Slaine: The Horned God

Slaine: The Horned God

Pat Mills / Jan 15, 2021

Slaine The Horned God None

  • Title: Slaine: The Horned God
  • Author: Pat Mills
  • ISBN: 9780600596516
  • Page: 383
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      383 Pat Mills
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        Pat Mills, born in 1949 and nicknamed the godfather of British comics , is a comics writer and editor who, along with John Wagner, revitalised British boys comics in the 1970s, and has remained a leading light in British comics ever since.His comics are notable for their violence and anti authoritarianism He is best known for creating 2000 AD and playing a major part in the development of Judge Dredd.


    1. Sword and sorcery barbarian fantasy from the pages of 2000AD. Gorgeous artwork, though it takes itself rather to seriously, even in its frequent moments of comedy, in a very 80s way. Still, the underlying message of rejection of constructed Masculine values for more naturalistic Feminine ones is interesting, as is the idea of myth being a constantly evolving and developing cycle.

    2. Kakav vizuelni atak na mozak. Gledajući Bizlijeve table, čini se kao da držite u rukama delo najstrpljivije i najdetaljnije osobe na svetu. Krv pljušti na sve strane, iznutrice se raspliću stranicama, nadrkanih izobličenih bića koliko ti duša prohte. Radnja stripa mi je s druge strane bila užasno zamorna i nezanimljiva (jbga kelti i njihovi mitovi mi baš nikad nisu bili privlačni) ali ovako nečem ću se vraćati iznova i iznova pošto scene nasilja verujem da skoro neću nigde videti [...]

    3. Just given this a re-read, thanks to the great "2000ad Ultimate Collection" partwork that's just been released (it's TWO QUID!!).This really is the real deal. Ever since I first read it almost thirty years ago (can it really be that long?) it's had an effect on where my interests lie - a glorious mixture of Celtic lore and the origins of much of my favourite literature, this is an eye-popping, intelligent romp based on ancient legend. And my God, Bisley's art just gets better with time. If you'v [...]

    4. A complex, fully realized world in an intelligent tale beautifully illustrated and styled more like a prose novel than your average graphic novel. Truly a classic and timeless fantasy story. This is a book that belongs in every Fantasy collection.

    5. Slaìne you magnificent bastard!The Horned God is the very first thing I've read of Slaìne and it really blew me away. But that shouldn't have been the surprise it was because both Pat Mills and Simon Bisley are genuine 2000AD powerhouses.I would be wrong to say that Slaìne is only a blood shedding, ax-wielding, built-as-a-stone-shithouse brute.I would be equally as wrong to say that he were only a philosophizing, cunning and plotting barbarianBecause he's both or none of the above, depending [...]

    6. "He did not think it too many."The catchphrase for Pat Mills' Slaine, the habitual reference (sometimes in the first person) to his equally habitual body count (and characteristic of his dry laconic wit), appropriately enough as Slaine is essentially a prehistoric Irish Conan (although that is in itself turning full circle as the name Conan is of Celtic origin and Robert E. Howard identified Conan's native Cimmerian people as prehistoric Celtic or Gaelic Irish and Scots).Pat Mills has been dubbe [...]

    7. Pat Mills' script does a great job balancing the violence and weirdness of Celtic legend with a sardonic, humorous sensibility but, it's Simon Bisley's amazing, fully painted, art that elevates this graphic novel to classic status.

    8. I don't usually read graphic novels, but when I do, they're epic.Constantly stunning artwork twists and falls, pulling you through a multi-layered story written with a subtle wisdom or moral. The Horned God uses the proxy writer to great effect, giving the story a pleasant beat and adding authority to the whole.Gore, laughs and some truth. Great writing, elevated by superb artwork.Read more of my reviews on my fiction page.

    9. I remember my teenage self being blown away by this when it first came out. At the time Simon Bisley's artwork was ground-breakingly good, chuck in humour, slaughter, the scale of the myth and all with a side-helping of scantily-clad witches - what was not to like as a geeky boy?20-odd years later it's still a pretty good although I did have to read it out of my son's sight and Mrs Barnes definitely disapproved of the scantily-clad witches.

    10. All in all not a shoddy tale, but it's a shame they let that hack Bisley get his grubby mitts on it. For all his technical skill and self-indulgently pompous posing, he couldn't make a scene come alive to save his life. Reads a bit like a catalog of cheesy heavy metal album covers.

    11. A stalwart of comic books. Illustrated by the great Simon Bisley, this is a go-to classic of underground comic book writing.

    12. Esta bien. Buen cómic. Historia basada en leyendas celtas, con alta cuota de delirio. Es correcta, aunque el punto alto descansa en la increíble gráfica de Simón Bisley. Superlativos dibujos.

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