten the tension. You can feel the time running out for the character, understand his fear and the dissolution of his mind as he faces death on an alien world cut off from everything with almost no chance of rescue.The real rub - he might not be alone in t [...]

    6. Wow, a really good read. A short story, but it still gets your heart pumping.Ryan Notch successfully combines a lot of the primal fears of mankind in this tale - claustrophobia, fear of the dark, fear of the unknown - and in a way that really transports the reader into the tale and tugs at the dark reaches of the imagination to bring out the fearsome creatures within.Recommended for those who appreciate short stories, science fiction and the primal terror that lurks beneath the surface.

    7. -Angustia en el satélite Europa.-Género. Relato.Lo que nos cuenta. El piloto Conrad Wilson, con la ayuda de su navegante Jack Edwards, trata de mantener el control de su nave, la USS Cairo, tras un incidente de origen desconocido cerca de Europa, la luna de Júpiter, pero no podrá evitar caer hacia el satélite.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:librosdeolethros/

    8. In this short story of outer space the author does it justice with well articulated imagery. There is no room left for a happy ending. As the reader you know doom is coming, but through what events is left to your imagination. I have never wanted to go into space. After reading this I can't believe I would have entertained the thought for one second.

    9. Life is too short to read dull books. When one grabs me and holds on, satisfying to the taut conclusion, then I don't care about missing words or punctuation or whether the book needs another round with a proofreader. This one qualifies. Excellent horror elements within the sci fi, building to a foreseeable yet still gripping end. Nicely done, Mr Notch.

    10. You did itYes, you reached deep inside me to that place that hates the dark, then you showed me why. No fair. A great read, very expressive, his dream reminds me of some I've had that seemed too real.

    11. The writing is serviceable but don't expect it to be worth your time. The piece is a poor imitation of Lovecraft. The most unfortunate thing about this short story is that it truly had potential. The moment you start to feel interested, the book will abruptly end.

    12. A great readCaptain Gibson's spaceship crashes through the ice of Jupiter's moon Europa. With no chance of rescue he begins using the sonar to scan his surroundings.A creepy story and well worth a read.

    13. GoodWish it was a longer story. Seems to be a good seedling for a great novel. Reminds me of parts of some sci-fi horror movies.

    14. Excellent! Loved it. Wonderful build-up, and an awesome "something" at the end! Great combination of sci-fic and Lovecraftian horror.

    15. It's an interesting story that suffers from amateurish writing and predictability. Grammar errors were distracting and it could be hard to follow sometimes.

    16. Love this author. Once again he kept it fast paced and creepy through out.I feel awful that this is going toward my reading challenge because it's only 17 pages =/

    17. 3.50Really short nouvelle but also a good one, definitely keen on checking out more works by Notch now.

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