Subordination: Chronicles of a Domme

Subordination: Chronicles of a Domme

Katie Ashley / Apr 21, 2021

Subordination Chronicles of a Domme When Sophie Jameson first became a domme at Club it was out of financial necessity than it was for personal pleasure and sexual exploration But over the years as she rocked her leather corsets a

  • Title: Subordination: Chronicles of a Domme
  • Author: Katie Ashley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Sophie Jameson first became a domme at Club 1740, it was out of financial necessity than it was for personal pleasure and sexual exploration But over the years as she rocked her leather corsets and boots while wielding every crop and flogger imaginable, she grew to love the thrill and adulation that her clients brought her But all along, her path in life and heWhen Sophie Jameson first became a domme at Club 1740, it was out of financial necessity than it was for personal pleasure and sexual exploration But over the years as she rocked her leather corsets and boots while wielding every crop and flogger imaginable, she grew to love the thrill and adulation that her clients brought her But all along, her path in life and her heart was with a different profession one she was planning to embark on at the summer s end.And then he changed everything Tall, dark, impossibly built William was the complete opposite of whatever image a male sub conjured up After all the subs, Sophie finally felt true lust and desire Although he was the proud stallion who needed breaking, he became the one to make her break all her rules and let down all her walls.But it was just supposed to be for that one night, but an accidental encounter days later outside Club 1740 s protected walls had the two seeing each other in a different light as simply Sophie and William, not Domme and sub While they should have parted ways, they couldn t While they should never have gone back to her place, they did.And that simple mistake has a serious price for both of them.

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    1. I decided to read it out of curiosity. The same description is interesting and original. But I was a little afraid that it will be too much on the edge, the thing is it wasn't as I expected, at all.About the plot: Sophie aka Mistress Juliette works as a Domme at the Club 1740. She decided to be a dominatrix to be able to graduate and pay bills of Ranch where live her brother and sick father. She does not feel the pleasure of domination over men, it was her work that she decided to take. But in h [...]

    2. Holy smoking submissiveness! A story about two secret alter egos who thought would have a single night of pleasure together. When they meet each other in the real world though, their encounter doesn’t just explode with sultry fireworks but also with jarring life altering results.Between her educational debts and her father’s deteriorating health Sophie Jameson faced a financial uphill struggle. Deciding to become a domme at Club 1740 was not to seek personal pleasure but out of economic need [...]

    3. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewKatie Ashley whips up an emotional, sexy, erotic BDSM romance in her latest release, Subordination. If you ever have read a BDSM book, then readers are very familiar with a master and sub relationship but in the case of this book, Ms. Ashley lures her readers to the world of a Domme and her relationship with a sub. The leading Mistress Juliette is not your standard Domme because this lifestyle was not by preference but out necessity. In the [...]

    4. *ARC received from author/publisher for blog tour*As a first Katie read, hmmm… I’d say I like it… As a first domme read, hmmm… I guess it’s ok…Sophie is a professional domme who met William on her last day at work and ended up running into him outside of work. There’s more a connection there than meets the eye, and just as they’re starting to explore that thing between them, turns out, it’s a small world after all for them.In my head, I think it’s making a difference that bei [...]

    5. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.I have to admit that I had great expectations for this book. The blurb had me intrigued and excited.Even though I love the genre, something in this book did not click for me. I don't think it was the fact that we had a Domme instead of a Dom; that had me very interested. I think what went a bit wrong for me was the fact that I couldn't connect with the heroine. Sophie is a professional Domme and not a lifestyle Domme. She slipped a little too [...]

    6. This was a domme/sub story with very likeable easy to relate MCs - they have been through trials in life (nothing to do with romance) and it has made them a better, stronger human being. The romance starts first in a bdsm club then moves to a small town setting.But I couldn't believe the author went the predictable vindictive ex/public exposure route for the climaxwhat was the message she meant to convey - that people working in education should suppress their kinky instincts if any even in thei [...]

    7. Perfectly flawedI am a Katie Ashley fan so of course I was curious to see how she would spin a tale about the BDSM lifestyle. I was pleased with the view she gave me into the world of a professional domme. I especially enjoyed the softer side of the lifestyle she teased me with. It was very well written and gave me a perspective I had not explored previously. And it was pretty damn sexy too. I have a new appreciation for the services a male sub can provide (wink-wink).Mistress Juliette was very [...]

