Tag Team

Tag Team

S.J.D. Peterson / Jan 15, 2021

Tag Team Guards of Folsom Book Two Following the death of their sub the former owners of the Guards of Folsom Robert Bobby Alcott and Rig Beckworth were left to pick up the pieces as best they could After s

  • Title: Tag Team
  • Author: S.J.D. Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781627981880
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Paperback
  • Guards of Folsom Book Two Following the death of their sub, the former owners of the Guards of Folsom, Robert Bobby Alcott and Rig Beckworth, were left to pick up the pieces as best they could After seven years, these two Doms are ready to move on and find the boy who will complete them Their painful past comes crashing back when they meet Mason Howard, a submissive wh Guards of Folsom Book Two Following the death of their sub, the former owners of the Guards of Folsom, Robert Bobby Alcott and Rig Beckworth, were left to pick up the pieces as best they could After seven years, these two Doms are ready to move on and find the boy who will complete them Their painful past comes crashing back when they meet Mason Howard, a submissive who just weeks ago lost his Doms in a car accident.Reeling from overwhelming grief that s complicated by a severe social anxiety disorder, Mason can barely leave his home When Rig and Bobby find him, he s hit rock bottom, believing life is no longer worth living Bobby and Rig set out to prove the younger man wrong Fate has brought the three men together, but they ll have to face the pain of fear and loss head on before they can all truly live again.

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      307 S.J.D. Peterson
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        It s been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan s Desire in January 2011 I ve published 2 free reads with the M M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.I m still in shock that I m listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, You are so out of your league Shhhhh I won t tell them if you don t You can call me Jo, everyone does


    1. 5 HUGE Stars I totally LOVE this series!!!SJD Peterson does not write books where it takes you a couple of chapters to start connecting with the characters, what she does so well, and quite frankly excels at is engaging you instantly. I was totally hooked right from the start with the gut wrenching prologue to Tag Team,  I just sat back and thought WOW! Because from the very first page my heart was bleeding… the impact took my breath away and I wasn’t putting my book down for anything. What [...]

    2. Big Ol' Hurt & Comfort going on here. Mason is drowning in despair when Bobby and Rig find him. It's a slow journey for the trio as they guide Mason back to here and now. It's sad, but optimistic and asks the one question relevant to us all:"You have to ask yourself, is finding someone who is willing to bring you a little happiness, no matter for how long or how brief, really such a bad thing?” Overall, the sweet and nurturing side of kinky as two Doms find their sub

    3. Pup wasn't for me so I wasn't sure about reading more of the Guards of Folsom series, but the blurb for this book sounded like a better fit with some nice opportunities for hurt/comfort thrown in. The beginning showed a lot of promise. I love the characters, and the initial angst was well done. I cried. And my throat hurt. Unfortunately, my positive feelings didn't extend to the romance. For the first 67%, I didn't feel any chemistry between the MCs and there was little sexual tension. So, a lov [...]

    4. I enjoyed this a whole bunch. Peterson grabbed me by the tear ducts on the first page, and didn't let go until half way through. The BDSM is sugar kink and fluffy, and will delight fans of Sean Michael. I was happy to roll with it, because Mason. Everything about this book was OK with me because Mason and his pain. Delicate, pretty Mason and his older bears, YUMMMMM!I still maintain that Peterson is not a good writer, and tends to tell and not show. There were several big chunks of relationship [...]

    5. My name is Will Parkinson and I do NOT read menage/threesome books. Seriously. Why then did I read this one? One: SJD Peterson wrote it. Two: See one.She taunted me with bits of the story about Mason. Even though I only caught a glimpse of the young man I felt his pain like a knife. So I decided to read it, with the thought that I wouldn't like it. Sigh. Yeah, I was wrong.I'm not a fan of threesomes, but SJD made this story work so beautifully as Bobby and Rig pulled Mason out of his bitter desc [...]

    6. I enjoyed the first book in this series and I have been waiting for this one, and i was not disappointed! This book opens with Rig and Bobby, two Doms who have been together many years. They had recently sold their BDSM club and are now vacationing in Florida. And as the blurb states they are still mourning their sub Stephan. What I enjoyed right off the bat with this book is the relationship between Rig and Bobby, their dialogue and humor with one another was wonderfully entertaining. I could r [...]

