One Bad Apple

One Bad Apple

Sheila Connolly / Oct 27, 2020

One Bad Apple There s a killer in the orchard and he s rotten to the coreCLUDES RECIPESMeg Corey has come to the quaint New England town of Granford Massachusetts to sell her mother s old colonial home and apple

  • Title: One Bad Apple
  • Author: Sheila Connolly
  • ISBN: 9780425223048
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Paperback
  • There s a killer in the orchard, and he s rotten to the coreCLUDES RECIPESMeg Corey has come to the quaint New England town of Granford, Massachusetts, to sell her mother s old colonial home and apple orchard Instead, she becomes embroiled in development plans that include her land, and her former flame from Boston When he s found dead in the new septic tank on her prThere s a killer in the orchard, and he s rotten to the coreCLUDES RECIPESMeg Corey has come to the quaint New England town of Granford, Massachusetts, to sell her mother s old colonial home and apple orchard Instead, she becomes embroiled in development plans that include her land, and her former flame from Boston When he s found dead in the new septic tank on her property, the police immediately suspect Meg, whose only ally in town is the plumber Seth Chapin Together, they ll have to peel back the layers of secrecy that surround the deal in order to find the real murderer, and save the orchard.

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        Sheila Connolly has taught art history, structured and marketed municipal bonds for major cities, worked as a staff member on two statewide political campaigns, and served as a fundraiser for several non profit organizations She also managed her own consulting company providing genealogical research services Now a full time writer, she thinks writing mysteries is a lot fun than any of her previous occupations She is a member of Sisters in Crime New England president 2011 , the national Sisters in Crime, and the fabulous on line SinC chapter, the Guppies She also belongs to Romance Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America.Sheila is Regent of her local DAR chapter, and a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants She s also the grandchild of Irish immigrants in case you re worried that she s a snob In addition to genealogy, Sheila loves restoring old houses, visiting cemeteries, and traveling She is married, and has one daughter and two cats.She blogs with Poe s Deadly Daughters and Mystery Lovers Kitchen on Fridays, and Killer Characters the 25th of each month sheilaconnolly


    1. One Bad Apple was an interesting opening to the small town of Granford, Massachusetts and our heroine, Meg Corey. Her mother had inherited a money pit but she was clueless as to its condition. Around the same time, Meg was let go from her financial position when she was downsized out of her job in Boston. Unaware of the house beforehand, Meg became co-owner and agreed to fix it up before selling. Her goal was to sell it for a profit, share the proceeds with her parents and establish a new life e [...]

    2. After Meg loses her job in Boston, she moves to the small rural New England town of Granford with plans to fix up an old house she owns with her mother to sell. But she quickly discovers the house is in need of some serious attention and a big city bank has eyes on the land the house sits on to make way for a mall. And then her ex-boyfriend who worked for the bank turns up dead in her septic tank and she's the number one suspect. With the State Police not really interested in looking further tha [...]

    3. A satisfying and well-written cozy mystery. Meg Corey relocates to rural Massachusetts from Boston to remodel the family’s colonial home. The setting was ideal for a cozy mystery: a beautiful old home set on a great tract of land with an apple orchard. Needless to say, a murder occurs and Meg gets involved in the mess. Meg was extremely likable and her involvement in the mystery didn’t seem too forced (which is sometimes a problem in these kinds of books). The novel had everything I want in [...]

    4. This quintessential cozy mystery was a charming read that didn't take much emotional commitment which makes it perfect as a pleasant February distraction from the dreary realities of a cold, grey reality. This first book in Sheila Connolly's Orchard series offers a pastoral setting with Colonial American tones, a likable amateur sleuth, a budding romance, and the introduction of several endearing and potentially recurring characters--all without graphic violence, profanity, and explicit sex--wha [...]

    5. The start of a new (to me) series (although I read the prequel Novella a few days back!), Meg has lost her job at a bank following a merger and her Mum suggests she takes some time out to plan what to do next and at the same time refurbish a house they have been left ready for sale.  A month in and Meg is finding things are not really going smoothly! Every time she starts to do something in the house it seems to kick off another few jobs and then to add insult to injury the plumbing goes wrong, [...]

