The Mozart Season

The Mozart Season

Virginia Euwer Wolff / Oct 25, 2020

The Mozart Season While preparing for a performance in a prestigious competition a young violinist discovers about herself her heritage and the power of music By the author of Probably Still Nick Swansen Reprint H K

  • Title: The Mozart Season
  • Author: Virginia Euwer Wolff
  • ISBN: 9780590454452
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • While preparing for a performance in a prestigious competition, a young violinist discovers about herself, her heritage, and the power of music By the author of Probably Still Nick Swansen Reprint H K.

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        On August 25th, Virginia Euwer Wolff was born in Portland, Oregon Her family lived on an apple and pear orchard near Mount Hood Her father died when she was five years old and she admits her childhood was pretty messed up, but she held things together with her violin She graduated from Smith College She raised a son and daughter before going back to teaching high school English She was almost fifty years old when she started writing children books Virginia thought she might have one or two good books in her before the end but that was proven wrong Today, she is no longer teaching, but writes full time.When Wolff was asked why she writes for kids and not grown ups, She responded, Because I don t think I have a handle on how to write for grown ups The grown up publishing world is so fraught with one upsmanship, scorn and snobbery I did write an adult novel Thank goodness it went out of print I think we kids authors still start out with hope every morning We honor our audience Ms Wolff has received many awards for her works, which include the Golden Kite Award for Fiction for her book Make Lemonade, the ALA Notable Book for Children for The Mozart Season and many, many otherscmillan author virgin


    1. This story is slow and contemplative. The beginning was a bit odd and almost too slow, but by the end I was completely absorbed and utterly satisfied. The book caught my attention because it is about a 12 year old girl who plays both softball and the violin. I have an almost-12 year old daughter who does both of those things, too, so I picked it up to see if it would interest her. The book was published in 1991, so the voice may not be modern or exciting enough to engage today's youth. I will re [...]

    2. This book dances and sings, even as the characters mourn for lost music, and lost lives. 12-year-old Leah is a prodigy, the youngest finalist in a prestigious violin competition. She’s very mature – at times she seems a better fit for graduate school than middle school – but she still has a young girl’s dreams and inspirations, along with an eye and ear for all the distracting details that wedge themselves into her day. I like the asides of music history: André Previn writing for Itzhak [...]

    3. I picked this book up from a sale at my elementary school when I was eleven, mostly because I was a musician and it was a book about a girl who was a musician. Since then, I've read it at least once a year. I don't even know if I've told anyone about it, just because it has come to be so special to me, and I'm kind of afraid if I start talking about it with someone else it will change the book. But there you have it; a little book for young adults, written beautifully, with all kinds of little n [...]

    4. One of my very favorite novels in the world. I've read this at least once a year since I first discovered it 16 years ago. A wonderful book about family, music, and the (sometimes painful) reality of making our dreams come true.

    5. Though this novel begins slowly, it is a beautifully written effort that really wows. Allegra Shapiro looks forward to the summer after 7th grade, since softball is over and she can get back to concentrating on violin. Then her music teacher tells her that she is a finalist (and the youngest one) in the Bloch competition for young musicians, which will be held in September. This staggering news colors Allegra's life from then on, and the transformations she goes through during the summer, in res [...]

    6. Allegra is a talented musician. She’s played the violin for several years and plays very well. She is selected to be a finalist in the Bloch Competition, but just playing notes won’t get her first prize. Allegra has to realize that the music is not in her fingers, but inside her heart.I was able to relate to Allegra. I understood her struggles because I had the same problem a few years ago. I believed the music was in my fingers and that’s how I played. Eventually, I realized that I had to [...]

    7. Again, a book I chose to read for my Humanities class. They all seem to be the same: the beginning irritates me, and barely manages to hold my attention, but by the end I'm crying and smiling about the way it has progressed. This story is about a girl Allegra Shapiro and her summer journey through training for a violin competition. It definitely made me want to pick up my flute, or sax, or guitar, or even plunk away at the piano. I found I could relate by the end when she finally decides to play [...]

    8. I ended up with some Really Complicated feelings about The Mozart Season. It does some things really, really well and movingly (that feeling of being twelve years old and sort of an adult and sort of a little kid, and the strange nostalgia waves that crash over you when you remember being an actual little kid) and a few other things very clunkily. (There's some weird race/body-shamey/class stuff that's just handled weirdly and I'm not sufficiently articulate to go beyond that.)Very well-paced an [...]

