Checked Again

Checked Again

Jennifer Jamelli / Mar 02, 2021

Checked Again Book two in the Checked Trilogy Callie is alone She s back to counting checking and cleaning Back to normal Well almost normal She can t stop thinking about Dr Blake When he shows back up Callie d

  • Title: Checked Again
  • Author: Jennifer Jamelli
  • ISBN: 9781499733822
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Book two in the Checked Trilogy Callie is alone She s back to counting, checking, and cleaning Back to normal Well, almost normal She can t stop thinking about Dr Blake When he shows back up, Callie doesn t know what to do Ignore him Push him away Or

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        Jennifer Jamelli has spent most of her life reading and writing she holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in English, and she is an 8th grade English teacher She also directs a musical production each school year Her most recent show was Miss Saigon.Jennifer lives with her husband and her seven year old son.She, like the main character in her debut novel, has a rather hopeless case of OCD.Facebook facebook jamellijennifer


    1. I just finished this book, which is the second book of the Checked trilogy.First offHow is it, that more people don't know about this series?!? I love these books so much!Checked Again, picks right up where Callie has just been released from the hospital. She is devastated by the disappearing act Dr. Blake has made while she was sick. She finally finds someone who understands her so completely, someone who she can trust, and he leaves in her moment of crisis.Callie is working through these issue [...]

    2. I was so looking forward to reading this second book in the "Checked" series. The first book left us with a major cliffhanger (which I abhor) but the storyline was fascinating. I'd never had a true appreciation for what it is like to be OCD. And let me tell youCallie has OCD in the absolute extreme. In the end, the book is good, but not blow my mind awesome.Maybe the fascination of being in the mind of an OCD person wore off a bit. Truth be told I found it exhausting at times to read this book. [...]

    3. Callie is back and just as fun! Her OCD is not getting better though. If anything, the hospital stay and abandonment of Dr. Blake in book 1 has made things worse. Callie is trying to be strong and move on. Things are going ok until she discovers she is being sent to a conference in Florida. This is an almost impossible task, but guess who is ready to step in and help her through it. I love Callie's character. She knows she has problems (and in fact is heartbroken to see them manifesting in her n [...]

    4. If you read Checked by Jennifer Jamelli, you have an idea of the chaotic life of a person who must deal with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), as well as how it affects those around them. Jennifer Jamelli is back with more trials and tribulations in the life of Callie. Once again, with Checked Again, Ms. Jamelli adds a good dose of humor, heart and the heartbreak of this disorder as Callie is forced into situations she cannot control, which could send her over the edge, as the comfort of her [...]

    5. One, Two, Three Wow, is all I can say about the next book in this series Checked Again, is the follow on book from Checked, which is the story of Calista (Callie) Royce’s life, where everything is done in three’s due to her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Callie, is one of the most likeable characters I have read, and although the illness she has is very serious, she seems to be able to look at herself in a different light, which helps with the frustration and tears that you feel when reading [...]

    6. I loved the first book, which makes me extra sad about the sequel. Checked Again picks up a week or so after Checked ends and drags on and on. It was well written but I found myself bored and disappointed as she pines for Dr. Blake and doesn't do a dang thing to change. I felt disappointed with pretty much everyone. In Checked, Callie really wanted to change. She didn't want her niece emulating her; she wanted healthy relationships; and she really hoped to get better. In this book, she doesn't t [...]

    7. I loved the first book for it's honesty in showing Callie trying to overcome her OCD. I felt that Jennifer did a great job at showing a severe case of OCD and demonstrating that Callie was much more than her mental health issues.This book, however, was a let down. Callie makes no effort to change and completely falls back into old habits and counts. Everyone around her continued to enable her by taking away difficult situations and only freaking out about pointless things (Oh no! She met up for [...]

    8. Checked Again is book 2 in the Checked trilogy. I absolutely loved the first book. Check out my review of Checked at /review/show. Checked Again picks up right where Checked left off. Do not attempt to read this without reading the first in the series. As I mentioned above, Checked Again picks up right when Checked left off. Callie has been discharged from the hospital after her allergy attack from the medication. Her parents have brought her to their house and are keeping a close eye on her. Wi [...]

