Dark Requiem

Dark Requiem

A.D. Koboah / Oct 31, 2020

Dark Requiem Did she go too far Dallas Marshall is beautiful rich andlentless Once she decides she wants to be with Avery nothing will stand in her way But becoming a powerful vampire who cannot control her hunge

  • Title: Dark Requiem
  • Author: A.D. Koboah
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Did she go too far Dallas Marshall is beautiful, rich andlentless Once she decides she wants to be with Avery nothing will stand in her way But becoming a powerful vampire who cannot control her hunger threatens to push Avery further out of her reach And that is not all Dallas now finds herself up against an ancient evil that seeks to be reborn through her Can hDid she go too far Dallas Marshall is beautiful, rich andlentless Once she decides she wants to be with Avery nothing will stand in her way But becoming a powerful vampire who cannot control her hunger threatens to push Avery further out of her reach And that is not all Dallas now finds herself up against an ancient evil that seeks to be reborn through her Can he let go of his lost beloved Avery s heart has grieved for Luna, his lost love, for decades When Dallas forces her way into his life, he cannot deny the eerie similarities between the two unimaginably powerful and dangerous women There are times when a quick smile, a turn of the head, makes him wonder is Dallas merely a descendant of his beloved Lunaor is something far insidious at work It takes everything Avery has to control Dallas Can he save her from the evil that has lived in darkness for centuries waiting for its chance to devour Its time has almost come Together or apart, Dallas and Avery will come face to face with old enemies and strange allies as they run headlong to the brink of death and beyond to battle the darkness which has slaughtered Luna s descendants for generations And even then, the victory they have fought for may be forever denied to them For nothing is as it seems.

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      156 A.D. Koboah
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        I am of Ghanaian descent and spent the first few years of my life in Ghana before moving to London which is where I have lived ever since I completed an English Literature degree in 2000 and although I have always written in my spare time, I didn t start writing full time until a few years ago My first novel Dark Genesis was inspired by my thoughts on dehumanisation I was fascinated by the ways in which people are able to dehumanise others, the impact it has on the psyche and whether it is possible for people to find their way back from being dehumanised This led me to Luna and the ruins of a haunted chapel deep in the heart of Mississippi.


    1. I received an advance copy of Dark Requiem from Ms. Koboah (screaming in the inside with so much joy) and I purposely took my precious time inhaling each page since it is the conclusion of the series (crying on the outside from the finality of it).Ultimately, Dallas is proven useful and is a pivotal part to the storyline. She becomes tolerable further in the plot which I find to be fine news and that is all I will mention of any roles in the book. ;)It was overwhelming at times reading from the [...]

    2. I liked this book but not as much as I liked the first and second. I didn't like the Enwa parts of the story, and that's why it took me so long to finish. I was bored with that part. I know it tied into the story but I just didn't care for it. I liked Dallas and I enjoyed her story. I enjoyed this trilogy and I will continue to tell everyone about. Thank you for these .

    3. How can I do this review any justice when any words I might write would fail to convey how intimately connected I felt to the characters, how moved I was by the story, and how awake I feel this morning after the conclusion of the trilogy? This is a sophisticated tale for the sophisticated reader - one who is open to going beyond the ordinary and expected, who can immerse themselves into the detail, and who believes that love can transcend time, distance, and even humanity. In all my years of rea [...]

    4. I received this as an ARC (yay!) and I really enjoyed the story. I feel it tied up a lot of loose ends and gave closure to Luna and Avery. I know many do not like Dallas (don't worry I was one of them one) but keep reading, she's a pivotal character. I feel that by having Dallas essentially become a reincarnation of Luna, it truly gave a chance for Luna to heal. There was no way that she could properly love anyone after dealing with the trauma of being a slave and then move onto a relationship w [...]

    5. Overall, I liked this book; however the first part of the book was depressing with all the crying from Dallas. I think I mentally, and eventually verbally screamed "man-up" several times. The word "angst" is used too many times and near each other. Some story lines dragged on a little too long and became a little confusing. I did like that the author explained time gaps and story lines that were in the first two books. Still like the first book more. This book probably second.I received an advan [...]