    9. A thoughtful book- this is the story of a 12-year-old girl who gets entered into a violin competition and spends her whole summer preparing for the competition.I have to be honest; I started this book in January 2012 and I've only now finished it (2 years later). The story was slow at times and I had a hard time getting back into the story each time I set my book down. Overall? A nice, thoughtful book; but not one of my favorites.

    10. Una bellissima storia di una giovane ragazza che decide di partecipare a una competizione col suo violino. Non imparerà solamente a suonare il concerto numero 4 di Mozart, avrà anche a che fare con molti altri lati della sua giovane vita, come la scoperta delle sue origini e la comprensione del suo essere un ibrido tra due culture, accettando lungo il percorso gli strani modi di comportarsi di molti adulti con cui avrà a che fare.

    11. E mentre lo leggete, ascoltate la colonna sonora!youtube/watch?v=5Ls8-pyoutube/watch?v=OYmtUhyoutube/watch?v=zdSJNryoutube/watch?v=9Hqyxy

    12. Allegra Leah Shapiro ha dodici anni e suona il violino con straordinaria maestria, tanto da essere ammessa alle finali di un importante concorso per giovani musicisti dell'Oregon. Per tutte le vacanze estive vivrà in simbiosi con Mozart e la sua vita cambierà radicalmente. Grazie a Mozart imparerà a conoscere meglio gli amici, se stessa e le proprie radici "per metà ebree e per metà Gentili", in particolare attraverso il ricordo di una bisnonna, morta nel lager di Treblinka. E sarà a quell [...]

    13. The Mozart Season is a surprisingly brief book concerning a young and marvelous violinist, Allegra Leah Shapiro, who is quite outstanding and skillful at music. By virtue of possessing these impressive skills, she was selected from a field of eighty-five to engage in the Ernest Bloch Competition for Young Musicians of Oregon and play a Mozart concerto. But great honor comes with great sacrifice. Allegra must spend the rest of her summer in the company of this concerto, attempting to play its mos [...]

    14. This would most likely appeal to those who study the violin - so a small subset of readers. I've studied music a long time, so it was somewhat interesting to me - but not sure how much it would appeal to most middle school girls. Not for ELL students - vocabulary too specialized- not high enough interest. However there were some great lines - more to do with the mindset of how one recreates a piece of music to make it individualized to the player while acknowledging the writer/creator of the pie [...]

    15. If you're the type of teacher who tells students to give it 110%, Virginia Euwer Wolff would like to have a word with you.A few "notes" (pun intended):- This book came out before Allegra the allergy medication did. So when I saw the commercial for Allegra, The Mozart Season came to mind, haha- For those of you who are familiar with neither Italian nor musical markings, "Allegro" doesn't mean "fast" in Italian but is the marking used for a piece that is played fast. Clearly Ms. Wolff was thinking [...]

    16. The story is based on Allegra Shapiro, a twelve year old violinist. One day, she gets into a competition, but she loses. Her friend, Mr. Trouble is trying to identify a song he has in his head. At the end of the story, he identifies the song with Allegra's help. Allegra is happy for Mr.Trouble and forgets her disappointment with the competition. I especially liked the book because it was written in first person. I was able to understand the feelings of a good violinist. For example, when the orc [...]

    17. I was pretty lukewarm about this book for the first third but then it turned a quiet corner. Protagonist isn't an orphan or a victim or poor or even losing a friend. She's 12 and has parents who love her dearly and she lives in a world of classical music—not because she's some kind of prodigy but because it runs in the family. All of which is a kind of normalcy I find refreshing. I'm a sucker for books that explore the creative process and this one nicely gives you a peek inside the head of a [...]

    18. Gosh I remember reading this years ago many times. Now I may not be able to give my opinion of pros and cons or very much input to the story, but a review I read said that it may not be engaging enough for today's youth. However, although I don't remember at what age I read this (many, many, many years ago-I'm 15 now) I do know that I loved it and read it over, and over, and over. Something about this story just pulled my little elementary school mind into the world and I'm so glad I found this [...]

    19. Anyone who wants a glimpse inside the agony and joy of a musician as she practices and performs should read this book.This is an extremely unusual young adult novel. The plot is based in routine rather than action, and the protagonist is unabashedly contemplative and intelligent. She is also refreshingly open to people who are different (perhaps because she can relate) and seldom has anything negative to say about the other characters. Although the book was not "perfect," I loved the way the cha [...]

