Christmas Confessions & Cocktails

Christmas Confessions & Cocktails

Vicki Lesage / Apr 21, 2021

Christmas Confessions Cocktails Party girl Vicki tells it like it us from her crazy Christmases growing up in the Midwest book auction anyone to her even crazier holidays in her new home of Paris like a marathon hour meal sittin

  • Title: Christmas Confessions & Cocktails
  • Author: Vicki Lesage
  • ISBN: 9781515037576
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • Party girl Vicki tells it like it us, from her crazy Christmases growing up in the Midwest book auction, anyone to her even crazier holidays in her new home of Paris like a marathon 8 hour meal sitting on a stool Bizarre gifts, weird food, and holiday travel disasters are just some of tales you ll chuckle at in this collection.This Christmas themed memoir features 25Party girl Vicki tells it like it us, from her crazy Christmases growing up in the Midwest book auction, anyone to her even crazier holidays in her new home of Paris like a marathon 8 hour meal sitting on a stool Bizarre gifts, weird food, and holiday travel disasters are just some of tales you ll chuckle at in this collection.This Christmas themed memoir features 25 funny and heartwarming essays, all with a tenuous tie to Christmas, and pairs each with a delicious drink recipe So grab your martini shaker and get ready for some great cocktails and some hearty laughs this holiday season

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        Bestselling author Vicki Lesage proves daily that raising two French kids isn t as easy as the hype lets on In her spare time, she writes, sips bubbly, and prepares for the impending zombie apocalypse She just moved back to the US after living in Paris for 11 years, with her French husband, rambunctious son, and charming daughter in tow, all of whom mercifully don t laugh when she says au revoir She penned the Paris Confessions series in between diaper changes and wine refills She writes about the ups and downs of her life at VickiLesage.


    1. In this delightful, seasonal anthology, Vicki Lesage has collected together 25 vignettes taken from memories of Christmases at various stages of her life. Christmases from her childhood, college days, premarried life in Paris and then more recent Christmases with her handsome French husband Mika and adorable French/American children Leo and Stella. Although some of the stories will be familiar to those who've read Vicki's previous memoirs, most are new and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. [...]

    2. I received a copy of this novel via CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!:: 5 Hilarious Stars :: Looking for a book that will really make you laugh? One that will inspire you for Christmas? Than this is your book! WOW. The stories included in this memoir are downright hilarious and I had to wipe tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. The author, Vicki Lesage, is so fun and I honestly cannot wait to read more about her life in other books that she has written. This one in [...]

    3. What a fun holiday read! I LOVE how Vicki doesn't sugar coat reality, she tells it like she sees it and experiences it!Some of my favorite pieces that she relives for us are downright hilarious! The secret Santa exchange makes me want to set one up between me and my friends and family just to see what craziness takes place! (Let me just add I will take a Christmas Cosmo right now please, I'm sure work won't mind, right? Tis' the season!)Pet shopping 101, how did I forget to buy a Christmas prese [...]

    4. Another great read from Ms. Lesage. In this latest collection of humorous essays, I especially enjoyed the peeks into growing up and her hilarious family conversations. Even though a few of these 25 essays (25 December=Christmas, geddit?) have been seen in other publications, she tied together the whole theme of Christmas with funny stories on gift-giving, love, holiday travel, etc. and the drinks are good fun.Highly recommend this for a cozy, fun read from an author writing with heart and sass [...]

    5. Another great read from my American girlfriend living in France. I don’t know Ms Lesage personally but that is how all her books make you feel.Vicki herself best describes her latest book. As she says in her introduction she has taken two things she loves – Christmas and cocktails – thrown them in a martini shaker, and mixed up a fun, seasonal collection. Each story has its own cocktail recipe themed to the story.Vicki’s previous books mostly covered her life in France but this collectio [...]

    6. I received this from Library Thing to read and review. In this collection of twenty-five vignettes, Vicki Lesage relates many humorous stories about growing up, her family and holiday celebrations. In addition, she has included several recipes for cocktails. I enjoyed reading about her life and holidays, and actually was relieved that there was another family as loving but still nutty as my own. I always wondered if we had the only family like that, and now I know we do not. Many of the memories [...]

    7. Laughs and cocktails - does it really get any better?I loved this book! The author did an amazing job of sharing twenty-five holiday tales. Most were laugh out loud funny. Some were more tender. And a few brought tears to my eyes. This was a hard book to put down. I fell in love with the author and her entire family! This is the perfect book to get you in the holiday spirit But I honestly don't think your enjoyment would be limited to any particular time of the year. Maybe I am weird, but I woul [...]

    8. Vicki shares various stories from past Christmases. Possessing a gift of humor, her tales will make you laugh as well as cry, smile and sigh in joy and sorrow. Her memories are funny, tender and romantic forcing you to inventory your most memorable holidays. Great read, worth it alone for the festive drink recipes included. Perfect stocking stuffer or pre-holiday warm up. You’ll definitely be in the holiday spirit after reading this entertaining book, even Scrooge would approve.

    9. This book is just pure fun to read! The author Vicki Lesage has a great sense of humor. It's a memoir of the author's Christmas memories. Each chapter is a different memory, along with a cocktail recipe.Vicki Lesage is an American woman who married a French man. She lives in Paris with her husband and 2 children. Vicki recalls funny stories about her Christmas experiences growing up in an American family with lots of relatives and celebrating in Paris with her husband, children & in-laws. He [...]