    9. Again, she did it again. I love this book. I love Callie, and although Dr. Aiden Blake doesn't show up for a while, I still loved it. Jennifer Jamelli does a fabulous job of building anticipation and tension and passion between her characters. And if I forget to say in the first book, it is funny. She is so funny at times, and I enjoyed this book as it leads me through Callie's journey. Now don't expect that her journey in the 2nd book is going to get better as far as OCD or much of anything. Sh [...]

    10. Loved this bookThis book was as good as the first. Took me 2 days to read as I just couldn't put it down. I'm now downloading the last in the trilogy. Can't wait to read how it all ends

    11. blue-moon/spipp?article9696Lorsque le premier tome de cette très jolie série se termine, il est difficile de ne pas se précipiter sur le second d’ailleurs mieux vaut savoir que la série ne se termine pas avec ce tome et qu’il y aura une suite des aventures de Calista et Aiden, ou plutôt celles de la jeune femme et son terrible problème de troubles obsessionnels compulsifs.Car au cœur de cette romance, il y a cette maladie qui détruit la vie de Calista. Nous avions eu l’occasion de [...]

    12. I have wanted to return to Callie's world ever since I reviewed Checked. She was in rough shape last time I saw her, and I hoped she would be on her way to recovery in this sequel. As is usually the case, however, things must get worse before they get better.Her physical maladies improve, but Callie's OCD worsens following acute illness and staggering heartbreak. The author's vivid depiction of this disorder is eye opening in Book 1. Intrusive thoughts (often in the form of song lyrics) cause se [...]

    13. Reviewer : KayleneRating : 5 StarsOne, Two, Three Wow, is all I can say about the next book in this series Checked Again, is the follow on book from Checked, which is the story of Calista (Callie) Royce’s life, where everything is done in three’s due to her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Callie, is one of the most likeable characters I have read, and although the illness she has is very serious, she seems to be able to look at herself in a different light, which helps with the frustration an [...]

    14. Title: Checked AgainAuthor: Jennifer JamelliRating: 5 Groupie StarsReviewer: EbbieChecked Again is the second book in the trilogy. It begins where Checked left off. Callie is recovering at her parents’ home and trying to mend her broken heart. She still has a severe case of OCD. Everything seems to be going the same for Callie, and then Dr Aiden Blake comes back into her life. Can she learn to trust him and let him help her?I loved the first book and this second book is even better. I LOVE, LO [...]

    15. I didn't like this one as much as I liked the first book in the series, though this one was still entertaining and fun. Like book 1, Checked Again is again narrated by Callie and takes place mostly inside her head. I still very much enjoy Callie's unique voice, and the author's use of stream of consciousness is really well done. I just kind of felt like this novel's plot was kind of a regurgitation of book 1, and I didn't think that enough happened in this one to be memorable. I also didn't see [...]

    16. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsChecked Again begins just a few days after Checked ended. Callie is now out of the hospital staying at her parents house until she is fully better again. The only thing is now Callie doesn't have Dr. Blake. She's still really upset over what happened, and then when all of a sudden he starts contacting her again because he and the rest of her family are worried about her she's unsure what to think. She's afraid she will be just too much for him to deal wi [...]

    17. This book picks up where Checked left off, Callie is conscious and has left the hospital to return home with her parents, but it's like she's a prisoner with her family always checking in on her while she's at home, she's unable to function and everyone wants her to seek more help, without stopping to realise that it was help that landed her in the hospital, as bad as her OCD is she was a functioning individual. Dr Aidan Blake is still absent from her life making her miserable and even more trap [...]

    18. Expectations lead to disappointments.It got to a point I got exhausted just by reading the book. Yes, it's also exhausting for Callie to deal with the things she has to but I think the story in this book could've been cut short. No need for it to become a trilogy. **Come to think of it, maybe it's because of Callies ONE TWO THREE count?CHARACTERSWhy are they even together? Does AIDEN love CALLIE because of his longing to fix HER, knowing he wasn't able to do it to HIS own mother? Does CALLIE lov [...]

    19. STORY:Callies parents take her back to their home after her hospital stay in book 1.Callie is back to counting, checking and working her routine all to not think about Dr. Blake.Professor Gabriel who's into her and always makes her uncomfortable, tries to get Callie in a undoable situation with her social phobias OPINION:Callies constraints are unique but are also very frustrating, but the autor goes on with it and shows how difficult life is for people with such problems. You didn't understand [...]