    7. 4.5* I'm writing this review with a much lighter heart than when I wrote my review for Pup the first in the Guards Of Folsom series. Unfortunately I was sadly disappointed with that ( my feelings, don't let that put you off ) but I really wanted to read the next in the series because I still loved the idea of the club and the stories of couples who are members there so I started Tag Team with a little trepidation but within a couple of pages I knew I could just settle back and enjoy the story So [...]

    8. Tag Team is the second installment of the Guard of Folsom series and it's Rig and Bobby's story! Yay! **happy dance**Seven years after losing their beloved sub Stephen, Rig and Bobby are on vacation in Florida where they meet Mason, who is left alone after his two Doms are killed in an car accident. Mason suffers from social anxieties and panic disorder.When Bobby sees Mason in his yard and tries to introduce himself, Mason runs away in fear. Bobby can't get the boy out of his mind and continues [...]

    9. This book is especially hard to rate for me, three stars seem too few for an emotional impact it brought, because it made me really feel and suffer with Mason. On the other hand I was expecting more and felt like it left me hanging. What I really appreciate is the slow development of the new relationship, how they were getting know to each other while discovering how much they fit together. I felt it was exactly what all of them needed. I can't imagine it working for me if they started being int [...]

    10. So to be totally honest, I was a bit disappointed with this one. It's my first SJD Peterson, and I was hoping for some in-depth, emotionally poignant BDSM/Menage relationship dynamics. Sadly, this one just fell short of the mark for me. I've read some really interesting BDSM (het and gay), and when they're really well done, they stick in your mind. Axel's Pup, for example, is one that was just bizarre enough to leave a mark on my psyche. Tag Team was, unfortunately, rather pedestrian in terms of [...]

    11. Umm more like 3.75 stars, really just shy of 4 stars. Things I liked: slow burn, how loss/grief was handled, not heavy on the sexThings I didn't like: these three came together too easily. I would have liked to see more proof of Mason being more self-proficient. A bit of angst somewhere could have helped, I was hoping for something to test the strength of the relationship but nothing.

    12. DNF 70%I refrain from tagging this as BDSM.Two Doms and a sub?No, two mama bears and their slightly schizophrenic cub playing strip Monopoly.And the winner gets? - Honey of course!This is not a DNF, this is self-defense.

    13. A sub in need of love and two dommy bearsm! This was a real tear jerker as I read the trauma that Mason had to cope with and it took awhile for the guys to start moving forward. At the end of the story, there seems to be more to come for Mason, Bobby and Rig but they are well on their way. The BDSM is extremely light - these guys are all healing and not pushing things but there's a promise/tease of more to come. Liked that Rig and Bobby were both older guys. Nice to also catch up with Micah/Tack [...]

    14. This is a terrific addition to the Guards of Folsom series. This time it is a ménage. Bobby and Rig, a wonderful, caring Dom couple, and Mason a scared, scarred and vulnerable man. It makes for some emotion-filled reading.There is sadness, grief, two men who won't give up and are prepared to help another human in a dark place. There is a slow build and no expectations, but comfort turns into more. Tag Team is more subtle than the wonderful Pup, but it is beautiful and emotional and the sex is i [...]

    15. It's been a while since I read a book, besides a shifter book, in one day. I absolutely LOVED this book! Not only because it had two Doms and a sub but it was just such a great story. Rig, Bobby and Mason just fit together. Their similar histories with their sub and Doms just worked so well. It had me rooting for all of them to make it. It was so good. I love this series. Excellent story, excellent writing, excellent emotions, great sex and the BDSM was not in your face but fit very well for the [...]

    16. 3.5 starsI love Jo Peterson's books. She is an auto-buy for me. Her characters are always well drawn, the sex is hot and she manages to put emotion into her stories. There is no question that there is a lot of emotion to be found in Tag Team. All of the characters have suffered loss and need to deal with grief. Mason's grief just tore me apart inside.The blurb pretty much tells you what the story is about. While there is an air of BDSM all around, that is not really what this book is about. Ther [...]

    17. Brilliant book! Three great guy who were so right together - lots of emotional moments on their journey (keep your tissues handy). Fell totally in love with Bobby and Rig!

