The Reluctant Duke

The Reluctant Duke

G.L. Snodgrass / Apr 21, 2021

The Reluctant Duke The last thing wounded veteran Major Thomas Marshal wanted was a title It wasn t supposed to happen But duty has a way of pulling a man into things he doesn t want and away from the things he needs Th

  • Title: The Reluctant Duke
  • Author: G.L. Snodgrass
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The last thing wounded veteran Major Thomas Marshal wanted was a title It wasn t supposed to happen But duty has a way of pulling a man into things he doesn t want and away from the things he needs.The only thing Miss Guinevere Harding needs is a safe place to hide A job as the downstairs maid at Brookshire is the perfect place to hide from a frightening past Or at leaThe last thing wounded veteran Major Thomas Marshal wanted was a title It wasn t supposed to happen But duty has a way of pulling a man into things he doesn t want and away from the things he needs.The only thing Miss Guinevere Harding needs is a safe place to hide A job as the downstairs maid at Brookshire is the perfect place to hide from a frightening past Or at least it was until the arrival of the new Duke.Heat and passion pull Thomas and Gwen together even as society and duty fight to keep them apart She won t become his mistress and can t become his wife Thomas is determined otherwise, even if it cost s him everything.

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    1. Super sweet Regency romance of heroine in hiding and an honorable Duke. He is smitten!Low key romance that is still enjoyable as the protagonists get their happily ever after and the bad guys get their comeuppance.

    2. This could have been a strong four star read but for several things:1: Either this was a flawed file downloaded to , or the author hadn’t bothered to read through before adding it. There are what appear to be ‘footnotes’ spattered throughout the story - e.g:… putting Isabel next to Rev[SAT8] Moore for some reason.And when I clicked on one of these it took me to a whole raft of suggested ‘edits’ at the back of the book - 32 of them! Did the author not actually ‘READ’ the final ver [...]

    3. blah. I got bored. So bored. I only made it to chapter 12. I got the feeling that is knew what would happen and I just didn't care. The Duke, while limping, didn't seem impacted by it at all. He was not a wounded hero. It was like they just needed something to make him less perfect. It just didn't do it for me. Disappointed.

    4. The story was okay a little light on plot and pretty cliche.What I found hardest to get past were the innumerable grammatical errors, most notably consistent misuse of commas, apostrophes and too/to, as well as misplaced question marks.I think the book would have been greatly enhanced by having a proofreader and an editor who speak English.

    5. I'm so sorry I read this. I had enjoyed a different book by this author despite some minor grammar and spelling issues and I foolishly did not read reviews on this one before starting. A disaster in so many ways. First we have the technical issues. Things like poor grammar, punctuation errors, and mismatched tenses. But what bothered me no end was a complete ignorance of the English language. Horses do not "cantor". It is "popinjay" not "popping jay", similarly it should have been "namesake's" n [...]

    6. JUST OK, BUT IT WAS FREE!!The Reluctant Duke has a plot line that has been done many times and many ways by different Historical Romance author and have been written much better then the Reluctant Duke. I do however like this type of plot line and if the story had more developed characters and made me feel like I was in Regency England it would have given it more stars. Major Thomas Marshall has returned home from the war and is now the newly ennobled Duke of Bathurst. He was a 3rd grandson and [...]

    7. Well writtenThe story starts with a young woman running through the streets of london in fear of her life then focus changes to war hero major who unexpectedly inherited a dukedom. It turns out the young woman is the sole maid become housekeeper when the former duke's staff all left his service. Sparks fly between the young woman, Gwen and the new duke, Thomas. Thomas becomes determined to have Gwen for his duchess and enlists his elderly great aunt to assist. A serious story with some serious t [...]

    8. If you are a fan of historical romance novels this is another winner by this author. The author is able to build a story that the reader can immerse themselves in and feel comfortable. The characters are believable and the plot is realistic. I enjoyed this book and have read other titles by the author and have never been disappointed. I would put any offering by G L Snodgrass on a must read list.I have given this book a four star rating.I obtained this book from in Kindle format.Thank you Frank [...]

    9. Gwen Marshal has been forced to flee her London home. Her lecherous stepfather has arranged for her to be abused physically/sexually/emotionally by the Earl of Grainbell to pay off a gambling debt. This depraved agreement has been covered up under the guise of a betrothal. Gwen flees to Brookshire where she is hired as a maid. By the time the new duke arrives, Gwen is serving as the housekeeper in the large house on his estate. Army veteran Thomas Marshal, the Duke of Bathurst, returns to Broo [...]

