You Can't Escape

You Can't Escape

Nancy Bush / Jan 20, 2021

You Can t Escape THE BIGGEST MISTAKEThe branding iron glows in the moonlight as he presses the searing metal into his victim s flesh She must wear the devil s sign just like the others He knows the curse that afflict

  • Title: You Can't Escape
  • Author: Nancy Bush
  • ISBN: 9781420134643
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE BIGGEST MISTAKEThe branding iron glows in the moonlight as he presses the searing metal into his victim s flesh She must wear the devil s sign, just like the others He knows the curse that afflicts them and he ll make sure they carry it to their graves IS BELIEVINGWhen investigative reporter Jay Dance Danzinger is nearly killed in a bomb blast, journalist JordannaTHE BIGGEST MISTAKEThe branding iron glows in the moonlight as he presses the searing metal into his victim s flesh She must wear the devil s sign, just like the others He knows the curse that afflicts them and he ll make sure they carry it to their graves IS BELIEVINGWhen investigative reporter Jay Dance Danzinger is nearly killed in a bomb blast, journalist Jordanna Winters senses a career making story Together they can find out who s responsible But as their investigation uncovers a string of unsolved murders, each body branded in the same way, Jordanna realizes that Dance isn t the only one in danger.YOU COULD EVER GET AWAY Small towns can hold big, dark secrets Deep in Jordanna s troubled past is the key to a killer s terrifying mission to purge the guilty one by one, burning their flesh to free their souls And her turn is coming, as he prepares to make his mark once

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        Bestselling author Nancy Bush has had an eclectic writing career She started her first story when she heard how young mothers were making money writing romance novels She thought, I can do that, and talked her sister, bestselling author, Lisa Jackson, into joining her in her foray into writing At the time Nancy was a young mother herself Now, she says she s just a mother.Nancy began her career in the romance genre, writing both contemporary and historical novels, but being a mystery buff, she kept trying to add suspense into the plot, as much as her editors would allow In 2002 she was chosen by ABC Television to be part of a writing group think tank which was tasked with developing story for ABC s daytime dramas She was one of two people selected from that group to actually become a breakdown writer for, at the time, one of ABC s top rated daytime shows ALL MY CHILDREN Nancy made the move to New York to join the AMC team while she was writing for the soap That was an experience, she admits Ask her, and she ll swear that the pressure cooker of delivering story every day lots and lots of story helped focus her writing.When Nancy returned to her home state of Oregon she channeled that newfound energy into writing the kind of books she s always loved mysteries She wrote three Jane Kelly Mystery novels in the space of three years, and has another one currently in proposal form The last several years she s turned her attention to romantic suspense novels, writing both with her sister and on her own Like Lisa, sh e s now a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, both in her co writing ventures and on her own merits as well.Nancy s latest project Summer 2012 is the kick off for her newest suspense series with NOWHERE TO RUN debuting in August and NOWHERE TO HIDE in September A third Nowhere book is scheduled for next year.Nancy has recently received the rights back to many of her earlier novels and the Danner Quartet, one of her most beloved series, is available again in e book form LADY SUNDOWN, MIRACLE JONES, JESSE S RENEGADE and SCANDAL S DARLING follow the ups and downs of the irrepressible Danner family in turn of the century Oregon Nancy also has a number of contemporary romances that have been updated and reformatted and now have new life as e books Look for THE PRINCESS AND THE PAUPER, DEAR DIARY, and the Summer Lovin Duets SUMMERTIME BLUES and IMAGINARY LOVER along with many in the coming months.


    1. There are two mysteries running throughout this book--the larger storyline involves heroine, journalist Jordanna Winters's hometown, where dead bodies are turning up that have been branded with a branding iron. And a smaller mystery storyline involving hero, investigative reporter Jay "Dance" Danziger, who is injured in a bombing at a building where he was supposed to meet a friend. Most of the story takes place in Rock Springs, Oregon, Jordanna's hometown that she hasn't been to in years, since [...]

    2. Two mysteries for the price of one! Branding, bombing, small town secrets, and family discord revolve around Jay "Dance" Danziger, investigative reporter and Jordanna Winters, journalist. Edge of your seat action!

