Greenwich Killing Time

Greenwich Killing Time

Kinky Friedman / Nov 29, 2020

Greenwich Killing Time With a new introduction by the author Greenwich Killing Time is now available for the first time in than a decade This is the first of Kinky Friedman s mystery novels To quote the author Greenwich Ki

  • Title: Greenwich Killing Time
  • Author: Kinky Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780970238306
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • With a new introduction by the author, Greenwich Killing Time is now available for the first time in than a decade.This is the first of Kinky Friedman s mystery novels To quote the author Greenwich Killing Time was the first book I ever wrote I wrote it in 1984 and it was published in 1986 I was doing a lot of Peruvian marching powder at the time so I don t rememWith a new introduction by the author, Greenwich Killing Time is now available for the first time in than a decade.This is the first of Kinky Friedman s mystery novels To quote the author Greenwich Killing Time was the first book I ever wrote I wrote it in 1984 and it was published in 1986 I was doing a lot of Peruvian marching powder at the time so I don t remember too much about writing it, but I do recall a couple of things I borrowed the title from my friend Ted Mann I borrowed the typewriter, an old Smith Corona, from my friend, the future Village Irregular, Mike McGovern Mike graciously loaned me the typewriter claiming he d missed many important deadlines with the instrument It had, I later learned, once belonged to his mother before she d been bugled to Jesus years earlier I took this as a sign of the Lord s hand at work in the world It could ve been, of course, just another case of a Jew borrowing a typewriter.Though most of the books have been set in New York with the exception of Armadillos Old Lace, set in Texas, and Steppin On a Rainbow, set in Hawaii , Greenwich Killing Time is the only one that was written in New York Some critics have remarked, not unkindly, we hope, that the book smells like New York If this is true it is no doubt because of the truly visceral voyage one goes through in writing a first novel It s almost as if your first novel writes you

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        Richard S Kinky Friedman is an American singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician and former columnist for Texas Monthly who styles himself in the mold of popular American satirists Will Rogers and Mark Twain He was one of two independent candidates in the 2006 election for the office of Governor of Texas Receiving 12.6% of the vote, Friedman placed fourth in the six person race.Friedman was born in Chicago to Jewish parents, Dr S Thomas Friedman and his wife Minnie Samet Friedman The family moved to a ranch in central Texas a few years later Friedman had an early interest in both music and chess, and was chosen at age 7 as one of 50 local players to challenge U.S grandmaster Samuel Reshevsky to simultaneous matches in Houston Reshevsky won all 50 matches, but Friedman was by far the youngest competitor.Friedman graduated from Austin High School in Austin, Texas in 1962 and earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin in 1966, majoring in Psychology He took part in the Plan II Honors program and was a member of the Tau Delta Phi fraternity During his freshman year, Chinga Chavin gave Friedman the nickname Kinky because of his curly hair.Friedman served two years in the United States Peace Corps, teaching on Borneo in Malaysia with John Gross During his service in the Peace Corps, he met future Texas Jewboy road manager Dylan Ferrero, with whom he still works today Friedman lives at Echo Hill Ranch, his family s summer camp near Kerrville, Texas He founded Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch, also located near Kerrville, whose mission is to care for stray, abused and aging animals than 1,000 dogs have been saved from animal euthanasia.Series Kinky Friedman Mystery


    1. Lame. Badly plotted. Unfunny.But before you go any further, dear reader, I had better warn you of this SPOILER ALERT.Trying to be the Raymond Chandler of the late twentieth century is a dangerous game to play, but I really don't think that Kinky Friedman (the writer) is clever enough to realise this. First of all, misogyny and homophobia just aren't funny any more. Then, of course, smoking and drinking aren't cool any more. So the narrator of this story comes across as a sad old dinosaur who is [...]

    2. All of the TV PI show tropes in one volume, plus a few of his own. KF is an ex-stoner, ex-singer turned Broadway show composer (so he says) and private eyewho isn't being paid by anyone, at least not in this first book. Like all TV shamuses, he fuels his body on tobacco smoke and alcohol, and yet is able to keep going for days. I read his third book before this one, but one of Friedman's personal tropes seems to be that a friend will insist on moving into his loft until the case is closed and no [...]

    3. one thing I had to keep in mind while I was reading this is that it is a product of the 80s. I really can't imagine how the way that Kinky Friedman (the narrator and the author) talks about his predominantly gay community would have sounded to someone in the 80s: surprisingly accepting? ignorant? thinking about this while I was reading did take away from whether the book was entirely fun to read. no one is written respectfully or with any sense of gravitas; the whole thing is clearly tongue-in-c [...]

    4. I liked this book a lot. Kinky does something in his books that I find really awesome. He takes himself, and then makes himself the main character of a the novel, but completely fictionalized. Which honestly I think is what most people do, they just change the character's name, which takes away the awesomeness. Instead of saying "I like detectives I will write a story about one name 'blah, blah, blah," it is like he said,"I would make an awesome detective, and this is what I'd do." The only othe [...]

    5. Een buurman van Mc Govern, vriend van Kinky en journalist, is vermoord, en mc Govern wordt ervan beschuldigd omdat pistool in zijn flat ligt. Kinky gelooft niet dat mc Govern de dader is en gaat op zoek naar wat er gebeurd kan zijn. Twee van de recente sex- partners van de vermoorde man worden vervolgens ook vermoord net als de bovenbuurvrouw, een coke-dealer die bijna nooit haar huis uit komt. Verhaal vol drank, coke en nachtleven van New York.

