Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science

Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science

Richard Dawkins / Jan 16, 2021

Brief Candle in the Dark My Life in Science In this hugely entertaining sequel to the New York Times bestselling memoir An Appetite for Wonder Richard Dawkins delves deeply into his intellectual life spent kick starting new conversations about

  • Title: Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science
  • Author: Richard Dawkins
  • ISBN: 9780062288462
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook
  • In this hugely entertaining sequel to the New York Times bestselling memoir An Appetite for Wonder, Richard Dawkins delves deeply into his intellectual life spent kick starting new conversations about science, culture, and religion and writing yet another of the most audacious and widely read books of the twentieth century The God Delusion.Called one of the best nonfictioIn this hugely entertaining sequel to the New York Times bestselling memoir An Appetite for Wonder, Richard Dawkins delves deeply into his intellectual life spent kick starting new conversations about science, culture, and religion and writing yet another of the most audacious and widely read books of the twentieth century The God Delusion.Called one of the best nonfiction writers alive today Stephen Pinker and a prize fighter Nature , Richard Dawkins cheerfully, mischievously, looks back on a lifetime of tireless intellectual adventure and engagement Exploring the halls of intellectual inquiry and stardom he encountered after the publication of his seminal work, The Selfish Gene affectionately lampooning the world of academia, publishing, and television and studding the pages with funny stories about the great men and women he s known, Dawkins offers a candid look at the events and ideas that encouraged him to shift his attention to the intersection of culture, religion, and science He also invites the reader to look closely at the brilliant succession of ten influential books that grew naturally out of his busy life, highlighting the ideas that connect them and excavating their origins.On the publication of his tenth book, the smash hit, The God Delusion, a resounding trumpet blast for truth Matt Ridley , Richard Dawkins was catapulted from mere intellectual stardom into a circle of celebrity thinkers dubbed, The New Atheists including Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett.Throughout A Brief Candle in the Dark, Dawkins shares with us his infectious sense of wonder at the natural world, his enjoyment of the absurdities of human interaction, and his bracing awareness of life s brevity all of which have made a deep imprint on our culture.

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    1. The fabulous and far more gripping follow up to 'An Appetite for Wonder,' this book chronicles the great biologist's life from the publication of 'The Selfish Gene' on, and it's a very variegated and intriguing life indeed. Sectioned out into themes, it gets better and better as it goes on, and is certainly of interest to anyone who is familiar with the man's work.

    2. This is a rather better-constructed book than An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist, his autobiography of the first half of his life. In this, he drops the chronological approach and it’s more thematic. It starts as it ends, with a 70th birthday party in his honour, and in between covers his research, public speaking, media presentations, encounters with a diverse range of humanity, and of course his writing.It’s great to read vicariously about a life so rich in experience that h [...]

    3. I received an ARC for this book. The worst part is the illustrations weren't there. I'll have to get the final version just for those. Richard Dawkins is a renowned biologist, atheist, and lecturer. This book is funny, informative, digressive, and both educational and entertaining. It's hard to summarize it otherwise. Some of it is biographical - I didn't know he was married to a former Doctor's Companion and it was fun learning about Oxford pedagogical techniques. I loved his descriptions of sc [...]

    4. I feel this book helped me understand Dawkins considerably more than I did previously. It also deepened my appreciation for him and his life's work - in zoology, evolutionary biology, religion, philosophy, and science in society. There is no sign of him being mean-spirited, and I have not seen that from him in his daily life either. I may not always agree with him but he presses me with his arguments to examine why I do not. In that way, he is a great teacher. His emotions are simple, direct, an [...]

    5. Dawkins second book on his life this one features the later part of his life and goes into his writing books and his lectures. Great writing by one of the best science writers and teachers of how the real world works. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to know how a scientist thinks and explains evolution to the general public.