    18. This book was unexpected in many ways - such a powerful portrayal of grief and the effect loss has on someone not prepared to go out into the world. From the very beginning the grief is palpable as Mason faces the trauma of losing both his Doms in one horrifying accident. Alone and suffering, Mason finally decides he can't face the future until fate intervenes.Mason appeared much younger than his thirties, perhaps due to the circumstances of his anxiety disorder, and he is certainly in need of c [...]

    19. Now this was better. Much better than Pup.After reading Pup, I was slightly weary about reading Tag Team, the fact that it was also a ménage, which I'm really not fond of at all, only made me even more so. Nonetheless, the story intrigued me, and I decided to throw the towel in and go for broke.Thankfully, I came out a little richer than I had been after finishing the first in this series because overall, I really enjoyed Bobby, Mason, and Rig's story. By the end of the first three percent, my [...]

    20. Please leave comments on Lucky's 5 sweet pea review at mrsconditreadsbooks/index. SJD Peterson knows how to drag me kicking and screaming into reading something I normally wouldn’t read. And the kicker? She has a perfect track record when it comes to books that she says I’ll enjoy.It’s unusual for me to read a ménage book. When she started this story she told me I’d love it, and I told her I probably wouldn’t even read it. Then she shared a few snippets and damned if I wasn’t hyped [...]

    21. An amazing story that dares to deal with the topic of suicide, a brave move on the part of the author as the issue is personal to her family. Be sure to read the author note before starting the book. If you're like me, you may shed a few tears right there.Just as I could feel the author's pain about her loss, I could also feel deeply the pain Mason felt after losing his two Doms. So beautifully written that even though I bled for Mason, I could not turn away from his pain. I so desperately wante [...]

    22. This one had me thinkingThis was a nice story full of love come full circle. If you can deal with a threesome. This maybe for you. For me three has always been hard to follow, because of balance and equal parts in a relationship. Bobby seem to have more vested in Mason and Rig was there more for BobbyI tried to get the three of them together, but this was still slightly unbalanced issueill a very strong read!

    23. I actually enjoyed this book more than the 1st one.Bobby is a big sweetheart and I'm so glad he followed his instincts when he and Rig were on vacation in Florida. Bobby just had a feeling that something wasn't right in the little house next door on the beach. He thankfully finds Mason who's at the end of his rope, suicidal and in utter despair. He's just lost his 2 Doms and is drifting and sinking fast.Rig and Bobby take care of Mason and bring him back from the edge. Soon, love blossoms and it [...]

    24. I really hope there will be a second book for this menage. I need a follow up story!! p.s. total cover-gasm. I could stare at it all day and night.

    25. If you are reading this, then I am already gone. I apologize for the stress or inconvenience this may cause you. I am sure finding a dead body was not on your list of things you wanted to do today, and your unease will be my last regretMason Howard lost the two most important people in his life to a stupid accident. A car crash. A brief moment of time in which what he had vanished into something he'll never have again. And to say that he isn't handling it very well is just about the understateme [...]

    26. I am a huge fan of SJD, she delivers consistent stories, amazing characters not just great personalities but also physically strong alpha males (I'm drooling), all the steamy-kinky-hot sex, and has the talent to make these men fall in love and be tender and caring without compromising their masculinity and strong personalities.I can’t find a flaw in her story building, nothing in her writing. I am absolutely biased when it comes to her and her books.Tag Team is book II in the Guards of Folsom [...]

    27. 4.5 starsI would be a liar if I denied I am a big fan of miss Peterson. It’s not a secret, so because of that I was really anxious for this new release. I have to say I was a bit leary of it. I mean a threesome, older guysmm not really my thing.But I loved Bobby and Rig from Pup and I was also hoping to get a bit more of the characters we grew to love in Pup (Tackert and Micah and also Ty and Blake)In this second part of the series we meet Mason a sub who has lost his two Dom’s and is totall [...]

    28. My Review:I'll admit it, I'm an angst ho and this book definitely fed that need. Although this book is part of the Guards of Folsom series, it had a very different feel in that the majority of the book took place in Florida, away from the BDSM scenes. In fact, there was very little of this book that was about the sex at all. This was most definitely an emotion-based bookmember that angst I mentioned?This book features a menage relationship, but it's not one that sets up like normal. Bobby and Ri [...]

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