A Wee Dose of Death

A Wee Dose of Death

Fran Stewart / Oct 23, 2020

A Wee Dose of Death A second dose of Scottish charm from the author of A Wee Murder in My Shop While business is booming at the ScotShop in Hamelin Vermont proprietor Peggy Winn doesn t have time to toast her good fort

  • Title: A Wee Dose of Death
  • Author: Fran Stewart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A second dose of Scottish charm from the author of A Wee Murder in My Shop While business is booming at the ScotShop in Hamelin, Vermont, proprietor Peggy Winn doesn t have time to toast her good fortune thanks to her hot tempered, fourteenth century Scottish companion Being thrust into the modern world hasn t been easy for Dirk, but Peggy is at her wit s end trying toA second dose of Scottish charm from the author of A Wee Murder in My Shop While business is booming at the ScotShop in Hamelin, Vermont, proprietor Peggy Winn doesn t have time to toast her good fortune thanks to her hot tempered, fourteenth century Scottish companion Being thrust into the modern world hasn t been easy for Dirk, but Peggy is at her wit s end trying to keep the ghostie galoot in line But when the local police chief finds the body of Peggy s friend Karaline s college professor in a deserted mountain cabin, everyone is thrown for a loop It seems the secretive professor may have been killed over his ecological work, an idea that s only reinforced when Karaline herself is shot Now Peggy and Dirk must set aside their differences to put the cold blooded killer under loch and key

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    1. Dollycas’s ThoughtsPeggy and Dirk are back and have their hands full, well as much as a ghost can have his hands full. If you haven’t read the previous story you need to know that Dirk came home to Vermont after a trip Peggy took to England. She purchased a shawl and never knew it came with a ghost as a bonus item.Cross country skiing is a big thing in Hamelin, Vermont, even the chief of police straps on his skis and grabs his poles every once in a while. His first trip of the season goes ho [...]

    2. Author Fran Stewart has penned a wonderful second installment to her Scotshop mystery series. If you like your cozy mysteries with cranky ghosts, you’re in for more than a wee bit of fun with this delightful story. Rather you have read the first book in this series, A WEE MURDER IN MY SHOP, or you’re starting with this title, fans of para-cozies will be thrilled with this wonderful read. Protagonist Peggy Winn and her gruff ghostly companion, Dirk, are back in another exciting story that is [...]

    3. Grabs and doesn't let go. Complex mystery and murder plot that keeps you guessing until the final reveal. Peggy Win owns the ScotShop and during her last visit to Scotland to acquire merchandise, she picked up a beautiful ancient shawl. The shawl came with the ghost of a 14th century Scotsman who was learning about the modern world, while Peggy learned about his. The characters are well developed. An early snow storm covers a murder in a local cabin and the Chief of Police is stranded with the b [...]

    4. 4 stelle e mezzaUn'altra piacevole lettura, con tante risate quando interagivano Peggy e il fantasma Dick. Sono stata un po' fuorviata dai molti punti di vista usati per raccontare la storia: quello in prima persona della protagonista e quello in terza persona della vittima, di sua moglie, del capo della polizia (personaggio odioso, per la cronaca) e del detective principale. Sarà per questo che non ho proprio capito chi fosse il colpevole? O per essere più precisi, l'ho scartato dopo una brev [...]

    5. openbooksociety/article/a-A Wee Dose of DeathA ScotShop Mystery, Book #2By Fran StewartISBN 9780425270325Author’s website: franstewartBrought to you by OBS reviewer JeanieSynopsis:While business is booming at the ScotShop in Hamelin, Vermont, proprietor Peggy Winn doesn’t have time to toast her good fortune thanks to her hot-tempered, fourteenth-century Scottish companion. Being thrust into the modern world hasn’t been easy for Dirk, but Peggy is at her wit’s end trying to keep the ghost [...]

    6. Fascinating second book in series! What a premise, to have one's very own personal 1300's Scottish ghost! The author's imagination and intelligence makes her plot a worthy cozy mystery. The characters are delightful, even Dirk! While I figured out only part of the motive, finding the bad guys or gals was more challenging. The plot twists kept me guessing, after grabbing my attention at the beginning and keeping it throughout. A very talented author; I will look forward to reading more.

