Nano Man

Nano Man

Dean C. Moore / Mar 02, 2021

Nano Man Jane Macelvey is a genius bioengineer Her first human guinea pig is also the one person who has any chance of keeping her alive against all the secret government agencies and private corporations that

  • Title: Nano Man
  • Author: Dean C. Moore
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jane Macelvey is a genius bioengineer Her first human guinea pig is also the one person who has any chance of keeping her alive against all the secret government agencies and private corporations that are after her He is the first Nano Man He has no idea what he can do, and neither does she But one thing is certain, the special interests closing in on them have their oJane Macelvey is a genius bioengineer Her first human guinea pig is also the one person who has any chance of keeping her alive against all the secret government agencies and private corporations that are after her He is the first Nano Man He has no idea what he can do, and neither does she But one thing is certain, the special interests closing in on them have their own nexgen human prototypes, and they know exactly what they can do They also recognize that the first to market with their prototype wins For that reason and that reason alone, the Nano Man must be eliminated at all costs Budget no object.

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    1. This is another sensational Cyberpunk novel from the very talented and prolific Mr Moore. This book has everything, a brilliant imagined future, a sassy and intelligent heroine, and a turbocharged storyline. I don’t like spoilers in reviews so all I will say is that there are far from philanthropic forces at play in the shape of a ruthless government and giant corporations in the robotics field, all vying with the other to manufacture the perfect product. Juxtaposed with these forces is Jane, [...]

    2. Nano Man is set in a futuristic world where robotics and nano-technology have taken over, a place where corporate greed and an obsession to rule the world have led some powerful individuals to go to unthinkable lengths just to see their not-so-noble-ends met.Most characters are interesting and relatable. Others I would have liked to see more of. But one thing’s for sure, characters in Nano Man are well-developed overall.That’s all I can say about this particular theme without giving too much [...]

    3. This is a novel that brings a whole new meaning to Miranda’s famous line, “Brave New World” in the bard’s final play, and by the time we hear them uttered near the end of this gripping science fiction tale they couldn’t be more fitting.Nano Man wasn’t quite the novel I was expecting. I had something more akin to Generator Rex in mind before I started but it is in fact a non-stop, action based sci-fi thriller, one with a very high body count indeed.Due to corporate espionage and their [...]

    4. This is an amazing Cyberpunk novel, written by someone who makes the unbelievable seem completely normal! The story moves at a frenetic pace with wonderful and intelligent descriptions of a life in the future populated by robots, who can impersonate humans but with all the added benefits of advanced technology. They are faster, cleverer and sexier! The production of these robots is big business and the fierce competition between the major manufacturers is at the heart of the story. It is the equ [...]

    5. When I buy a book by Dean C. Moore I know I am in for the adventure of a lifetime. Nano Man delivers that and so much more. When technology becomes too big too fast, who knows what might happen? Dean C. Moore does! We have companies fighting companies to be the first to get ahead in AI in robots, but their is something else even better for people to be investing in, human enhancement using nanobots. Now you have robots, half robots, humans and enhanced humans all in a race to more or less rule t [...]

    6. “Nano Man” by Dean C More is unlike any book I’ve read. An intelligent play on Artificial Intelligence and robot culture it is pitched perfectly in the twilight of human robots and robotic humans. Owing as much to science as to science fiction, a thriller and an intelligent read this book has a lot going for it: A fascinating subject, great characters, originality and excellent entertainment.The central story involves a bioengineer and her experimental prototype, the Nano Man, whose existe [...]

    7. Cyberpunk? My first ever interaction with it and I loved it. Artificial Intelligence at its best. It took me a few chapters to get into but once I did it was a fast paced ride to the end. Why did it take me a while? Simply because I am new to the genre, nothing more. A lot of characters come and go (I particulary liked the Hulk's exit)Some of the dialogue is tongue in cheek and I chuckled a few times. The author, in a great way, is able to explain in normal language what is going on - none of th [...]

    8. I really can’t praise this book highly enough; as a lifelong fan of science fiction, and having read some of the all-time greats – Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke to name but two - I’m not easily pleased when it comes to this genre but here we have a rollercoaster blend of hard sci-fi, almost non-stop action, plots and conspiracy, all interwoven with absolutely loads of fun and humour. It would be impossible to describe entirely the mix of characters, but suffice to say it includes power and w [...]

