A Federation Forged in Fire

A Federation Forged in Fire

Stephen W. Bennett / Apr 21, 2021

A Federation Forged in Fire This is Book of the popular and highly rated Koban Series When the enemy discovers their hidden home Mirikami is forced to lead Kobani ships in a desperate attack against Krall ships and

  • Title: A Federation Forged in Fire
  • Author: Stephen W. Bennett
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is Book 5 of the popular and highly rated Koban Series When the enemy discovers their hidden home, Mirikami is forced to lead 117 Kobani ships in a desperate attack against 3,000 Krall ships and uncounted warriors Armed with a 22,000 year old computer virus, and sheer courage, they must disable every enemy ship and weapon The last time this tactic was tried againstThis is Book 5 of the popular and highly rated Koban Series When the enemy discovers their hidden home, Mirikami is forced to lead 117 Kobani ships in a desperate attack against 3,000 Krall ships and uncounted warriors Armed with a 22,000 year old computer virus, and sheer courage, they must disable every enemy ship and weapon The last time this tactic was tried against them, the Krall eradicated the entire Olt kitapi civilization That s just one foe the Kobani face The PU president rejects diplomatic recognition of the new Galactic Federation, and diplomat Mirikami is ordered arrested for genetic crimes and for provoking Krall attacks on Hub worlds To reveal the president s duplicity in a secret deal with the Krall leader, he accepts a life or death challenge fight with an old enemy, right on the capitol steps, with news cameras rolling Then, proving the galaxy remains a dangerous place, the huge Thandol Empire, a former Olt kitapi enemy, forcefully announces that its elephantine rulers intend to annex the Orion Spur That happens to be where both the Kobani led Galactic Federation, and Human Space reside Naturally, the Kobani decline the Empire s violently phrased demands, doing it in their typically harsh and forceful manner In leading up to that confrontation, the Kobani learn the basis of the Empire s claim to Federation Space, and it predates the Krall conquests The prior owners may have a claim The Empire s initial punitive reaction to Kobani rejection reveals they have a pain causing nerve weapon, used for crowd control in the Empire This mild sounding weapon proves to be devastating to those with organic superconducting nerves Life on Koban could be wiped out by a riot control ship Book 1 Koban, Book 2 Koban The Mark of Koban, Book 3 Koban Rise of the Kobani, Book 4 Koban Shattered Worlds.

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        I was born in 1942, so I m an autumn rather than a spring chicken I live outside of Tampa, Florida with my fabulous wife Anita, and one son in college, Montana I have three older boys, Mark, Gary, and Anthony, all of whom have married and presented us with terrific grandchildren.My education gravitated to science, starting out as a physics major and my depression era folks told me I d never make a living as a theoretical physicist probably right, and Cosmology wasn t a career field then , so I moved to Electronics Engineering I devoted was drafted into service for the US Army, and caring not a whit for my electronics background, they offered this draftee a job as an Air Traffic Controller Cool new career field Retired, I now work as a consultant for the FAA, supporting software I helped create I decided to try my hand at writing what I loved to read, Science Fiction The Koban Series has established my unusually successful entry into SciFi as an indie author Six books at last count, and at least five in my mind or already started.


    1. An excellent series; more to come.I thoroughly enjoyed the five book Koban series. This book ended the war against the Krall but unfortunately there is no rest for the weary. The Kobani have learned that with great power comes great responsibility. They have also learned that we humans may indeed be the most adaptable and dangerous species the galaxy has ever seen. Nuff said!!!

    2. Another amazing ride!Mr. Bennett has done it again. He continues to add depth to his universe. His storyline is fresh and action packed. I can't wait to see what technology he introduces next.

    3. Book 5 is just as good if not better than the earlier installments. I like very much that 1/3 of the way through the book, the Krall are no longer a threat and are being "mopped up" by the PU.Next is the forming of a new multi-race (Kobani being one of the races) federation that claims ownership of all prior Krall-held star systems. Problem is that with the Krall all but powerless now, a power vacuum has been created and someone from the next neighborhood over has decided that THEY need to move [...]

    4. Great book series! I tend to review after reading all available in series. One or Two of the books tend to struggle and drag on but over all its a great series. Its not really much for in depth character development. However if you like Scifi and action at all. You Will like this series.

    5. Just when things were looking goodAlong comes another enemy. This series has quickly become a favorite of mine eagerly look forward to each new book. The Kobani Federation is finally picking up steam. The Krall are a footnote in history and the galaxy is ripe for expansion. Or not. The Thandor have a different opinion. While the Krall scared the heck out of them, these upstart humans - not so much. Much fun will ensue (for we readers) before a resolution is reached.

