Memories of Ice

Memories of Ice

Steven Erikson / Feb 27, 2021

Memories of Ice The third tale from the Mazalan Book of the Fallen Memories of Ice is a convoluted military fantasy even dense than its two predecessors A deranged and not necessarily human prophet has set a canniba

  • Title: Memories of Ice
  • Author: Steven Erikson
  • ISBN: 9780593046241
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third tale from the Mazalan Book of the Fallen, Memories of Ice is a convoluted military fantasy even dense than its two predecessors A deranged and not necessarily human prophet has set a cannibal rabble to conquer a continent, and various armies and wizards are out to stop him but their reasons for doing this are many, various and often conflicting The previoThe third tale from the Mazalan Book of the Fallen, Memories of Ice is a convoluted military fantasy even dense than its two predecessors A deranged and not necessarily human prophet has set a cannibal rabble to conquer a continent, and various armies and wizards are out to stop him but their reasons for doing this are many, various and often conflicting The previous two books Gardens of the Moon and Deadhouse Gates were full of mysteries, some of them answered here Erikson s is a world in which gods ascend from humanity to replace gods that fall or are overthrown and in which the world and the supernatural warrants that surround it are full of relics of past gods and past cultures Young officer Paran tries to make sense of the return of his dead beloved as one of the four souls of a magical child his commander Whiskeyjack tries to do the right thing as both soldier and human being the scout Toc tries to survive hideous torture and pass on information he only partly knows Erikson creates an impressive dark world of brutality and sudden beauty in which dizzying vistas of times past suddenly open his work repays the concentration needed to follow his complex plotting and sentences Roz Kaveney

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        Steven Erikson is the pseudonym of Steve Rune Lundin, a Canadian novelist, who was educated and trained as both an archaeologist and anthropologist His best known work is the series, the Malazan Book of the Fallencmillan author steven


    1. MoI is the third book in the epic series about Malazan. It’s really epic as I haven’t read any such other series with quite long books, so many characters and many plots/subplots. Moreover things are now really starting to make sense for me when I finished MoI! :D But I’m just a silly lass so don’t mind these words. You may feel different about the book :)After a couple of weeks and about 900 pages in this book, I’m exhausted and depressed a bit. Hah, I’m not sure what I can write mo [...]

    2. 'This one was so good it makes Deadhouse Gates look like Gardens of the Moon.'Memories of Ice was the strongest instalment in this series so far, which is high praise indeed. It tells the sweeping tale of a clash of gods, filled with epic battles, complex schemes and brutal violence. This book can at times be dark and unforgiving, as much so as any ‘grimdark’ I’ve read. However Erikson brilliantly balances this out with heroism and courage. This contrast makes the merciless account of huma [...]

    3. The harder the world, the fiercer the honour.This in-world quote succinctly explains why this book still ranks as the favourite volume of my favourite grimdark epic fantasy series. It is the reason why I even read grimdark in the first place, given that I am so easily assailed by emotions that one wonders why I willingly put myself through such heartbreak. So bear with me throughout this series when I keep waxing lyrical about how humanity manifests its most amazing attributes in the face of rel [...]

    4. I don’t know if I’m becoming a more acquainted with Steven Erickson’s writing and thus I understood more of this book OR this book was just more readable than the first 2.Finally stuff is making more and more sense to me. But there is so much that happens in this book that it is really hard to sum it up in a review. However this is what I’ve now learned from Steven Erickson in this series:❶ - My favorite Character will die. Seriously 3 books and in each one the character I liked the mo [...]

    5. *** 4.35 ***A buddy read with my family and friends at BB&B! Because we love Fantasy and are a bit of masochists too ""And the fact remained, whatever games the gods played, it was hard-working dirt-poor bastards like him who suffered for it.”"Epic Fantasy of this scope deserves a better reviewer than me I get so overwhelmed not only by the plot-lines and multitude of emotions the cast of characters brings on, but from the experience as a whole, that I loose the ability to break everything [...]

    6. “The harder the world, the fiercer the honour.” The Bridgeburners - Sorry, Hedge, Detoran, Fiddler, Quick Ben, WhiskeyJack, Mallet, Antsy, KalamThis will be more of a my feelies about stuff and fangirly essay than a review. There's your warning!Memories of Ice was literally the longest read of my life. I've never taken more than 2 weeks to finish a book, be it good or dull as watching two turtles go at it. But, due to the curse upon my malazan reading experience, I know this is Erikson's doi [...]

