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  • Title: Home
  • Author: Nicola Davies
  • ISBN: 9780744559835
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Paperback
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        I was very small when I saw my first dolphin, says zoologist Nicola Davies, recalling a seminal visit with her father to a dolphin show at the zoo Enchanted at the sight of what she called the big fish jumping so high and swimming so fast, she determined right then that she would meet the amazing creatures again in the wild, where they belonged And indeed she did as part of a pair of scientific expeditions, one to Newfoundland at the age of eighteen and another to the Indian Ocean a year later In WILD ABOUT DOLPHINS, Nicola Davies describes her voyages in a firsthand account filled with fascinating facts and captivating photographs of seven species of dolphins in action Nicola Davies s seemingly boundless enthusiasm for studying animals of all kinds has led her around the world and fortunately for young readers, she is just as excited about sharing her interests through picture books The zoologist s latest offering puts a decidedly quirky twist on her years of experience POOP A NATURAL HISTORY OF THE UNMENTIONABLE is a fun, fact filled guide to the fascinating world of poop across species As a zoologist, you are never far from poop the writer explains I ve baked goose poop in an oven with my dinner, looked at bat poop under the microscope, and had my T shirt stained pink with blue whale poop I was obviously fated to write this book The exceptional combination of Nicola Davies s zoological expertise and her first rate children s writing is apparent in her remarkable catalog of award winning titles Her first book with Candlewick Press, BIG BLUE WHALE, was hailed by American Bookseller as an artfully composed study offering language exactly appropriate for four to seven year olds and precisely the right amount of information In ONE TINY TURTLE, Nicola Davies s clear, compelling narrative follows the life of the rarely seen loggerhead turtle, which swims the oceans for thirty years and for thousands of miles in search of food, only to return, uncannily, to lay her eggs on the very beach where she was born The author s next book, BAT LOVES THE NIGHT, is a tenderly written ode to a much misunderstood flying mammal, the pipistrelle bat, while SURPRISING SHARKS winner of a BOSTON GLOBE HORN BOOK Honor Award contains unexpected facts about another one of the planet s most infamous animals.When she is not off on scientific expeditions, Nicola Davies lives in a cottage in Somerset, England, where she is lucky enough to have pipistrelle bats nesting in her roof.


    1. This book got me excited by the start, dragged a little in the middle and then totally lost me with a frankly wild ending. Characters were well depicted but I needed a little more world building to fully understand their surroundings.

    2. I really didn't like this book. For starters, it was quite boring at the start and I was hoping for it to get better but it didn't. It was also quite strange and just unusual.Ahhh it annoys me when books don't turn out the way I expect them too!!! Until next time. :)

    3. I 'read' this as an audio book while on a long drive and didn't like, or get used to, the way the female narrator spoke either for the 'workers' or for the ruling classes but I gather it was to stress the difference between the accents of the 2 classes. The voice for Nero and the other males was fine though.For lovers of stories of dystopian futures (the reason I chose to read it), this was different - from the 'units' the workers = slaves tend, to the mad idea of humans being aliens on Earth, w [...]

    4. This was a library listen. It started okay - a bit too much explanation and not much action, but then things improved. Set in the future there are workers and supervisors. We follow 2 worker friends and learn about their world. Then their lives cross the path of a supervisor and what they thought was true is revealed to be something else, as the action heats up. The narrator had an annoying voice and occasionally she dropped out of character which was rather jarring. I would have said it is aime [...]

    5. All of the workers have been told that the outside world is harmful, and so everyone stays inside the glass domes where they work and sleep. Except for Sacks. When she goes out and realises it's not actually harmful, it sets in motion a massive set of events, which leads to something Sacks could never have dreamed ofThis wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be, which is a bit of a shame. The storyline was okay, the characters were okay, but nothing was ever more than okay. An easy read with a [...]

    6. Awesome book. Its obscure presentation of the story gripped me, and the dystopian plot of rebels and young adults was great. The descriptive writing gave a clear imagery of what the story tries to convey (or at least it did create a "movie" in my head as I read it). I recommend this book to those who enjoy YA Dystopian books, and storytelling from characters' perspectives.

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