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Elp da Elp da Greek Meaning hopeHope v h p to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be trueChild abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime Herbert WardMichael and Christy

  • Title: Elpída
  • Author: C. Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781635333749
  • Page: 402
  • Format: ebook
  • Elp da Greek Meaning hopeHope v h p to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be trueChild abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime Herbert WardMichael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life Elp da Greek Meaning hopeHope v h p to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be trueChild abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime Herbert WardMichael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life has returned to normal after Christy s rescue He couldn t be wrong.Christy has been free from a life of slavery for than a year and has made remarkable progress due in no small part to the love he found with Michael But the recent prosecution of a past abuser has shattered the life he so painstakingly built out of nothing but a mountain of horror He now faces the daunting task of building a new life yet again.Twelve year old Thimi has been missing since Christy left Greece and, unbeknownst to everyone, has hidden out in a vacant mansion in Glyfada Learning of Christy s survival is the only thing that brings him out of hiding People, open spaces, even the most common of sounds frighten him beyond reason A mere ghost of a boy, Thimi arrives in the US with no knowledge of the outside world the only constant in his life a purple marble.Lost, shattered, and afraid, only hope gives them the strength and courage they need to begin anew.

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    1. Elpída. Hope.Because without hope, we are all lost.Because without hope, we have nothing. The final installment of this trilogy leaves me shattered and sad, and full of anger towards the men who perpetrate this kind of abuse on children. But most of all, it leaves me with hope, exhilarated and happy, which, in this context, is nothing short of magic on the author’s part. To take this extremely important and difficult subject matter, and lovingly show it without condescension or sensationali [...]

    2. I read Elpída, by C. Kennedy, in one sitting. It was…riveting…so much so I could not stop and just had to get to the end. Fans of this series will remember Christy and Michael from Omorphi and Tharros. They will also recall the discovery of Thimi, a boy Christy watched out for and cared for during their nightmare of abuse at the hands of the animals who held them captive. Thimi had survived for months, living in ductwork, all the while thinking Christy was dead. Now, Thimi would come to Wel [...]

    3. Omorphi brought us lessons of strength. Tharros showed us the qualities of courage and perseverance. And Elpida brings us the message of hope. Always hope.Of the three books in this series, Elpida is my favorite. I loved Ómorphi and Thárros, but Elpída was a remarkable gelling of all the story elements: the characters, their backgrounds and experiences and how they came to be the people they are, who did what to whom, and why. It also brings home the lasting effects of the evil that abusers p [...]

    4. Elpida by Cody KennedyBook three in the Elpida SeriesPublished by Harmony Ink PressTo establish the series, I am going to start with the titles:Omorphi - Greek for beautifulTharros - Greek for courageElpida - Greek for hopeHope is the theme written into each story in this series with care. Elpida is the full spectrum of what it means to have hope and what it can mean when you lose that hope as Cody continues the adventures of Christy and Michael with their friends and families. For those who hav [...]

    5. Being a Michael and Christy addict, I have waited impatiently for this book, particularly knowing that we were going to get Thimi in this story too; and it was definitely worth the wait. As the third and final book in the series, along with the heart-wrenching Thimi storyline, and one or two surprises, this installment was about the tying up of loose ends, justice being served, ghosts being laid to rest. The writing is superb, flowing beautifully to keep you engaged, wonderfully descriptive, wit [...]

    6. Title: ElpidaAuthor: Cody KennedyPublisher: Harmony InkISBN: 978-1-63533-374-9Buy Link: harmonyinkpress/booksReviewer: Teresa Fallen AngelBlurb: Elpida 3Michael and Christy attended prom, graduated high school, and Michael leads the USATF tryouts. With Oxford University on the horizon, his future looks bright, and he believes life has returned to normal after Christy’s rescue. He couldn’t be more wrong.  Christy has been free from a life of slavery for more than a year and has made remarkab [...]

    7. Elpida is the third book in an incredible series that began with Omorphi and then Tharros, all excellent reads in a pioneering, truly new kind of writing, that being the telling of the stories of boys, children, who suffer horrific abuse and of the people in their lives who either continue the hell or help them to a peaceful and fully alive, heavenly place on earth. The depth of Kennedy's writing will prove the absolute validity and utterly clear details of the world created in these books. The [...]

    8. I wish I could find the words that would really do these stories justice. They are much more than just fiction. The Omorphi series brought me excitement, heartbreak, laughter and feelings galore but over all it gave me the most amazing love story Christy and Micheal have taken me on such a wonderful and heartbreaking journey but have left me smiling at the thought of all they have to come. Christy will always be in my heart. He shows the world just how strong a person can be. His story is one th [...]

    9. I love the series as a whole. I'm slightly disappointed with how the series ended. I wanted more closure bc I've been on this ride with Michael and Christy. This book is more about Thimi and it felt more like a jumping point for a series starring him. We didn't get a whole lot of Michael and Christy but we did get answers to questions from book 2. I absolutely love Christy and admire the strength of character he has. I've made the comment previously that things are bit farfetched but I loose mys [...]