    8. amzn/1QrAU9N I loved Subordination: Chronicles of Domme amzn/1QrAU9N from almost the moment I opened it, I was almost immediately pulled right in and wished I could sit all day with this one. As the blurb states Sophie Jameson became a Domme at Club 1740 out of financial necessity for her it was not personal pleasure and sexual exploration. Mistress Juliette is well crafted and the acts she engages are about business, that is something the reader can feel from the instant we meet her. She is alt [...]

    9. Generally I tend to avoid the dominant pattern subject, you know it feels so déjà-vu.This is the first time I read a book about a Domme and submissive.A woman demanding the submission of her lover and the latter desperate to satisfy the desires and needs of his mistress Wow, I was immediately captivated by this book.As much I fell in love with William, with his determination and endearing side, the heroine got on my nerves. I felt like she was too whiny, her fear of being abandoned not enough [...]

    10. * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review * 12/13/17 Katie Ashley has re-branded and re-named Subordination.It is now BOUND TO ME. She has re-written some of the content so I am reading an ARC of it and will leave a new review once I finish the book.So I have finished this book for the second time and I LOVED this just as much as I did the first time around. What I loved was that it felt like the first time I read the book. It has been 2 years since I first read [...]

    11. I was strangely nervous about starting this book. I really can’t tell you why except to say that sometimes reading about BDSM and sex clubs can get a little tiresome. I’m aware that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. NOT THIS BOOK. I wasn’t tired of Katie’s writing after 30% or 100% – Subordination was an quick read for me that focused way more on love than on submission and I completely fell for it. I could have kissed Katie’s boots. ;)Sophie’s been acting as a Domme for five yea [...]

    12. I’ll be the first to admit, I actually haven't read many Katie Ashley books (shocker I know!) The ones I have read though, I absolutely loved. THIS BOOK, this book has made me a Katie Ashley fan for life! She just has this amazing way of connecting you to the characters and leaves you a hot emotional mess. After this book, I am now going to one click all the Katie Ashley books I can find! This story isn’t just a story about a relationship between a Domme and a Sub. This is a story about two [...]

    13. “Subordination” is the story of Sophie. She’s a student, daughter, sister – and Dominatrix… She doesn’t do this because it’s her choice in lifestyle, she only needs the money to support her sick father and younger brother. But when she meets the enigmatic sub William, sparks fly and suddenly not only Sophie’s heart is on the line, but also her dream of becoming a teacher. I admit that I was a bit skeptical before starting “Subordination”, because a male sub is something you f [...]

    14. ~*~ 4.5 STARS ~*~When I found out that Katie Ashley was diving into the world of BDSM romance, I was SO excited! This juicy, sexy, and emotional rollercoaster pushed all the right buttons for me. A dominatrix for hire + a lifestyle submissive = mind games, sexy times in and out of the sheets, and explosive chemistry. Sophie and William's blossoming love story had me intrigued from page one. Sparks flew, boundaries were crossed, and a deep admiration turned into something they could no longer den [...]

    15. This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksI wasn't sure what to expect from SUBORDINATION, but I pleasantly surprised and just how much I loved the relationship between Sophie and Wiliam.Sophie has spent the past five years at a Domme at an exclusive club in Atlanta. While she's not into the D/s lifestyle, it pays for her schooling and ensures her father and brother can remain on their farm. On her last night at the club, she meets a sub who is the first to ever spark her interest. [...]

    16. Oh wow!I had no idea what to expect from this book, it blows all expectations.I loved how fiesty and outspoken Sophie was, though I will say she isn't really a true domme. She wasn't interested in the lifestyle it was more of a means to and end for her, a job that paid the bills and got her were she needed to be. Up until William she hadn't found any pleasure in giving punishment/pleasure and she hadn't taken any pleasure from her subs even though she's been asked. I loved her relationship with [...]

    17. I received a complimenty copy of this book through Crazy Cajun Book Addicts for an honest review. I'm a big fan of Katie Ashley and I when I saw her writing was venturing into the world of BDSM I was really excited even more so when I realised our domme would be a woman.Sophie became a domme at club 1740 purely as a financial necessity than for sexual pleasure, she has never felt a connection to any of her clients until she met William. William is a submissive and has been a member of club 1740 [...]

    18. 4.5 starsWe meet Mistress Juliette (Sophie Marie Jameson, Sophie has her life all planned out ahead of her, but with student debt and her fathers health declining she needs cash and fast, she decides to become a domme at the club, she enjoys her clients but has never had the need to have a relationship outside of the club until she meets William Foster who oozes raw sex, one night with William is all it takes for Sophie's walls to come down, will this one night lead to more once Sophie is no lon [...]