    7. While I enjoyed visiting with the characters from the first book I did find I missed Peggy's twin brother in this book and hope he is in book three. I don't think that the write up about the book does the story much justice. This story was very complex and more intense a murder then the first story. The Scotshop Mystery Series has the type of inviting covers I just love! Also spoiler alert, you may be reaching for more then a few cups of hot chocolate while reading this chilling tale.

    8. Since I loved the first book so much, I was expecting to like the second book even more. I was disappointed that I did not. For the first 200 pages, Peggy was just too mean to Dirk for enjoyable reading. The real problem from my viewpoint with A Wee Dose of Death was the ending--there were too many loose ends. I do not want to say more, because that would spoil the reading of what is otherwise a clever story. I am hoping the storylines continue in Book 3. I will still be visiting the Scotshop!

    9. A Wee Dose of Death is book two in the Scotshop Mystery series. In the first book Peggy went to Scotland to get some things for her Vermont shop and bought a shawl that contained a ghost. Dirk is a Highlander from a long time ago and has no clue what all this modern stuff is so he is always full of questions. Peggy is getting use to her ghost and her friend Karaline can also see him. Peggy went out skiing and took Dirk along with her (he can only go where the shawl goes). The see a cabin and Peg [...]

    10. Marcus Wantstring wasn't looking for a place to die.A university professor is murdered in a cabin on a cross country ski trail. The police chief breaks his leg on the trail and seeks refuge in the cabin and discovers the body. ScotShop owner, Peggy is skiing the same trail and hears the Chief cursing and does not approach the cabin much to the dismay of her resident ghost, Dirk. The ScotShop acquires a new mascot when Gilda brings in her new Scottish Terrier, Scamp. It is only after the paper re [...]

    11. UghI'm not sure what the motivation for the author was, but I found Peggy so unpleasant in the first few chapters that I was ready to give this one a miss. And it didn't get much better when the police chief was turned into such an ridiculous caricature of an inept, misogynistic buffoon that anything involving him was painful to read. By the end of the book, I was wishing that her friend Karaline was the main character instead of Peggy.

    12. excellent concept, rather poor execution. Peggy is not a very likable character, which is a problem since she is our heroine. the author spends far to much time of Peggy's inner grouch and does not develop other parts of the story that should be. there is obviously a good back story with harper, alot more could be done with dirk. The murder takes place right at the beginning of the book, however for probably 3/4 of time the story line has little or nothing to do with the murder. then all of a su [...]

    13. Wee Dose Of Death is the second book in the A ScotsShop Mystery series.Peggy Winn, who owns ScotShop, a Scottish apparel shop in Hamelin, VT decides to do a little cross country skiing and sets out on her favorite trail. As she nears a cabin where she plans to turn around and head back, she notices an area in snow that looks as if someone has fallen and has dragged their selves to the cabin. As she nears the cabin she hears Mac Campbell swearing and figures that he must be all right. She then tu [...]

    14. What just happened, the first book was so good and the second is so awful.The main character has turned into a self absorbed spiteful spoiled brat, choosing to do the wrong thing at every turn, half the time just to spite her ghost because she can't admit to being wrong.In addition, the author completely changes her writing style, constantly jumping around between 5 or 6 other character's third person perspective, in addition to the main character's first person perspective. Twice in the first b [...]

    15. 4.25 StarsSexual Content: NoneLanguage (Profanity/Slang) Content: NoneViolent Content: MinimalA Wee Dose of Death by Fran Stewart is the second book in the Scotshop Mystery series. Peggy Winn owns the ScotShop an apparel shop in Hamelin, Vermont. After returning from an overseas trip where she picked up items for her shop, Peggy finds herself dealing with a long dead Scotish companion who came along with a beautiful tartan shawl she had purchased. But “Dirk” as she calls him is the least of [...]

    16. This second book in the series was very quick and enjoyable reading.We are back in the Scottish Town of Hamelin, Vermont with the owner of The ScotShop, Peggy.Peggy lives alone with her cat, Shorty, and a ghost, nicknamed Dirk from the 14th Century. Dirk arrived via a hand-woven scarf that Peggy purchased on a trip to Scotland prior opening her shop.Dirk is attached to the scarf but anxious and eager to learn everything he can of this new country. His eagerness often gets on Peggy's last nerve. [...]