    7. "We shall converge within the Pannion Domin. Us, them, and the surviving clans of the T'lan Imass. There will be, without doubt, battles aplenty. The crushing of an empire is never easy. I should know, having crushed a few in my time."Memories of Ice aka. “how many ridiculously awesome characters can you actually shove into one single army?”In the south of the continent of Genabackis, the Pannion Domin arises. An empire of bloodthirsty fanatics led by an insane religious Seer who threatens t [...]

    8. 'It has begun here, on Genabackis, but that is simply the heart. This tide will spread. It will infect every city, on every continent, it will devour empires and nations from within.'In Memories of Ice we are returned back to the continent of Genabackis. Erikson's decision to flip back and forth between books wasn't apparent to me at first, but I was happy to be back with some familiar characters from GotM. After reading the prologue I knew this was going to be something different than the first [...]

    9. This is one of the most EPIC book I have ever read. Scratch that, it is the most EPIC book I have ever read. This book is the PRIME EXAMPLE of how fantasy should be WRITTEN and why I read fantasy. This is why the word, EPIC was created and invented, to describe and sum up this book in one word. The book has absolutely no fillers what so ever. Steven Erikson is the most EPIC writer I have ever read, and this is his BEST book of all time. He is CLEARLY LAPS AHEAD of George R.R. Martin in WRITING S [...]

    10. Memories of Ice is a third installment of the Malazan Book of the Fallen and it is, like its predecessor, a direct continuation of the Gardens of the Moon storyline. We are, once again, on the continent of Genabackis where we are reunited with a lot of great characters like Whiskeyjack, Quick Ben, Kruppe, Paran, Caladan Brood and His Epicness, Anomander Rake. We follow their precarious alliance as they march into war against an empire known as the Pannion Domin. As we follow them, we also meet a [...]

    11. Memories are woven tapestries hiding hard walls-tell me my friends, what hue your favored thread, and I in turn, will tell the cast of your soul.So far this is my favorite book in the series. I struggled with a large part of Gardens of the Moon as Erikson throws readers in to the massive world he has created, and it is sink or swim. In Deadhouse Gates, there are a few familiar faces from Gardens of the Moon but the majority are new, and I found it a bit dragging in parts. However with Memories o [...]

    12. “When frozen between life and death, in the glacial in-between, what can exist of mortal feeling?Not even an echo. Only memories of ice.”A true masterpiece of the genre.If Gardens of the Moon (however ambitious) was a sloppy introduction with narrative obstructions that prevented shiny and glossy entry into the series, then duo of Deadhouse Gates with its emotional wrestling and Memories of Ice with its flawless execution, were determined in their goal to win you over for eternity.In my opin [...]

    13. As with the previous two books in the Malazan Series, my reread of Memories of Ice was a very different, far superior experience than my first read. Again, the density of world building combined with the layers of mystery and foreshadowing are just mind boggling and difficult to appreciate the first time round, but are a wonder to unpack on subsequent reads.This third book of the series takes us back to the continent on Genabackis where we are reunited with the Bridgeburners as we pick up the st [...]

    14. Wow,!!! Where to begin? This will be another tough review, due to spoilers, and I like to keep these spoiler free. So, I'll start with the real rating: 6 STARTS OUT OF 5 . This sounds like a joke, but I mean it. I absolutely loved the first 2 books and this one just blew them out of the water. I'll say what little I can of the story. Firstly, this is so seriously jam packed with info and reveals from the first book that I found myself having to scan GotM quite frequently. This book is t [...]

    15. I think it's actually this book where I'm finally getting into the swing of things better, but perhaps that's just familiarity with the endless procession of characters. It helped when I finally broke down and got the help of a wiki. :)On the other hand, I sure as hell never needed help loving Kruppe even from the first book and that sure as hell hasn't changed by the third. What a personality!And of course there's a lot to love about Brood and Rake, both in story, history, and personal quirks, [...]

    16. I didn't think there could be a more heart wrenching ending than Deadhouse Gates but this was much worse. When Erikson's speaks of convergence he means it. Those last two hundred pages were one surprise, heartbreak and somehow intertwined laughs after another. I need to read something light to recover.

    17. Simply one of the best books i ever read. Period. Erikson is a master storyteller in every aspect.

    18. This was the best Malazan book so far. It was so good that it ranks alongside the best the fantasy genre has to offer. Steven Erikson did a great job of weaving his gigantic cast of characters and complex plot and subplots into a cohesive fast paced and intriguing story. The story picked up from where we left off in Gardens of the Moon. Dujek's host have been outlawed by the Malazan Empire and are in the process of forming an alliance with their old foes, led by Caladan Brood and Anomander Rake, [...]

