Command Authority: Kampf um die Krim

Command Authority: Kampf um die Krim

Tom Clancy Mark Greaney Michael Bayer / Apr 22, 2021

Command Authority Kampf um die Krim Der Aufstieg zur Macht des neuen starken Mannes in Russland verdankt sich dunklen Machenschaften die Jahrzehnte zur ckliegen Ausgerechnet President Jack Ryan war daran nicht ganz unbeteiligt aber er

  • Title: Command Authority: Kampf um die Krim
  • Author: Tom Clancy Mark Greaney Michael Bayer
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  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Der Aufstieg zur Macht des neuen starken Mannes in Russland verdankt sich dunklen Machenschaften, die Jahrzehnte zur ckliegen Ausgerechnet President Jack Ryan war daran nicht ganz unbeteiligt, aber er ist auch der Einzige, der jetzt den bergriff einer wiedererwachten Weltmacht auf die Krim stoppen kann In einem fiktiven, aber nicht minder wirklichkeitsnahen Szenario zeiDer Aufstieg zur Macht des neuen starken Mannes in Russland verdankt sich dunklen Machenschaften, die Jahrzehnte zur ckliegen Ausgerechnet President Jack Ryan war daran nicht ganz unbeteiligt, aber er ist auch der Einzige, der jetzt den bergriff einer wiedererwachten Weltmacht auf die Krim stoppen kann In einem fiktiven, aber nicht minder wirklichkeitsnahen Szenario zeigt Tom Clancy auf beeindruckende Weise, wie schnell alte Fronten wieder stehen, wenn Gro machtstreben und wirtschaftliche Interessen sich in die Hand spielen.Der russische Pr sident Wolodin droht mit der milit rischen Annexion Estlands, der Ukraine und anderer ehemaliger Staaten der UdSSR Bei seinem Plan unterst tzt ihn der erstarkte Inlandsgeheimdienst FSB, Nachfolger des KGB, indem die Ziell nder mit seiner Hilfe von innen untergraben werden Dass die USA und andere Westm chte angeblich antirussische Provokationen anstachelten, dient schlie lich als Grund, in Estland einzumarschieren Hier kann die Invasion mit einem NATO Einsatz schnell gestoppt werden, w hrend die Ukraine zum n chsten Pulverfass wird US Pr sident Jack Ryan sen hat in diesem wiedererwachten Kalten Krieg alle H nde voll zu tun, die Situation zu entsch rfen, und wo sie ihm gebunden sind, kommen seine klandestin operierenden Gef hrten zum Einsatz John Clark, die Mannen des Campus und sein Sohn Jack Ryan jun.Command Authority Kampf um die Krim ist ein hochaktueller, actionreicher Jack Ryan Roman, in dem Tom Clancy derzeitige weltpolitische Entwicklungen frappierend pr zise vorhergesehen hat.

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        Tom Clancy was an English major at Balti s Loyola College As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October 1984 He since wrote than a dozen novels, which have a blend of realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor sharp suspense Ten of the novels, including The Teeth of the Tiger Berkley, 2004 , feature the character Jack Ryan, former stock broker and CIA employee Clancy s non fiction works include a series of guided tours of America s warfighting assets, Submarine, Ard Cav, Fighter Wing, Marine, and Airborne.He lived in Maryland.The following are the books and approximate time frame in the Jack Ryan UniverseWithout Remorse 1969 73Patriot Games 1981 82Red Rabbit 1982The Hunt for Red October 1984The Cardinal of the Kremlin 1986Clear and Present Danger 1988The Sum of All Fears 1990 91Debt of Honor 1995 96Executive Orders 1996Rainbow Six 1999 2000The Bear and the Dragon 2002The Teeth of the Tiger 2006Dead or Alive 2007Locked On 2007Threat Vector 2009Command Authority 2013Support and Defend 2014Full Force and Effect 2014


    1. What is it about spy stories that captures our fancy? From all indications, the reality of spyhood is one of boring inactivity, anonymity and numbing loneliness. And yet, writers keep writing about them, and readers devour these books.For sure, there's a certain degree of spy romanticization, and in Command Authority such is liberally lathered. Thirty years before he became US president, Jack Ryan, as a CIA analyst and liaison with the British MI6, was on the trail of a Soviet assassin codenamed [...]

    2. About two years ago I re-read all of Clancy's work after many years of liking it. After the re-reading a felt a little let down by his writing style as it felt very juvenile. It left me with the same feeling of re-watching an 80s movie I really liked back in the day and realising it was very cheesey.But hats off to the late Clancy & Mark Greaney this book has a great storyline and is well told. Excellent work.

