Show Me The Honey

Show Me The Honey

Cathryn Cade / Oct 20, 2020

Show Me The Honey When a small town cafe owner is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for nearly a million in stolen cash she must convince him to let her go But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him deter

  • Title: Show Me The Honey
  • Author: Cathryn Cade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a small town cafe owner is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for nearly a million in stolen cash, she must convince him to let her go But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him determined to hang onto her this time for all the right reasons Lindi Carson has no time for romance in her life not when she s scrambling to make a success of her CoeuWhen a small town cafe owner is grabbed by a rambling biker looking for nearly a million in stolen cash, she must convince him to let her go But finding out he has the wrong woman only makes him determined to hang onto her this time for all the right reasons Lindi Carson has no time for romance in her life not when she s scrambling to make a success of her Coeur d Alene Lake shore caf She s barely keeping her head above water when biker Jack Moran hits town, sure she knows where to find nearly a million in stolen cash When Jack grabs her, Lindi must convince him he has the wrong woman But Jack s not the only one after the money, and someone is willing to kill to get it With murder lurking in this idyllic resort town and a dangerous MC on the prowl, Jack must persuade Lindi she belongs not only under his protection but in his arms He ll use every ounce of his rough charm to get her, but he may have to battle old ghosts to keep her there Can he convince her that love s sweetness is worth the sting A Sweet Dirty BBW Romance

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        The bigger the alpha, the harder he falls I write sexy contemp, contemp paranormal sci fi romance, inviting you along on a heart pounding ride with heroes who can only be tamed by the greatest force in the universe love.I live in a little town on a big lake in North Idaho, so look for the Northwest in my stories.


    1. WEAK! WEAK a*s stupid annoying book! And I NEVER EVER say stuff like that!!!I am soo so pissed I bought this bundle and for $10.00Okay, spoilers ahead so read at your own risk. One I do not understand at all how this book got as many stars as it did?Okay, I can look past the disjointed writing. Some of the book flowed while other times it was almost hard to read. But I can't look past how horrible the main character is. First, I am not sure why the author made Lindi seem like she was a size 24 w [...]

    2. Do you like alpha, sexy, dirty talking guys with a bit of swagger? Then you will love Jack. Jack is an interesting character. He has a lot of characteristics that normally would set me off but they are offset by a sense of honor and the fact that he can and does apologize when he is in the wrong. Lindi is a young woman forced to grow up way to young. She is naïve in some ways and ancient in others but in the end the bad boy just does it for her.This is a fun, fast paced read that I devoured in [...]

    3. First of all, I’d like to say that I didn’t know this author.I won Cathryn's book in a giveaway and it caught my attention because it was a MC book, and I’m a fan. I started with no expectations, just trying to feed my book addictionAGINE MY SURPRISE!SHOW ME THE HONEY tells a great story. It’s sweet and mature, but with a young love touch (we are all teens when in love…)Jack is very rough around the edges and sometimes very rude. But then he does some stuff that makes you completely in [...]

    4. A big fan of Cathryn Cade’s romantic sci-fi series I greatly enjoyed my first introduction to her contemporary works. Show Me the Honey is a great read. Her MC alpha hero Jack cooing dirty words will have you squirming in your seat. Her heroine Lindi is one curvaceous sweet yet feisty package. A case of mistaken identity finds our heroine kidnapped and reeling from demands to know where the money is. Realizing his mistake our hero Jack is honorable and protective. While definitely an alpha Jac [...]

    5. SHOW ME THE HONEY is my new favorite BBW series. Ms. Cade's promise of sweet and dirty came true. I also love her sci-fi series, but I'm so glad she's stepping into the MC contemporary genre. Jack and Lindi have instant chemistry, with a definite suspenseful twist. I was rooting for their happy ending the whole way. Looking forward to her next book in this "can't-put-down" series.

    6. I love Cathryn Cade, this was totally different story.My favourites have been her Sci fi series.I loved this in a different way, and can't wait to read more from this new series.