    3. ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This is my first book by Nancy Bush and it was like being dropped into the middle of a circus. There are so many plots and characters it was difficult to tell if the book had a focus or main plot at all. Some authors do this really well, this time it just didn't work. It took well over half the book to see any connection between it all. It didn't grab me as a mystery/suspense and the romance, well, that was a snore too. [...]

    4. This book is the fourth in the author's Nowhere series. I can honestly say the books in this series read well as standalones since I had only read book 2 before getting a chance to read an early copy of this book from Net Galley. In my opinion, the series is a bit more on the procedural side than the suspense side, but has enough suspense to keep me guessing and just enough romance to keep me interested. Jordanna and "Dance" are featured in this book (although August and September Rafferty from [...]

    5. Oh so many secrets in such a small little town, secrets that have been kept for years. This book was definitely a page turner, as I knew it would be. I read a Nancy Bush book years ago, loved it, and just never got back to another one. I'm so glad Kensington and Net Galley approved my request to read this!There were so many subplots going on in this book, with so many lies, so many memories (true and false) and so, so many secrets. This book was very well written and I just raced through it in o [...]

    6. I've never been disappointed in a story by Nancy Bush yet and this one was no exception.Two major plots going on here. Jordanna Winters is an investigative journalist that has been following another journalist, Jay Danziger who just happens to have married in to a renown mob family named the Saldanos. Jay is injured in an explosion at the Saldanos business and Jordanna suspects that Jay was set up for a "hit" since he is divorcing out of the Saldano family.Jordanna sneaks Jay off to her families [...]

    7. I received this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Secrets, small town, and killers.what more could a girl want in a book?? Not much more for this girl!! This was so good, my first book by Nancy Bush(where have I been?) but definitely wont be my last!! Can't wait to get my hands on more by this author!

    8. I’ve just finished You Can't Escape by Nancy Bush. The book is well written, has multiple subplots, family secrets, murder, and a lite romantic element. The character development is thin, but enough to get a feel for the main characters (Jay & Jordanna). The book, has so much going on, that I felt l like I need a score card to keep all of the characters together with their part of the story. Another issue I had with the book was the transition between sections of the subplots, the story fe [...]

    9. Every author has a book that you read and think this is not their usual great writing and unfortunately this book was that for me.I love a good thriller , bit of romance , great characters and this book had some of these elements but the story itself was just lacking.I honestly found this book to be boring. I hate to leave a negative review but I received an advanced copy for an honest review and there you go that is my review. I will continue to read Nancy Bush's books in the future because I h [...]

    10. My apologies to First Reads, the author, and the publisher. This is the first book I've won that I have been unable to finish and write a review for. Due to ALS, I lost the ability to hold books several months ago, and I have not yet found someone to read it to me. If that time ever comes and I'm still able to type, I will then write a review. I had been enjoying the book.

    11. I received a copy of this book thru Netgalley, to read and review.Excellent book. I've always enjoyed Nancy Bush's books and this one did not disappoint. Good character back stories and excellent writing combined to make a great mystery.

    12. This was a really good story, although it could have been way better if there was just a bit more suspense and action. There is a lot of lag time in the middle of this book, but overall it kept my attention and the ending was great.

    13. And it's another Good Read! My goodness this was a page turner for me, kept me guessing all the way thru. Love this Rafferty family series. Fingers crossed for more!!!

    14. My two beefs are SPOILER ALERT!!!!1) Who would be hot and bothered after accidentally uncovering a young woman's shallowly buried body?! I was like 'Uh Hullo? Instead of racing to the police you have sex, first? Seriously?!!2) I LOVE Nancy Bush much more than her way more famous sister. I find Bush's writing much more focused than Lisa Jackson's all-over-the-place, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink method of storytelling. But, really, what is up with the missing blank space lines that are customar [...]

    15. Didn't enjoy this so much. The storyline was one I'd read before with different characters and a slight twist but all too familiar, and its not one I particularly care for. Jordanna Winters is wanting to become a serious journalist so she starts following (stalking, you might as well say) Jay "Dance" Danziger. When a bomb explodes in a building he was standing in front of and he's injured, Jordanna rushes to the hospital and claims to be his wife in order to have access to him. Jay wakes up to d [...]