    9. I love science fiction. I’ve been reading it ever since discovering ‘Childhood’s End’, Arthur C. Clarke’s apocalyptic vision of the future, at the age of eleven. The idea of robots and A.I. transcending human development is one that has excited and terrified all of us ever since the Singularity became a distinct possibility. We already have much of the nanotechnology described in this novel. Dean C. Moore has taken the concept that bit further and created the most incredible kaleidosco [...]

    10. Nano Man by Dean C. MooreI am reviewing this book on a read-to-review basis.The Nano Man is a book in its own element. I have never read a cyborg/humanoid/robot novel with so much detail and scientific background. Dean C. Moore MUST work in this industry. He had me believing he did anyway. That was the extent of information in here.This is a great read for anyone heavily into their science fiction. I will go a step further with authentic science fiction also. This doesn't mean it's a dry read. T [...]

    11. The name Nano Man tells you everything you need to know before you read the book. This is a cyber-punk adventure that is filled with technological elements that will make you think about what's really possible. The author's description of the androids is so life-like that they can even replace people without anyone being none the wiser.Our heroine is Jane Macelvey and she finds herself in trouble with the government. I'm going to to say much because this story is deep and i highly recommend if y [...]

    12. Dean C. Moore’s fantasy novel Nano Man offers a dystopian future where human and robots interact, and in some cases where the boundaries between both are fluid. As governments and global corporates fight for supremacy in the development of robots with super fast ‘thinking’ powers and incredible strength - even shape-shifting abilities - top robotics scientist Jane and robot Michael get close. The race and competition for supremacy in this field holds the prize of unbelievable riches and wo [...]

    13. Wow!Throw a hatful of genres into a bowl, add next century technology, comic book smart zippy banter, a spoonful of the impossible, a gram of amphetamines and whisk, and keep on whisking!The dialog is fibre optic fast, but after some genetic enhancement surgery I was able to read it, and then read it over, before I understood that I was on a rollercoaster in a tornado during the blitz.When the action kicks, punches, shoots, stabs, explodes, rips apart and chews in, we are gifted to a body count [...]

    14. Let me start by saying that I have seldom - perhaps never - encountered a writer whose depth and breadth of imagination matches Dean C. Moore's: His ability to create completely new worlds and believable alternative realities is nothing short of amazing, in my opinion. The fact that his novels are also crammed full of the information that those of us who are not scientists need to comprehend some of the mind-boggling scenarios he creates makes reading his stories all the better.'Nano Man' is, at [...]

    15. Ever since getting hooked on Asimov as a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by stories involving robots and artificial intelligence, so I picked up this book by Dean C. Moore and gave it a try. As far as the subject matter goes, the author has imagined a world far more detailed than anything I’ve read before, brimming with original concepts. The abilities and motivations of the robots, humans and those in-between are explored to an incredible depth, with the ability to enhance oneself with the n [...]

    16. Dean C Moore never fails to amaze me with his innovative storylines and rampant imagination. I can see this as a movie. it's just up my street and has a recipe that will keep you on the edge of your seat.What is a Nano Man and what can it do? What we learn is that powerful people will do anything to get it, and the young scientist who developes it is running for her life. You need to buckle up with this. It is edgy, fast paced, and as always, Dean C Moore gets you right inside the characters' he [...]

    17. Readers of cyberpunk - if this author isn't already known to you, add him to your BTR list. Other readers - if you're looking for something a bit different and like your books fast and furious, this may hit the mark.This is my first foray into the cyberpunk genre and goodness what a ride it was. The story is compelling and the characters along with the relationships between them were some of the most unique I've ever read. Within the fast paced adventure there is an intelligent consideration of [...]

    18. Dean C. Moore is not new to the publishing world and although I'm new to reading his books 'Nano Man' being my first, I was not disappointed. Although many authors fall on a path with one particular strict genre suited to their liking - D.C Moore goes beyond that comfort zone and dabbles with many fiction installments from action adventure, Sci fi, and even paranormal fantasy endeavors.'Nano Man' is a science fiction and fantasy Cyber punk adventure. The main character 'Jane Macelvey' is conside [...]

