The Forgetting Moon

The Forgetting Moon

Brian Lee Durfee / Oct 23, 2020

The Forgetting Moon A massive army on the brink of conquest looms large in a world where prophecies are lies magic is believed in but never seen and hope is where you least expect to find it Welcome to the Five Isles

  • Title: The Forgetting Moon
  • Author: Brian Lee Durfee
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  • Page: 384
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  • A massive army on the brink of conquest looms large in a world where prophecies are lies, magic is believed in but never seen, and hope is where you least expect to find it.Welcome to the Five Isles, where war has come in the name of the invading army of S r Sevier, a merciless host driven by the prophetic fervor of the Angel Prince, Aeros, toward the last unconquered kingA massive army on the brink of conquest looms large in a world where prophecies are lies, magic is believed in but never seen, and hope is where you least expect to find it.Welcome to the Five Isles, where war has come in the name of the invading army of S r Sevier, a merciless host driven by the prophetic fervor of the Angel Prince, Aeros, toward the last unconquered kingdom of Gul Kana Yet Gault, one of the elite Knights Archaic of S r Sevier, is growing disillusioned by the crusade he is at the vanguard of just as it embarks on his Lord Aeros greatest triumph.While the eldest son of the fallen king of Gul Kana now reigns in ever increasing paranoid isolationism, his two sisters seek their own paths Jondralyn, the older sister, renowned for her beauty, only desires to prove her worth as a warrior, while Tala, the younger sister, has uncovered a secret that may not only destroy her family but the entire kingdom Then there s Hawkwood, the assassin sent to kill Jondralyn who has instead fallen in love with her and trains her in his deadly art All are led further into dangerous conspiracies within the court.And hidden at the edge of Gul Kana is Nail, the orphan taken by the enigmatic Shawcroft to the remote whaling village of Gallows Haven, a young man who may hold the link to the salvation of the entire Five Isles.You may think you know this story, but everyone is not who they seem, nor do they fit the roles you expect Durfee has created an epic fantasy full of hope in a world based on lies.

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        Brian Lee Durfee is an artist and writer raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, and Monroe, Utah He has done illustrations for Wizards of the Coast, Tolkien Enterprises, Dungeons Dragons, Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust Denali National Park , and many His art has been featured in SPECTRUM Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art 3 and Writers of the Future Vol 9 He won the Arts for the Parks Grand Canyon Award and has a painting in the permanent collection of the Grand Canyon Visitors Center Kolb Gallery Brian is the author of the fantasy series, Five Warrior Angels He lives in Salt Lake City See at brianleedurfee.weebly inde and or authorsmonandschuster B


    1. Hey everyone, please LIKE this review. I'll be using it to post all the 'official editorial reviews' I find, plus links to new & interesting things about the book and series. And for those of you who have already read the book and left a ratingank you so much! Knowing that people around the world are reading it is a dream come true!BARNES & NOBLE calls The Forgetting Moon one of the best 2016 summer reads: "Durfee pays homage to hard-hitting, heavy-metal fantasies of the ’80s, but laye [...]

    2. A genuine question: how do you review 752 pages of pure remarkable because I know not!? Haaaalp!The Forgetting Moon is truly one of the most satisfying fantasy books I, personally, have read. It was by no means an easy read because I highlighted more passages than I ever have before- so detailed and fully formed out was the worldbuilding and its intrigues that I had to use my brain. Turns out, it enjoyed being used again! 😀 It was like receiving the whole of civilization in a perfectly bundle [...]

    3. ”The forgetting moon” by, Brian Lee DurfeeI’m just gonna get right into it and say that I loved, loved, loved this book!!! Okay, in “The forgetting moon” you will get the following:*Kick-ass warriors*Bloodwood assassins (scary as hell!)*Oghuls (Gross and strange)*Dwarves (Who doesn’t love them?)*The Valle (Elves & great fighters)*Mermaids (Seriously…Flesh-eating, creepy, baby mermaids). *Evil and corrupt kings.*Dragons (maybe…?? Please!!)*Enchanted stones and weapons.*Castles [...]

    4. The Forgetting Moon is Brian Lee Durfee’s first novel in Five Warrior Angels series.I think I have much of yet to read and learn about heavy metal epic fantasy of ‘80s in order to appreciate this tremendous effort Brian made writing this book. So because of my lack of knowledge or experience - overall enjoyment while reading it - eluded me.This book is great. In scope, mind you. In its immensely detailed worldbuilding and in its overwhelmingly, but sometimes even suffocating, deep history, r [...]

