The Shamer's War

The Shamer's War

Lene Kaaberbøl / Jan 18, 2021

The Shamer s War The evil Dragon Lord of Dunark is ruthlessly hunting down Shamers and burning them at the stake Only Dina and her friends can stop him and only if they can build a successful rebellion Rebellions need

  • Title: The Shamer's War
  • Author: Lene Kaaberbøl
  • ISBN: 9780805086560
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • The evil Dragon Lord of Dunark is ruthlessly hunting down Shamers and burning them at the stake Only Dina and her friends can stop him and only if they can build a successful rebellion Rebellions need leaders, and what better choice than the legitimate heir to Dunark, Nico Dina and Nico will need all of their considerable powers to triumph over the Dragon Lord, or theyThe evil Dragon Lord of Dunark is ruthlessly hunting down Shamers and burning them at the stake Only Dina and her friends can stop him and only if they can build a successful rebellion Rebellions need leaders, and what better choice than the legitimate heir to Dunark, Nico Dina and Nico will need all of their considerable powers to triumph over the Dragon Lord, or they and everyone they love will end up dead .

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      256 Lene Kaaberbøl
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        Jeg kom til verden p Rigshospitalet i K benhavn d 24.3.1960 Overl gen var i kjole og hvidt han var blevet afbrudt midt i en gallamiddag men min s ster siger, at det er da ikke noget, hendes f dselsl ge var i islandsk nationaldragt Nogen vil mene at det s ledes allerede fra starten var klart at jeg var et ganske s rligt barn Andre vil sikkert p st at min mor bare var god til at skabe pludselige gyn kologiske kriser.Jeg blev alts f dt i K benhavn, men det m nok betragtes som en fejl, for min for ldre er jyske, min opv kst foregik i Jylland mestendels i Malling ved rhus , og jeg betragter mig i dag som eksil jyde p Frederiksberg, p det mine jyske venner omtaler som Dj vle en Sj lland.Jeg har skrevet altid, eller i hvert fald lige siden jeg n ede ud over Ole s en so stadiet Som hestetosset teenager skrev jeg b gerne om Tina og hestene de to f rste udkom da jeg var femten, den fjerde og sidste da jeg var sytten Som 18 rig opdagede jeg Tolkien og Ringenes herre, og derefter Ursula K LeGuins trilogi om Jordhavet, og lige siden har mit bog hjerte banket for eventyr og drageblod og verdener, der ligger mindst tre skridt til h jre for regnbuen eller M lkevejen, og under alle omst ndigheder et p nt stykke fra den asfalterede danske virkelighed.I dag, cirka 30 b ger senere, er jeg stadig lige s h bl st vild med at skrive som jeg altid har v ret Og selv om jeg har v ret en lille smuttur i krimi land og skrevet en kriminalroman for voksne l s mere p ninaborg hvis du har lyst s er jeg bestemt stadig b rnebogsforfatter og har stadig hang til magiske momenter Personal Name Lene Kaaberb l Born 1960, in Copenhagen, Denmark Education rhus University, degree English, drama Hobbies and other interests Playing pentanque Addresses Office Phabel Plott ApS, Laksegade 12, St, DK 1063 Copenhagen K, Denmark Career Novelist Formerly worked as a high school teacher, copy writer, publishing company editor, cleaning assistant, and riding teacher Phabel Plott ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, owner and writer Honors Awards Best Disney Novel Writer of the Year award, Disney Worldwide Artist Convention, 2001, for five W.I.T.C.H series novels.


    1. There’s something depressing about finishing a series…particularly if you really, really liked that series. And I really liked the Shamer Chronicles.It took me a while to begin the last book of the series—partly because, well, it was the last; and partly because the beginning isn’t all that rapturously hooking. The book takes a little while to warm up. It isn’t your typical “fantasy-war-adventure”, where everyone works up to the big battle, fights, and then we wrap up with a heart- [...]

    2. I found this series browsing the YA section of my library. I'm at a loss to describe what exactly it is that makes this series so enjoyable. The fact that it was written by a Danish author, who then translated them herself, is part of the magic. The fantasy world is crisp and provides a clear picture of the battle of good versus evil via shamefulness. (As the series title implies, the main character Dina has the power to shame people by forcing them to view- and share with her- the things they f [...]