    20. I have such mixed emotions about this book. I struggled to be enthralled for the first half. I questioned the unique relationships in the story. I wondered how a twelve-year-old could be expected to handle such mature emotions as well as being asked to dig deep within her own young soul to give meaning to a Mozart concerto. I also thought it was curious how Allegra gave the term "genius" to the other competitors but failed to see her own genius. However, in spite of all of these feelings and que [...]

    21. I play the violin, but as violin players go, I'm totally a hack (I'm one of those adult amateurs that Allegra's teacher warns her about because they always play the sixteenth notes too fast). I read this book a few years ago, and the idea of great music being a lessening of the distance between the composer and musician resonated with me a lot. After this reading, I think what will stick in my head is what Deidre said, about how in music you have to simultaneously remember everything, and forget [...]

    22. The Mozart Season is about a rising violin player discover how to always fight for what see wants, as she tries to gain a solo in her symphony. The Mozart Season was a fantastic book for me and I absolutely loved it!!!! First, the author wrote characters that I could relate with like the main character as musicians. I also really liked the plot of the story, because the main character had to practice to get a spot for her spotlight symphony solo. I recommend this book to musicians, especially fo [...]

    23. This is my new favorite book. the pressure that Allegra has to live under si so immense and I can definitely relate to it. her deep and heartwrenching discoverys about herself and life in general, had me in tears to the last page. (Although the book really isn't that sad, it is to me, cuz I once aspired to be a violinist, but, like her, i was devastated whrn i found that the instrument didn't contain the music, and that more had to be done, than simply move the bow.) Allegra is deep and passiona [...]

    24. Ignorant me believed this was classic novelist Virginia Woolf when coming across it in the "give a book/take a book" box. Not too belatedly realized it was a young adult novel written and set in the early 90's. It is, however, a thoughtful story of a teenage girl in love with music and her violin that would appeal to anyone of any age. I do wish the book had been around when I was a teenager. Its biggest lesson, with characters including a bizarre family of musicians, their friends, and a myster [...]

    25. This was kind of a weird book…There were times I thought that the author did throw information into the plot that wasn’t necessary. You didn’t get what kind of personalities all the individuals had. (view spoiler)[ Steve Landauer was quite the jerk…“Yeah, now Steve is your boyfriend…” (hide spoiler)] This book did have more of a focus on knowing the music world itself. It did; however, give that passion and idea of how strong and competitive the music world can be. When I looked at [...]

    26. This story takes place in Portland over the course of a summer. The very simple premise is that life takes on seasons, and for Allegra this summer will be a Mozart season as she prepares for a competition. We watch Mozart and Allegra affect each other and meet wonderful characters who have also been deeply changed by the role of music in their lives. My favorite is the homeless man who lost his "Waltz Tree" many years ago and travels from one free city concert to the next looking for it. The sto [...]

    27. The beginning was quite annoying - and it took me a while to get into this book. The author's use of "Mommy" and "Daddy" coming from a 12-year-old was incredibly unrealistic and kept me from totally getting into the author's head. But after the first 40 pages, I was hooked and I read this book in several hours. I am not a musician, so I have no idea how accurate the music stuff in it is - but I felt nervous for the main character when she went on stage. And this book was rich in themes and big i [...]

    28. Since this book's main character has two major things in common with me (being a musician based in Portland, OR), I fully expected to be completely delighted by this book. Don't get me wrong, there were certainly portions where I WAS delighted (particularly the end), but for the most part, I found the characters and writing style stiff. It wasn't very fluid, which made it a bit of a chore to read. The last 30 pages or so of the book made it all worth it, but still only managed to bring my score [...]

    29. This is more like 3 1/2 stars for me. The narrator's broad, serious (but still very twelve year old) perspective was unique, or "Neek" according to her. If you like classical music, you will like this book. If you like books that wrestle with the big worldly questions but don't let themselves be carted off by them eventually, then you could do worse. I am satisfied. I am glad to have read this book.

    30. really great book, I think the fact that i am a musician it means so much more. I love Allegra's accomplishments and happy attitude, I love Mr. Trouble and how he lost his song, Deirde is wierd but loving and kind, Mr. Kaplan seems like the greatest music teacher ever. In this book Allegra is chosen a finalist in the boch compitition where they are to play Mozrarts fourth concerto she ends up meeting wonderful people and learning that everything isn't just about life and death

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