    3. A FAREWELL GIFT FROM THE KING OF TECHNO-THRILLER!Jack Ryan, a former CIA agent, is now into his second term as the president of United States. His son, Jack Ryan Jr. is in England working as a financial analyst. When Russia seized the oil company of a Scottish billionaire on account of non-payment of taxes, Jack Jr. knew that something fishy was going on. Though advised not to pursue the matter, Jack Jr. decides to investigate and get to the bottom of it.During a luncheon with President Ryan, a [...]

    4. it is a little sad to Know that the man who created Jack Ryan, John Kelly/Clark and some of the best stories i have read is dead, but i must say the book was written just well enough to say good bye and maybe lead to some more for Junior through Mark Greenburg !! lets hope so

    5. Thank you Tom Clancy for all the enjoyable hours of reading your work since 1984! The last one is among the best ones.It doesn't get better than Command Authority

    6. As this was the last book written by Tom Clancy, I started it with trepidation. I have been enjoying these books for a couple of decades and the thought that I was about to read the last book was depressing. I took my time reading it, until the familiar characters and fabulous story line sucked me in and propelled me through this wonderful chapter in the Jack Ryan series. Once again, this master storyteller wove a tale of several different and divergent thought threads that he slowly and expertl [...]

    7. President Jack Ryan & Son vs a Putin-like Russian President in this slow paced, overly detailed thriller. I've always maintained that the late Tom Clancy was badly in need a page slashing editor to trim his otherwise excellent books into more readable prose. Unfortunately, this book is no exception to the existing template even with Mark Geary's assistance.

    8. Oh dear, lots of reviews lamenting the loss of Tom Clancy and this, his 'last ever book'. I doubt he had much to do with this at all and stopped writing his books years ago. So the series will continue with his name on it and will be written by other authors as they have been for years.Although not as good as the last novel he wrote under the Clancy banner, this isn't bad and it is certainly topical. An aggressive Russian leader (Putin in everything but name) is after expansion into it's old Sta [...]

    9. This is in my view the best Tom Clancy book of the last 10 years ( although to be honest I suspect Mark Greaney has a lot to say with that as the Clancy books have started to get better since he became involved).The reason this book is so much better is that for once it is rooted in every day fact and in this case the events of the last decade in Russia and in Ukraine.The duo of authors paint a scenario that is believable and the story benefits highly from it. ( going back to the old East-West o [...]

    10. Greaney Commands Authority on StorytellingI loved every minute of Greaney's Campus Novel as a fan of the past characters and a lover of reading. The point I make of "reading" is that this is a story teller's book. One can tell that the author did extensive research across global military and intelligence entities, organized crime, geographic setting, business intelligence and banking, and combatives. Any one of these topics would be a handful, but Greaney executes like an artisan crafting these [...]

    11. Command Authority, written by Tom Clancy was another successful Clancy story. The book opens with a prologue that I had completely forgotten about until after finishing the book. Upon starting to reread the prologue, I remembered my initial state of confusion when I had first read it but then looking back everything made sense and I realized what the point of the prologue and why it was put into the text. In the first few chapters, I had thought that it was going to be a rather linear story abou [...]

    12. Great book. Somewhat prescient, though it has the U.S. figuring out what is going on and ending it. Much faster. Another great book for understanding the importance of information in our world today and what one can do with it. From a real politic point of view, the book demonstrates the importance of strength and technical advancement in intelligence capabilities, military systems, and the willingness to quietly and judiciously use these capabilities. It also points out that our nation has, and [...]

    13. This was the best of The Campus novel books. The story revolves around an off-shoot of the former KGB taking coming to power in Russia. Jack Jr. is in London working for a business intelligence firm while the rest of the Campus operators are training back in the US while trying to find a new operating space after the last novel. Quickly Jack Jr. uncovers some shady business dealings that tie directly to the Soviet government, which eventually leads him to uncovering information that leads to a s [...]

    14. The late Tom Clancy's books continue to be longer than necessary. It's too bad Mr. Clancy was unable to find a good editor to delete numerous unnecessary words. The ongoing 30 year time jump flash is more annoying than contributing, even at the end. 4 of 10 stars

    15. Непоганий шпигунський роман. Події відбуваються у багатьох місцях, однак основні в Україні. Автори у багато чому передбачили прикрі події, які трапилися в Україні, проте реальної військової підтримки НАТО не мало місця у минулому. Хай там як, вражає як автори прогадали дії [...]

    16. finished this one this rainy sunday morning, father's day, 18 jun 17. good story. 4.872019837 stars. i see parallels to the real world, benghazi, ukraine, this, that, the other. nice, too, how clancy portrays a corrupt regime's co-opting of both sides of the coince, as i've read situations like that, again in the fabled real world, in some of the recent non-fiction i've read. a real page-turner. good read.