    7. Lindi Carson’s BeeHive Cafe is gaining a reputation for serving up the best breakfasts in the Coeur d’ Alene Lake area. I absolutely love stories featuring restaurants, chefs, food, you name it. Ms. Cade did a fab job creating a charming atmosphere and had me imagining the mouthwatering smells of pancakes, maple syrup, and coffee in this cute, tiny retro diner with its yellow Formica counters. Lindi has a small group of loyal local customers and enough tourists to keep the BeeHive afloat. Ju [...]

    8. A TERRIFIC BEGINNING OF A ENJOYABLE SERIESI WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW OVER 18 + READING Lindi Carson, owns a cafe in a small town, and then she is kidnapped by biker looking guy and two friend because they think she knows where the missing stolen money is (over a million dollars). Jack soon realizes that she is telling the truth, he kidnapped the wrong woman which in a way is a good thing because he is drawn to her from the beginning and she to him (so she thinks she must be craz [...]

    9. ARC provided for an honest review.3.5 Sweet BBW StarsLindi Carson has a little breakfast diner in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho which is her life. She's struggling since the death of her boyfriend who helped her out. And it doesn't help that she's being stalked by his less than savory brother, Darrell. When Jack Moran walks into her diner one morning, everything changes for Lindi. It seems Darrell's stalking has brought a couple of bikers into her life, who believe she's his woman and has the money h [...]

    10. Lindi is a sweet, down home type of girl, who lost what she thought was the love of her life. She is trying to hang onto her diner and make her life better. In walks a big badass biker name Jack and she is instantly drawn to him, but like most BBW we don't expect the hot ones to go for her. When in reality he is there for the money. Jack watches and waits until time for the him to make his move. Being a MC guy, he knows what he has to do for the club, for his brothers and himself. Lindi doesn't [...]

    11. Oh what a book!! Lindi feels her life is as good as it's going to get. She has her restaurant but after her boyfriend dies she is alone. She fears she'll stay that way because she can't trust and fears she will never be able to. Jack is a man who loves his bike, his parents and his club. He travels around with his best friend but has never found a woman who has made him want to stay out. Until he meets lindi and things take a turn. For good or bad these to people have to learn to trust each othe [...]

    12. Show Me the Honey: Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance by Cathryn Cade.This was my first time reading this author and I was not disappointed. I have a new go-to author to add to my list :p If you like a hot read that incorporates dirty talking, sexy alpha males and curvy, sassy females together with mistaken identities that lead to a kidnapping and some twists and turns, then this is the book for you. It’s a fast and fun read that will leave you breathless.

    13. I loved this book! It's the first one by this author for me. Lindi was just the right mix of unsure and feisty. She was willing to step up and fight for herself when she had to. Jack was the right mix of alpha and soft.Lindi is kidnapped because of mistaken identity. When Jack figures out they have the wrong woman, he decides he wants her for himself. Lindi can't believe an attractive hot biker like Jack would want her curvy self. She has trust issues, he doesn't like not being trusted. This is [...]

    14. I liked this story. I feel that the characters back ground could've been explained more to give us more insight on themI do have to say for an MC book about murder and money there's not a lot of usual violenceI did like the ending and can't wait to see if there is next one and whenAuthors writing was clear and flowed smoothly.So if you like love and MC together, you would like this book.

    15. Steamy & Hot!! This is a new author to me. I really loved this book! It was suspenseful, steamy and hot! I was hooked from the very first chapter. Jack and Lindi such a great story! Cathryn knows how to create some great characters. I love the chemistry between Jack and Lindi. I can't wait o read more of Cathryn Cade books. Keep up the awesome work!! Would definitely recommend this series.

    16. Jack wanted the million in stolen cash that he's sure Lindi had so he kidnapped her to get it. By the time she convinces him she's not who he thought she was and didn't have the cash, they had fallen for each other. I had a hard time getting my head around her falling in lust then love with her kidnapper.After reading the blurb, I was expecting more mystery/suspense than the story delivered. The plot was good but so much of the book was made up of sex scenes that I just didn't find it as interes [...]

