Four Truths and a Lie

Four Truths and a Lie

Lauren Barnholdt / Feb 27, 2021

Four Truths and a Lie Eighth grader Scarlett is boy crazy and not just a little boy crazy We re talking seriously utterly completely percent boy crazy So much so that her mother in an effort to curb Scarlett s enth

  • Title: Four Truths and a Lie
  • Author: Lauren Barnholdt
  • ISBN: 9781416935049
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eighth grader Scarlett is boy crazy and not just a little boy crazy We re talking seriously, utterly, completely, 100 percent boy crazy So much so that her mother, in an effort to curb Scarlett s enthusiasm, ships her off to a prestigious all girls charter school Scarlett thinks her life is absolutely over But what she doesn t know is that her life is about to get aEighth grader Scarlett is boy crazy and not just a little boy crazy We re talking seriously, utterly, completely, 100 percent boy crazy So much so that her mother, in an effort to curb Scarlett s enthusiasm, ships her off to a prestigious all girls charter school Scarlett thinks her life is absolutely over But what she doesn t know is that her life is about to get absolutely interesting, because on her desk in her dorm room she finds a letter The letter says it contains four truths and a lie and Scarlett s reputation depends on determining which is which Maybe an all girls school isn t so boring after all.

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    1. Scarlet's dad is a theif. When the people at her school figured out, they began to hate her. Even her best friend Brianna. So she decided that she needed a fresh start. She got accepted into a boarding school for girls. The academics are tough and her roomate is mean. But thats just the begining. In English class when they start "stranger writing" everything goes downhill. Just from a game, four truths and a lie. I recommend this book to any girl who likes books about girls that have to deal wit [...]

    2. It was a book that I can understand because it was based on a middle schooler. This was a really good book and very exciting! I want to know if there is a sequel! So a girl named Scarlett goes to a new school because of her dads "incident" and she doesn't want anyone to know. She gets letters telling her to see if its a lie or truth. It was Crissa and her ex boyfriend who did it, but James is actually good! Crissa just turns out to be misunderstood and a good person who has rough times. Scarlett [...]

    3. So, a couple things that I found really obnoxious about Four Truths and a Lie--the main character manages to be this totally snobby, superficial teenager while sobbing over how her life is so over. I thought that those two things desperately clashed and needed editing. Scarlett, the main character, was possibly the most shallow person I've ever read about, and when she arrives at her polished all-girls boarding school it seems as if she only cares about finding a girl at the school who wears Fen [...]

    4. 1/12/11I am going to start this book tonight and I can't wait because it sounds so good!!!1/17/11I am on page 155 of the book Four Truths and a Lie. I am really enjoying this book!!!!!!!In the book, Scarlett is sent to an all girls Charter school where her roomate Crissa is very unwelcoming. Crissa's mom is a neat freak and always "visits' unexpected. I predict that in the end Crissa and Scarlett will become BFF'S because Sacrlett is really nice and wants to make new friends.1/23/11I finished th [...]

    5. It wasn't really my taste. I thought the characters were prissy and bitchy and had a hard time trying to connect with them. Despite the intriguing synopsis on the back about her having a "secret" and if she did not participate in this crazy "game" she was "destined for darkness" (not really), this book was pretty boring and seemed to drag out.

    6. It was okay but to me the story wasn't my taste. It was too girly and sweet and your typical girly book. Maybe it's just the fact that I am too old for it but I didn't excatly enjoy this book though I don't regret reading it. However, I could argue it was a waste of time.

    7. This is my last Aladdin m!x book by Lauren Barnhold;( I love her books because they have a great plot that is never predictable. Her books always surprise me and keep me entertained💛

    8. Having read many books by Lauren Barnholdt, 'Four Truths and a Lie' certainly lived up to expectations. Detailing the life of eighth grader Scarlett Northon, it delves into her friendship starved world as she starts school at a prestigious institution, the Brookline Academy for Girls. Without friends, she is relegated to being on the outskirts when she is so used to being part of the in-crowd. Not helping matters is the secret she is keeping about her father, as well as her unfriendly roommate, [...]

    9. This book was about a girl who went to a boarding school. She was required to stay there due tp her father's orders. The main character, Scarlett, had trouble making friends. One of the most popular girls was being snotty, and teased Scarlett about it making her feel more uncomfortable. Throughout the story The popular girl, Corissa, is making Scarlett question her only friend, Tia, and makes her go through personal files which almost gets her arrested and expelled. With many strikes and challen [...]

    10. Genre: Romantic ComedyPOV: Scarlett's (1st person)Reading Level: Middle GradeSource: Purchased the bookThe Premise:Scarlett is starting a new life and her ships her to a boarding school called Brookline Acamdemy for Girls. She is having a hard time coping up with the new school because ,of course, it is a boarding school. The standards are higher than expected. Moreover, the students are not really welcoming since Scarlett is concerned on other things like make up, clothes, and other things that [...]

    11. It's weird how life plays out, one day everything is ordinary and the next you're living a whole new life. In the young adult novel 'Four Truths and A Lie' by Lauren Barnholdt this is what happens to the main protagonist Scarlett Northon. In the beginning of the book Scarlett is forced with the challenge of starting a new school, due to the fact that her father was involved in a huge scandal with work. But unlike every other book out there about similar situations the story is given a whole new [...]

    12. The book Four Truths and a Lie by Lauren Barnholdt is by far my favorite book of all time. I love how everything played out and how her past ties up with everything. The story is about a girl named Scarllet who had to change schools because everyone hated since they found out her dad was a thief. Needing a fresh start she switched schools. She thought she was going to go to a regular school but no, her mom thought she was boy crazy so she was sent to an all girls boarding school. Everything was [...]

