Sidewalk Flowers

Sidewalk Flowers

JonArno Lawson SydneySmith / Jan 16, 2021

Sidewalk Flowers In this wordless picture book a little girl collects wildflowers while her distracted father pays her little attention Each flower becomes a gift and whether the gift is noticed or ignored both giv

  • Title: Sidewalk Flowers
  • Author: JonArno Lawson SydneySmith
  • ISBN: 9781554984312
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this wordless picture book, a little girl collects wildflowers while her distracted father pays her little attention Each flower becomes a gift, and whether the gift is noticed or ignored, both giver and recipient are transformed by their encounter Written by award winning poet JonArno Lawson and brought to life by illustrator Sydney Smith, Sidewalk Flowers is an odIn this wordless picture book, a little girl collects wildflowers while her distracted father pays her little attention Each flower becomes a gift, and whether the gift is noticed or ignored, both giver and recipient are transformed by their encounter Written by award winning poet JonArno Lawson and brought to life by illustrator Sydney Smith, Sidewalk Flowers is an ode to the importance of small things, small people, and small gestures.

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    1. Really a cute and beautiful picture book. Caught my attention because it was nominated last year by . Otherwise I probably would not have found it, it is not my usual type of book. Without text, it tells the story of a small girl going home with her somewhat distracted father in a big city, while she finds flowers in the sidewalk, collects them and in the end gives those flowers to various beautiful purposes. The use of black and white drawings combined with only the red of her coat, increasing [...]

    2. This book has no words.A little girl in a red coat walks around the city picking flowers from various places, accompanying her very distracted father. At the end, she gives the flowers to different people/things such as - laying them on a dead bird - sticking them in a sleeping homeless man's shoe. - slipping them under a dog's collar. - When she gets home, putting them in her mother's and little brother's hair, and putting them in her baby sibling's stroller.The illustrations are a little ugly. [...]

    3. وقتی هشت ساله بودم کتابی هدیه گرفتم که فقط تصویر بود. تصاویری از یک عنکبوت کوچک در جنگلی سبز. و من به عنوان صاحب آن کتاب، این اختیار را داشتم که برای تصویرها داستانی بنویسم. تصمیم گرفته بودم اول داستان را توی چرک‌نویس بنویسم. اما هربار احساس می‌کردم داستان بهتری هم می‌شود نوش [...]

    4. To see this week's Wordless Picture Books, please visit readrantrockandrollIn this picture book, a little girl takes a walk through the city with her father and while on the journey, she decides to start collecting little wildflowers she discovers along the way. Her father is busy doing his own thing and is quite distracted. By the time they’re about ready to head home, she has collected a beautiful bouquet of flowers. What she decides to do with the flowers on her way back home is touching. F [...]

    5. When you live in a city, nature's successes can feel like impositions. We have too many pigeons. Too many squirrels. Too many sparrows, and roaches, and ants. Too many . . . flowers? Flowers we don’t seem to mind as much but we certainly don’t pay any attention to them. Not if we’re adults, anyway. Kids, on the other hand, pay an exquisite amount of attention to anything on their eye level. Particularly if it’s a spot of tangible beauty available to them for the picking. Picture books ha [...]

    6. Sidewalk Flowers is told with no words. A walk with a little girl and her father depicted in pictures. But so many words and emotions flow and move and live on the pages. So many words can be seen in the art, in the colors, in the details, and in the actions of a little girl and her flowers.Adorable. Kind. Sad. Healing. Caring. Sharing. Heart. And Unforgettable.The world would be an ugly place without the little acts of kindness. Something as small as a wave or a flower can brighten and affect s [...]

    7. I was asked to fill in for an elementary school colleague for grade 1 and 2 yesterday. This was the book chosen for our read aloud. Wordless, Sidewalk Flowers illustrations calls on the young reader to make inferences about the story. Some of the most sensitive children quickly realized the "daddy" character was distracted and not paying attention to his daughter. It was interesting to listen in as the children began to state their opinions on whether that was okay . They all agreed that it was [...]

    8. A little girl is the only person that takes notice of flowers growing out of the cracks of sidewalks. A beautiful metaphor about our perception and what we notice as we go about our tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

    9. I'm glad I stopped by the Groundwood booth at ALA midwinter. This is a moving picture book featuring a child noticing others and sharing kindness with them.

    10. A wordless reminder to pay attention and that random acts of kindness add color to our world. This book is a gem. This little girl might grow up to be Miss Rumphius! The art is amazing and children and adults will have much to examine, ponder, and discuss after reading this. Who needs May Day baskets when you can tuck flowers in your dog's collar! I'm eager for the snow to melt here so I can look for sidewalk flowers--Queen Anne's Lace is one of my favorites to pick from the roadside.

    11. Ah this book was describing how I look to this world wordlessly! it is always that the unnoticed is what gives us the most closest sweet and gracious feeling we can ever get I hope one day we p[en our eyes and ears to discover and listen devotionly to what god is sending to us they may be so close to us that we really don't notice.