    6. ‎‫‏‬This book was better than An Appetite For Wonder, but I think it is just as boring!I enjoy Dawkins on Youtube more than I enjoy his books! I found nothing special in his memoirs, they were just a collection of stories - most of them funny stories - that happened with him. honestly, I got bored reading them most of the time!‫ ‬That doesn't mean I didn't highlight many inspiring lines. I think even the worst books must have some wise quotes in them that are worth highlighting.

    7. This book is one of the world most crap-est book very written and i have ever read this books contain nothing but Dawking fairtales and jokesI hate this book Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science ,This book is not a book because it sucks

    8. More a memoir than a biography, Dawkins has a way to make me feel right about changes I have made in my life. Even when I don't fully understand the intricate logic or scientific deductions, Dawkins is a pleasure to listen to. Reading his own book, as much posh or old-world-Oxford/British-intellectually as Dawkins might sound, he does his best to explain himself in a plain way. This book has a lot of many different small stories from his experience in the academia, lecturing, public media etc. S [...]

    9. Dear Dr Dawkins FRS, etc. Remember how I said, "Fewer biology lessons" in the first volume of your autobiography? If only you had listened. You retain the superb command of language and wit that marked An Appetite For Wonder, and the eccentric stories of scientists - especially of the Oxbridge species - remain appreciated.But the long, long final chapter that sums up your chief theories and publications is a little dense for the space allotted and, dare I say in all humility, for the purposes of [...]

    10. It’s always fascinating to read a memoir by a great scientific mind. This book, although plagued by some digressions (recognized at the outset by the author) is no exception, and it gives a tour (a deluxe, limo tour) of the thinking behind a life devoted to Biology and to argue philosophical positions in world which complains a bit too loudly about those who have no faith.Whether you agree or not with Dawkins’ strong stand against organized religion, he has produced some of the best science [...]

    11. Such an interesting life he's led, dedicated to science and reason. Covers the second half of his life, mid-thirties on. So positive about all the people he's met along the way, with some very specific exceptions, which seems to reflect his general outlook on life. He comes across as very secure and confident about his role in advancing science and the "new atheism" movement, but not overblown or egotistical. Very readable, although I did scan a little of the more intense descriptions of his res [...]

    12. So much of this book took the form of what I'd imagine having Dawkins as my tutor at Oxford would be like: educational and full of amazing stories about the coolest places and people in the scientific world. But he also spends an exhausting amount of time later in the book talking about his computer programs and I just can't get excited about that part of his life at all. It's ultimately what kept me from giving this book 5 stars.

    13. Putting aside my distaste for Richard Dawkins, the book was engaging, well written, and more personal than his previous memoir. His writing ages well, and there's a reason that he's called one of the best nonfiction writers of our time.

    14. There is a clarity of thought that Richard Dawkins possesses that is unmissable in his writings. Whether he is talking about animal behaviour or the pitfalls of organized religion, things are crystal clear from how he articulates it all. The same extends to his books when he explores his own life and what he has been through. This is the second in his series of biographies where the focus is mostly on Dawkins life through his work. A lot of it is about what really goes on in his mind when he is [...]

    15. It shines when discussing biology and academia. It becomes boorish and boring when it discusses atheism. It’s not the topic or any offence personally to the idea of atheism, it’s really just that discussing atheism as a philosophy seems superfluous, like a dinner host talking endlessly about the desert they never got round to making. One wants something in its place at least if it will be such a topic. I did however find myself inspired by his relish for scientific inquiry and the brave purs [...]

    16. Brief Candle in the Dark is the red-hot, scandal-filled memoir from the UK’s hottest atheist. From the sex behaviors of wasps to a raunchy prowl through scientific conferences, Dawkins leaves nothing to the imagination in this revealing tell-all filled with juicy gossip and sizzling behind-the-scenes biological action. The book has it all: sex, wasps, Darwin, conferences, education, sex, secrets, neckties, atheism, sex, scientific colleagues, phenotypes, speciation, academic debates and, of co [...]