    19. The surviving people from the first book are back: Bridgeburners, Kruppe, Tool, Anomander Rake, Dujek, and Caladan Brood together with some new characters. A big bad guy (and I do mean - BAD) is entering into the game - The Chained God. The threat of this is so big - some of the Elder Gods are coming back just to stop it. It turns out - Quick Ben does not like the bad guy either and is determined to stop him. The first move of The Chained God is to rouse some fanatics on the south of continent a [...]

    20. With all the pain and loss that fill this book, in this reread it is Itkovian who has moved me to tears the most often. In a series that abounds with memorable characters, this mortal man stands out as the epitome of honour and sacrifice. My horse, sir, my soldiers

    21. Although Memories of Ice is considered by many to be the best of the Malazan books, I found it to be the weakest (edit, 2014: at least when I first wrote this review back in 2005 or so and had only read up to Midnight Tides. Since then there have been much weaker installments). This is so because of the following reasons:-The Mhybe storyline: Literally 150 pages of a character whining with nothing important happening. It is perfectly credible that given the Mhybe's situation she would be upset a [...]

    22. "We are all pushed into a world of madness, yet it must now fall to each of us to pull back from this Abyss, to drag ourselves free of the descending spiral. From horror, grief must be fashioned and from grief, compassion"-ItkovianTo start with MoI was a wild ride & probably a fairly confusing one at times. This wasn't a story stictly about a particular set of people. This was a book that had a plot with a truck load of sub plots. From the Outlawed Malazan/Brood/Rake/Pannion Seer plot, to th [...]

    23. I found this third book in the series much easier to get into then previous books, as I was already familiar with a lot of the characters. Once again Erikson takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride and you can't help feeling a little sadden as events escalated throughout the story. Whilst this book didn't make me have the hollow pit in my stomach like Deadhouse Gates, it was such a powerful story that leaves me searching for answers and wanting to know what happens next. It's well worth conside [...]

    24. Tears in my eyes at the end of this one. Beautifully crafted, unexpected twists and turns, new vistas opening up in every direction: this is a deep story. We are finally (not a complaint) starting to get a feel for the outlines of the underlying conflict here, as well as who the main characters (past and present) are likely to be. Unlike one of the other reviewers here, my chief complaint is that, even at 1180 pages, the book is too short.I am impressed. Erikson is better, perhaps, than even Geo [...]

    25. I damn near drowned in the endless torrents of emotion that comprised this book. I was elated, drunken and dizzy while reading. It was like I had stopped existing within myself and lived within the memories of ice. Dead House Gates and this together make for a truly majestic experience.

    26. So far, from my experience with Malazan, the novels are of 5-star quality right from the beginning. Then, with around 200 pages left, Erikson smashes through the rating system: the endings are that epic. Memories of Ice is no different. The first 800ish pages are awesome, but the ending just blows everything out of the water.In Memories of Ice, we can finally see the main storyline of the series unfold which is pretty exciting. The prologue really set the tone for the whole book with a flashbac [...]

    27. *Character deaths and other plot points are all marked to hide spoilers. "The harder the world, the fiercer the honour." The state of the world in this installment is certainly harsh, and the honour most definitely fierce. An alliance of unlikely- and all of my favourite- characters has been formed to vanquish the Pannion Domin- a new empire surviving on cannibalism and the rape of dead men to create the Children of the Dead Seed. Yes, that's exactly what I said. Erikson didn't hesitate to go fu [...]

    28. This book, this book what to say about this book!? I'll start off with my overall thoughts of it and I'd give this a 4.5* review overall because this is a much better written and more exciting and complicated and cool story than book 1 and 2. I felt that Gardens of the Moon was a really character focused story and there were real moments of wonder but there wasn't a lot of battle whereas Deadhouse Gates had nearly all battle focus and nowhere near as much time focusing on the characters. I felt [...]

    29. This review is from my first read. I will edit below shortly my thoughts after reading a second time. Needless to say, going from four stars to five should give you enough indication as to my thoughts.Story: 4/51: Being Vague, rambling plot with no little believable storyline5: Ripping yarn, clever, thought provokingEasily my favorite in the series so far. The whole series is an epic in story telling. It is not possible to do it justice in describing it here in a book review. The story brought b [...]

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