    10. This is a sweet story about a wealthy merchants daughter, Gwen,who was sold to a weasel to pay her step fathers gambling debts and a 2nd son of a second son of a duke. He was a major, his uncle was to be the duke, then his cousin, then his dad. He would never be a duke. But then he was. Gwen ran away from her step father and found a job as housekeeper for the duke, whoever he was. She was one of 3 employees. The cook, the kid that pretty much did everything but clean and Gwen, the maid. She thou [...]

    11. The Reluctant Duke (Love's Pride Book 1)The love story of Thomas and Gwen. Major Thomas Marshal had return from war and had found out he is now the Duke of Bathurst and his house hold is gone because no one had been pay. Gwen is on the run from the Earl of Grainbell because she think she has kill him. She has taking a job as a maid in the Duke's households to hide. When Thomas see Gwen he want her but cannot have her because she is a maid. Will he fond out the tire about her? Great story

    12. A delightful read. 5-starsA military son that never expected that the three twixt himself and the title of DUKE would expire and leave the duties to himself. and then there is the lady, of course the perfect wife for a military man but will she be willing to become a duchess? will society allow her to become a duchess? AND then, love happy ending fiction is that not one of our favorite worlds to abide within?

    13. Serving girl turns a royals head.I enjoyed this book. I had to keep reading to find out the heroines back story. A young woman who flees a desperate situation. Subtle love scenes. Nothing graphic. The story flowed well. I am eager to read another one of Ms. Snodgrass's books.

    14. Four stars!I thought this was a sweet story. I liked how Thomas took care of things. I would have liked to see more interaction between the friends. Lastly, I wound have also liked more steamy scenes.

    15. Poor editingGood story but this version was full of editing notations. Also there were several references to a scene that apparently was so drastically rewritten that the later references to it, made no sense.

    16. Pleasant readReading this book is a good way to spend an afternoon. It is sweet and romantic. Kind of like Cinderella.

    17. Love has no boundaries Another enjoyable read. It really captured the imagination of times long ago and a love that endured to the end of time

    18. Happy read.Interesting set of circumstances create a hard to put down book. Beautiful painted in words for a time long past.

    19. I love a good romance book and this one was free on amazon. But man, could not get past chapter 3 with the horrible writing and typos.

    20. WonderfulThis book was wonderful from the first page until the last. Another book I could not put down until I was finished.

    21. An engaging story with memorable characters. Read this! The book has typos, but they weren't so distracting that I couldn't ignore them. It also needs editing for scene continuity and still I enjoyed it. I'd absolutely read more by this author. Dive in & live with the Duchess & her Duke.

    22. Page turner I really enjoyed Thomas & Gwen's story. How she lost everything by the hands of her foolish stepfather. Don't worry Thomas made him pay. The secondary characters were great as well Elizabeth, Isabel,Sargent Major & Aunt Celeste. Go grab this book you want be disappointed.

    23. EpicThis book is amazing. Filled with love and the fact that one could love someone of lower rank in the age and day the book is set in. Rank is every thing to most but there are a few that say 'Screw what society thinks'.

    24. This was a lovely romance, it starts with the traditional style, with a good hookup keep you reading. as the book progressed it builds in intensity. What, I rarely liked about the book was the way the main characters had very clear principles set out from the start of the book. As the chapters went by the reason for these principles was enhanced with more detail and a better understanding of the characters as their story unfolds. The emotional tension between the leading roles became a battle of [...]

    25. I love Regency romance but this time, I can only say, that I was a bit disappointed when there was a situation between the main characters that was presented as having happenned, but in fact, it did not. I even went back, page after page, trying to find it, but couldn't. Seems it might have been a scene that was erased from the original draft but the editor forgot to also take out any future references made later in the book. Should I blame the author or the editor? I also think the story about [...]

    26. Major Thomas Marshall never even dreamed, much less expected to receive the family title as there were numerous family members in front of him. Strange things often happen and shortly after the death of the old duke the line of family between Thomas and the title died, leaving him to step up to a daring duty and obligation, making him the 4th Duke of Bathurst. Arriving at his new estate of Brookshire, he instantly noticed the lack of domestic servants and the neat and ordered state of his large [...]

    27. BeautifulShe ran from being sold by her stepfather. She became a housekeeper in Duke's home and then the old man died and the new one arrived. Herr being so young shocked him but helped him immensely both with the household and his sister. But they fell in love. She finally had to tell him everything when they go to London. Love has a way of working.

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