La Valse lente des tortues

La Valse lente des tortues

Katherine Pancol / Feb 26, 2021

La Valse lente des tortues Ce livre est une bourrasque de vie Un baiser br lant du seul qu on ne doit pas embrasser Deux bras qui enlacent ou qui tuent Un homme inqui tant mais si charmant Une femme qui tremble et esp re ardem

  • Title: La Valse lente des tortues
  • Author: Katherine Pancol
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ce livre est une bourrasque de vie Un baiser br lant du seul qu on ne doit pas embrasser Deux bras qui enlacent ou qui tuent Un homme inqui tant, mais si charmant Une femme qui tremble et esp re ardemment Un homme qui ment si savamment Une femme qui croit mener la danse, mais passe son tour Des adolescents plus avertis que les grands Un homme qui joCe livre est une bourrasque de vie Un baiser br lant du seul qu on ne doit pas embrasser Deux bras qui enlacent ou qui tuent Un homme inqui tant, mais si charmant Une femme qui tremble et esp re ardemment Un homme qui ment si savamment Une femme qui croit mener la danse, mais passe son tour Des adolescents plus avertis que les grands Un homme qui joue les revenants Un p re, l haut dans les toiles qui murmure l oreille de sa fille Un chien si laid qu on s carte sur son passage Des personnages qui avancent obstin ment comme des petites tortues ent t es qui apprendraient danser lentement, lentement dans un monde trop rapide, trop violent Apr s l extraordinaire succ s des Yeux jaunes des crocodiles plus de 500 000 exemplaires vendus , une suite tr s attendue.

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        Katherine Pancol moved from Casablanca to France when she was five She studied literature and initially became a French and Latin teacher, before turning to journalism While working for Paris Match and Cosmopolitan, she is noticed by an intuitive publisher who encourages her to begin writing Following the success of her first novel Moi D abord Me First in 1979, Pancol moves to New York City where she spends the next decade pursuing creative writing and screenwriting classes at Columbia University while producing three novels La Barbare in 1981, Scarlett, si possible and Les hommes cruels ne courent pas les rues.Influenced by the American way of life, her style becomes even enjoyable, action packed and fast paced.Pancol s insights into human psychology, and particularly women, are amazingly accurate and her sense of details often shaded with wry humor Her gift to lift people s spirits while providing great entertainment has been key to her success, inspiring many women to dare to be themselves while keeping a positive relationship with life itself.Her novel The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles published in 2006 has been a huge success in France, where it sold than one million copies and received the Prix de Maison de la Presse, 2006 for largest distribution in France Katherine Pancol was awarded Best author 2007 by Gorodets Publishing Moscow The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles was the 6th best sold book in France in 2008 Le Figaro Litt raire The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles is already being translated into Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese and Norwegian.Katherine Pancol is divorced and has two grown children She lives in Paris, France where she is currently writing the third sequel to The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles.Pancol updates her blog every week on her web site katherine pancol from


    1. The Slow Waltz of Turtles is the second novel in the Joséphine series by French journalist and author, Katherine Pancol. It is translated from the original French by William Rodarmor. Some six months after Paris learned the truth about Joséphine Cortès novel, things are very different: she and Zoé live in a spacious apartment; Hortense is studying fashion in London; Iris is in a psychiatric clinic; Phillippe and Alexandre are living in London, as are Shirley and Gary; Marcel, Josiane and Jun [...]

    2. Zero etoiles. Ce livre est ridicule. Comme beaucoup d'autres, j'ai achete ce livre apres avoir lu le premier tome. J'ai ete profondement decue, mais surtout choquee par le nombre d'erreurs dans ce tome. C'est comme si l'auteur ne s'etait pas relue avant de publier le livre. Par moment Hortense porte un jean puis elle ajuste sa jupeou bien il pleut a grosse gouttes puis Josephine sort sur le balcon et la nuit est claire. Quand au bebe qui tombe du paradis, je n'ai meme pas lu cette partie Rien d' [...]

    3. A inizio anno avevo scoperto in libreria la deliziosa trilogia della Pancol, così composta:1. Gli occhi gialli dei coccodrilli2. Il valzer lento delle tartarughe3. Gli scoiattoli di Central Park sono tristi il lunedìAttratta dalle copertine (meravigliose) di questi romanzi avevo acquistato il primo, e ora eccomi qua con il seguito, che è stato decisamente una manna in questa prima metà settimana così apatica, che prometteva un bel frescolino mentre il caldo e l'umido ci hanno già riagguant [...]

    4. Ever since I read Yellow Eyes of a Crocodile by Katherine Pancol I have been waiting for more of her books to be translated into English. The Slow Waltz of Turtles proves it was worth the wait. This is a charming, sometimes dark and funny story with a little mystery thrown in. Pancol has the ability to immerse you into her characters lives and you will be reluctant to leave them. Here's hoping that we will not have to wait a few years for her next book to come to America (or maybe I should just [...]