    17. This is my first book by this author. It's also my first biker book. Since I got it for free I thought I'll give it a try. Boy was I surprised. I loved it! The main character is a HOT HOT HOT alpha with a dirty mouth, a rough exterior and a soft heart. Once he decides on a woman he is protective and proprietary. The chemistry between him and 'his' woman is electrifying. The story has a little suspense at the beginning but then turns into a total love story with all the ups and downs two people w [...]

    18. Show Me the Honey: Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance by Cathryn Cade is a Contemporary Adult Romance.There are editing errors, but essentially it is well written. It started out with a bang, then lost its momentum for the suspense. The synopsis made it sound like there was an ongoing threat throughout the book. There wasn't. After the initial suspense action in the first 10 chapters or so, it became strictly a romance. Not what I would call erotic, but definitely an adult romance.Lindi and Jack are [...]

    19. This is the first book I have read by this author and what a book it was. I will be looking for other books by Cathryn Cade but you would like to know why I liked it. Lindi is the owner of the Beehive Cafe. She is known for her breakfast and charm. She has been nervous as her ex boyfriends brother keeps stalking her and for what she does not know since Dave is now dead. A customer comes in and Lindi thinks he is handsome but something is telling her it might not be a good thing and she was right [...]

    20. SHOW ME THE HONEY: Sweet & Dirty BBW Romance #1by Cathryn Cade Book 1 of this series is great.loved the characterse writer shows how funny and strong willed Lindi is and how Jacks rough alpha male, dirty talking can have you squirming!!! Can't wait to read the rest of the series.When a small town cafe owner Lindi Carson is grabbed by Jack Moran a biker looking for nearly a million in stolen cash, she must convince him to let her go.he has the wrong woman only makes him more determined to han [...]

    21. This was an interesting book. Lindi is trying to make a go of it with her cafe and Jack, a hot biker walks in. Jack changes Lindi's life completely. Lindi's boyfriend dies and his brother has been stalking her. When Jack steps into Lindi's life he reveals that her boyfriend's death may not have been an accident. Jack tries to protect Lindi from one of his associates. Jack and Lindi have this connection, but they both have a bit of a temper and they don't communicate very well when they first mee [...]

    22. I took a walk on the wild side. This was definitely a guilty pleasure and probably not everyone's cup of tea. I found the characters Jack and Lindi memorable and emotionally engaging. Jack has the swagger, the body, and foul mouth of the quintessential bad boy, but he also has a very real code of honor and is very protective of his woman. I like the fact that he knows how to bend without breaking, and believes a woman is to be treasured. The story was a little light on plot, but it had enough po [...]

    23. Having grown up in the Spokane / Coeur d'Alene area, it is so cool to read a series set in the area. Cathryn Cade does an amazing job of, not only, writing a great romance but describing the setting so it becomes almost another character in the book. Jack and Lindi are so different and yet they complement each other so well. And the heat between them is simply sizzling.

    24. *I voluntarily read a Review Copy of this book. All opinion stated are solely my own and no one else's*Show me the Honey was a sexy read with a sassy heroine and a yummy alpha biker, who has a very hot dirty mouth. Jack and Lindi had scorching hot chemistry - I'm surprised these two didn't combust just looking at each other. I really liked Keys and look forward to reading his story. Hot, steamy read with lots of excitement - wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

    25. This is my first book from this author and I really enjoyed this book. There was great chemistry right from the beginning between Jack and Lindi even though Jack kidnapped her at first. And the secondary characters, can't wait to read Keys book. Great start to the series.

    26. Took me a few chapters to get into this one but I ended up thoroughly enjoying this book! Funny, HOT and a good story pace. I live in the area the book is set so it was bonus that I could picture where some of the scenes took place. Will recommend to friends!

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