    3. It's taken me a long time to finish this series. I do this thing, where I don't read the last book in a series until looooong after I've finished the one before it. It's a bad habit of mine, but nonetheless, I finally finished this wonderful series.I very much loved this book, but there were parts of it too that didn't like at all. That's what makes a good book though, in my opinion. A book that's too perfect, doesn't make you think about it days later, doesn't make your thoughts churn over the [...]

    4. I remember this book so differently. My sister and I both read this series when we were very young and I had almost forgotten them entirely. What my sister remembered - Nico & Dina getting together at the end - and what I remembered - Nico sailing off with Carmian to lands unknown - were things that had never happened. It was slightly scary to see how my younger self had seen this novel versus how I see it now - which is how it's been for all the books in the series. Sort of like returning t [...]

    5. This is probably the best childrensbooks i've ever read! Also suitable for grown ups! I listened to it in norwegian, that probably was wise, as the book is in nynorsk. Too bad it's not translated to bokmål as well.

    6. Definitely the best of the Shamer books; here Kaaberbol builds on everything that has come before and extends it! In fact, it makes me wish there was a follow-up novel, since there are still several unresolved threadsGeneral Synopsis: Once again, the story splits between Dina, the Shamer's daughter, and her brother Davin. Both our main characters are struggling with what they went through in the last book. Dina is struggling with her identity. She is the Shamer's daughter, but she knows that mos [...]

    7. The final book in the series, and the final showdown against the evil Drakan. Unfortunately, it's not as well handled as it could have been – Kaaberbøl is really best at small-scale stuff, and so she almost cheats her way out of the great war. There are also some hasty and rather unfounded relationship developments, (view spoiler)[especially the way we are handed Tano when Dina’s love for Nico becomes too inconvenient. (hide spoiler)] But by all means, this is still a good book with great [...]

    8. Haha, I think the last page is like"umm, okay?" where all of a suddenly we find out who Davin's father is. Super out of the blue and not the best note to end on. But I love this series still. Also I feel really bad for Carmian, and in my head canon, Nico goes back for her someday.

    9. Συνεπαρμένη όπως ήμουν από την ανάγνωση του τρίτου βιβλίου της σειράς, δεν θα μπορούσα να διανοηθώ καν να αφήσω να μεσολαβήσει το οποιοδήποτε διάστημα, μικρό ή μεγάλο, ανάμεσα σε αυτό και το φινάλε της τόσο διαφορετικής αυτής ιστορίας, σε σχέση τουλάχιστον με όσα βιβλία φαν [...]

    10. Great characters in a superbly imagined world!I fell in love with Dina and her world when I first met her in the Shamer’s daughter. She is a strong, yet flawed character, and for all her ‘magic’ powers immensely human. In the same way, her world, so richly imagined by Ms. Kaaberbol, manages to be, at the same time, fantastic and real.In the Shamer’s War, the last book in the series, Dina, now thirteen, has come into full possession of both her mother’s gift, the ability to shame people [...]

    11. This was a wonderful conclusion to the Shamer's series (or at least I think it's the last book). I'll admit I didn't get that sad at Nico's (view spoiler)[fake funeral even though it's made to make reader's think he really is dead. (hide spoiler)] I think it's because of that lack of depth to his character. We didn't really get to know him. The most he is spoken of is in the first book and then in this one. He plays a huge role but then is detached at the same time. Other than that aspect, I tho [...]

    12. LOVED IT!!! It is a great conclusion to Dina's journey. I loved how she and the others matured and each grew in their own way. I loved how Tano saw past their painful experience together and saw that she is just an average girl and not some monster like others fear. While I liked the other events that happened, one of the most memorable parts were Tano and Dina's interactions. I read this when I was younger but it is a series that I go back to read whenever I can.

    13. No Question Left Unanswered, No Minor Character Overlooked!In the fourth, and final book of Lene Kaaberbol's Shamer series, Dina and family must once again face Drakan and his evil forces. As per usual, the family is divided, and Nico and Davan both run off to confront the Dragon Emperor head on. In this book, Kaaberbol ties up every single loose end, and answers every question (no matter how slight). In this book we also meet a stonger, more confident Dina, who has aged considerably since the f [...]