    17. Command Authority is the ninth installment of the Jack Ryan series, and it was kind of sad to read it, knowing that Tom Clancy isn't with us anymore. Nevertheless, I'm sure that Jack Ryan's adventures aren't completely over and Clancy's legacy will live on in fans' hearts for a long time (and fan-fiction will probably start popping up on the internet after a while), so that's something to hold onto, right? I'm also hoping that there are a few unfinished manuscripts that are hidden in a safe some [...]

    18. Na (asi) poslední díl Ryanverse jsem se docela těšil, a i když není úplně špatný, už to nějak není ono. Sice je to dobře řemeslně zpracované, je v tom pár slušných překvapení a hezky to odráží i některé nedávné události, ale bohužel to také dost násilně staví na zvratu ve směřování Ruska zpět k obnově SSSR a k iracionálnímu nepřátelství vůči Západu, což do vývoje Ryanverse moc nezapadá.Chápu, že Clancy potřeboval velkého nepřítele, které [...]

    19. I have always enjoyed the complexity of the plot and the military technological details of Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” novels. “Command Authority” is no exception. It’s too bad that Clancy died. But this is a nice way to end the Jack Ryan series. The story is right out of today’s headlines. It “explains” – or at least presents a plausible view – of what could be happening (or is happening!) in the Russian government right now. Yikes! A primary character, Valeri Voldin, sure so [...]

    20. This book finds Jack Ryan Sr. beginning a second term as the President of the United States, while his son, Jack Jr has left espionage for a "safer" job in finance in England. AS Jack Jr. is investigating a case for a client, things get a little dicey as he goes much further into the issue than the "bad guys" are comfortable with. Meanwhile, Jack Sr. is dealing with a very unfriendly Russia, and trying to protect people from the damage of a dangerous leader. All throughout the book, there are fl [...]

    21. Poslední ryanovka před Clancyho smrtí. Tentokrát o Ukrajině a Putinovi, ktrý se tu jmenuje Valerij Volodin. Kromě aktuálního vojensko-politického dění obsahuje i prostřihy do 80. let, kdy Ryan pátrá po tajemném kágébáckém vrahovi, který stojí za divnými událostmi kolem jedné švýcarské banky - oboje spolu pochopitelně souvisí. Vzhledem k tomu, že to vyšlo v roce 2013, je samozřejmě docela zajímavé srovnávat, jak se to vyvinulo a nevyvinulo:Co Clancy trefil:- i [...]

    22. Gripping plot a very intense book. Clancy writes with a mastery of technical skill. I would read about how to fly military weaponry carry and shoot with varied weapons, spy techniques and interrogations, Military tactics I would never be exposed to. Also it it wrote with flashbacks and I still tore it up! It took me out of the daily grind. I have to admit It was a challenging read, this is way off the worn path style of book for me. It took about 100 pages to really get me engaged and the story [...]

    23. I felt a sense of constant nostalgia as I read this book, Clancy's last (RIP Tom). I enjoyed the chronological device that Clancy used, going back in time to chronicle the young Jack Ryan's relationships with MI-6, MI-5 and the various and sundry Russians bent on destroying the West. I think he showed a little too much leg early on when Jack Ryan Junior was called off of his economic forensics work because of relationships that his boss had with the Russians. I have to admit though that I didn't [...]

    24. Following Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan II in this political and espionage thriller. It begins with young Jack working in London working for a large firm of researchers and lawyers who represent individuals/companies trying to recover assets stolen by other countries/companies. Jack is working on tracking and trying to recover monies lost when Gazprom, a large Russian company acquired its assets by less than legal means which has drawn him into a world of spies, Russian mobs and the top leaders of Rus [...]

    25. Excellent book, love that Jack and Jack Junior are basically investigating the same people across 30 years. The Clancy universe is so big now, he tries to include everyone, and you seem to get a bit shortchanged, almost getting cameos from many characters, but there is no way around that. Gonna miss these people.

    26. Thirty years apart, President Jack Ryan and his son Jack, Jr become involved in a the search for a Russian assassin code named Zenith. The current Russian president is on a quest to reclaim Eastern Europe for Russia and bodies are dropping in Europe and the United States. This, what I believe to be Tom Clancey's final work, is a delightful, engrossing story.

    27. In sintesi, Jack Ryan al quadrato, ovvero una vicenda in cui sono molto presenti padre e figlio. Pur non eccellendo si tratta di un buon capitolo della saga detto Ryan.Finalmente sono tornati i russi, che nel ruolo dei cattivi sono meglio di cinesi o islamici

    28. Amazingly and eerily prophetic about the turn of events in Crimea and Ukraine, I happened to be reading the book at about the same time Crimea joined the Russian federation and the other seperatist movements began in Eastern Ukraine.Tom Clancy keeps you on the edge with this exciting thriller!

    29. A great book from a great author. I would surely miss youThank you for the unforgettable stories. Your books will take up residence in my bookshelf until the end

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