    17. Name-checking The Demon-Haunted World by Carl Sagan, this is in two parts. Part 1 consists of fairly orthodox memoirs. A lot of thanks and quite rambly in places; a few funny stories (not necessarily his own), and some debasing public schoolboy-level innuendo (view spoiler)[describing his wife "Lalla reclining in a punt while I poled her romantically up the Cherwell". Really!?! (hide spoiler)]The second part is really an extended post-script to the author's books. This part won't make a large am [...]

    18. This is the second half of Dawkins's autobiography, and it does read quite differently to the first. I always find it interesting to understand what was happening in an authors personal life when they penned their greatest works. This book does go some of the way to uncovering Richard Dawkins, the real, living, breathing, feeling grown up child, with all the wonder in the world buzzing around his mind in his eloquent if sometimes strident rhetoric. I'm always torn with Dawkins, I of course enjoy [...]

    19. Had me captivated from cover to cover.The second installment of Richard Dawkins autobiography, this captivating reminiscence of his life from around the time of his publication of The Selfish Gene keeps you wanting to read more from beginning to end. Mostly a recollection of past projects, from scientific experiments, television documentaries, debates, parties, etc. Also some fond memories of past and present associations in the scientific, literary, film and academic communities. This book trul [...]

    20. This book gave me insight into what it means to be in the top 1% of academia.The work is more along the lines of a personal diary of thoughts and rememberances of the author's presentations, invitations to watch squid hunting or travel to the Galapagos, dinners and award ceremonies. It stirs up images of secret Oxford alumnis meeting in wood paneled rooms drinking from port snifters and singing the college anthem. Mr. Dawkins is part of a generation of scientists that had the fortune to be in th [...]

    21. Kontynuacja książki "Apetyt na cuda"? Apetyt na cuda został skończony na Samolubnym Genie. W tej książce autor zrezygnował z opisu swojego życia w sposób chronologiczny, jak to było wcześniej, za to Światełko w mroku podzielił na opisy wyjazdów, filmów no i głównie te jego książki. Nie ma tutaj za bardzo nowych rzeczy, które byłyby u niego wcześniej opisane, oprócz nawiązania do "Opowieść przodka (przodków)" The Ancestor’s Tale po angielsku, która to pozycja nieste [...]

    22. I adore Richard's way of talking, writing and thinking. This is a book about his life and about all the people that have had an effect on him. If you know only about his work as an atheist and judge him because of his tweets, this book might be just for you. He has lived astonishing life and thank him he's still working and carrying on his career. I've read all his books, most of them several times, and finally I got this "backstage" view of the processes behind them. I think I have to revisit [...]

    23. This is the second part of his autobiography, and although I find many things of what he studied and did, very interesting, I can't shake the feeling, that a biologist student or scientist would appreciate this book way more, than I possibly could.There is a whole lot of redundancy in some topics, specially because he makes similar points and arguments when talking about his several books. Even with all this repetitiveness, Dawkins makes science and his life pretty interestindg, if not funny.I s [...]

    24. this book was so much more than I thought it would be. it really captures Richards life, his study, his colleagues and friends and most importantly also his personality which is something I particularly liked about him as I would use to watch him on the internet but rarely ever got a glimpse of because of his professional behavior. the book had often little comments that show how Richard sees the world. that's what truly makes him my idol. I often get lost with his biology lessons since I'm not [...]

    25. Having depleted most of my interest in, fascination for, and excitement over the mating/burrowing/birthing practices of female 'digger' wasps, and/or of evolutionarily stable strategies; my own 'brief candle' gutters—and I have gleefully abandoned this book after reading its first 17%. —No recommendation.

    26. This book is like looking into the lives and thoughts of the intellectually endowed and famous scientists, philosophers, literary giants and artists. It is thrilling and awe inspiring. My favorite chapter was about the selection process and the Simonyi professors. I would have enjoyed this book more if I had read the various books by Dawkins.

    27. I listened to Richard Dawkins read this amazing work himself on my phone as I delivered pizzas. As well as being incredibly charming and totally brilliant he has the most beautiful voice. I love this man.

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