    5. Mr. Durfee has said that his literary inspirations are Stephen King and George R.R. Martin. Both influences can be seen in THE FORGETTING MOON. Martin’s inspiration leads to a sweeping, epic fantasy tale that spans a thousand years and five continents, while King’s inspiration leads to evil twists, treachery, supernatural influence, and gore. Lots of gore.It has been nearly a thousand years since the death and supposed ascendency to heaven of Laijon, King of Slaves, one of five legendary War [...]

    6. Just finished a pre-review copy. Close to 800 pages in 3 days. It flew by. A perfect blend of grimdark and epic fantasy. I will start by saying this novel was targeted at me. The Forgetting Moon is that, chuck full of all the things I love: ancient prophecy, orphaned village boy, knights, dueling religions, quests for magic weapons, adventures in secret dungeons, assassins hiding in castle walls, cloaked riders on dark horses, plucky young princesses trying to upset the male dominated pseudo-Eur [...]

    7. I love this book. I can not wait for the following books to come out. This book is not for the faint of heart or young reader. But not over the top. But then again my reality may be a bit skewed from what others may see as appropriate. Durfee does a great job building the characters and the description of of the surroundings they are in. You can imagine the cold, the rain and sleet, the fear, all of it. It is a fast paced book that will keep you on your toes and lusting for more. I could not put [...]

    8. In one intricate woven tapestry of amazing talent, Brian Lee Durfee in his brilliantly written debut novel “The Forgetting Moon” joins the likes of great writers: George R. R. Martin, Stephen King, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, Orson Scott Card, Neil Gaiman and even the Godfather of Epic Fantasy J. R. R. Tolkien himself, and stands shoulder to shoulder with each of them. I was blown away by this book. I was humbled by his talent. I was captivated by his words. I was mesmerized and deeply dra [...]

    9. Have you ever picked up a book and just loved it? So much so that you despaired the closer and closer you get to reaching the end? That is how I felt with this novel. I honestly can't wait for the second installment to this story.I was very lucky to be given a chance to thumb through an advanced readers copy. I'm a long time fan of epic fantasy and have been reading such for over 40 years. Brian Durfee's debut novel really fed my addiction for the genre. I enjoyed the gritty realism and adult si [...]

    10. Probably one of the best debuts i have ever read. This book is pretty close to pure perfection. I can barely wait till book 2 comes out. The story sucks you right in and you can't put it down even if your life depended on it. Usually when a book has an awesome cover it's a good indication the book will be just as awesome and it sure as hell is in this case. #teamDurfee

    11. 4.5 -starsThis was an excellent debut book and great start to a new Epic fantasy series.I've been too busy to take time to do a proper review, but I'll try to get one out soon

    12. The Forgetting Moon by Brian Lee Durfee is a big book. The ARC I read weighed in at 777 pages. Massive. Been a while since I've toted a book around with that much heft. I drove my wife crazy shoving it into the swim bag en route to her dad's house with the kids. Being an titanic epic fantasy, I read at a slower pace, to make sure I didn't miss anything and got everything I could out of it. One of the things I "do wrong" as a reader is reading too fast sometimes and missing important details. I d [...]

    13. One of the most impressive start to a series I have had the pleasure to read. The author has created a rich, detailed and fascinating world that feels authentic. The characters were all intriguing which is very difficult to do with rotating p.o.v. books.I like how Durfee does homage to the fantasy genre (conquering lord, elves, orcs, dwarfs though they may have different names) but the novel still feels fresh. The tone of the book reminds me most of A Song of Ice and Fire, but I thought this boo [...]

    14. I'll add a rating later because I really hate giving debuts 1 star when they have few ratings, but this was Bad. *rolls gaze heavenward* **Finally adding a longer-ish review.Thought it was pretty poorly written, terrible female POVs, tons of tropes .but none of them flipped in any new exciting way? Female villain was a joke. Lots of really needless/out of place sexualized description in female POV chapters. World-building was same old same old vaguely medieval European shit-for-women setting w a [...]

    15. This book is a must read for any Epic Fantasy reader! A great story with many twists. Prophecies, assassinations, power struggles and puzzles. It is a coming of age story (Eddings, John Gwynne, Robert Jordan etc,) but the story keeps you wanting more. This is just what I needed! Most fantasy published today is alternate universe, Dark Fantasy, paranormal, wizards, witches and demonhunters etc. I guess that's what sells? I like Butcher's Dresden, but I was raised on Tolkien and the before mention [...]