    13. This book was a wonderful book to read. It is about a girl name Scarlett who goes to a boarding scool. Scarlett didn't get into boarding school because of her smarts, so she is way behind in her school work. Scarlett got into boarding school because of something her dad did. What did he do? That is what a girl named Chrissa wants to find out, why is Scarlett at this school? In ELA, Scarlett has a penpal, it just so happens her penpal is Chrissa's ex-boyfriend. Chrissa decides to play with Scarle [...]

    14. The main character reminded me mostly of "Cher" from the nineties movie "Clueless." Scarlett is vain, and more interested in make-up, boys, and being popular than in studying. It felt as though her sense of discomfort came from the fact that she was a normal girl at a school of people like me.Despite the fact that I don't have much in common with the main character, the book's breezy voice remained consistent throughout, and it eventually won me over through its authenticity, if for no other rea [...]

    15. Absolutely amazing!!!!! This book has confusion of characters, bravery and dares, with a hint of betrayal! Amazing work Barnholdt!When her friends at her school discover who her father is, they all hate her, even her best friend. She is accepted into a girls' boarding school for a fresh start. But things get off to a bad start. The girls are assigned to a boy from the counterpart boy school. Scarlet's pen pal is dangerous. He tells her to do things that could get he in trouble, disguised as a ga [...]

    16. First of all Scarlett didn't go to the school because of boys. It's because her dad stole stuff so her friends didn't like her anymore. Anyway it was a good book but there really wasn't a point unlike other books. The plot was very boring and predictable. Anyway if you like books that are about shallow girls and private schools then this book is for you. If not please leave this book alone! You would not like it.

    17. Great book for upper elementary girls! Scarlett is a typical 8th grader, loves boys, fashion and friends. She is sent to a private girls school where everything has changed. She plays basketball even though she doesn't like the sport, is behind in all her homework, and has no friends because she is the new girl in the class. Writing to a class assignment pen pal, she recieves notes telling a statement and Scarlett has to figure out with it is true or a lie, which get her in some trouble.

    18. This compelling, quick and fun read will be highly appealing to middle school aged girls. Main character Scarlett is in eighth grade and deals with issues such as adjusting to a new school, making new friends, and struggling with challenging classes. She is somewhat of a fish out of water, in a school where academics are everything, and she doesn't fit in right away. The big secret Scarlett is trying to keep (click for full review storysnoops/detailp)

    19. This book was about a girl named Scarlett who transfers to a new school at the beginning of 8th grade, due to her father being involved in stealing money from his company . She starts this all girls school thinking that no one knows what her father did, but later, she gets blackmailed in a pen pal letter. It's four truths and a life. Scarlett has to figure them out before the truth about her father spills! I rate it 4 stars.

    20. Loved reading it! Was soooo good! I could relate to it! I am going into 8th grade next year but not to an all girls private but I have to say her life sounds pretty fun with the makeovers and going onto basketball and not even knowing she would like it! This is the second time I read this book and I fell in love with it for a second time! I hope something in 8th grade wondefully or unexpectedly happens to me just as it did to Scarlett!

    21. read it, like legit, a hundred thousand gazillion times, yet i cant get sick of it. why? dunno its just good. it was my all time fave book back when i was in 5th grade. now? i still love it. actually, im now Scarlett's age, yet the book was written in a little younger-like style, compared to all the YA novels ive read, but i STILL. LOVE. IT. unbelievable. Lauren Barnholdt you are truly something.

    22. It was a pretty good book, but the main character was kind of shallow- it seemed that all she cared about was makeovers and finding another person who liked makeovers. And though I get that, sure, she likes makeup, but it felt like she was too oriented around fashion. I couldn't really relate to the main character. But it was a fun read, at least!

    23. This book talks about a girl named Scarlett and her father is a theif, he stole money from his company, and it went on the news. Now the whole school that Scarlett goes to knows that her father is not a good guy, she gets isolated and goes to boarding school. She tries to get a fresh start but will it work?

    24. a very good book and about a girl who gets sent to private school and starts to struggle her way through it. She chooses to do basketball which she kinda lacks skill of. In English when she gets a mysterious penpal from the private boys' school. They start to meet each other which is against the school rules.

    25. A girls dad steals a lot of money from his company. His dauther is upset. She moves school. When she gets there she finds a note. It says 4 truths and a lie and atruth or lie. She needs to find out or else. I love this book! I love the tret. I love how she meets the boy. I also love the betral. I like how funny it is. I like how she has to get in troble.

    26. This book teaches you a lesson a HIDDEN one. One probably can't see unless you have been throughout this before. This tells a story about a girl who wanted to lay low but girls are interesting. My advice is if someone writes you a note about doing anything bad or not right do not do it! It will burn and it teaches that anyone can make mistakes and you learn from them. Thats my advice.

    27. Four Truths and a Lie was your typical "girl's life at a boarding school" book. It attracted my interests when I was in fifth and sixth grade, but after that, due to my changes in book interests, this book lost its appeal and I stopped recommending this book to my friends. The author is a good writer and very creative with her ideas, but this book's plot was just too common.

    28. Four Truths And a Lie was very good. It was exciting and had plot twists and I enjoyed reading it very much. I found it very interesting and I thought it was also funny. I recommend you to read this amazing book.

    29. I think this book had a lot of drama and was really interesting. People that like realistic fiction drama should really read this. These type of books are my type, and it's also very funny and whoever reads it will like it. It is on Kindle Cloud!

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