    5. Ce livre récolte beaucoup de critiques négatives, du moins sur , et je peux comprendre. Son rythme est lent, et certaines histoires sont tirées par les cheveux. J'ai pas trop accroché par exemple à l'histoire de Junior et de Josiane. Quand même, je ne vais pas bouder mon plaisir, j'ai beaucoup aimé retrouver les personnages de Joséphine, Hortense, Zoé, Shirley, Gary, Philippe, Iris, etc. Chacun a une façon qui lui est propre de voir la vie, et je trouve ces personnages très attachants [...]

    6. No niin Jos täällä voisi olla antamatta yhtään tähteä, tekisin varmaan sen. Ykkösosa oli vielä sellainen Kauniit ja rohkeat -koukuttava, tämä vain järkyttävän huono. Ja silti tekee mieli vielä lukea se kolmaskin osa, miksi?!?

    7. I enjoyed the first book in the Joséphine Cortès series, The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, for its quirkiness, its very human characters, and its French sensibilities. I wasn’t as charmed the second time around.Jo, who has doormat tendencies, still hasn’t snapped out of that, despite her great success as a best-selling author and being pursued by two handsome men. It gets to be frustrating that every time she talks sense into herself and gets some self-confidence, it’s smashed immediately. [...]

    8. This book is a page turner, loved the passing as the mystery. I started last Saturday and read like 60 pages, but enjoyed them very much and all week I read another 100 pages. Today I finished it in one sitting. It has been a lot of time to finish a book in one sitting. Now I have to wait until the third book will be translated in English, hopefully, it will be soon. The truth is that I can't say a lot about this book without spoiling it, you certainly need to read the first book before reading [...]

    9. J'ai acheté ce livre avant de lire les nombreuses critiques négatives à son sujet, mais sachez que je ne suis pas déçue. Certes, l'intrigue est sur certains plans longue à se développer et que quelques scénarios sont à la limite de la caricature et du grotesque Mais c'est ce qui fait le charme de ce deuxième tome. On retrouve des personnages attendrissants et complexes pour certains, et des pesticides invétérés pour d'autres. L'écriture de l'auteure est fluide et très plaisante à [...]

    10. I love French crime thrillers but have been left fairly unimpressed by the 3 bestselling 'chick lit' books I have read recently translated from French authors. I don't know if it is a cultural divide but I found the self indulgence of the upper class French families in this book didn't allow me to engage with any of the characters. The book tried to cover many subjects, romance, murder mystery, self discovery, failed relationships and then ended up going down the way of 50 Shades of Grey. Thank [...]

    11. well this one was much darker than The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles. there was still some charm and quirk, but this was a bit of an odd and violent story. as in the first, some things fall by the wayside and never feel resolved or finished. there is supposed to be a next book in this 'josephine' series, so maybe some storylines will surface again? (though loose threads from book #1 were not picked up in book #2, so i'm not holding out a huge amount of hope.)

    12. I really like this author. She mixes personalities with intrigue, personal dramas with larger life observations.

    13. The Slow Waltz Of Turtles (Josephine #2) by Katherine Pancol was a quirky French novel. I think some of the story got lost in translation. The first two parts of the novel were very slow, but the last part was exciting and intriguing. I haven't read #1 in the Josephine series but I'd like to read the conclusion to this story. I won this book through Giveaways.

    14. La valse lente des tortues: readwithstyle.wordpress/20It has been nearly two months that I have been someone else. Being someone else is quite exhausting; it takes all of your time to forget who you are and remember what the other one, the one you are trying to be, is. It is all about restricting your desires and your words constantly and substituting them with your “wanna-be” self’s. It took me so much time to do this that I literally had no time to read or write. Fortunately, my schizoph [...]

    15. Bon alors ce livre m'a été offert à Noël dernier (oui je prends mon temps pour entamer les livres, j'en ai trop à lire) et apparemment il avait fait parler de lui. Je n'ai pas lu le premier tome, je ne savais pas avant qu'il y en avait un.Alors comment dire tout ça est très inconsistant, on change de personne pour raconter le récit toutes les 5 lignes, c'est pas de la littérature c'est de l'oral directement retranscrit. Vraiment on croirait que le narrateur parle à voix haute. Et puis [...]

    16. Pokračování úspěšného románu ŽLUTÉ OČI KROKODÝLŮ, který vyprávěl především příběh dvou sester. Hlavní postavou byla charismatická čtyřicátnice Joséphine, která se potýkala s komplikovaným rozvodem, finančními nesnázemi a problémovou pubertální dcerou.Co vše se stalo od minule? Jak se daří Joséphine, které se život změnil k nepoznání?Nejdřív se musím přiznat, že jsem první díl románu nečetla, protože jsem si nevšimla, že je to až druhý d [...]