    16. I'd lean towards 3.5 stars. Big, epic, large, and full of grimark. Did I mention vast? Durfee's novel is pretty damned ambitious, full review to come at sffworld

    17. Starting with the bad first, because it's mostly good: this book feels very traditional-fantasy, especially early on. An old knight saves an infant from assassins. That infant, now grown, learns to fight with a sword. We flip over to a castle, where the young king isn't as good as his father was. Someone eats a bowl of stew.The thing is, this is heavy metal fantasy. The old man saves an infant FROM CULTIST ASSASSINS, WHO RIDE ON BLACKENED STEEDS WITH EYES OF BLOOD, UPON A CRACKING GLACIER, ICE S [...]

    18. An exceptionally promising debut.Stop me if you've heard this one before. Nail, an orphan boy of mysterious parentage, is raised by a distant male guardian in a small village. When his home is attacked, he is forced on the run, and he discovers he is at the center of matters of epic importance.I kid, I kid. But the point I'm trying to get at is that Brian Lee Durfee is building his planned five book saga The Five Warrior Angels upon the firmest roots of the fantasy genre. But what he does with t [...]

    19. Up front: I received an early copy of the book for review. I also know the author personally before he became said author. That said A brilliant entry into the world of fantasy, The Forgetting Moon blends the expected and the unique in a journey that all should take. Dark and gritty yet lined with the gleam of hope, an adventure that kept me coming back for more. Now, what I am about to say doesn't come lightly. It might be my highest praise of quality epic fantasy. But I say it none the less Th [...]

    20. I can't believe i have to wait till summer of 2018 to continue this story. It's amazing. Might just be in my top five fantasy novels.

    21. Fans of the traditional epic fantasy akin to Tolkien and George R.R. Martin, fear not! I have a new book for you. The Forgetting Moon is exactly the kind of sweeping fantasy that we all know and love and this book is a monster (like it's REALLY long) so plenty to keep you busy.I think what I loved most about this book is that it takes all those fantasy tropes that we love to hate (or maybe you love them, I don't know) and throws them all in together to create exactly what you would expect if [...]

    22. The Forgetting Moon is one of those special books that I saw once and it never quite got out of my head. It haunted my wishlist for months before I finally got it, at which point I immediately started reading. This chunker took me a week and a half to finally finish, but it was worth it (despite my lower ranking). The Forgetting Moon is the first novel in what I am anticipating to be a 5 book series. Judging by the current trend, each of the books will be named after one of five legendary weapo [...]

    23. I could make a list of things I didn't like about this book, but it would be a very, VERY short list. Durfee takes all the best parts of the genre and ties them together. Essentially, "The Forgetting Moon" was everything I look for in a fantasy. There are very few faults, and it is immensely enjoyable. It definitely put me in mind of the first big epics I picked up as a teenager, most notably The Wheel of Time and Game of Thrones. Seriously, read this book. Don't miss out.

    24. Exciting new worldGreat story, fun read, hard a hard time putting it down! Interesting characters, creative world, and keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. Can't wait for the next one

    25. "You may think you know this story, but everyone is not who they seem, nor do they fit the roles you expect."That's one of the last lines in the book-jacket blurb of The Forgetting Moon, promising a tale that takes classic fantasy tropes and turns them on their heads. The thing is, that largely doesn't happen. You know this story, and you know these characters, and just about everything plays out as you would expect. Perhaps future installments will subvert some of the tropes that The Forgetting [...]

    26. This is a 4-star review. That is a reasonable estimate of my experience.This is the start of a standard sword/sorcery epic with multiple point-of-view characters. The world building is phenomenal. The short version of the story's hooks is that there are five of everything. Five ancient heroes waiting to be reborn. Five pieces of armor (helm/crown, armor, axe, sword, etc.) worn/used by the lead hero waiting to be recovered. Five sacred stones that also need to be recovered. Five different theolog [...]

    27. Gritty and brutal (though not with the disturbing sexual content of George R.R. Martin). A very full, compelling cast of characters. Keeps you guessing. Great epic plot. A good debut from Durfee. I look forward to the second installment.

    28. it was a really good story but with to much Religion talk of blasphemy everywhere, so much that i skipped a few line in a few chapters close to the end that talk about Religionso 4 stars instead of 5 because of the Religion

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