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London The outbreak started in New York Within days the infection had spread to every corner of the world Nowhere is safe from the undeadBill watched from his window as London was evacuated His leg broken h

  • Title: London
  • Author: Frank Tayell
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  • Page: 478
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The outbreak started in New York Within days the infection had spread to every corner of the world Nowhere is safe from the undeadBill watched from his window as London was evacuated His leg broken, he is unable to join the exodus Turning to his friends in the government, he waits and hopes for rescue As the days turn into weeks, realising inaction will lead only tThe outbreak started in New York Within days the infection had spread to every corner of the world Nowhere is safe from the undeadBill watched from his window as London was evacuated His leg broken, he is unable to join the exodus Turning to his friends in the government, he waits and hopes for rescue As the days turn into weeks, realising inaction will lead only to starvation and death, his thoughts turn to escape.Forced to leave the safety of his home he ventures out into the undead wasteland that once was England, where he will discover a horrific secret.This is the first volume of his journal.

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    1. I am currently listening to this and Paradise Lost. I got this for free, and who does not like free stuff right? If i were to tell you which one is easier to listen to it would easily be Paradise Lost. Rarely have I ever listened to such boring ramblings, most of whom enter into platitudes and banal events that are seemingly told for no reason at all except in order to reach a page-count so that the novel can be published. It is not that I don't enjoy novels with this kind of style. I very much [...]

    2. This review is featured on my blog: Writerly Bookish StuffI rate this book 3.5/5.Bill is an advisor to his MP friend, Jennifer. A broken leg has him confined to his apartment during a zombie infection outbreak. Jen promised to get him to safety, but the car that was sent was attacked and the driver was killed. Bill's story is built upon the journals of his confinement from just before the London evacuation to about 3 months after.The first part of the book is pretty much Bill moaning, moping, an [...]

    3. The author was kind enough to gift me a copy of his book. This book is being offered for free, in exchange for an honest review at Making Connections. Get your copy here.What I liked:the way the author chose to tell the story-journal of a survivor during a zombie infestation. It might be difficult to keep the reader interested but I had fun reading ite gradual change in Bill's journal entries-he begins with believing that his MP friend would be sending a car for him to learning to fend for himse [...]

    4. Eh this one was OK. My Thoughts: Have you ever read a book that when you finished you just felt like, "Huh, that's it?" That was my reaction after finishing London (Surviving the Evacuation). The main protagonist Bill is an incredibly dull fellow who spends the first half of the story giving us commentary about his even duller existence. Listen, I like a good build up but when over half the story follows just a single character sitting in his flat complaining about everything from lack of hot te [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book a lot. It starts off a little slowly, with the rather mundane tasks of having to survive the zombie apocalypse with a broken leg (as if it wasn't hard enough already!) but there's already the hint of intrigue as we discover the main character was involved in politics, and has a lot of behind the scenes information. Unfortunately he's been left behind to fend for himself, and we follow his journey through his personal journal as he tries to make his way out of an over-run Lond [...]

    6. Wow. This is everything you need in a zombie novel. I've read a fair few of the zombie diary style books, this one is by far my favourite. It's really well written, and it's relatable, Bill acts exactly like the average person would (or hopes they would.) With just enough contact with Zombies to keep you on your toes, and plenty of new survival ideas, it really does keep the readers interest.What makes this different is Bill used to work closely with the government, and ends up with a broken leg [...]

    7. I bought this on a whim as kept recommending it to me and I am so glad I did, The tale of Bartholomew "Bill" Wright is a gripping read and as he is pretty much the only character in the book we get to know him very well.Bill is/was a government adviser to his old friend Jen who has been appointed Minister for the Interior, during a visit to Whitehall, Bill is knocked over a banister on to a marble floor which results in him waking up several days later with a broken leg.As he comes to, Jen is t [...]

    8. There’s a lot to be really impressed by here. I say that as a man who doesn’t generally read zombie novels, who thinks that we’re over-saturated by the undead and that most of the depictions aren’t that interesting. But, if you spin that on its head, then I suppose the fact there is so much zombie media out there means some of it is going to be good. It's the law of averages.The first half of this novel is fantastic. If you too are tired of zombies, I’d still recommend the first half. [...]

    9. There's a certain something about this book that had me intrigued from the moment it showed up in my submission list. I can't tell you if it was the cover or the title because, frankly, I think they're both captivating. So, maybe I'll just say it was the combination of both. So intriguing, in fact, that I had a hard time ripping it out of another team members cyber hands!Surviving the Evacuation begins with Bill, aid to Jennifer, his childhood friend and now politician, having broken his leg and [...]

    10. bookbunny/Synopsis:The story begins with Bill who is seeking refuge in his house following an outbreak of a deadly virus. As the undead begin to take over the city, London has had to be evacuated. Bill remains at home with a broken leg which ultimately renders him useless. His childhood friend Jennifer has assured him that one of her government associates will in time come and rescue Bill. In the meantime he has a limited amount of food and water to keep him going. He must be careful though to r [...]

    11. Even though I have never watched the show, this reminds me of the last man on Earth. He is doing anything to survive and we are the voyageurs cheering him on. This was my first time reading anything by the author and would love to continue the series.

    12. Complicated bookReminds me of old school end of the world tales like Day of The Triffids. The narrator is annoying at first but by the end you find yourself liking him. Also not the hyper competent protagonist of a less well thought out tale.

    13. Just read this in the space of 24 hours - it's not a very long novel, only just over long novella length, I think, or that might be just because I was enjoying it so much that I read it quickly; maybe it seemed shorter than it was.This is the journal of Bill Wright, the man who was unlucky enough to break his leg just as the trouble started. The first half of the book is taken up with his survival, hope and growing despair as he recuperates in his flat, the second half with his escape and attemp [...]

