Sacrifice of a Witch

Sacrifice of a Witch

Suza Kates / Apr 21, 2021

Sacrifice of a Witch She Waits No MoreAnna St Germaine has finally entered her long awaited trial and the task set for her is clear A once banished demon has been planning his resurrection for centuries All she has to do

  • Title: Sacrifice of a Witch
  • Author: Suza Kates
  • ISBN: 9780991200214
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • She Waits No MoreAnna St Germaine has finally entered her long awaited trial, and the task set for her is clear A once banished demon has been planning his resurrection for centuries All she has to do kill him The countdown has begun, and her coven is prepared than ever But while Anna may be psychic, she knows the future is never certain.His Past Is RisingIaShe Waits No MoreAnna St Germaine has finally entered her long awaited trial, and the task set for her is clear A once banished demon has been planning his resurrection for centuries All she has to do kill him The countdown has begun, and her coven is prepared than ever But while Anna may be psychic, she knows the future is never certain.His Past Is RisingIan Keller can t seem to get away from all the witches in Savannah But as darkness swells within him, he sees no alternative but to turn to one for help Anna leads a coven sworn to protect the innocent, including him Yet while she speaks of prophecy, he can t help but wonder if they were meant to be lovers Or if they d always been enemies.

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    1. What a surprise to win this book as a gift! Since I have read the first 8 books and Sacrifice of a Witch is the last one in the series, there was no way I was NOT going to get this book. So thank you, Suza, not only for the gift, but also (and most importantly) for the excellent, outstanding, emotional conclusion. I got the book the day it was released and could barely wait to start reading it. Early evening I opened my Kindle Fire and began the immersion into the world of this coven. I kept rea [...]

    2. A blockbuster ending to magnificent series.A blockbuster ending to magnificent series.From the first, this series has been one I have looked forward to reading.It is a fabulous mix of witches, humans, love of family, a sisterhood, love story, epic battle of good vs, evil. As the last of the series, I was trying to read slowly to savor it. But there is so much going on that I found myself reading faster to see how it all ends (all the while wishing it could go on longer). Kates takes us on this f [...]

    3. Wow.wowI am lost for words to describe just how great this book is. Suza Kates has out done herself om this one. It's amazing. A roller coaster ride from the moment Anna starts her trail. The last of the witches to stand and the culmination af the 9 books in the series. I always think that the pressure must be intens for the auther, when ending a series like this. All the strings have to be tied. No loose ends. Also the readers have to feel, that the series has ended in the "right" way.I have re [...]

    4. Freaking amazing ending to the SCS but also sends these nine sister witches off to wonderful life beginnings. I am sad the series is at an end but know Suza Kates will give us some more amazing stories. If you have yet to read the Savannah Coven series, you are missing something special.

    5. Fantastic end to a great series! A little predictable, but not in a bad way. The storytelling, as I expect from Suza, was fantastic and the characters didn't disappoint. I was rather surprised at how Ronja ended up! Nice twist there Suza! I just hope we get to see some more of the coven in future stories, maybe some adventures of each witch by herself?!?!?

    6. Oh my goodness! I was so sad to see this series end. But what an ending it was! Anna is ready for the last trial. Or so she thinks. Ian Keller doesn't believe in magic or demons. How can they possibly come together? Great end to a terrific series. I cried at the end.

    7. A Worthy End to an Enjoyable Series(view spoiler)[For those who have read the previous installments in this series, it was likely no surprise that Ian Keller is Anna’s romantic match. This is something that has been building since his first appearance. True to form, the prophecy or fate is quite cruel to Anna throughout this book forcing her to face murdering an innocent in order to complete her trial. While romance blooms between Anna and Ian, she keeps many things pertaining to the prophecy [...]

    8. Saying "Goodbye " is always difficult, and I find that more than true with this group of characters. Nine exceptional women, the men who love and who fought by their sides, and even our furry familiars.This final book exceeded my hopes and dreams and had me an emotional blubbering mess too.As expected the author tied up all loose ends with flair and fireworks. She created a world of magic, friendships, and tons of suspense. Although my heart weighs heavy with the sadness felt with the end, I wil [...]

    9. I just loved this series! Even though this book was, what I thought, predictable, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and found myself teary eyed nearing the end. Incredibly well written and well worth the read!!!

    10. OK, all…this is a tough review to write, because I want to gush all over it, but I also want to cry all over it because it’s the last of the series. **Cue sobbing** HOWEVER…as much as I hate to see it go, it was truly the perfect length of a series, and this book was the perfect ending. So many series books we see these days are stretched a little longer than they should be, but this is most definitely not the case for this series. Ms. Kates had a plan from the very beginning of how long t [...]

    11. I received this book as part of GoodReads First Reads giveaway.Overall I liked it. This book tells the story of how a coven of nine witches (and their cats and their husbands) try to stop another coven from summoning a demon and conquering the world. This is apparently the ninth book in a series and I've never read the previous 8 books.The characterization was a mixed bag. I liked that the villains weren't just mustache twirling, evil for the hell of it but had pretty solid motivations for why t [...]

    12. This book was bittersweet for me. It is the last book of the Savannah Coven Series, a series I have loved since the first book. This book is Anna's trial and like the others is filled with a strong witch and an equally strong man who is perfect for her. Without giving it away it is filled with lots of action and couldn't have wrapped the series up any better.

    13. last of the series I thought this book was okay -- less romance, more wrapping up the storyline but it was still pretty good.

    14. The EndI hated starting the book, yet couldn't wait to see what was in store for the finale. Suzanne didn't disappoint.

    15. Awesome ending of the seriesAnna was my favorite witch. I loved the whole series, but this one was the best! I'll be reading the first book again soon. Thank you!

    16. Sacrifice of a Witch is the ninth, and last, book in the Savannah coven series by Suza Kates. (Well, if you count Boys' Night Out, the novella about the men involved with the witches in the series, it is the tenth book but it is still the concluding book of the series.) As with the previous books, I absolutely loved this one! As I've said before in my other reviews of Suza's books, I have a fascination for and almost obsession with anything that involves magic and witches and ever since I read W [...]

    17. I Loved this series and think it would make a good movie. Talk about a fun exciting ride! wow this was a big roller coaster. A great variety of emotions, some even intense or deeply sad. This story is based in the southern United States and is packed of multi-genre. Paranormal, Romance, Magic, Fictional History and Mystery. Each book becomes more thrilling and the author keeps you wondering "what comes next" throughout the entire series.I purchased this box set of the first 3 stories first but b [...]

    18. A fitting end (I hope not ) for a superb series.This book is the culmination of nine books . I have never read a series straight through till this one ne strong women , nine amazing end chosen for the women and nine protective cats. What more could you ask for ? Except magic , demons . It's all here. I hope that there will be more to come !

    19. Stellar conclusionWhat an intense conclusion to this series.I cried.A lot.Then some more.There were so many elements so artfully wrapped up, without feeling disingenuous or shallow. Honestly I want to hear more about these women, even if it's through the likes of Tadd.Just wow.And I share a birthday with Anna! Score!

    20. Wonderful conclusionI have really enjoyed this entire series. This last installment was no disappointment. Good verses evil, magic, heartbreak, suspense and romance. What's not to love.

    21. Amazing culmination of series.I laughed, I cried, I was heart broken and angry along with Anna, and her coven. A satisfying conclusion to an addictive series.

    22. It was a good ending to the seriesbut with 8 previous books and quests, all with the same basic elements, it had long since become pretty predictable.

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