    6. Some good one-liners in here. Published in the mid-80s and definitely shows it. For one - character and/or author - looking to break into the broadway scene, the gay/bi scene is handled exceptionally oddly, it seems to me.Maybe the whole thing is less homage and more spoof of the style?

    7. Greenwich Killing Time was Kinky Friedman’s first detective novel. It introduces a cast of characters who will reappear in later books. The usual disclaimer about “all resemblance to persons living or dead” doesn’t apply as his cast includes a number of his friends. Many of his locations are also real, although 199B Vandam Street is as fictitious as 221B Baker Street was when occupied by Sherlock Holmes.Kinky claims approval for his novels from two past US Presidents, from different side [...]

    8. This is Kinky Friedman's first novel. I hadn't read any of his books before, so I thought that I would start off with this one. Published in 1986, this novel stands its time. The only main difference is that there are no cell phones or Internet, so our hero is using pay phones and paper copies of the newspaper to do research. It had sort of a pulp fiction flavor to it. See a few of the many examples from the book below:"I wasn't sure who the game was or what the game was. All I knew was I was go [...]

    9. It is full of slightly amusing one-liners. They make the story a little funny, but they also get in the way of the book being interesting. The story is a little lifeless and sad, and the one-liners don't revive it. Kinky is an amateur sleuth, although like most fictional amateur sleuths he is better than the cops at solving the crimes. In this case one of his friends calls because there is a dead neighbor and it looks like a crime scene, the main suspect is Kinky's friend. And off it goes. One t [...]

    10. The real strength of Friedman's writing is his wit, wry observations, and philosophical asides. Somewhat unusually the main character is Kinky Friedman himself and the preface indicates that most of the characters in the book are real people with their real names. The story is fairly standard PI fare in the mode of Dashiell Hammett and his thousand imitators (and there's nothing wrong with that), but with a nice dash of humour. The story is tightly plotted and rattles along at a fair pace with s [...]

    11. Take a Texas born and bred country music singer and transplant him to Greenwich Village and what do you get? Why, an amateur detective, of course! Friedman puts himself and fictionalized versions of his friends (and cat) into this enjoyable romp. When Friedman's reporter friend McGovern discovers that his neighbor has been murdered, the police charge him for the crime. McGovern takes to his heels and it is up to Kinky to find the killer as the noose tightens and the bodies start to pile up. This [...]

    12. All of Kinky Friedman's books are fun. All of Kinky Friedman's books are fun. All of Look I'm being no more repetitious than he can be when recycling material. I should say this is the only review I'm going to do of his stuff. They are well written, wryly humorous and probably, when on form, the closest you can actually get to a modern day Chandler, but they are also pretty much the same book over and over- which didn't stop me reading 14 or 15 of the blighters. Also I prefer them to Elmore Leon [...]

    13. Tot halverwege moest ik toch wel wat doorbijten om te blijven lezen: het was niet slecht maar ook niet echt goed, het ging wat te traag. Ofwel had ik het zelf te druk om echt IN het verhaal te raken. Hoedanook, nadien kon ik wat langere stukken doorlezen, en werd het beter. Leuk, soms grappig, misdaadverhaal van een man die, sinds ik hem ooit live aan het werk zag in de AB (jawel, hij maakt ook muziek, zoek maar eens op), mij altijd is blijven intrigeren.Ik rook niet, anders ware een sigaar de e [...]

    14. I like Kinky Friedman and this is the first mystery by him that I've read. There are a ton of one-liners in this which made it hard to follow the plot. It was so full of Kinky that the other characters got lost.However, there were some truly amusing moments in it and the plot, once I got a handle on it, was not bad. I would only recommend it to those who like Mr. Friedman and feel like a light mystery. I will give him another try but so far, not very impressed.

    15. I've read a later book in the series, so wanted to go back to book #1. This reads like a first book, but Kinky is already as dry and quippy as you'd want him to be. The mystery is fine, but the draw is really Kinky and his circle of pals. I also love his relationship with his cat.

    16. Irreverent, eccentric and politically was my favorite Kinky Friedman so far. How do you explain a novel where many of the names are actual friends of the author and the author's main character is himself? You just have to read it.

    17. Classic Kinky Friedman. I've read everything he has published and this one is my favorite. Easy and entertaining read. Stay away if you are offended by irreverent humor!

    18. I cant remember what the plot was to this book I just put it up to recommend and Kinky Friedman book. More mystery but very sarcastic humor.

    19. This book had some hilarious one liners embedded within the plot not much on mysteries, but this was pretty good!

    20. Really should be three and a half stars. It's quite obvious this is a first novel; it's a bit of a shaggy dog, but very enjoyable overall. Looking forward to picking up the one

    21. My favorite of all of the Kinky novels.With an elegant polish and devious wit, this is a lovely read for anyone with a love of mystery and a devious bone in their body.

    22. Wacky and irreverente first of the NYC mysteriesenjoyable, mindless funnd of a Carl Hiaasen in NYC, with drug references, for NYC

    23. Kinky is a detective of the unusual sort, much to the consternation of New York's finest. In this tale he solves an ingenious crime with his own brand of cunning and a most unlikely crew.

    24. I agree with another reviewer who said the book is filled with a lot of one-liners that sometimes distracted from the plot. My first foray into Friedman's mystery series

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