    14. First, I would like to send a huge ‘thank you’ to Frank Tayell for gifting me a copy of his book. Secondly, wow… The writing was practically flawless, quick and easy to read. No hiccups. I truly did enjoy reading this one. I won’t go into the overview, because let’s face it, you can read the overview with the book. What I do want to point out is that this is the first zombie book I’ve read with such an extreme personal point of view, I can’t help but think of ‘Bill’s’ charact [...]

    15. Bill is a political advisor for rising star MP Jennifer so she promises to evacuate him to a safe place is the zombie apocalypse in the US enters the UK. Bill is at home with a broken leg when Britain becomes infected and the first car that comes for him is attacked, leaving the driver as zombie nosh, and Bill stuck.Bill is a very annoying man. He is sitting safe indoors with food that Jennifer brought early in the outbreak, and he is just moaning like a child. He has no real milk as Jennifer fa [...]

    16. This had a slow start, but once Bill left his flat, it moved steadily, and of course the world's governments were involved. One thing has me confused: does it take a bite to cause the infection? Those in the church committed suicide but didn't turn. The two in the Grange Farm Estate died from the useless vaccine, but when Bill entered the cottage, they didn't open their eyes and come at him. In The Walking Dead, it doesn't matter if you're bitten or not: no matter how you die, you'll come back a [...]

    17. This was boring. The last 1/3 of it was actually interesting. But most of the book was basically the main (and only) character sitting there and complaining. I think that the story will be better in the next book, which is the only reason I finished this one in the first place.The writing here is okay. I've seen some mistakes, but nothing too bad, and they were very few. It's a journal, which can be good sometimes. In this case, it was meh. The MC was not interesting enough to be the ONLY thing [...]

    18. Surviving The Evacuation by Frank Tayell tells the story of Bartholomew Wright, nicknamed Bill by most people living in London. What Bill does throughout the course of this book reveal through journal writing about his life and the events taking place during the zombie apocalypse happening.For the most part I enjoyed reading this, it's written pretty well, and took just a little while for me to read this due to its short length. Four stars and I look forward to reading part two.

    19. This novel is mostly about a man with a broken leg sitting in his flat feeling sorry for himself and whining. Occasionally he looks out of the window at any zombies that might be milling about outside. Eventually he leaves and wanders around London, encountering the odd zombie. Most of the time he finds other places to sit in and feel sorry for himself and whine. There are a few embellishments, but that's about it. It's more about surviving the tedium than the evacuation.

    20. An excellent story by Frank Tayell that is well-executed and well-written.Bill is stuck in his apartment as the zombie virus breaks out across London with a broken leg. A lot of the book is an account of his diaries as he monitors what's happening to the U.K by radio or outside his window. There were a few unbelievable scenes, but then I had to remind myself this is a zombie book!Definitely a good book and highly recommended. Looking forward to the next book Frank Tayell!

    21. It's pretty rare that a book will catch me up so entirely that I go and snap up the whole series as soon as I can. These books are engaging and show a very popular story arc in a new way. its a series I don't want to see end!

    22. I started off really disliking the main character. But I suppose the average person would be the same as him in that situation. He had to find himself and his strength. He was more tolerable by the end of this book. I'm going to love this series. I really like the " journal stories". A must read.

    23. Interesting format like a diary. Gives a more personal and immediate feel to the story. To shorthand the story conceptIf I had to compare this story to others, I'd say its "28 days later" meets "the man who watched the world end" (by Chris Dietzel excellent book btw). The author captures perfectly the feeling of isolation, of fear and helplessnesshe's trapped, fully knowing "what" needs to be done but having no way to achieve it through circumstances beyond his control. This is not a traditional [...]

    24. Nuova epidemia zombie, nuovo diario giornaliero tenuto da un sopravvissuto alla catastrofe.L'ultimo letto fu il primo capitolo della serie scritta da J.L. Bourne e fu una delusione. In questo primo volume Tayell prende in giro il tipo di letteratura zombie che ospita la serie di Bourne e rende più credibile la situazione.Per cominciare siamo a Londra e non in America. Diverso modo di pensare, diverso tipo di cultura, forse più vicino alla nostra.Il protagonista non è un eroe in grado di fare [...]

    25. In a crowded market place it can be difficult to differentiate 'your' Zombie Apocalypse novel from the multitude of others. In some it is the virus/infection and how it affects the victims - are they fast/slow, do they evolve, are they even dead. In others it is about the survivors - what skill sets do they bring to the party. Are they special forces or law enforcement or just doomsday preppers fully equipped and armed to take on the zombie horde. Zombie Apocalypse novels are more likely to be s [...]

    26. If you're a zombie enthusiast and you binge on all things zombie related, I'm sure you've imaged what you would do if the zombie apocalypse were to suddenly strike humanity. People like us dream about it, talk about it non-stop and some of us even prepare for that dreaded day. If you're like me, you may even have started your zombie survival kit. But what if it were to descend on us at a time when we least expected it and all the preparation we did was for nothing? What if you were stuck in a sm [...]

    27. An interesting read. STE, book 1: London is an anomaly in the indie zombie apocalypse universe. Not a lot of action here. It's one guy's introspective telling, in which he does a lifetime worth of thinking as he moves from one abandoned place to another, trying to hunker down and survive the outbreak. Many, many authors would fail to execute that premise, but Tayell handles it nicely- the book is very well written and the reader comes to admire the hero's craft and guile as he learns to survive [...]

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