    14. Well, I rarely do reviews but I am gonna try to review this one.I think that this book (In fact the entire series) is quite good, and it is just awesome that it's a Danish author and stuff. First of I thought that the entire idea for Dina and her mothers gift/curse is great and something I havn't come across in the other books I have read.lene does a great job on the characters, even though they have to seem all strong heroic they all have their flaws and their bad moments. None of them is just [...]

    15. I'm just writing one review for all four of these books. So kill me, I'm lazy. I actually enjoyed these books more, the more I read them. I didn't necessarily love the writing. It seemed a bit long winded and slow at times, but I found the characters to be interesting and the story to be unique. I read all four books in rapid succession and I did have a hard time with all the hardships that befell them. I swear, it was like every chapter was a new trial or disaster. That got old. I just wanted p [...]

    16. The world and the characters in this book will be missed. I've now marathoned the four books in the space of a little more than half a month, and they were all great. My favourite was definitely the third one, but I still loved the others too.This series is full of action and heroic characters, female and male. Lene Kaaberbol's writing is just great and I love the world building as well, you get a clear picture of the surroundings, and you get attached to the world.In the beginning Dina's segmen [...]

    17. A good end to a good series. As in the other books, bad things happen to innocent people, and to good ones, but finally Dina and Davin figure out who they are and what they can, and will, do.Sometimes during the book I experienced frustration that people run off pell-mell into danger, without talking things over with those with calmer heads, but the main characters of the book were between 12 and 19 years of age. Children really, and not known for good impulse control.And although it has been ob [...]

    18. I shouldn't be so surprised because of this disappointment After all, the lastest Shamer book I got to (re)(re)read was one of the best books of that reading season/spring. And it's been a while now; re-reading this series has taken over two years from me, even though there are only four books in it.The Shamer's War is not a bad book. Slightly irritating (esp. telling), yes, but I can see why I have liked it so much when I was a child myself.Kind of. Dina is a pretty strong girl. And the writing [...]

    19. This is the fourth and final book in the Shamer Chronicles series. In this book I got to see how Dina handled the choice she has to make when she is meet her enemy, and when she had to choose between being her mothers daugther or her father's daugther, or being her own personI got to see how she has evolved as a person in the books. I also got to see how David had grown as a person. I really love this series with my heart and soul. I have also enjoyed it the whole time I read it. I would love fo [...]

    20. Took me a week to read 30 pages, and then I read the rest intwo days. Logic.Anyway, I think this is a great solution to a great series. It's one of my favorites in the series, and I think the author tied up all the ends nicely, even the ones that we probably wouldn't even notice that hadn't been tied up, if that makes sense. Everyone get's what they deserve, but it's still a very bittersweet ending. I almost cried, again, but it was better now than the first time I read it, because I already kne [...]

    21. I really love this series, even I still haven't read the third book and it's been yeart from when I started with Shamer's book. But these books showed me how great readin actually is. I fell inlove with books, reading and fantasy worl because of how amazing Lene Kaarbebol books was to me. It was and always will be the best series that I ever read. And Shamer's series is really very intresting and original. I strongly recommend to all fantasy and adventure lovers ;)

    22. I have now finished this series and really enjoyed each book! I enjoyed the entire story and all of the characters. The author really did a great job of using all of the characters, fulfilling each story line, and there was a great flow between books. If you like a story loaded with magic, dragons, lords, and colorful characters, then the Shamer Chronicles series is definately worth checking out!

    23. I enjoyed these books more and more as I read through them. I enjoyed having Davin's point of view as well as the fact that Dina grew up (it spans over about 3 years through all 4 books) and it's easier to relate to when it's not a 10 year old narrator. I even loved the little hints at a love story between various characters. I really loved the characters and it was a good book. However, the last page with the Smithy? Weird

    24. I loved loved loved this series. I can't really explain why. I came to love all of the characters and really root for them as they struggled against some serious evil. Drakan's mind-control dictatorship goes to the next level in this final installment. And the addition of Carmian, a trouser-wearing dagger-toting female dare devil, really rounded out the story universe. My only regret is that I followed another's advise and skipped book 2. This series is too fun to miss any of it!

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