    10. This story nearly brought me to tears a few times. It hurt my heart. Michael and Christy's story was incredible. I wanted to give Michael a well deserved tap to get his attention because he can be clueless. I cheered for Christy, who was so much stronger and braver than he gave himself credit for. Thimi and Zero. What can I say about the horrible life these two young boys have dealt with? I am hoping that at some point there will be more of Thimi and Zero, Michael and Christy, Jake and Sophia. I [...]

    11. I loved this book (and the entire series)! A story about friendship, love and, most importantly, hope. We get to meet Thimi and a little bit of Zero (would love to read about them some more), get to see how amazing Christy is in the role of protector and mentor, even if Michael struggles a bit with all his emotions surfacing all at once. A wonderful love story that touches the reality of child abuse and trafficking, making you more aware of this sad truth.Bravo, Cody Kennedy!

    12. When I sit down to read a book by C. Kennedy I know one thing for sure. The story will not disappoint. But there was something else I knew when I sat down to read Elpída, the third and final book in the Elpída series by C. Kennedy, as with all the books in this series I knew I was going to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster.As in books one and two of the series (Omorphi and Tharros), this third book follows Christy, a young man who has been horrifically abused, and his boyfriend Michael. D [...]

    13. A life without hope would be sad indeed. A life without people like Michael Sattler would be the saddest of all. This is the final instalment of the Elpida Series and is about Christy Castle and his battle to live a normal life after suffering incomprehensible abuse, but through this journey that I have taken with every beat of my heart, Michael has stole my breath away many times. Author Cody Kennedy has a deep empathy for his characters that reaches me on every emotional level, the fear, the t [...]

    14. 2017 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: C. Kennedy Elpída1) I enjoyed this story and would have no trouble recommending it to others to read.2) This is a well written book, and part of the series involving Christy, a sexual abuse survivor and victim of sex trafficking. The characters are well developed, complex, and realistic. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand what abuse does to a LGBT character and how survivors can still find hope and love.3) This book kep [...]

    15. Elpida (Hope) is the final book in the Omorphi trilogy. The main characters, Michael and Christy, must endure more dangers, both physically and emotionally. Both their family and friends are there to help and encourage them during their tribulations. A new character,Thimi, a former sex slave and friend of Christy's is brought into the couple's life which causes Michael to become envious of Thimi because he does not get to spend enough time with Christy.The Greek gangsters,although brought to tri [...]

    16. Troisième et dernier tome de la série (si je ne fais pas d'erreur), mais toujours aussi additive. Dans ce tome, beaucoup de chose ce mette en place, des secrets sont révélés, des problèmes résolus, des amis retrouvés et d'autres perdus. Vous l'avez compris, ça va bouger.Je dirais que ce tome est presque aussi poignant que le premier, presque, car on a déjà suivit le passé de Christy, mais on ce retrouve ici avec un jeune de 12 ans au moment où il intègre Wellington et qui sort tout [...]

    17. Enh. um, the ending doesn't necessarily resolve anything about the baddies. Just sayin'. . the defence lawyer wouldn't do that. It would not help his case. . doctors do not treat their spouses or children. Also by the end of the story the two MCs (and their families) are still messed up from the bad things that happened at the end of book 2, and then more bad things happen. d it wasn't explained how thimmi survived, ie where he got food from. In other words this book was an overwrought mess, wit [...]

    18. This book kept me captivated chapter after chapter. The boys, Jake and Michael's behavior was par with their age (all over the place), although sometimes I thought their behavior was more childish than it needed to be (again, age). The story is quite heart wrenching, reading what Thimi and Christy went through and knowing there are so many young ones out there going through the same. C. Kennedy has done an extensive research to get this book written with accuracy and I don't envy him, I know it [...]

    19. Elipida is the last installment of this wonderful, beautiful, heartbreaking series. I have loved this series from the start which sounds odd because of the subject matter involved. But it was beautifully written even in it's harshness of truth. It's powerful in it's ability to show how hope lives and breathes through the brutality one has faced. That in the smallest of gestures of kindness, compassion and love, can help start the healing of those that have lived in hell.Beautiful conclusion to a [...]

    20. 3☆I just loved Christy's and Michael's story but The ending was left quite open which I hate so much!What will happen to Yosef how long is his sentence going to be ?When will the trial start in Greece?I need the other stories like yesterday and please give me a HEA after all these kids been trough .I really hope that there's gonna be a next book in the Elpida series

    21. J'ai trouvé ce tome assez redondant avec les 2 autres et du coup, je me suis un peu ennuyée. J'en attendais autre chose. Je trouve la psychologie des personnages moins approfondis, certaines choses pas assez développées et d'autres n'ayant pas grand intérêt pour l'histoire. Quant à la fin, j'espère qu'il y aura un autre tome car pour moi, c'est loin d'être fini.

    22. I love this book! There is a lot to say but until I can get my brain working and write a "real" review, this will have to do for now. I will say that you won't regret reading this book or this series!

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