    17. I must confess to being disappointed with this one. I know I raced through the first one and was so excited when this one came out that I put it on the top of the TBR stack of mysteries. I'm afraid there wasn't a lot of mystery going on. Too many passages with secondary characters and not enough of our main heroine this time around. Still intrigued enough to keep reading but next time I won't be in quite the hurry I was this time.

    18. I really enjoyed the first book and I think I would have enjoyed this more if it hadn't jumped viewpoints so much. In the first hundred pages it jumped to about 4 or 5 different viewpoints, sometimes even multiple times. I thought the love story was also a bit simplistic but the main problem for myself was the jumping around to points of view, even when it wasn't necessary.

    19. When I first started this mystery, She found myself becoming irritated with the main character, Peggy. She seemed quite rude at times and very abrupt. As the story went on, she seemed more mellow. I found the story line quite good.

    20. Another fun read by Fran Stewart. I think I'm half in love with the ghost. It was impossible for me to go to sleep until I finished the book.

    21. Not a bad sequel to the first book in the series. I did find it a bit repetitive and was not sure about the character development. The main character, Peggy, seemed a bit harsh in this one and I don't think the author gave sufficient reason for that. It seemed out of character and extreme. But I like the characters and will likely give it another try.

    22. This is a fun series about a woman who buys an old Scottish shawl that has an 18th century ghost attached. In this book, Peggy's friend's former professor is murdered, and they become involved in the search for the killer.

    23. Good 2nd installment of this cozy mystery series complete with a cat, a dog, and a handsome Scottish ghost.Light reading.No sexNo violenceLittle or no strong language.Plot: It's winter in Vermont and one of the best ways to get around is cross country skiing. Our main character is out doing just that and hears the sounds of someone in a open-to-the-public cabin. She soon recognizes the voice of a person she knows and would like to avoid. Little does she know he's not only in distress, but to mak [...]

    24. Re-read #1 to refresh my memory. Still not a real interesting story. Now #2 has less of the stupid ghost but what is there is just as obnoxious and distracting from the mystery We see more of the police chief and hope he will get hit by multiple busses, a train and maybe a meteor. Main character is a nosey parker and conflicted about everything except her shop which again is ignored most of the time and left to the help to run.

    25. I loved the first book in this series so much that I couldn’t wait to read this book, too. Unfortunately, these two books are so different. While the first book tells the story of loving relationships with relatable and likeable characters, and a charming ghost from the fourteenth century Scotland in a complex and multi-layered murder mystery format, this book has a sour mood with two bad-tempered women: the main character who is punitive, self-absorbed, and unkind, and the professor’s wife [...]

    26. This was an interesting cozy mystery for a couple of reasons - even though I pretty much figured out who had done it, the pathway to revealing the culprit was clever. The characters are normal people - not people who live beyond the means of someone who does the kind of work they do. (Can you tell I am tired of people who work at a job that barely pays a living wage and yet they live in the finest neighborhoods and wear silk? Or they are so rarely at their job you wonder how they keep it? Or the [...]

    27. Another enjoyable read, with plenty of plot twists, surprises, and a bit of the supernatural. This installment was told from a lot of different viewpoints, and although the murder is not discovered until midway through the book, the reader knows from page one that there's a crime waiting to be solved.Peggy is less likable in this story than she was in the first book; she is a little too whiny and intolerant of others, such as the ghost, Emily (the murdered professor's wife), the sheriff, etc. Fo [...]

    28. The characters in this book are very well rounded. Especially the secondary character of Emily. The prose for her was so poignant, that I had tears coming out of my eyes. The mystery itself was well formed, and weaved throughout with clues that made you able to see where the pieces fit together. The only negative I have is the relationship with the ghost and Peggy needs to be a little less juvenile, and progress beyond where it is now. I get that she is not happy with a ghost hanging around her, [...]

    29. Book 2 in this series finds us in Hamelin, Vermont, with Peggy and her 14th century Scottish ghost, Macbeath Donlevy Freusach Finlay Macearachar Macpheidiran of Clan Farquharsonat she calls "Dirk" for short. Peggy owns a "Scotshop" where one can buy all manner of things Scottish. She & her friend, Karaline, are drawn into solving a local murder when the body is a beloved college professor. With the police chief laid up in the hospital, Peggy & Karaline are free to search for more clues u [...]

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