    10. I was looking for a fun, mindless read to escape to, and this book delivered. If I was to rate on entertainment alone, then I would give it 4 stars. It's not a quality work of literature, but it is well written and a bit addictive. The cocktail recipes at the end of each chapter is a fun touch.

    11. Christmas Confessions & Cocktails is an entertaining seasonal Christmas themed collection of twenty-five memoir snippets with accompanying cocktail recipes that will definitely get the reader in the holiday spirit!Author Vicki Lesage, an American expatriate living in Paris, France with her husband Mika and children Leo and Stella, weaves a humorous Christmas collection of memoir short stories from her childhood in St. Louis, Missouri, and from her current family home in Paris. Written in a s [...]

    12. **I received this book for free, in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour**"Christmas Confessions and Cocktails" is a little ‘cracker’ of a book (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). It contains 25 unique short stories about the author’s life, all with the underlying theme of Christmas.Vicki Lesage takes you on a journey in to her memory box, and unlocks the hidden treasures that will have you laughing or cringing all the way through.The stories have a natural flow to them, and you [...]

    13. Review first posted on my blog 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings': spoonfulofhappyendingsspoEarlier this year, Vicki Lesage released a festive collection of short stories titled 'Christmas Confessions and Cocktails' which I looked forward to reviewing. The book consists of 25 different parts: several short stories focusing on Vicki's own memories of the Christmas season over the years, and multiple recipes for delicious festive cocktails. Vicki Lesage really has her own voice which make her collectio [...]

    14. I feel that Christmas is fast approaching. Probably because I've been watching some Christmassy movies recently, and reading Christmas Confessions & Cocktails helps with the mood. I've read Vicki Lesage's previous books, and fell in love with the author's style and voice. They're witty, light and highly entertaining. Christmas Confession & Cocktails is no different. I'm still in love the author's voice and writing.In this entertaining Christmas memoir, the author has collected 25 short s [...]

    15. Rating: 5 This book was so fun and light-hearted! It was just what I needed this week to get me into the Christmas mood (while I'm currently dreading seeing all those family members I'm not even sure I'm ready to see)!! Most of the short story memories compiled into this fabulous work of art made me literally laugh until I was crying! Such a fun read and a great way to spread cheer this holiday season! I really love the story about the 'Secret Santa Exchange'! So hilarious! I would love to get t [...]

    16. This book is the latest in Vicki's Paris Confessions series of memoirs. This book is written in the same fun lively style of writing that I have come to expect from her memoirs about her life in France, but this one was a little different. I found a more mellow side to Vicki here; the wild party girl was somewhat replaced by someone to whom family life is obviously very important, as important in fact, as having a good time. This book includes twenty-five fun snippets of her life, loosely center [...]

    17. This is the first book I have read by Vicki considering we are now in the run-up to Christmas it was an ideal time to do it.It’s like reading her diary a whole array of life experiences spread across different boyfriends/husbands/children/family/countries all written with a brilliant sense of humour & just to encourage us to get into the festive spirit there is a ‘drink recipe’ at the end of each chapter!I think the ‘travelling on a plane’ & the ‘teeth’ chapters were my f [...]

    18. Originally posted on my blog Live Laugh & Love BooksThis book is such a blast and some of the drink recipes she puts in here are marked for me to try later!!!25 short stories that are quick reads but are oh so good! They range from hilarious to bittersweet and the writing is just wonderful.This is the first time I have read anything by Vicki Lesage, but I will certainly be reading more from her in the future!*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest revie [...]

    19. I received a review copyOh my, this book was such a blast! It is broken down into 25 short little stories, which made it super quick to read. I kept finding myself saying “I can just read one more” each time I would need to put my Kindle down, which is the mark of a great book! The stories range from laugh-out-loud to bittersweet, and I enjoyed each one. Also at the end of each story is a cocktail recipe, and I bookmarked quite a few to try out myself! Definitely one to read this holiday sea [...]

    20. Oh my goodness! This book reminded me of Jen Lancaster, especially as Vicki Lesage pokes fun of herself and holds no shame to sharing the embarrassing stories (along with a tasty cocktail with each new chapter!) Anyone who reads this book can relate to at least one of these stories - family gift giving dilemmas, holiday illness, travel debacles, and more!

    21. Thank you Reading Deals Reading Club for giving me a copy of this book to read and give my honest review.I got a sense of déjà vu while reading some of the stories. However, it did not make them any less interesting. I laughed at some of the stories and went oy vey ist mir (not Jewish myself) at others that I can relate to (cancelled flight). All in all, it is on par with all her other good books. I was relieved it wasn't too Christmassy. I really liked it, and can't wait for the next one!!

    22. I've read several books by this author and her latest one, which is holiday-themed, did not disappoint. Lesage is such a fun and witty writer. This latest book is a collection of holiday-themes vignettes and each vignette is followed by a festive cocktail. I read this over the course of one day so it is definitely a fast read!

    23. I won this book in a GoodReads giveaway. It's a mix of funny Christmas short stories of her life. After each story is a Christmas cocktail. I really enjoyed the book, a lot of laughs. And I tried a few of the cocktails and they were delicious. I will most definitely be reading her other books. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to read this book and become a new fan of Vicki Lesage.

    24. It was easy to relate to these essays even though I don't live in Paris. The drinks sound yummy - can't wait to try some.

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