    19. This book was excellent - an awesome blend of sci-fi, paranormal, and fantasy, packed with adventure! It’s a real page-turner and has all the makings of an original, futuristic sci-fi film - movie scouts, take note!I love Moore’s writing style: his narratives, character development, and plot development are excellent. I also appreciated all the details he included re: bioengineering, robotics, corporate greed, government misdeeds - it makes the book’s futuristic sci-fi world all the more r [...]

    20. One of the most poignant aspects to the content of Dean C. Moore’s latest book is it potential in becoming reality in the near future. Nano Man is a book for cyber-punk and tech-head futurists. Imagine a world where technology is at a tipping point; where the droid is almost capable of human behaviour. It’s not difficult to imagine, but to put such a scenario realistically into a story is difficult; look how far wrong the writers of Flash Gordon were!Moore’s book propels the reader on a jo [...]

    21. 'Nano Man' is well written with great characters, and great story arcs. It's sci-fi but also a pretty good thriller, with great imagination, and a hint this could be a glimpse of a real future. I enjoyed the blending of current and future ideas about AI, nanite engineering and DNA. Stir in a dose of corporate robotics greed, power-driven politicians, smart science, a touch of curious romance, sprinklings of humour, and you have a brilliant cocktail to savour. Of course, it can't be good for the [...]

    22. A sci-fi thriller full of witty dialogue and clever plot lines.I have to admit that the first chapters of Nano Man had me confused however I settled into the story around Chapter Five when we meet Jane and Mike and I’m happy to report that those confusing first chapters make sense by the time you reach the end. Even so, there are so many twists and turns in this book that you have to concentrate not to miss anything.The main characters of Jane and Nano Man Mike are developed nicely through the [...]

    23. This is a wacky action adventure that will rip you out of your cubical-mentality and catapult you into a future that probably isn’t off the mark in a freaky sort of way. I write this review as the Iran nuclear deal deadline approaches. Although this historical event is nothing to make light of, Nano Man illuminates nuclear warfare’s archaic destiny when technology of the self or the self-creations becomes the weapon of choice. Despite the “advancements,” the pursuit of power, control, eg [...]

    24. This is some sort of awesome Cyberpunk! Nano Man is an intricate and spelling binding sci fi novel where the future knows no limits. Jane Macelvey, the brilliant bioengineer, is on the run with Michael, the first Nano man, who the competition wishes to destroy. Michael has the amazing ability to mutate into whatever form is necessary during battle (I particularly enjoyed the werewolf) and is an awesome force to reckon with. However, he is nothing compared to the two genius woman who control Mich [...]

    25. Science fiction, fantasy, Cyber punk, action adventure, intrigue, robots, androids, and cuttuing edge future technology. If any of these are your favorite types of books you are in for a treat. What happens if you develop a robot that's limits and capabilities are boundless? You will find yourself on the wrong side of the government and unscrupulous compitition that could care less if you die. Dean C. Moore's books are always on the cutting edge of technology - so accurate they might not be call [...]

    26. I've never really been one for sci-fi, but the blurb for this book hooked me and I picked it up. I'm glad I did, the story was engaging from the first page and reading all the different hooks that blended together to make a full story was intriguing and clever in the way they came together. As each new hurdle was overcome, another arose in its place allowing Mike and Jane to think of a new way to get through the problems they were facing. I loved the background story going on around the main one [...]

    27. I have read and followed this author's work for over two years now and without exception his stories never disappoint. With Dean C Moore you always get what you pay for- fast action, witty dialogue, clever plot twists and enough sci-fi to blow your mind. As with all Moore's stories the plot doesn't let up for a second so you had better pay attention. Dean C Moore catapults you from chapter to chapter as Nano-man's skills and powers evolve and become ever more inventive. As well as a cyberpunk in [...]

    28. Nano man take you on a wild ride. Robots taking over from man and looking to rule the world to nanobots that can change anything or anyone in whatever way they could possibly dream of. An over the top comic style book where the action never stops. A little too over the top for my liking, but others might love the style especially if they are into cyberpunk.

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