    6. From the book jacket - When Meg Corey unexpectedly finds herself out of a job, an apartment, and a relationship, she seizes the opportunity to renovate the Massachusetts colonial house her mother has inherited and to sell it quickly for a share of the profits. But Meg gets more than she bargained for when she learns that renovating a two-hundred-year-old house is no easy task and that the gorgeous fifteen-acre apple orchard on the property is in danger of being paved over by developers. And she [...]

    7. Meg Corey has come to the small but quaint Granford, MA. She's been downsized from her Boston Bank and dumped by her boyfriend. She and her mother own a 3 Century old Home and an orchard, and Meg thought she'd ready the old Colonial to sell. But the old home needs a lot of TLC. Can any one say, money pit? So consumed is she with the renovation to-do-list, she hasn't kept up with the local news, nor has she bothered making friends in the small town. But that begins to change when she's forced to [...]

    8. One Bad Apple was my first read from Sheila Connolly. This cozy mystery is set in a small rural Massachusetts town. The cast of characters are likable, and the plot is entertaining. Overall I enjoyed the book. My only complaint is that I found some of the parts to be redundant. Besides murder, this book has a little something for any cozy fan -- taking care of an orchard, renovating a house, antiquing, and cooking. The apple recipes sound yummy! I would read more from this author. 3 starsI certa [...]

    9. This book seems about 20 pages too long, not because it drags, but because it is very repetitive. The same points of self-reflection were gone over and over and over It was also not edited very well, as there were unintentionally repeated phrases, giving the prose a stilted feeling. The descriptive narrative was lacking. I don't even remember the color of the main character's hair, and I'm not certain her age was ever discussed. We are let assume she is an attractive, white twenty-something.In d [...]

    10. Sheila Connolly has done it again-good characters, excellent mystery story with a lot of research regarding small town government in Massachusetts and growing apples. Informative and very well written. Meg has been dumped by her boyfriend, lost her big bucks job in Boston due to downsizing. She decides to go to a small town to fix up a house that her mother had inherited from maiden aunts. The more she does in the house the more problems she faces, including finding a body in her new septic tank [...]

    11. If it wasn't for the amount of coffee being made, poured out and drunk, this book would have been a good 30 pages shorter. Better for it too. But then, there was hardly anything going on by way of sleuthing in this book and the pages needed to be filled somehow. The coffee, and a lot of repetitive introspection made up the pages. In most cozies I do not like, there is some spunk (wrong-headed or not) to the heroines. This Meg was very wishy-washy. Even her big scene, where she goes off on a woma [...]

    12. Slow slow slowUnemployed financial exec moves to small Mass. town to gussy up neglected old house to sell. Former boyfriend, trying to ram a strip mall development through town, shows up dead on her land. The next few hundred pages go nowhere, but take forever. All is resolved in the last couple dozen pages, and our heroine finds herself at last. Huzzah. Or maybe just zzzzzzz.

    13. Terrific first entry in a series. Some annoying typos or grammar errors in a couple of places.Perhaps the result of the software used to convert things the E-book format. I'll be buying more books in this series.

    14. Meg Corey has fallen on hard times. In the past few months, she’s been downsized out of her job at a Boston banking firm, forced to leave her apartment, and dumped by her boyfriend, Chandler Hale. When Meg’s mother decides to sell a rental property she inherited, Meg jumps at the chance for a new start. She moves into the historical home in the small town of Granford, Massachusetts, intending to renovate the home for a quick sale.Meg soon finds that she’s in over her head. She’s a city g [...]

    15. It is winter in Massachusetts. "One Bad Apple"has invaded the picturesque serenity of the town of Granford and it falls to newcomer Meg Corey to find the bad apple and settle down to work.Meg has recently been made redundant from her banking job in Boston. Her mother thinks that her century home in Granford would be the perfect setting for Meg to gather her thoughts and plan her future. Meg's mission: to renovate the old farmhouse to get it ready to sell.Meg's inexperience in home repair and rem [...]

    16. #1 in the Orchard series. This was OK, not bad enough to not continue the series, not good enough to jump right into the next book. I liked the main character, although Meg could be a little whiny at times. Seth, next-door neighbor and plumber, seemed a little hot and cold--usually friendly but sometimes giving her a bit of a cold shoulder. In this cozy mystery, Meg finds the body of her ex-flame hidden in her septic system--yuck. Since she's under a cloud of suspicion, she decides to "help" the [...]