    17. Je suis un peu déçue par ce tome, qui est plus long certes mais qui se lit très vite, les rapports entres les personnages sont plus élaborés d'autres qui figurent pour la première fois j'ai bien apprécié la petite complicité qui s'est née entre Joséphine et son beau-frère qui était prévue dès le premier tome, la gosse qui s'est éloignée de la niche qui trébuchait mais qui sait très savamment comment s'en sortir plus forte qu'avant néanmoins j'étais un peu perdue avec le coup [...]

    18. Pasa algo muy extraño con la segunda parte de la trilogía. Sabemos que no es tan buena como la primera y sin embargo no podemos soltar el libro. Debo confesar que yo también me he enganchado a esta historia a caballo entre Londres y París, con los personajes que ya conocía intentando sobrevivir (guiño).Si bien la novela empieza con un "incidente" que va a condicionar el resto de la trama, realmente lo que nos vamos a encontrar va a ser lo mismo de siempre (y por lo que hemos vuelto, no nos [...]

    19. La valse lente des tortues (The slow waltz of turtles) finds Joséphine installed in a luxurious apartment in the well-to-do quarter of Passy, once a Parisian suburb, absorbed into the city as it expanded in the nineteenth century. Balzac meets Elizabeth George in this enjoyable sequel, which revolves around the unmasking of a serial killer who strikes repeatedly in Josephine's neighbourhood. Meanwhile, Hortense goes to London to study fashion, Zoe falls in love, Iris's marriage falls apart and [...]

    20. Her er det noe jeg ikke helt har forstått. Eller så har jeg veldig forskjellig smak et lite øyeblikk her fra resten av leserne av denne boka. Jeg fikk den nemlig ikke til. Ikke i det hele tatt. Selv om jeg så gjerne ville.Interessant "blurb" bakpå boka, litt kult cover og gode omtaler til tross - jeg klarte ikke fullføre! Denne boka var slow. Som i slooooooow Jeg ble ikke engasjert i hovedpersonene, verken Jo eller Iris. Livene deres angikk meg ikke. Og boka var virkelig som en skilpadde. [...]

    21. What did I just read? I wasn't expecting this to be a dark murder mystery, filled with helpless, brainless women. Ugh. I misread the back of the book ("a constellation of characters in a clear-eyed, warmly funny tale") as being about *this* book when it was instead about the author's *previous* book. Not a single character was likable, relatable, or even believable. The women were pathetically weak creatures who obsessed over having meant to protect and save them. And to buy them things. Maybe s [...]

    22. I received this book as an Advance Reader. Publish date is November 2016.I enjoyed it and would recommend reading it, however, it is not a fast paced book. Falls somewhere between reading for escapism and reading having to pay attention. It appears from the beginning who the bad guys may be and it is the story of getting there that holds your attention. Maybe if it wasn't so obvious it would move better. Characters are well thought out and the diversity of them is interesting. I did like the cov [...]

    23. I finally got my fix on this much anticipated English translated sequel to The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles. It's the continuation of Josephine Cortes' saga. Think it's just a French rom-com? Think again! There was murder, mystery, misery, witchcraft, jealousy, new loves, old loves and some looney characters. It went in a bit of a darker turner than the first book, but still enjoyed devouring it. Now book 3. please be released soon so I can get my closure or I may just need to brush up on my high s [...]

    24. Waw, I really like these books! I'm really looking forward to the third! The first book was pretty crazy, but this one was worse (better)! Gosh, my head was spinning while and after reading it. So much is going on. Every evening I said to myself: I'll just read a small part before I go to bed, but I (almost) always had difficulties trying to stop. I like Josephine and I'm curious about what is to come! The ending of this book was sensational and shocking!

    25. De por dios, que fue esto, en serio no es el mejor libro del mundo, no es mejor que el primer libro pero tiene algo que no deja que los sueltes, es adictivo de una forma que te lo llevas hasta la hora del almuerzo.Bueno la historia un poco traumática hubo un giro que no esperaba y Jo es eso Jo aunque no se queja tanto como en el primer libro, insisto la lectura europea es diferente y este libro es fiel prueba de elloSeguiré con el tercer libro a ver que tal

    26. El primero no me entusiasmó mucho; pero la protagonista me cayó bien así que tenía curiosidad por saber más de ella. Su parte ha estado bastante bien; pero reconozco que me he saltado bastantes partes porque sus personajes me aburrían mucho. Su gran fallo al igual que el primero es la parte más irreal y que encima resuelve enseguida.

    27. A fun read that has a mix of family interactions, a bit of romance and murder. It moves along quickly and the solution of all three is bit quirky.

    28. En familleComme le premier j'ai adoré les hauts et les bas de la vie de famille de Joséphine, j'ai déjà commencé le dernier tome

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