    16. I was given an ARC of You Can't Escape from NetGallery for an honest review so this is my review.I have read a number of book in this "series" by Nancy Bush and this is this first one that it took almost the entire book for me to really get into it. For some reason this book seemed to jump around way too much and have more going on then really needed to be going on. There were three cases that were being dealt with at one time and sometimes the jumps from subject to subject just did not flow as [...]

    17. You Can't Escape by Nancy Bush is complex mystery. What really stands out in this story is that what looks to be the main mystery turns into a subplot. Then what I thought would be simply a telling of Jordanna Winters’s past that influenced her to become an investigative reporter materializes into a major suspenseful story. This was not the direction I was expecting the story to take when Jordanna first helps Jay “Dance” Danziger. This twist is well play and developed by the author. Nothin [...]

    18. It's back to Oregon and the Rafferty family though in this book we see a lot less of them than usual. Detective August "Auggie" Rafferty is still in love with Liv and his twin sister Detective September Rafferty is acting ridiculous and a little like Carrie Bradshaw did in Sex and The City when Aidan gave her an engagement ring. September doesn't want to wear her engagement ring and yet tells her live in fiance Jake that she loves him and wants to be married but carries on some ridiculous nonsen [...]

    19. This is the fourth book in the series. Although some of the old characters are in the story, the plot surrounds Jordanna Winters and Jay "Dance" Danziger, both journalists. Jordanna admired Jay, had a bit of a hero worship of him. She followed him around, until one fateful day, she was across the street when a bomb went off in the building, that Dance was in. She rushes to the hospital, impersonating his ex-wife, fearing his life is in danger. Jay, wakes up and knows the woman pretending to be h [...]

    20. This provided a lively f2f discussion 1/2016 MLBC.I felt the book went on forever but the last quarter finally piqued my interest.There were too many characters that I knew only superficially.I must admit that I have no prior knowledge of the Rafferty familyis may have been the problem.But, the twins,August and September, the pregnant July delivering a May or was it a June.I drew the line there to cemeteries, shallow graves and brandings.That being said, I was aboard with the branded bodies and [...]

    21. Jordanna is a journalist. She has been following a fellow journalist Jay or Dance as he is called. He was married to a woman from a known mob family but has since divorced but his ex wife has not told her family yet. Dance is injured in a bombing at the Saldano’s business- ex in laws and could he be on someone’s hit list? So Jordanna gets him out of the hospital and takes him to her home town. Also there is a serial killer killing those he deems needs redemption.Well a little hard to rate as [...]

    22. While shadowing her idol investigative reporter Jay "Dance" Danzinger, Jordanna Winters witnesses him almost lose his life in a bomb blast. She impersonates his ex-wife and checks him out of the hospital and while the two go on the run in case Dance is in danger Jordanna stumbles across her own family secrets in her old hometown. As more and more comes to light it leads her to believe her childhood was not as she remembers it due to all the secrets. It just might not have been the abuse she thou [...]

    23. This was a great book! What makes a great Nancy Bush story is she keeps you busy with at least two storylines in her books. Jordanna Winters thinks she is helping Jay "Dance" Danzinger with a story but instead she finds a story when she goes back to her home town.Jay needs to know who set the bomb. Was it meant for him or his in-laws? How long can he stay out of touch before the truth finds him?I love it when a book makes you want to keep reading because you have to know what is going to happen [...]

    24. Although a fan of Nancy Bush, I did not enjoy this book as much as her others. When her journalist hero Jay Danziger survives a bomb blast, Jordanna Winters rushes to his hospital room and pretends to be his wife. Believing that his life is in danger, she helps him out of the hospital and takes him to her old family house out in the country. There she learns of an unidentified body being found with a branding of some sort. Then another young person is missing but the police seem to believe she h [...]

    25. Secrets in a small community, a serial killer with multiple personality disorder, a bombing and also a romance are part of this fourth book in Ms. Bush’s Nowhere series. The characters were well developed with complete backstories. The main characters, Dance and Jordanna, are both reporters that come together rather unexpectedly after a bombing – theirs is the love story. What they do for a living causes them to end up investigating more than one story that leads to danger. I enjoyed the boo [...]

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