    6. * * * * *Five more stars is exactly what this book deserves.The book was so detailed, I did not need to wonder about the whereabouts of not one, of it characters.When Dallas visited Avery , she really did get on my bad side ( LOL )Loved the twist! I didn't suspect, Luna and Dallas could be as one. Beautiful thoughWe sure did wonder how and if Luna was getting back to Avery.Read the first and the second book and then book three, amazing

    7. It did seem to take time for the story to really get going in this, the final chapter of the Darkling series. But we did learn more about Luna's origins and that of the Chapel Entity. Overall, I was very pleased to have read this trilogy and I would definitely recommend it to others.I received an advanced copy of the from A.D.Koboah, thank you.

    8. As I prepared to read Dark Requiem, my only thought was I hope Avery rise from the depth of sorrow, loneliness and despair. In the previous Darkling books, the writer left me with a longing for Avery's unadulterated happiness. As I read, embraced the writer's words, (she's an excellent writer by the way), the story took a life of its own and went in a direction I least expected. The book revealed Luna's existence before she was born into the realm of humanity. The dark entity that consumed her a [...]

    9. I'm so disappointed. I really hoped to love this book, but honestly I had no real idea of what was going on. It took too long to realize a jump to another time/person had happened unless it plainly stated that it had. I feel like it was just a rush to finish out the series, so all the remaining information had to be jammed into this final book. At times I found myself wondering if I wasn't paying real attention to what I was reading, but decided that there was too little story left for this book [...]

    10. I've read all 3 books in the series. Throughout this series, there was an unbalanced approach with writing in first person. I would have liked it to be more consistent, even if that meant flipping between Luna's and Avery's perspective. This book basically sums up everything that happened from the past books to a current plot, then finishes. To be honest, she probably could have gotten at least 2 more stories out of the series. She had enough characters to tell more stories. Especially, since th [...]

    11. I love this series. I was lucky enough to get this book early and I think it is just as good as the rest of them. Finally we find out who the chapel entity is, and the story behind it. I will not spoil this for any other reader, but I will say you will not be disappointed and that A.D. Koboah did the thing again. I highly recommend it, and I look forward to a possible future novel. Enjoy! I sure did.

    12. PhenomenalA wonderful book as expected. I must admit I had to review the previous books to remember a few of the details. Don't forget to read the bonus chapter. A bit of a pessimistic view of our future but I guess the goal was to makes us take a hard look at our present and how bleak our furniture will be if we continue on this path. Job well done.

    13. First, this book cannot be read as a standalone. You definitely should read books one and two, Dark Genesis and Rising Dark, before diving into Dark Requiem. You can read my review of Book two, Rising Dark, here (romancenovelsincolor/revie).Book two left me in a whirlwind of emotions. The relationship between Luna and Avery was at a crossroads. There’s so much I can’t reveal without delving into spoiler territory, but let’s just say that at the end of book two you’re screaming… noooooo [...]

    14. I found Dark Requiem to be so poetically written, figuratively & literally. Much that I highlighted was for my personal pleasure for the use of it’s literary language & tools.Dark Requiem was a challenging, very unpredictable read, & I loved it! Upon getting to chapter 7 or 8, I had to book mark, stop, and go back to re-read the last half of Rising Dark to gather reminders, prompting a better understanding of what I was currently reading in Dark Requiem. I even deterred to the dic [...]

    15. I am a little saddened by this book in the trilogy because of one reason in particular Dallas. I am not fond of her personality or her past and to mesh her with Luna was hard for me to imagine. I could feel the pain, anguish, hope and longing through Luna's back story but Dallas comes across as nothing more than an insolent brat. Her attitude made it not seem as warm with Avery and that warmth and longing between him and Luna was everything to me in the first two books. I did like the way things [...]

    16. APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEW: This review is for the three book series. What do I say , I say you must read this trilogy , I enjoyed this book because it's a passionate paranormal love story . Now when I say that I know you think I mean there a lot of sex in this series , when actually there is not . This is a story about soulmates destined to be together over incredible odds, a love that transpires over space and time . A love story that will keep you reading until you've read the last page of the th [...]

    17. goodas a whole i liked this seriousis last one had a lot goin on and most parts especially the explanation of the goddess was a bit confusing to me. i had to put 2&2 together to completely understand where the author took us with that, but after reading it. im happy they got their hapoy ending.

    18. Love I love this book simply because it teaches you so much about life in itself. Funny how I'm not a big fan of vampires but now my vision has definitely change.

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