    12. خودش را به راحتی در قلبت جا می‌کرد. واقعاً به راحتیممنونم از لیلی و خانم توکلی.

    13. Sidewalk Flowers follows a little girl as she walks through the city with her father. While he spends most of his time on the phone, she collects sidewalk flowers and then gives them out to people and animals she meets along the way. In the beginning, only the girl is in colour- wearing a vivid red cloak- along with the flowers she spots in a black and white city full of black and white people. But as she noticed things- a patterned dress, a vase, a bird- they too become brightly coloured and by [...]

    14. Lần đầu đọc ké nó trong nhà sách Kim Đồng, và mình thích ngay lập tức. Cách kể chuyện và cách vẽ màu nước của tác giả này làm mình mê mẩn, chưa kể kịch bản câu chuyện vốn được viết bởi JonArno Lawson, nghe đồn là một nhà thơ theo phong cách văn chương vô nghĩa lí (NONSENSE LITERATURE). Bẵng đi một thời gian, đến hôm qua thì mình bất ngờ được bạn tặng quyển sách này.This book is just simp [...]

    15. The artwork in this wordless picture feels like a throwback to iconic classics like Make Way for Ducklings. A young girl walks through the city with her preoccupied father and finds flowers growing through the pavement. There are so many lessons here, but maybe most importantly we're reminded that beauty is always there if we look for it.

    16. Beautifully illustrated wordless picture book. At first it reminded me of The Red Balloon, because initially the little girl's red coat and the flowers are the only colored objects on each page. As the book progresses and she gathers more and more of the sidewalk flowers, her acts of kindness in distributing them make the world more colorful and beautiful; by the time she gets home, the illustrations are in full color. I thought this was a novel approach and applaud the poet-writer, JonArno Laws [...]

    17. A light little wordless picture book.We follow a little girl as she goes for a walk with her father, and returns; first she notices and picks flowers, and then she distributes them.Art's nice. Most of it in black and white and gray, with various splashes of color to nice effect.

    18. This is a lovely book where color contrasts with the black and white drawings to bring the story to life. No words necessary!

    19. The whole family will read all these Children's Illustrated book nominees for 2015 and rate all of them. To be fair, I liked this one more than any of the rest of them, so gave it MY rating, but in general, my rating is sometimes affected by the family ratings.This is a silent or wordless story about a man and his daughter walking through the city and the girl picking wild sidewalk flowers and giving them to various people along the way: a dog, a homeless man sleeping on a bench, and the two ki [...]

    20. Wow! I am not sure where to start with this wordless picture book. A little girl walking in the city with her dad (who seems distracted,oblivious or is just letting his child do her thing) builds a lovely collection of flowers she finds in various nooks and crannies. Bursts of color are added for a flowered dress, glass vases etc. The child gives out the flowers to the homeless, animals (dead and alive), her family and lastly herself. The gifts are transformative. Sidewalk Flowers is one of the [...]

    21. All books for children need to be this intelligent. So, with no words whatsoever, this book tells the story of a little girl whom walks home with her father one day whom is, alas, on his device the entire time. She holds his hand diligently. With her other hand, she holds the flowers. With her eyes, she sees the city. her father continues to absorb all that technology has to offer. The little girl holds the flowers up, then places them precisely where her father has placed his device; hers is be [...]

    22. A sweet visual story of a little girl that sees the beauty in life that grows between the cracks and alongside ignored spots, and how that beauty can be passed along.Fantastic use of black and white with - initially - the intermittent scattering of color for emphasis which becomes more and more frequent as the reader sees what she sees. I loved it's subtly.I also loved the lack of words. As a story book for kids, it has a wealth of opportunity for imaginative storytelling for kids. Lovely, lovel [...]

    23. Este libro es completamente ilustrado, sin una sola palabra desde que inicia hasta que acaba. La historia es contada a través de preciosas viñetas que, honestamente, podría pasar horas admirando. Con puras ilustraciones este librito llegó a mi corazón y cada viñeta deja entrever un trasfondo poético maravilloso. Un libro ideal tanto para niños como para adultos. Este libro ya tiene un lugar muy especial en mi corazón. <3

    24. I loved this wordless picture book. Maybe partly because I love the wildflowers that grow in poor soil, and sometimes it seems, no soil (aka citified asters and wood sorrel, pineappleweed and clovers) The art is beautiful and the story tender, the use of color fantastic. It is a story about, among other things, the separate worlds inhabited by a kid and her caretaker. A little sad, but also full of wonder.I highly recommend this book.

    25. Sidewalk Flowers in a wordless story, and I don't think is a good idea to put it into too many words here. But I wanted to bring this book into your attention because it really worth a try. This story is a tribute to the small gestures that make big differences.Check out more children's book reviews in my Reviews in Chalk Blog!

    26. Enlarging your world, finding beauty everywhere, showing kindness, warmth and so much more. This one is really a piece of art that should be shared around the world.

    27. There seems to be a theme in children's picture books lately of recognizing the beauty in urban environments. This wordless book is a wonderful addition to the theme.

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