    19. DNF aT 65%. This book certainly wasn't awful, but I just found it to be same old, same old and put it down to find something else. The pretext of a female domme, leaving the domme world for school teaching and a manly male sub was actually handled pretty well. But the rest of the story was very clichéd and I lost interest.

    20. 4.5 StarsSubordination is a must have for my signed shelves!! I CANNOT wait for you to meet William!! William’s blend of masculinity and submissiveness will definitely have you leaving your panties at the door. Even in submissive mode, his presence was every bit as commanding as Sophie’s, if not more so. I fell wicked, wicked hard for this man. Oh gosh, my adoration and love knows no bounds, I could gush all day long. Everything about him was just so on point. He was the epitome of what I lo [...]

    21. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.Note: This ARC was provided by TRSOR Promotions in exchange for an honest review.Subordination is a standalone erotic romance by bestselling author Katie Ashley and is a story that chronicles the life of a dominatrix named Sophie Jameson as she meets the man of her dreams, William Foster, and tries to strike a balance between accepting the natural need to dominate that exists within her and the need for a reciprocal relationship based on love [...]

    22. This is the first BDSM novel that I’ve come across in a long, long time that not only serves up a delightful dose of eroticism and kink and masterfully so but also a lot of emotion and heart within those varied and integral sex scenes and what makes this book just a little bit different for me personally was the fact that our beautiful and selfless heroine Sophie aka Mistress Juliette is the domme. Usually I gravitate towards those alpha male roles, where the hero growls and grunts a lot and e [...]

    23. Although I was desperately drawn to the cover of Subordination from the moment I set eyes on it (go on admit it so were you) I was a little apprehensive that the subject matter would be a little outside my comfort zone. After expressing my concerns on social media, Katie was kind enough to put my fears to rest by letting me know the story is more romance than kink ;) Although I still don't fully understand the torture people put themselves through in order to achieve gratification, Subordination [...]

    24. 5 Stars!Wow just honestly I have no words. No matter who writes a review for this book, they won't be able to do it justice. This book was brilliantly written and I am sad to say one of my first books by this author. But hey honestly no worries, because she definitely had a new fan in me.This author gave me a story that was like no other I have ever read. It was sexy. It was sweet. It was witty. It was smart. It was so very intense. It was beyond passionate. It was highly erotic. And this book w [...]

    25. I loved this book! It was such a twist on the BDSM genre for me. In most of the books I've read in this genre there is a Dom but in this book we have a Domme. Sophie worked in Club 1740 for several years while she was in college and it not only paid for her education but the money she earned helped her sick father and little brother. She was a Domme but not a typical one. She didn't participate only provided a service for her clients. But now she's off to her new teaching job and back to her fam [...]

    26. Sophie has been working at 1740 for 5 years to help put herself through college and pay the bills on her family’s ranch. The money she makes also helps support her father who has muscular dystrophy.Her family doesn’t know she works at the private BDSM club and the one thing she has never done is have sex with one her subs! On her very last night at 1740 she meets William. She is immediately drawn to the Henry Cavill look alike. When William comes face to face with Sophie he knows he wants to [...]

    27. You can make plans and decide what your path in life will be. That is all well and good, but sometimes life has other plans for you and no matter how stubborn you are about staying in the path you have chosen, you will need to adapt and accept that nothing in life is perfect. It is out of those imperfections, or deviations if you will, that life presents us with challenges and triumphs we may have otherwise missed.Our story follows Sophie as she is about to achieve her life-long desire to become [...]

    28. 4.5 StarsThis book was a lot more than I was expecting. It will have you all hot and bothered one minutefalling in love the nexten your heart breaking and the water works in full force. The synopsis pulled me in, a female domme a lot could relate to that's doing a job to get by in life. I loved the storyline and couldn't put the book down. I was involved in the story and really felt connected to the characters.The book definitely had its hot times. We get to experience Sophie in her domme elemen [...]

    29. **4.5 Stilettos** I stand behind what I’ve always said. Katie Ashley could write the damn phone book and it would sale like hotcakes. Subordination definitely did nothing to change that thought process for sure. If nothing else, it solidified what I have known from reading her very first book. The woman is a phenomenal writer. I know some of you may be having some second guessing as to reading this book because of the title. Well I will be the first to shout from the rooftops, READ THIS BOOK! [...]

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