    17. I have to admit I was disappointed by this book. Last year I read the 4th book in this series and I liked it, but didn't love it (3 stars also). I thought it was because I started in the middle and maybe I just didn't know the characters well enough to appreciate them. So I was excited to start from the beginning and see how they started in hopes that they would have some growth. But it seems like the characters are pretty flat and haven't changed much from book 1-4 (or at least from what I can [...]

    18. This book review can also be found on my blog, The Baking Bookworm (thebakingbookworm).My Thoughts: I realize that this is meant to be a light mystery but it was a little too 'light' for me. Honestly, there was no excitement or build-up; no suspense that you'd expect from a murder mystery. I don't mind if the pace of a book is slow if I have a feeling that the story is leading somewhere. I started to have my reservations when, at about half way through this book, no one had even died in this mur [...]

    19. i went through a bit of a cozy mystery buying craze last summer and this was one of my purchases. i was planning on buying the first three or four books in this series because i'm a sucker for a cheesy pun and a cover with food on it but i have to say i'm SO glad i didn't, because i have absolutely zero interest in continuing on with this Orchard Mystery series fact, after this book, i think i may be done with cozy mysteries in general.i lost track of how many times the main character meg offere [...]

    20. It took way too long to really start the mystery part and dealt a lot more with local politics, that ended up not being as relevant as they were made out to be in the plot, than with the actual mystery. I guessed who the murderer was right off. The main character did hardly any sleuthing, and the writing style was painfully repetetive. You could tell she was a beginning author. Almost none of the characters were likeable, too, but none of them seemed like the murderous type. One of the most anno [...]

    21. I feel like I connected more with Meg than most cozy mystery main characters, but I'm not sure why. She has spirit, yes, and a definite drive to see things through. But she was vulnerable as well, and that might be why I was drawn to her. Definitely a well thought out character, especially since this is the first book in a series.I actually first picked this up around a month ago, read ten pages and then got a call that a book order had come in and forgot all about it. Finally I discovered it ne [...]

    22. I read this first book in the Orchard series because it was written by Sheila Connolly and I enjoyed her County Cork series so much. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this one nearly as much, so I won't be continuing with this particular series. I didn't care for the main character, Meg very much. She didn't ring true with me. I didn't really care for any of the characters actually. They weren't a likeable close-knit bunch like the cast of characters in most cozy series that I do enjoy. The mystery [...]

    23. Meg loses her job as a Banker in Boston and decides to fix up her mom's house for resale in a small town and clear her head and figure out what she wants to do. Of course the work is much more than she expected and things are complicated when her ex shows up on her doorsteps and later dead in her septic tank.I really enjoyed Meg and the setting for this book. I started out with 3 suspects and was not surprised at the guilty party, just saddened. I look forward to more in the series and mroe wodn [...]

    24. One Bad Apple is an enjoyable start to a cozy series. Meg Corey, has recently agreed to move to small town Massachusetts to fix up and sell her mother's rental property. When Meg finds herself embroiled in a murder case she must work to discover who the culprit is to avoid being thrown in jail. Standard cozy fare with a good cast of characters and tasty recipes. I'm interested to see where Seth and Meg's relationship goes from here. Good story but the resolution of the mystery was rather ho-hum. [...]

    25. This is a terrific beginning to what I see as a future winning series. An out of work woman, goes to turn over her Mother's inheritance (an old farm house,) and discovers not only a Colonial home, but an Apple Orchard, that her ancestors, the Warrens, had treasured. The woman decides to restore both and falls in love with the town, people, one plumber especially, and even herself, a bit.Good novel.

    26. When the main character even is bemused at how many times she offers people coffee in her house, you know a story is a tad repetitive. Fairly intriguing premise for a story and I want to make apple muffins after this one, but I'm not dying to maintain a relationship with the characters.

    27. I liked the relationships between the characters. the mystery part seemed rushed and not very thought out to me. This book didn't make me want to pick it up, it made me want to do anything but.

    28. One Bad Apple was a really great book, a combination of murder mystery and humor, all themed around an apple orchard. It even came with some apple-themed recipes, which made it even more interesting.

    29. My bookgroup just read One Bad Apple due to the setting of the story being the town I live in. It was a good read,the first in the author's Orchard Mysteries. I look forward to reading the others.

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