    6. Another good chapter, although I felt that the culmination of the first story arc was just too quick. Also, the beginning of the second arc halfway through the book feels unfinished when the last period is placed.Nonetheless, good read and highly entertaining. Also, the typos are much reduced this time around and most of the confusion of converting numerals between all the different races has been nipped in the bud by almost completely eliminating it. I love the imagination and the description o [...]

    7. I loved this book, it was broken up into three parts in shortling what happened from the actions of the previous books and how they affect the action today. Old enemies get their come uppings and new enemies of a different sort are taken out of the game. We also meet a new empire that wants the the Kobani and their allies have, and it is a interesting story that makes me want to read the next one right away. Overall this is a great book and i can't say enough how much i have enjoyed this series [...]

    8. Great book!Series is shaping up and looking better and better all the time. I enjoy how he introduced new challenges and mixed it up a bit. Authors often have trouble moving from one major disaster to another because they end up being to similar or feel forced. The new threats, challenges, and technology feel like natural progressions and organic changes. Really enjoyed this one! Keep it up :)

    9. Good but . . .First let me say that I have really enjoyed the Koban Series. I enjoyed this one also. With that said I will get to the "but" part of my review.This volume of the series felt more disjointed. It felt as though it was 3 smaller volumes put together. Not that it was bad I just didn't think it lived up to the continuity of the other volumes. It wasn't what I was expecting.I will read the next book.I will read the n

    10. Exciting reading The story progression is excellent and inline to the previous books. After starting to read it is difficult to put the book down until end. Now can't wait what will happen next, but also exited for the extended universe books to see what other adventures kobani are having.

    11. Overall excellent story. Higher than normal number of errors in punctuation and grammar when compared to the earlier books in the series. There is a significant section of this book, call it between acts 1 and 2, where it seems to lose direction, but it comes back together in the end. Looking forward to reading more in the series and VERY happy that it's continuing.

    12. Great book loved the end where more challenge and uncertainty author is a little verbose at timesGreat book loved the end where more challenge and uncertainty author is a little verbose at times. Can't wait for next one

    13. Another great book and the sad part is that i have to wait for another one. Thanks Stephen they all have been amazing and the transition into another book was done nicely. Looking forward to how you make the changes that are to come. thanks again for a great series.

    14. Great book. Spoiler alerGreat book. Spoiler alert------------------------ I was impressed with e depth of thought to actually building an economy after the defeat of the Karl. Also, liked the next great threat to the Galaxy

    15. Cuttlefish! Can't wait for the next one.I've "read" the entire series as audio books. Very nice performances. Great military science fiction. Some unique and clever ideas on human social structure.

    16. Fun fun funI really enjoyed the series so far. If you like future tech alien battles and biotech, you'll like this series of books.

    17. Great!!This is the best series that I've read. You have the feeling that you know the characters and one thing for sure you are always eagerly waiting for the next book.

    18. More or Tet and crew!I have loved this series book one and it continues to entertain. I'm already looking forward to the next book and the further adventures of the Kobani.

    19. I'm definitely going to continue this series when more are out. Still love the series, even if the author's humor and mine don't mesh.

    20. Pretty decent book. Kept me into it the whole time. I'd recommend this book along with the others in the series. Won't be disappointed

    21. was an ok seriesa bit too corny at times through all the books. I enjoyed the series but its likely on my list of books I'll only read once.

    22. This book was like 3 or4 books tied up in one, and it definitely would have been better served by actually being different books, because then I could have skipped the first one and enjoyed the others. Until the end of the first part of the book, I was seriously considering returning the book and getting my money back, because it dragged so badly. Luckily, it picked up after that and became quite the interesting read, right up to the resolution of all the plots, where the new aggressers were int [...]

    23. I've really enjoined the series till now but it is falling off just a bit for me. Honestly the first half of this book is 5 starts butt he second half is 3 giving the 4 star rating.My biggest beef is that the main characters were given eternal life yet they continue to operate as if they have mankind's mayfly life span. They rush into forming and expanding an empire rather than truly establishing their planet. The same 20 year jump the story experienced early on would have suited the story bette [...]

    24. War with the Krall ended halfway through the book. This book should have ended there. The short story about the Muslim planet could have been left out. The ending with the Empire was great though and promises well for future books.

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