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Smashed Dealing with the FPA is a burden that Alexa usually bears but when the government op makes a serious threat it falls on Arys to handle And he likes to do things a little differently

  • Title: Smashed
  • Author: Trina M. Lee
  • ISBN: 9781310296482
  • Page: 481
  • Format: ebook
  • Dealing with the FPA is a burden that Alexa usually bears, but when the government op makes a serious threat, it falls on Arys to handle And he likes to do things a little differently.

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        I am the author of the Alexa O Brien Huntress and the Rebel Heart series I write urban fantasy that is dark and gritty with a twist of romance and horror but which is ultimately about people in dark places discovering who they are and what they re made of.I ve been writing since the age of 9 when I had a Christmas themed short story published in the local town paper A lover of rock music, vampires and muscle cars, I m a dreamer who always secretly wanted to be a rockstar I live in Alberta, Canada with my bass player husband, fierce teenage daughter and three annoying but super cute cats I have a Venus Fly Trap that loves baby talk she does, I swear and a Dodge Charger named Delilah I love to hear from readers so don t hesitate to drop me a line.


    1. Finally a story from Ary`s POV, he is my favorite and this just made me love him more. It was awesome to finally get to see things from his side and know his thoughts. 5 stars

    2. Always love alexa O'Brien series. We read from Mary's point and his heart ache after turning alexa from last book. Their both hurting an he giving her time to accept what's happened an she needs space to process it all. Everyone's hurts in their trio. kale seems to be bad guy for taking alexa on and away but I feel he trying to help in away but I think we may see in next book and I think it maybe they will be wrong for each other. She loves ary's so much she will be back she won't stay away long [...]

    3. I'm torn on how I feel about this one. For some reason it doesn't really seem to mesh with how Arys has always read to me - and I recognize that is something that is entirely on me, not the author. I did enjoy seeing Arys and Shaz with their bonding and blooming respect. Overall, it's a 3.5 star rating on this one for me. Based on the description/back text I think I just expected more.However, Arys' display of power against Briggs was a long time coming, so it was good to see him be able to let [...]

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    5. Loved Arys point of view and how he and Shaz kind of bond together in them wanting Alexa to come back to them and their hatred for Kale. Trina writes very well in how Arys and Jenna's past and present have both changed and yet stayed the same. I really hope stuff with the FPA can settle down and just butt the hell out but of course that wont happenve a solid ***** out of 5 :-)

    6. The blurb for this book did it no justice. There are some issues with the FPA but what this is really about is Arys' struggles with what happened in the previous book. We get to hear his feelings on things and there are some touching moments between him and Shaz. Arys is, as usual, unapologetic about who and what he is. Only makes me adore him more.

    7. book 8.5 and I have read all the rest coming up until this point and cant wait for book 9 I am like a kid and a candy store. the more Trina writes the more I want to read. it was a really nice addiction to the story to see Arys's turmoil over Alexa and even more so to see the back story of his love for her and the back story with Harley

    8. This is Arys POV carrying on from where the story left off. Arys isn't my favourite character but it was enjoyable to get inside his head. We see the relationship between Arys and Shaz strengthen even thou it still isn't smooth sailing. A great snap shot of that period straight after the last book. Must read for Arys fans.

    9. This is a short story continuing from September moon.A new chapter in the life of Alexa, Arys, Shaz and the rest of the group is just beginning.I love that this is told from Ary's perspective and getting a glimpse of what's going on in his mind just makes me love him a little bit more

    10. All ArysShort but I truly loved knowing Arys' point of view. I fell for him just little bit more. Love this series- can't get enough.

    11. really enjoyed Arys' point of view. you see the love for Alexa and that he will do anything to keep her safe. liked the bonding with Shaz too.

    12. This was excellent! Huge fan of the whole seriesThis was awesome to hear the tale from Arys's point of view! Can't wait to read on! Dying to know what happens

    13. Loved it! Trina gives us just enough to satisfy our Alexa fix but still leaves us wanting more! Looking forward to Forget About Midnight, the next book in the Alexa O'Brien series!

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