    20. One.Two.Three. Read This Series Now.I read Checked as soon as it was release and fell in love with Callie and Dr. Blake and could not wait for this book!!!Book 2.Checked Again was no different and I gasped at the end, craving more.This is a great series You will fall in love again with the OCD tendencies of Callie and the songs that run through her head constantly. But, will the songs bring and end to her renewed treatment/relationship with Dr. Blake or an end to it?Both of these characters and [...]

    21. So I am obsessed with this series. I don't remember the last time I finished a book in ONE day! Because of the craziness that is my work schedule, wife and mommy duties, it typically takes me a little over a week to complete a book. With Checked Again, I was ALL IN (it did help that I was stuck on my train headed home today, though!).This was an awesome sequel! I adore Callie as a character and can legitimately feel her anxiety as she battles with her OCD day to day. The storyline has me thoroug [...]

    22. I do not typically write reviews, but considering I've spent the last two days binge reading Checked and Check Again I felt I had to mention how wonderful these books are! My boyfriend has been friends with the author since college, and I'm so glad he downloaded Checked. Romance is not my usual genre selection, but then again this is not your usual romance story. Callie is sweet, funny, and at times heartbreaking as she tries to navigate life with OCD. I have to say this is the first time in a l [...]

    23. Callie is back and just as much fun as in the 1st book. And her OCD is not any better. After the hospital stay and abandonment by Dr. Aiden Blake. Callie is back to counting and checking, One, Two, Three. She feels abandoned by Aiden and is just trying to just survive. But of course, life throws her a curve. She is being sent to a conference in Florida. This is an almost impossible task, but guess who is ready to step in and help her through it. They were some sad moments and happy moments in th [...]

    24. This one seemed more like a filler type book. You spend a lot more time in Callie's head which is fascinating. Many times I felt like I was Callie and the things she was freaking out about I could completely understand. I think the writing was just that great. I gained a lot of appreciation for Dr. Blake and fully understand how he feels about Callie. I had a hard time grasping the relationship in the first book but in this one it seems a lot more believable. My only complaint is the issue with [...]

    25. As a fan of romance and erotica, there is something to be said for the love stories that focus on the build up; the hinted sexual tension and heat between the man and woman. Ms. Jamelli tells this type of tale flawlessly. As the reader, I am hoping throughout that Callie and Aiden give it a real shot at having a relationship and moving to that next step. I am feeling just as frustrated with Callie that he won't jump her bones already!! :) 5 +++++ stars!!!! Here is to hoping book 3 is released so [...]

    26. A perfect continuation to Book 1! I can't get enough of these characters! Aiden is so incredible and Callie is so strong.I love the depth that Jamelli goes into with OCD and how the relationship between Aiden and Callie develops into so much more. How he understands her and wants to help her but also wants her to be comfortable. I love how Callie thinks about him and her inner monologue and the music she hears when he is around.I JUST LOVE THIS SERIES!!Another 5+++ stars for the Checked series!

    27. More! More wonderful! Again, I do not want to outline the plot; so, I won't do that! I will say that I found this second installment to be more of a revelation about Dr. Aiden Blake. His thoughts and actions are making even more sense now. Poor Aiden! It is no great wonder that he is so driven to help others. I now understand why his feelings for Callie are so complicated. There was more of the slow-building fire of a relationship between these two and I LOVED IT!I am totally on pins and needles [...]

    28. Love this story.Love the music, love Callie. I loved the first book and I could read all day about Callie's neurotic checking and counting. Love Aiden, I want to hear more about him and I only wish she would talk sometimes but I understand she's frozen. So good. Love this book!!!

    29. Holy Moly!! I wish I had known how many books would be in this series before I started. I need a large side order of the next book, like, now! Unfortunately, there is no news of the next book. :( I am loving this series so far. Maybe, in part, because I can identify with some of Callie's quirks. She is such a genuine character and I love the romance with Aiden. It's super cute!

    30. OMG! I am going to have a month long emotional hangover from this series. How do is this series not on every best seller list? It is amazing. So real. Raw. Everyone needs to read this! I struggle with things I think I am ocd about, but I thank the gods, I have absolutely zero problems compared to Callie's severe ocd.

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